OffShore Ch. 02


"You'll find your smocks hanging on the rack over there near the door to the ward. Wear them while you're here but don't dare wear them outside this facility. You're to remain naked all the time you're not working. These women know that's humiliating to Terrans which is why you're not allowed clothing most of the time. Most of the rules have dual purposes: the first is for practicality, but the main reason is to humiliate us and to cause us discomfort.

"I understand that there was a third doctor taken. Is she very attractive? My current mate is an engineer and is rarely here at Inner Ville. I miss having someone to cuddle with. I would love to hook up with another doctor who would stay on station and room with me. I think the other doctor may be an obstetrician and will be traveling from ville to ville; however, she should be living here at this station and be here to sleep."

"Bree, I'm Karla. We weren't introduced to any of the other Terran women, but they all seemed to be fairly attractive. I hope for your sake that you can get together with her. Are you lesbian and what if she isn't?" Asked Karla.

"Olivia, Karla. It doesn't matter if we were straight or gay on Terra. All women here are expected to be bi-sexual although the chance of having sex with a man is highly unlikely for us Terrans. Men don't usually come into Inner Ville and when they do, it's usually by invitation by designated breeders.

"Your sex contacts will be with women from now on, and you're expected to service any Offshore women of your caste or above who request it as well as with your roommate and other Terran women. You both have nice bodies. I would enjoy sleeping with either of you – or both of you. However, I was heterosexual before being taken. That was a million years ago. I am now sexually aroused by women – and possibly – by men, too, if I ever meet one," declared Bree.

"Are you aware of why your attendants haven't given you each a ribbon? One of your duties will be to visit the outlying villes occasionally, and you'll need the ribbons to be safe from predation – by Offshore females." Bree pointed out.

"Bree, Olivia and I haven't had sex together – yet." Karla admitted.

"Oh dear lord Buddha. You must. You must! You must as soon as possible! You're not safe until you do. Maybe I can find a private place for you now. Maybe a storage closet. I assume you haven't had anything to eat yet, either. You must be faint from hunger. Why would you flaunt the rules? Oh my. Do you hate women?" asked Bree.

Suddenly, Bree had an idea. "Would you agree to bring me to orgasm later today if I share my food bar with you? I wouldn't take advantage of your situation if I had been having regular sex with my engineer roommate. Masturbation is frowned on, and I am so needy. It is common knowledge that the food bars contain aphrodisiacs. Sex is the only physical pleasure on Offshore, and the elite want us sated to prevent even minor rebellion. Terrans would be in danger of being attacked by Shoredwellers if pent up sexual energy weren't released periodically." Bree explained.

"Speaking of the elite, they call themselves 'The Purple'." she continued. "They are the ruling class. Owners of large businesses and upper level civic leaders wear blue; professionals, like us, wear green; lower level civic leaders, small business owners, and managers wear orange; and the working class wears red.

"Of course, the colors are muted pastels actually, so you may not recognize a color at a distance. Be careful as you approach someone. She may be of a higher or lower rank than you. You may not know until you are only a few yards away. Your breast tags will identify you as Terrans and are also color coded, although that is not necessary, as your nudity will indicate that you're Terran. Only Terran professionals are taken.

"At times, a needed technician is taken, but she is considered a professional no matter her status on Terra. Offshore professionals, those who have somehow achieved that status, are considered a bit above your rank and may not want to be lumped in with Terrans; they may wear cyan. They may also demand sex from you although you are both considered 'green'. Otherwise, as working professionals you have the same status. The colors can be confusing, so you must learn to recognize them on sight.

"Ask your attendants for a chart. It will be just an inch long, plastine strip with no wording, but just read down from the purple at the top. You will come to value it because it is the only possession you will have. It is something you can actually hold in your hand and rub between your fingers like a pacifier," Bree explained. "I hope I have covered the most important aspects, but you may ask me more at a later time. I can talk to you freely this once, as it will seem as though I am giving you medical information."

"Where would we keep the color chart?" asked Olivia. "Without clothes, we have no pockets."

Bree looked at Olivia as she would a naïve child and said, "Olivia, you have a built in pocket like every other woman. It is the only place to keep or hide anything." Olivia closed her eyes and sighed.

