tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOfficially About Diana Ch. 02

Officially About Diana Ch. 02


Ch. 2 - Calendar Girl

Daniel Ian Moore's Blog

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this whole internet blogging thing so I hope you'll bear with me as I stumble along.

I'm Aidan and DD's Pops, Dan. If you're on this site then you know DD real well, whether it's as the sexy, naked, red-head spreading her pussy for you on your wall calendar, or as the Smiling Pussy Lips Girl on Seamus' Diana Moore fan site, or as the hot, red-headed, whore "taking it all from a variety of men in every hole" in your amateur hard-core internet porn collection, or even as the nice girl turned hot slut that you went to school with; if you're here, then you know. In any case, I wanted to chime in with my reaction to the fact my DD is becoming a well-known amateur internet hard-core porn and explicitly naked, internet modeling star. My reaction is and has always been this - I approve whole-heartedly and I'm very proud of her.

The first time I ever saw explicitly naked pictures of my DD all grown up, I knew she was destined to please men and receive a lot of attention. Now, whenever I meet a man, I quickly determine if he knows about her. If he doesn't, I'm only too happy to give him her latest calendar or porno tape along with my phone number and the open invitation to call me anytime. Most take me up on the phone call within a day. Most of the ones who do call me, get their calendars custom autographed by DD. Some of the ones who have gotten autographs have also gotten a personal live tour of her entire body; a hands on, very rewarding experience by all accounts. Are you wondering how much money is being made by her or through her? I'll tell you. None. She strips for free, she poses for free, she autographs for free and she fucks for free. I just wanted everyone to know that she's not for sale; she's free to be enjoyed by anyone.

If you want to know more about DD, my son Aidan has a blog also. He writes almost exclusively about her, and the ways he has been involved in or witnessed some of her experiences as an amateur model and willing, skillful whore. DD is kept quite busy posing and fucking (both in her spare time and for her porn videos) but she is trying to get her own blog up and running also. Stay tuned here or on Aidan's Blog for news about that. We welcome communication with DD's fan base. Much enjoyment to all of you.

~Daniel Ian Moore

Hello again everyone. I've received several e-mails requesting my side of the accounts involving DD, that my son Aidan has been sharing on his blog. I'll do my best.

My son and I have always been very close and I admit I do tend to show favoritism towards him over DD. My DD is a handful in more ways than one and Aidan has always been easier to communicate with, more co-operative and a quick study. I love them both very much but interactions with Aidan are just so much less work. Aidan has had his share of difficulties with his sister being that they are twins and he is older by mere minutes. They love each other though. I just wanted to make that clear before I recount my side of the things Aidan has shared on his blog.

Even before Aidan confessed to me that DD had been the one to dent the car door and not him, I already knew. Aidan isn't the child of mine who is prone to carelessness with other people's things and I'd noticed too that the gas tank hadn't been refilled. Aidan always refills it when he uses the car. If that wasn't enough evidence, I always know when Aidan is lying to me because I know how he looks when he is confessing the truth. The moment he took the blame for the dent, I knew he hadn't done it. I trust my son's judgment, however and knew he didn't take lying to me lightly, so I knew he had a very good reason for the deception and I trusted he would tell me later. I pretended to believe him and punished him anyway. It was nothing close to the punishment Diana would have received and we all knew that. I wanted Diana to be aware of her guilt and to feel slighted by me. It was my roundabout way of passively punishing her, I suppose. I was disappointed in her for letting her brother take responsibility for something he didn't do. I was right about Aidan. He didn't even wait twelve hours before explaining what had really happened and requesting that I keep up the ruse of believing him. He wanted a bargaining chip with his sister, wanted her to owe him a favor. I saw nothing wrong with that so I agreed not to let on that I knew she was the one who had dented the car door. Perhaps I was even still holding out hope she'd confess to me herself. She never did.

