Officer, Sir


Early one morning a knock sounded at my door. It was loud and insistent and despite my state of under-dress I went to check the window. Outside, in my driveway, was a local black-and-white, so I quickly opened the door and asked the officer inside. His eyebrows rose when he saw what I was wearing, just a longish white t-shirt over my panties. "Sorry officer, I just woke up," I said, "I didn't expect a visitor so early. Can I get you a cup of coffee?"

"Well, Ma'am, this is more of a business call," he said. "There was a report of a prowler in the neighborhood and we're checking residences for any sign of him."

"I didn't hear anything last night, Sir."

"One of the window screens appeared to be missing," he said. "Do you mind if I check."

"Of course not, Sir."

He walked around downstairs and into my bedroom and looked around. Great, I had forgotten to tidy up and my vibrator was front and center on nightstand, right next to the cover of my new bondage DVD. Now what was he going to think?

I tried to slide in front of the nightstand, but I knew he'd seen. He walked over and picked up the DVD cover.

"Uh, Officer," I stammered. "The windows, um , they are right over here, Sir."

"I'm rather surprised to find this here," he said.

"That is not exactly what it looks like, Sir. I've, um, been doing research into psychology and…"

He lifted the vibrator. "Psychology with a vibrator?" He said, blue eyes amused, "I think you're full of shit. Do you watch a lot of this stuff?" He walked over to my movie shelf and started reading the titles. I have a well rounded collection. "You are quite the little porno queen aren't you."

I thought about apologizing, or explaining, or something. But what was I going to say?

"You know, pornography and drugs often go together," he said. "I think I am going to take another look around." He began to dig through my nightstand. He pulled out some magazines, a dildo, a dusty old journal and suddenly a small baggie. "What's this?"

"I don't know, Officer…"I started to say.

"Heroin or cocaine," he said. "You are in a bit of trouble."

"That isn't mine!" As I said it I knew, he'd heard it a thousand times. But it was true! I didn't do drugs.

He grinned and said, "Put your hands behind your head."
As I assumed the position I'd seen on Cops, he reached, turned me to the wall and pushed me forward. Then he frisked me. Since I wasn't wearing any pants, he patted down my ass before moving up to my long t-shirt. He slid his hands under my shirt, up to my breasts, squeezed once before slowly sliding down to my pussy, then said, "Turn around."

When I did he was smiling even more broadly. "You know," he said. "I assumed you were a good and law abiding citizen when you let me in about the prowler. Now I see you are nothing but a drug taking slut. But, I have an idea. I can forget about this package if you can show me just how far you'll go to assist the police."

"But, I don't know anything about drugs, Sir." I said, slowly.

"Actually, I was wanting assistance in another way," he said. "Take off your shirt and put your hands behind your head. I felt something under your shirt that needs closer attention. I think you're hiding something else."

As I gaped at him I realized I had no choice. If I didn't listen he would arrest me. He had a bag of something, and who would believe me when I said it was planted? I looked down at myself and back at his widely grinning face as he reached for the remote and turned on the movie. As the ‘actors' began to perform, I began to as well. I pulled my shirt over my head and ‘assumed the position.' He took my hands and propelled me over to the floor length mirror on my closet door so I faced my reflection. He reached around me and began pinching my nipples, twisting and pulling them. My puffy nipples quickly hardened in his fingers. My tits are very, very sensitive, and I could feel my body starting to respond, against my wishes as he tugged and tweaked them. He then moved to bouncing my tits in his hands, making them shake and judder and I looked to the floor rather than see my own blushing embarrassment.

"Look up," he commanded.

"What?" I said.

"I said, look up. And don't address me without calling me Officer or Sir," he said. "And you watch what I am doing until I tell you not to."

I looked up to his hand slapping down on my right nipple, hard. I jumped. My whole breast shook. He then cupped my tit in his left hand and began slapping it with his right, not quite as hard as the first time. My tit became pink and began to sting. "Pretty shade of pink, isn't it," he said. Then he moved to my left tit. After he finished he began to pinch and twist my nipples again. By this time they were really stinging from the slapping and I began to squirm with each tweak. Each touch seemed to ignite an answer in my pussy.

"That's what I like," he laughed. "A sensitive girl."

He walked me back to my bed and pushed me down on my knees. He opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It was big, bigger than anyone I'd ever seen outside of a movie. The screen in my room was showing a big brute of a man slapping a tied up, leather clad girl with his cock. It seemed to inspire my officer.