"One thing more; use sex to make friends and connections; you have no other means with which to barter. If your faces aren't constantly sticky with vaginal secretions, you aren't trying hard enough. By the way, there is medical soap available on station for keeping your hands clean; however, do not use it to wash your faces or anything else. That is not sanctioned. Soap is too valuable.

"Do you want to share my food bar? We could split it three ways." Bree suggested, the implication could be heard in her voice.

"Let's do it, Olivia. I am so hungry, and we'll have to pleasure women eventually anyway." Karla pleaded. "I'm hungry enough to eat a horse, a prehistoric animal that lived on ancient Earth."

"But are you hungry enough to eat a little puss – oh, no – I'm not going there. Forget I said that. I must be out of my mind with hunger and despair to make a joke like that," exclaimed Olivia. "My weird sense of humor has overcome my sense of propriety.

"Bree? Would you be willing to wait a few days until Karla and I can be a bit more comfortable with the idea of performing cunnilingus? How long did it take you to acclimate to eating pussy?" asked Olivia, trying to turn the focus from her outrageously awful joke.

"I'm sorry, Olivia, but I don't recall. It was most likely the day after I arrived here. I was so traumatized that I fell in with whatever I was told to do. It was several days before I could bring myself to realize that I would have to spend the rest of my life naked on this strange planet.

"That reminds me, girls. You would normally never be allowed outside this facility unless you were nude; however, you could volunteer to visit outlying medical stations on an off duty day. Volunteering could get you a skirt to wear and sandals, too. You would be able to wear them even on workdays when you made your rounds of those stations. You would have to petition Manager Twylla and, of course, barter with her for that privilege.

"I had to go out in public nude for several weeks before I learned of that exchange. It was like my worst nightmare. When I was a teenager, I used to dream that I found myself in public without my clothes. I never thought that it would come to pass when I was awake. I'm still a bit self-conscious that my breasts are bare when I walk outdoors, but wearing a skirt makes all the difference in the world," explained Bree. "However, you can't wear the skirt indoors; however, you can use the sandals all the time, and your feet will be a lot warmer. These floors are always cold.

"If you are very good to Manager Twylla, she may allow you to keep the skirts in your rooms. Although they're not a substitute for a blanket at night, they're better than nothing at all. They are wrap-around, so you can open them up to cover yourselves. If you snuggle up close to each other, two skirts over you are absolute heaven. That's what my roommate and I do when she's here. Unfortunately, she wears hers when she travels and I'm always cold. Offshore women have never had bedding and bed linen, so they are used to sleeping without covering; however, they probably sleep in their dresses. Most women here have only one or two dresses; one to work in and one for the rest of the time. Some wear smocks at work and only need one other dress. No one wears underclothes here. They think Terran women are silly to do so.

"There are no laundry facilities here, but the clothing they wear rejects dirt, sweat, spills, or anything else. I had a pair of exercise pants on Terra that was made of that material, but it wasn't pleasant to wear. To make it a little more comfortable, the material here is extremely thin. You can almost see through it. Yes, the skirt I told you about is that thin, too, but it will keep your body heat in when you use it as a covering.

"I can't think of anything more to tell you, but if I do later, I'll come to your room and let you know. Now, I better introduce you to Manager Twylla; her office is on the other side of the medical ward. Just follow me," said Bree. "Twylla's rank is below yours, but she is in charge of this station and, therefore, she is like the captain of a ship on Terra; her word is law. Be nice to her; don't cross her; and you'll find her easy to get along with. Barter with her, and she'll allow you special privileges like wearing a skirt outdoors. Of course, that will require you to work on an off duty day, too.

"I'll share my food with you at mid-day, and yes, I'll wait a few days until you've acclimated. I will fantasize in the meantime. I want you to know that although we will have bartered for some of my food bar, I will still reciprocate when we make love. I want to know how you taste, too," Bree admitted. "It's obvious how much I've changed since I've been on Offshore; I'm salivating just thinking about tasting you. When I was on Terra, I would have been revolted by the thought."


"This is Twylla's office and the door is open, so we can just walk in." Bree explained. "Good morning, Manager Twylla. These women are Medic C and Medic D, two of yesterday's arrivals. Are we interrupting?" asked Bree.