Fast forward to the night of December 20th, 2005, in which I discovered how he had cashed in (so to speak) the favor she owed him. My son is not malicious by nature. He is actually very insightful. He knows his sister better than she knows herself. Did he set her up to be shown off? Yes. Did he really believe she hated it? No. Aidan and I both know that DD is high-maintenance. She requires a lot of attention, approval and reassurances to feel secure. Aidan set her up to get her needs met in ways that she never would have admitted to wanting, because my DD is full of foolish pride, hates to be wrong, hates to appear needy in any way, but craves being needed and feeling important. So when Aidan explained how there came to be exploitive, naked pictures of my DD on his friend, Kenny's camera phone, I got it. I understood immediately that it was exactly what DD wanted and needed. She could have told Aidan to get bent and confessed on her own steam about the car door dent and just accepted the consequences; but she didn't do that. She chose instead to take off all her clothes and be the center of attention in a room full of horny teen-aged boys. She blatantly posed for the camera while in the back of her mind somewhere she had to know that she would not have control over where the images ended up. When I accepted the camera phone to see the pictures myself, I'm not sure what I expected but what I saw was my DD all grown up with the most satisfied look in her eyes I'd ever seen. I decided then and there that I would not just support her need for attention but that I would court attention on her behalf and direct it onto her. I have no regrets. The idea for the calendar popped into my head and I ran with it and made it happen. Aidan hasn't shared her initial reaction to the existence of an entire calendar featuring her naked body, wide open and exposed on all twelve months plus a bonus wall pin-up. I'll share that now along with a few of the moments leading up to it.

I had picked up the initial order of 100 calendars from the printers early the day after Christmas. I immediately opened one right at the print shop to inspect it for flaws. I was stunned by how beautifully detailed the pictures had turned out; you could practically count each individual strand of red pubic hair in her landing strip. As I was flipping through the calendar, an acquaintance of mine, (my friend Archie's, friend George's, brother, I believe it was, I can't recall the man's name just now) approached me from behind to say hello and caught sight of the calendar which was open to a particularly revealing shot of my DD. He let out a wolf whistle that caught everyone's attention in the shop and he exclaimed rather loudly,

"Is that who I think it is? Is that Diana?"

Now I wasn't certain what he would think of me, that I was looking at a calendar featuring naked pictures of my own daughter, but I knew immediately I'd done right by DD in having it made. I decided I didn't care what he or anyone else thought of me. I nodded proudly and handed the calendar to him,

"Yes, it sure is. That's my DD. She's all grown up now as you can see."

The man blushed slightly surprised by my own lack of embarrassment, but he accepted the calendar and very quickly flipped through it, trying to feign neutrality, then held it out to offer it back to me,

"Yes. I sure can. Please tell her I said hello."

I pushed his hands, still clutching the calendar, lightly back towards him,

"Why don't you keep that? I'll make a New Year's Day feast, we'll have you over to dinner and you can say hello to her in person. You can even have her autograph any picture of your choosing in the calendar while you're over. Unless you've other plans already?"

The man hesitated but finally nodded, greedily clutching the calendar to his chest,

"Sure, Dan that sounds great. How much you charging for this?"

I assured him,

"Not a red cent."

He protested,

"No really, Dan, I wouldn't feel right getting a freebie just because we know each other."

I laughed,

"Not that I wouldn't do that, but I meant that I won't be charging money for any of the calendars - call it the spirit of the season if you will."

The man looked amazed and quite grateful,

"Well, that's mighty generous of you, Dan. This is a high-end quality calendar. Helps that the subject is a real beauty too. I've always thought so. I'll accept this as a seasonal gift, with many thanks. Happy Holidays to you too!"

I nodded and shook his hand,

"It was great bumping into you. So see you New Year's Day, say 6-ish?"

He nodded his head,

"Off the top of my head I believe I'm wide open for New Year's Day so yes, see you then."

I watched him hurry off to his car. Neither I, nor the print shop employee knew why he'd come into the shop in the first place, that day, as he hadn't even made it to the counter before he was hurrying off with DD's calendar. The employee and I looked at each other and chuckled. I finished paying for my calendar order and requested to keep the order open for additional calendars to be printed up should the need arise; as I was sure it would. By the time I left the print shop I was already down to 93 calendars.

When I got home I wanted to show Aidan right away how they'd turned out. I left the box of calendars on my desk in my office and with one calendar tucked under my arm I went looking for my son. So happened he was in the rec room with all of his friends who'd been there the night the pics were taken. I greeted them all as I entered the room,

"Hey guys. Got something to show you. I think you'll like it."

