tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOfficer Amanda Skills; Revenge Ch. 01

Officer Amanda Skills; Revenge Ch. 01


Amanda walked into the police department and they looked at her. She stopped and looked around as they all looked down and returned to work. She walked into the captain's office and stood as he tossed her the folder. She picked it up; it had her pictures from her dash cam on it. She looked and tossed them down.

"Why the hell did you give those to me?" She asked upset.

"We know the plate number, but it was a stolen car. Since you never had a chance to call it, it was used in a bank job two towns over." He said leaning back into his chair.

"I never had the chance to sir. Remember? They raped me and left me for dead pretty much with whatever drug they injected into me." She said angry.

"Amanda, you are a great officer, but they want me to suspend you. What should I do?" He said looking at her.

"I just got back to work to find out they, whoever they are, want me suspended? Why the hell am I here? For something that I did? I got fucked by those bastards sir! If I knew they were going to rob a bank then I would have arrested them. The car was empty except the driver when I walked up. I told you this damn story over and over. You just like to go jack off to my pictures in the bathroom don't you sir?" She said getting a real bad attitude.

"Well thank you; you are suspended for two weeks, with pay. In two weeks show up with a better attitude and you will be released for work. I will see you then Officer Amanda." He said as she shook her head.

She walked out and went to her desk. She grabbed a bag and walked out to her car. She opened the bag and loaded the pistol. She smiled and slid it under her seat. She fired up her Camero and drove to the nearest pay phone. She had a private dective who had something for her.

She parked and called her. She talked and wrote the address down. She got into her car and drove to the country address. She had found the driver and needed the passenger, the one who overt took her to begin with. She was on a mission to avenge herself and make them feel how she felt, helpless.

She crept up the dirt road and saw the farm house. She parked alongside the road and got out with her borrowed gun. She adjusted her tight uniform and holstered the pistol. She looked around from behind a tree and went to the door.

She peeked in the window and saw a woman on the couch topless and sleeping. She went around the house and went in through the back door. She held her gun out and crept down the hallway towards the topless woman. She listened as she went and checked every room. She heard the shower running and peered in. He was in the shower, she went for the woman. She stood over the woman and smiled at her nice rack.

Amanda grabbed her throat and put the gun to her head. The woman woke up and starred at the officer. She was taken to her bedroom and tied to her bed. Amanda tied her wrists and ankles wide open. She found a sock and stuck it into her mouth. She smiled and leaned down to whisper as she felt her firm tit.

"They fucked me about a week ago. You will pay as will they." Amanda whispered teasing the hard nipple.

Amanda hid as he walked out in shorts. He looked around for the woman.

"Mary?" He yelled as he waited. "Where the hell are you baby?" He asked walking into the bedroom. "What the hell?" He said seeing her tied up.

"She is mine now Rance." Amanda said putting the gun to his head.

"Hey! What the fuck is goin' on here?" He said turning and seeing the gun between his eyes. "Oh shit!" He said seeing the sexy officer.

"Remember me? You and your buddy fucked me and left me drugged. I am back. If you don't tell me what I want to know, Mary gets it." She said aiming another gun at the red head on the bed.

"Okay. I am sorry, but we couldn't help ourselves. You're lucky you have two guns now or I'D fuck that blonde pussy again." He said smiling at her tight uniform top and the cleavage she was using to get her way.

"Really?" She asked pulling the hammer back. "Well, it is my turn now." She said smacking him with the gun.

He fell to the floor and she beat him unconscious. He got a swing in and ripped her top open showing her pink bra. She tied him to a chair and turned to the red head. She walked over and ran her hand up Mary's thigh and slipped a finger under her thong. She saw Mary's eyes widen as she rubbed her clit. Amanda bent down and sucked her firm breast as she slid the finger inside the woman. The cop had her finger deep inside the twenty year old pussy. She heard a moan and got the next finger in. She heard Rance wake up and she turned and tore Mary's thong off. She wiped her fingers and went to him.

"Who was the passenger?" She asked.

"Fuck you!" He said as she smiled and took out her taser.

Amanda turned and aimed at the nice mounds on Mary's chest. She smiled and asked again.

"Tell me or the poor little whore gets a zapping she won't forget." She said looking at him.

"You are a cop! You cannot do this! Arrest me!" He pleaded as she shook her head.

She fired and they stuck into the big tits. Mary shook and wiggled around in the bed as Amanda smiled. She stopped as the red head laid on her back dazed, not out cold yet. She yanked them out and tore her skin. She reloaded and looked at him. She aimed at the open pussy and smiled at Rance. This was his girl friend.

"Next is that sweet pussy. I will tear it to shit with these." She said.

"Okay, his name is..." he looked down "Gary Sikks, I am sorry. Please let her go, arrest me if you want just leave." He pleaded.

