tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOfficer Howell Looking For Fun

Officer Howell Looking For Fun


Officer Howell walked up to the black Honda S2000 she had just pulled over for speeding. Going 74 in a 45mph zone was just too fast.

"Good evening Sir," she said with authority, "do you know why I pulled you over?"

"Look officer I'm really sorry about that."

Ofc Howell shined her flashlight into his car to get a good look at him he looked about 5'9" or 5'10", 180lb, brown hair, and damn, what a set of arms! "I need you license and proof of insurance please." She held out her hand and he got a good look at the wide stainless steel band of her cuff style watch under the bright glare of her flashlight.

Fumbling in the glove compartment, he handed her the required documents.

"Officer, I really can't afford a ticket right now." His eyes were appealing to her better nature.

"Well, you should of thought about that earlier, Sir." Her voice was still firm, not giving anything away.

Mid 30s, tall and handsome, John Colton was not that worried about getting a ticket. The name on the drivers' license wasn't his, just a current identity he was using. This woman would never trace him, he was too careful. When a man has dozens of warrants out for him, from rape and extortion to fraud, it becomes necessary to have a few sets of documents on hand for occasions such as these. He regarded her leisurely.

Officer Howell retreated to her car to run his info through the computer, just to make sure he wasn't a wanted terrorist or anything. In truth though, she was interested in him. He was definitely her type, his body, his face, what she had just seen in her flashlight was enough to get her going, and she wanted more. The computer popped up his information, and she saw just what she wanted to see; he had no warrants but was almost maxed out with points on his license - a perfect bargaining chip. She smiled with satisfaction and headed back to his car.

"Mr. Jacobs, do you know how fast you were going?" She hid her anticipation.

"Too fast I guess, officer. I don't know what the speed limit is on this road."

"Well, the speed limit is 45, and you were going 74, sir."

"Damn, I'm sorry officer." He tried to look genuinely remorseful, playing the game. Time to up the stakes, she thought.

"Look Mr. Jacobs, did you realize that if you get any more points on your license it will be suspended?" Her ace was on the table. John hadn't known what kind of driving record Mike Jacobs had clocked up before he stole the guy's identity, but apparently it was a bad one. He thought quickly, tried to be charming.

"No Ma'am, I didn't know that."

"Well Sir, I bet you hate it knowing that blonds with gigantic tits drive a lot faster that you were doing, bat their eyelashes at a cop and never get a ticket." She waited for his reaction.

"Yeah, that does suck." He agreed, not missing a beat; and thinking that she had pretty big tits herself.

"Well, I don't think it's fair either." She said.

"What?" replied a stunned John - AKA Mike. Where was she going with this?

"So, I'm going to make you a deal. Eat my pussy. Do it well and we can forget about the whole thing."

"Um, . . . sure officer." John had never been opposed to eating pussy, and what he could already see of this cop was enough to get little john up.

"Please get out of the car then, Mr. Jacobs." She was in control. He opened the door and got out, getting a good look at her for the first time. About 5'4", 110lbs, light brown hair, pulled up tight uniform, about a 2 inch wide steel cuff watch on her right wrist(a lefty he thought), and damn, what a rack. As he stood up, Bethany got a better look at her pussy licker, he was about 5'10", and a powerful build to go with those arms. She thought he might be good for something more later on, had to get back to work soon, unfortunately.

"Let's go around to the other side, just in case anybody comes by." Gesturing for him to go first, he willingly obeyed, grinning the whole time. She opened the passenger door of his car, pulling off her duty belt and setting it on the roof. Without another word, she unsnapped and pulled off her pants and panties over her duty boots, set them on the seat and then sat down on top of them.

"Get going there." She commanded.

"Ok Baby." John replied as he dropped down and started licking her already wet pussy. A few minutes later, Groaning and bucking her hips, Officer Bethany Howell, came like a freight train. Wiping his mouth on her uniform top, figuring she wouldn't notice till later, John stood up, towering over the diminutive officer. Officer Howell slowly stood up, and turned around to retrieve her pants, John saw his chance. Grabbing her handcuffs off of belt she had left on top of his car, he quickly grabbed her left wrist, pulled it behind her back, and snapped the cuff on it, then grabbed her right arm and cuffed it, pushing her watch up her arm. She was so out of it from her orgasm, she didn't even think to struggle until it was too late, struggling with the high security hinged handcuffs only after they were securely locked on.

"What are you doing?" Bethany asked her captor, as she tried to regain her senses. John ignored her and instead grabbed her other pair of handcuffs from her duty belt, debating whether to put them on her ankles or elbows. He decided on her thin elbows after a moment. He snapped one on her elbow, and harshly pulling her arms back, forcing her tits to stick out prominently, and locked on the other cuff.