I handed the calendar to Aidan first and his eyes bulged as he recognised a shot he'd snapped gracing the cover of the calendar. He let out a delighted laugh and looked up at me grinning,

"Holy shit, Pops! Diana's gonna freak out when she sees this! Look at this guys! Look what my Pops did with the pics! Is this the only one, Pops?"

I shook my head side to side,

"Not by a long shot, son. There are 92 more in my office and I've already handed out 7 others besides. Would each of you like one, as well?"

They all nodded eagerly as they crowded around Aidan to browse through it. As I left the room to go get more of them, I heard several exclamations from Kenny,

"I remember taking that one! Wow, man! These turned out so great! Your sister is so fucking hot!"

When I returned to the rec room, the calendar had a spot on the wall and they were in the process of pinning up the bonus wall poster. For those who haven't seen it, it's a blown up half life sized shot of DD leaning back on her elbows. Her legs are bent at the knees, feet flat on the floor, knees spread uncomfortably wide apart, with her hips raised off the floor. Her face, her naked tits, and nearly wide open pussy are on display. It's in high definition color. Her pussy isn't being held open as it is in several of the other pics throughout the calendar but in that particular position all of her inner pussy details including her clitoris are still plainly visible, as is her puckered, dark pink starfish.

Aidan smiled when he saw I'd returned. He waited until I'd handed out calendars to his friends before telling me excitedly,

"Now it's our turn Pops! We've got something to show you! Here! Check out the website Seamus built and dedicated to pics of Diana!"

Seamus did an excellent job and I told him so. The calendar only had 13 of the pics from that night, while his website had over 120 of them and he had neatly sorted them according to the number of people included in the shots. Each picture had a brief descriptive caption and Seamus had even included a short bio about DD on the main page beside the very same picture that was now a poster on our rec room wall. Seamus pointed out to me that each thumbnail when clicked would keep track of how many times it had been clicked on versus downloaded and the site itself had a unique IP site hits counter as well as a total site hits counter. The site was already getting a lot of traffic and every thumbnail had in excess of 500 views and most of the pics of DD by herself had download counts equal to number of times viewed. We were all very pleased. Aidan shut the laptop computer down and suggested brightly,

"Hey Pops, we should put more calendars up in the rest of the house!"

I nodded but held up a hand,

"That's a great idea, son and we will but I think we should at least show one to Diana before we start decorating our home with them."

His jaw dropped,

"She hasn't seen the calendar yet? Seriously?"

I shook my head and then gestured to the laptop,

"Nope. She seen your website yet?"

He nodded,

"Oh yeah. She ran out of here in hysterics and locked herself in her room. She's a little upset with us right now. Mostly because she doesn't know you know about the pictures and I suspect she thinks you'll blame her for everything and be mad at her. I figured I'd just let her burn off some steam and tell her later when we're alone that you already know and you don't mind. Now I don't have to. When you tell her about the calendar and show it to her I think she'll get the message that you aren't upset with her and she'll calm down. Well, that is after her attempt at guilt tripping you of course, ha ha ha."

I chuckled in appreciation for his astute predictions about his sister,

"Then I guess I better go and show her before she finds out on her own. We'd never hear the end of that, would we, son?"

Aidan rolled his eyes grinning,

"Word! Good luck, Pops! Let me know if you need any help talking to her."

I headed directly for DD's bedroom and entered without knocking. She startled and tried to hurriedly close her laptop as she barked,

"Get the fuck out of here, Aidan!"

She hadn't closed it quickly enough. She'd been looking at the website the boys had just shown me. I didn't let on that I'd seen what she'd been looking at, as I cleared my throat,

"It's not Aidan, DD."

Her head whipped around and her face reddened,

"Oh! I, uh, sorry about that Pops, Aidan has been bugging me since I got home. What's up? You look so serious. Am I in trouble for something?"

I smiled and approached her. I sat on her bed and patted a spot beside me,

"No honey, not at all, but there's something I want to tell you and also show you. Come sit next to me."

She obliged and looked at her hands as she fiddled with the hem of her mini-skirt,

"Okay. What is it?"