"Now see, revenge is not about that. You will see how it feels to be helpless." She said smiling as she walked out and then walked back in with a large strap on cock. "I have decided that this little red haired bitch will feel the way I did. Here is the drug, but a stronger dose for her."

She said injecting the skinny woman. "She is mine now Rance. Watch how I am gonna rip her puss open with this enormous dildo." Amanda said smiling as she climbed on top of Mary and sucked her tits.

Amanda was in her pink bra and panty set and had the strap on cock between Mary's legs and was rubbing her nice pussy. She sucked her nipples as she moaned and she sucked her neck making her get turned on more and more. She looked back as he watched, helpless. Amanda then shoved the large dildo into the wet pussy and Mary screamed.

Amanda fucked the tightness away as she rammed it in and out of her victim. She laughed as she did so. Rance watched as blood ran down to the white sheets. Mary's tight pussy was getting trashed by the dildo. Amanda shoved deeper and harder as Mary screamed louder. She was having her revenge on the woman. She pulled out and turned to Rance as Mary's crotch was dripping with blood.

"Not so tight now." She smiled as she walked over to Rance with the blood soaked strap on. "Taste it." She said putting it to his face.

"You fucking crazy bitch!" He said as she stood in front of him smiling as his girl's pussy blood dripped from his face. "I'm gonna get you for this Amanda." He said as he fought the rope.

"So you do remember me from school. Ha! I never liked you then!" She said hearing the rope snap.

He jumped up and punched her between her breasts. Amanda staggered backwards and sat on the bed. He walked up to her and punched her face. She fell to the floor and he kicked her back. She lay looking around and she saw her gun by the dresser, on the floor. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her around the wood floor. She reached out as he took the strap on off and threw it aside. He pulled her blonde hair and she sat on her knees.

He gripped her throat and lifted her up to her feet. He popped her bra off letting her nice tits out. Her panties were torn off showing her firm ass. He spun her around and locked lips with hers as he french kissed her mouth.

"I miss this sexy little ass and nice tits. I told you I'd rape you again, well, I think I will." He said throwing her to the floor.

Amanda laid there hurt as he held her down with his foot. He pulled his shorts off and she saw his dick. He smiled as he grabbed her ankles and held them tightly. She struggled as he made them open to show her pride. He then bent them back to her head as he shoved into her. She screamed as he began raping her again! Amanda was in trouble and no one knew where she was. She felt him ramming it deep and hard into her as her body began to betray her mind.

She felt herself get turned on fast as he kept fucking her hard and forcefully. Amanda felt him sucking her big tits as he bit her nipples slightly. He heard her moan and went faster as she took it. She was getting disgraced again by him. She felt her cum flow and orgasm hit. She arched her back as he gripped her throat and pounded harder and deeper.

Amanda's eyes popped open and reality struck. She looked at the dresser and saw the gun. She reached for it as she looked at him. He had his eyes closed as he fucked her hard. She went for it again and had to close her eyes as another orgasm hit. She squealed as her cum flowed and made him do her even rougher. She made a last attempt and got the pistol.

She felt him filling her up as he got off. He opened his eyes and saw the barrel. She went to pull the trigger when he moved. He stood up and kicked her sides. Amanda tried to aim as he aimed her taser at her. He fired and they stuck her flat belly. Amanda shook as he laughed. She aimed at him and fired. It hit him in the stomach. He dropped the taser but it didn't turn off.

She fired again, this time killing him. She reached for the taser and pulled it to herself. She stopped it and laid there. She had killed one, but he did fuck her again. She stood up and saw Mary was awake. She pulled the taser sticks out of her belly and walked to Mary. She leaned over and stroked the gun across the torn pussy.

"I'm going to do to you what they did to me." She said kissing her cheek.

Amanda slipped the gun into the dried pussy and she used it as a loaded dildo. Mary wiggled around as the officer used a gun on her sexy body. Amanda fucked her with the gun as she felt the warm, sticky, liquid running out of her. She smiled and looked Mary in the eyes.

"This isn't your fault. They did this to your sexy ass." Amanda said looking down.

Amanda pulled the trigger over and over. Mary tried to scream but the sock kept her silent. A bullet exited her left breast as another flew out of her belly. One exited and hit her forehead. Amanda didn't want to have a witness, so killed the only one who knew. She pulled the gun out and shot Rance a couple more times. She grabbed his laptop and cell phone. She put her tight uniform on and went to her car. She grabbed the gas can and lighter. She went to the house one last time.

She stood there as the house went up in flames with the two inside. She lit her cigarette and drove off. One down, one to go. She went home to relax. She had to clean up and get ready for the stronger man. The next day would be his day.

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