"Well bitch, you had your fun, now we'll do things my way." With that, he tossed her belt in the back seat of his car. Officer Howell struggled, trying to pull away from him, but his grip was to strong. Out of frustration she kicked at him and missed, with speed he shifted his grip on her, pulling hard, hurting her.

"Bitch don't you ever try that again." His face was a fury.

Holding her head waist high, forcing her to walk bent over, he dragged her to her cruiser. Opening the passenger door he saw what he was looking for; Officer Howell's leg irons. John grabbed them, and after pulling her to the ground, clicked the leg irons closed on her ankles, over her duty boots. Quickly returning to the car, he grabbed a few other things that looked useful, another pair of leg irons, 2 pairs of chain handcuffs, 2 more pair of hinged cuffs, a belly chain and 4 of those plastic disposable cuffs that they like to use for riots and stuff. Taking his foot off of her back, he grabbed her by the hair again.

"Time to go, piggly-wiggly." He dragged her back to his car, she struggled with trying to keep up with him in the leg irons and bent almost double. John shoved her into the front seat, slammed the door shut, and went around a got into the driver's side. She managed to get her cuffed hands onto the door handle. He pulled her by the hair again, back into the seat then reached over and buckled her belt before hitting the power door locks. Smiling, John started the car and pulled out onto to the still deserted road.

"Look, I've already called in your tag number, and run your license through the computer. When I don't call in, every cop in the state is going to be looking for you, Mike Jacobs. So you might as well let me go." She carefully forced the panic out of her voice. With that, John Colton laughed.

"I've got a little secret for you, Officer Howell, I'm not Mike Jacobs, my tag is stolen, and will be off the road and this car in my garage in minutes, long before anyone realizes you're missing." Letting that sink in, John drove on. He ignored everything she said and after about half an hour her begging finally stopped. An hour or so later he pulled off onto his secluded driveway, which was not in his name either. John pulled into the garage, and cut the car off. Finally, he spoke.

"Welcome to my home, Officer Howell." He got out of the car, collecting her clothes, equipment belt, and the assorted restraints he got from her cruiser. After stepping around to her side of the car, he opened her door and pulled her out. She was still crying. Grabbing her by her cuffed upper arm, he pulled her into the house, and pushed her onto his couch. He sat down next to her and went through her wallet to find out her first name.

"So, Bethany Howell, you like to get your pussy licked. Laughing, he took her utility knife off her belt and started cutting off her top. She tried to pull away once, but a violent gesture to her throat with the knife stopped that. After a moment, she was completely naked except for her cuffs and boots. John set the knife down, and pulled out her tazer.

"Now Bethany, I'm going to take off your leg irons, and then your boots and socks, are you going to give me any trouble?"

"No." She replied softly.

"What?" He waved the tazer.

"No." She repeated.

"Good." John quickly unlocked the leg irons, took off her duty boots and socks and replaced the leg irons. The naked and cuffed Bethany looked up at her captor with apprehension, and – to her own surprise - a little lust.

"Now little girl, we can do this two ways, the hard way, or the easy way."

"Do what?" She asked pointlessly, knowing the answer.

"Fuck you, that's what." said John with a sneer. "I licked that pussy, now I want to fuck it."

"Um... the easy way I guess." She'd seen the tazer in action.

"That's good. Get up and let's go. I got a couple more things for you to try on." With that, he dragged her to her feet, and took her to his bedroom. He pushed her onto his bed, sitting.

"Don't move." John commanded as he stepped into his closest. Returning with a heavy steel collar, he locked it around the helpless policewoman's neck then reached under the bed and pulled out one end of a heavy chain that was attached to the floor. He locked it to the ring welded to the front of her collar. A few hours later, Bethany, well fucked and full of cum, was pushed to the foot of the bed to sleep, cuffed and collared for the night. The next morning, she was awoken with a kick.

"Get up copper, we got places to go." John grabbed the chain attached to her collar and yanked her to her knees. Unlocking the chain, he pulled her into the bathroom.

"Now, I'm going to take off your leg irons, and you're gonna get a shower. Are you gonna give me any trouble?"

"No Sir." Replied Bethany, she had already learned how to address John without getting punished for it. Her arms were completely numb, having slept with her hands cuffed behind her all night. She was covered with sweat, cum and her own pussy juice. Bethany knew she was in no shape to fight.

John started by uncuffing her hands, and pulled them in front of her, where he strapped on a pair of her plastic riot cuffs, below her watch. Then he unlocked her leg irons and pushed her into the shower.