"Stick out your tongue."

I did, and he began to slap it with his cock. First across my cheeks, then down to my tongue. Back and forth, back and forth. He seems to enjoy the repetition. Then he began to slide it all over my face and throat. Rubbed it over my lips. Then, "Ask for it. Beg to suck my cock. Convince me you want it. And, remember how you are to address me."

"Sir," I began. "Sir, can you please let me suck your cock. I really want to, Sir. I'm desperate to lick it, Sir. You are driving me crazy."

"So, you enjoyed me playing with your titties?" He said. "Tell me, if you want to suck my balls."

I reached for him, as I stated to answer and was met with a hard slap across my tits. I jumped back.

"Who told you to take your hands off the back of your head." He said. "Open your mouth for my dick."

With no hesitation he rammed it down into my mouth. His cockhead struck the back of my tongue and I started to gag. Without my hands, I couldn't adjust or hold him back as he thrust. "Suck it, bitch. Drug dealing bitch, suck it." He rubbed his balls over my chin and I tried to lick them but I couldn't get more than a second of tongue on him at a time. He answered each tentative suck by thrusting faster and faster. He obviously enjoyed my struggle as he kept asking if it was too hard and fast for my slut mouth. Despite the pain as he hit my throat, I was still excited from his brutal treatment of my tits. I was wondering what else he had planned when he came in my mouth. I almost drown in the gallon of cum he lost down my throat. I gagged as I fought to breathe and he held my hands behind my neck to make sure I didn't loose the posture he loved.

"Did that taste nice, dear?" He asked, laughing. "I enjoyed that very much. Now, I am going to need a little stimulation. Crouch in front of me, doggie style, and lets watch this very entertaining movie while I play with your cunt."

I lay on my face and chest, hands still behind my head as he began to explore me after tearing off my panties. First two fingers pinched and twisted my clit before moving to my pussy lips. He opened my lips and dug his fingers into me an inch before pulling out, reaching around me and shoving them into my mouth. "Taste that wet cunt." He said. "That's very wet, I will love fucking that. But I have to loosen it up first." He had me roll over. He shoved his index finger into my pussy and began roughly rub my clit with his thumb, then added his middle finger and ring finger to my hole as he continued to abuse my clit.

Despite the humiliation and rough handling it was incredibly arousing. His thumb was callused and its uneven surface circling my hood, poking, prodding, all combined to drive me to the edge, and over. I came hard, hips bucking, as he rammed his fingers in and out of me.

"Was that good for you, slut?" He asked. I nodded frantically. "I hope so, because the rest of this date is all for me."

He picked up the dildo he'd found in a drawer and told me to get into the doggie position again. He had barely let me raise my hips before he jammed it into my cunt. The didlo had a clit stimulator, a small vibrator, at the base that jutted out. He had placed it so it was just a bit away from my clit, a hair out of reach, then he turned it on and sat back to watch. I had to wiggle to get the vibrator against myself. Every so often, he would shove the dildo deeper, then pull it out that vital inch again. It was torture, so close to coming but just not quite there. And he loved it.

When he tired of the game he pulled out his nightstick. I couldn't even imagine what was next.
"Come meet my club," he said, rubbing it on the bed by my face. "Kiss it."

I did.

"Now, tell me something, would you like to suck this like you did my cock?"

"Yes, Sir." I mumbled.

"Would you like to fuck it?"

"Uh, I don't know, Sir. Its very big."

"Not as thick as my cock. I think you can handle it. Don't worry, I will be gentle." He laughed.

"No, Sir, oh not that please," I began to babble. "I'm afraid, Sir. Don't."

He laughed again as he reached for my clit. With one finger on either side he began to stroke and pinch. My traitor body began to respond again, despite everything he had done! And I felt the nightstick rub against my hole.

"Noooo," I moaned.

He slid it in slowly, almost gently, in and out slowly, slowly, as he continued his assault on my clit. He began to pinch as he felt me begin to thrust backward. Then, to add insult to injury, he said, "One hole left," before sliding the tip of his index finger into my asshole. It was the last straw. I came, screaming, pleading, begging for more.

As I lay in front of him, he pulled his nightstick out and told me to lick it off, which I did with the last dregs of energy I had left. As I lay there, spent, looking at him he smiled down at me. "So, I'm thinking maybe I didn't find anything here. But I think a more comprehensive search might be in order, with several officers. How about 7:00 tonight?"

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