I sighed softly and admitted,

"I know about the car door dent. I know that Aidan used that as leverage against you recently and I know what happened after that. I've seen the pics, DD. I think they're great. I'm actually really proud of you and to prove that to you, I had this made and 99 more besides. I've seen the website that Seamus made, too. He did a wonderful job with it. Why don't I leave the calendar with you and when you're ready to talk more, I'll be in my office?"

She looked completely stunned as she stared at the cover of the calendar and only vaguely nodded at my suggestion. I left her to absorb everything. Less than 15 minutes later she knocked on my office door. I invited her to enter and her eyes immediately flicked to the new calendar pinned in a place of prominence on my office wall,

"How could you do this, Pops? It was bad enough when Aidan made me pose for those pictures, but you? You're supposed to look out for me and protect me! Instead you're encouraging Aidan to offer naked pictures of me to a bunch of nameless, faceless strangers on the internet! It's like he can do no wrong in your eyes and I'm sick of it! And the calendar! Oh my God, Pops how could you do that? It makes me feel sick inside knowing you've seen any of those pictures and then you tell me you think they are great? I feel so angry and humiliated and betrayed right now I can't even describe how much!"

I saw she'd said her piece, was out of steam and was awaiting my reaction. I gave her the saddest look I could muster,

"Well, DD, I do think the pics are great. I'm sorry to hear that you think so little of yourself as to be embarrassed by any of them. You've grown into a beautiful woman and beauty should never be kept hidden away. Hopefully, your self-esteem will improve with time, when you realize that Aidan and I aren't the only ones who think you're beautiful and that we are both in your corner and not against you at all. As a matter of fact, we're having a New Year's Day feast here and I'm expecting a special guest. He's coming specifically because he wanted to say hello to you in person. He loves the calendar. He thinks you're beautiful too and is hoping you'll autograph the calendar for him while he's visiting. I think you should. I think you'll begin to feel differently about all of this when you see the admiration in his eyes."

Her face blanched,

"You gave some man I don't even know a copy of THIS calendar?"

I shrugged smiling proudly,

"No, actually, I gave 6 men you don't know a copy of the calendar and 8 more to men you do know, one of whom is the special dinner guest I was just telling you about. You've met him a few times at Archie's barbecues. He's George's brother."

Her eyes widened,

"You're telling me there are two dozen of these calendars out there somewhere? I think I'm gonna throw up!"

I chuckled sympathetically,

"Oh honey, it's just nerves; similar to stage fright. Trust your Pops, DD, everyone who sees this calendar will love it and approve of it. Aidan and his friends are so proud of you, they've already decorated the rec room with the centerfold poster included with it and each of them was eager to have a calendar for himself. Aidan wants to put calendars up all over the house, he's so proud of you. I guess we've been guilty of neglecting you and not giving you enough attention but that's all going to change now. I promise."

She gave me a look of incredulity,

"You think Aidan wants to put up the calendar because he's proud of me? Pops! Get a frigging clue about him would you?! He's not proud of me, he just likes to make my life a living hell; he just wants me to feel embarrassed!"

I winked at her,

"I truly believe that you are mistaken about his motives but if that's what you believe then what better way to get his goat than to not give him the satisfaction of being embarrassed?"

That seemed to render her speechless. She opened her mouth a few times as though to protest further and then she just spun on her heel and stomped back to her room. Aidan poked his head in mere moments later,

"I thought I heard stomping? Did it go badly? How'd she take it?"

I motioned him the rest of the way in,

"Actually, son, I think it went really well. I think it would help a lot if you'd distribute some of these calendars to guys you and she both know and then tell her about it, especially all positive reactions."

Aidan grinned,

"Consider it done! As if there'd be anything except positive reactions! The camera fucking loves her naked body! All the calendar pics turned out way beyond great! Way to go, Pops!"

Aidan made to leave the room but I halted him,

"Wait a sec, Aidan! Did I tell you we're having a special dinner guest over for New Year's Day?"

Aidan shook his head,


"George's brother. Ran into him at the print shop when I was picking up the calendars. Gave him one as a late Christmas gift. Invited him to dinner and told him to bring his calendar along and DD would custom autograph it for him. I already let your sister know. She's a bit nervous about it. Just if you and your friends could keep lavishing attention on her about the pics, I know it'll help her feel better about it. Can you do that?"

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