"Hurry up bitch." She knew she'd better. Bethany had never tried to shower while handcuffed, and told him this to no avail. After about 15 minutes, she managed to finish. She stepped out of the shower and John helped dry her off.

"Now, I don't have anything for you to wear, so you'll have to put your uniform pants, boots and t-shirt back on." She nodded her head as John continued.

"Are you gonna cause any problems?" Shaking her head 'no', Bethany did as she was told. Without cutting off the plastic cuffs, John watched her wiggle into her tight uniform pants, sans panties, and put on her socks and boots. Still naked from the waist up, the policewoman meekly waited for her captor. After putting the leg irons back on her ankles, just above her short duty boots, John replaced the collar. He then forced her to the floor; face down with her cuffed hands over her head. He straddled her, keeping her pinned down with his weight. Then he quickly cut the plastic cuffs, let her pull her tight white t-shirt back on, and then he brought her hands behind her back again and recuffed them with her Smith & Wesson hinged cuffs.

"Now, I got to do some business over in Liberty City, so we are going for a ride. John gathered his new slave, and her gear, and went to his garage, where he put them into his 4Runner.

"Wouldn't want anyone to spot the car connected to a beautiful young policewoman's disappearance, now would we?" Chuckled John, as he backed out of the garage and headed out.

After arriving in Liberty City, Bethany was kept for weeks in a state of constant sex, restraint, and mental breakdown. (thanks to John's Special Forces training) John decided that the young policewoman was subdued and obedient enough for the next level.

"Bethany, you need a new name, for your new life."

"Um, ok Sir?" Replied the now submissive and docile former police officer. Ignoring her, John thought out loud to himself.

"How about, let me think . . . I know. Candy!" She sat in silence as he stripped her of her identity, practically the only thing she had left. "Now that you have your new name, Candy, we're going to get you some new clothes.

"Yes Sir"

They drove to a small shop in a bad part of town that catered for strippers and John spelled out the rules to Candy.

"No talking unless I say so. You will do what me or the girls in here say, got it, Candy?" He stared her down.

"Yes Sir." Grabbing her leash John led her into the shop. An attractive red head spotted them and approached.

"Hi, can I help you and (noticing the leash) and your sub find anything?" She asked with a smile.

"Well, (reading her name tag) "Jill", if you work on commission, it's your lucky day, Candy here needs a whole wardrobe." John gestured to the motionless woman stood respectfully behind him. Smiling even more broadly, Jill stayed with them for three and a half hours - well after closing time - helping John outfit Candy. Tops, miniskirts, hot pants, thongs, garter belts, stockings, lots of shoes and boots, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, everything a slut needs. Tons of super-sexy new outfits, like the black micro mini with big silver letters reading "ASS" across the relevant part of her anatomy, and a matching tube top reading "TITS", a glow-in-the-dark outfit complete with collar, upperarm cuffs, wristcuffs, halter-top, hot pants, and ankle boots with 6" platform heels. After turning off the main lights and letting just the black lights stay on in the store, John and Jill saw that Candy looked dynamite in that particular outfit. They chose catsuits, French maid's uniforms, a prison outfit, even a fetish cop uniform, just like Candy used to wear. After Jill showed John the back room, with the bondage equipment, Candy was outfitted with several new collars, leather cuffs, anklecuffs, gags, a hood, bondage belt, and a set of suspension cuffs. After ringing up the substantial bill, John paid with cash taken out of Candy's bank account, and then there was still one more thing that John wanted.

"Candy, I think Jill needs a tip; a special tip." He was grinning from ear to ear, which only made "Candy" more apprehensive.

"What kind of tip, Sir?" She asked. Patting Candy on the head, John whispered in her ear. "But Sir, I've never done that to a girl!" For the first time she looked like she might refuse something. Hearing this, Jill smiled, and started to pull up her skirt. A nervous Candy dropped to her knees, and tentatively at first, began licking a complete stranger's cunt. Her's was shaved except for a thin patch over her slit, Candy noticed. Only after a second orgasm, Jill said she was satisfied, so John and Candy left, with Candy in a tight miniskirt and top, in bright red, with matching 6" platform heels; much to the delight of a group of young gang members selling drugs on a nearby corner. The former police woman turned a shade of red to match her outfit at the whistling and wolf calls of the thugs, knowing that a few short months ago they would have run in fear of her. John quickly put her and, with the help of Jill, her new clothes into yet another car that John owned under another name. They drove off.

Candy started handcuffing herself behind her back, as were the rules for her when she was in the car, while John was telling her a little more about her new life, she would make him money stripping at first, then being a porn star. The former policewoman listened with interest, she would have to work hard, and get fucked a lot, which made her pussy tingle, Candy liked to get fucked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please let me know what you think.

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