"Not at all, I've been anticipating your coming here, ladies. I have called you 'ladies' because I understand your plight. The general public will not call you that, but I want you to feel welcome here. We have great need of medics on Offshore. We have only a few native doctors, and they are greatly overworked," she explained.

For the next half hour, Twylla explained the Terrans' duties and the medical centre policies and rules. Karla realized that the manager looked at her and spoke to her as though she were the only one in the room. She had men do that but never a woman before. It was evident that Twylla had an interest in her, and Karla thought she would take advantage of that interest. Twylla was very attractive, not at all what Karla had anticipated a medical station manager would look like. If she had to have sex with women, she thought this woman would be a positive. Following up on that thought, Karla spoke up, "Manager Twylla, may I ask a question of you?"

"Certainly." Twylla replied, "However, you needn't call me by my title when there are no non-medics around. Twylla is sufficient. I won't call you by your Terran names because that is forbidden. The elite want you to forget all ties to Terra, including your name. What is your question?"

Karla hesitated, but she began, "I understand that if we volunteer for extra duty, we'll be allowed a skirt and sandals. Is that correct?"

Twylla stared at Karla and seemed to be slightly icy when she replied, "Yes, but only after you have been humbled by walking naked publicly to other medical stations. Maybe after a few weeks, a skirt can be arranged. Was there anything else?"

"Yes, Twylla. Am I correct in assuming that since my color code is green, I can ask oranges and reds for sex? Do they have to comply?" she asked.

Again, Twylla stared at Karla before answering, "That's the policy here, but should a Shoredweller decline because she has antipathy toward Terrans, it would behoove you not to press the issue."

Karla continued, hoping she had read Twylla correctly, "Your color code is orange, Twylla; would you comply if I demanded sex from you and then demanded a food bar for allowing you to service me? After I have practiced for a while, I would reciprocate in the near future and would expect to be allowed to wear a skirt."

Twylla's demeanor was even icier, "You are in my charge, Medic C; I don't think that is proper for you to ask." She turned her attention toward Bree and Olivia who were horrified at Karla's breach of protocol. "Ladies, please see to the patients and close my door. This young woman is in serious need of discipline."

"Oh cripes!" thought Karla. "I have misread Twylla's attention. Now she's about to punish me for my impropriety."

Twylla growled, "Stand straight, missy, while I think of ways to deal with you." She picked up a bright red prod from her desk and walked around Karla, studying her. She ordered Karla to lie on the desk with her heels up beside her and her knees splayed apart.

"Lord Odin," Karla thought. "She's going to push that damned prod up inside me. I still have a lot of discomfort from having my womb zapped when I was unconscious. What will this feel like while I'm awake? Lord Buddha! What have I done? I've made a huge mistake. I hope the pain isn't too severe." Tears began welling up in her eyes, as she waited for her vagina to be violated, probed and zapped.

Twylla walked around the girl several more times while continually slapping her palm with the probe. She finally stopped walking, apparently coming to a decision, and took something from the desk drawer. She told Karla to open her mouth and shoved a ball of sweet, waxy substance into it. "That will muffle any screams that you may utter."

Karla trembled with fright and gripped the desk edges tightly for support.

Twylla stared at Karla's pubes for what seemed like an hour to the girl. Then, Twylla laid a food bar on Karla's belly and said, "Don't eat that until your mid-day break." Putting the probe away in a desk drawer, she pulled her chair close to Karla's spread legs and sat down in it.

The first thing Karla felt were two fingers gently probing at her labia and pulling the folds apart. She knew that Twylla was looking at her soft, pink center and felt more exposed than she'd ever felt in her life. She tried pretending that she was at a doctor's exam but the next thing she felt dispelled that possibility entirely. With her labia spread by one hand, the other hand moved to her clitoris. A thumb and forefinger pinched it, not hard enough to cause any real pain, but hard enough to cause an electric-like shock course from her clit up through her belly. Karla gasped, or tried to, from behind the object that was in her mouth.

Next, a thumb began massaging her clitoris and a long finger slipped inside her, curling upwards to a spot where Karla had never been touched before. It was an uncomfortable feeling, as if she had to urinate, but intensely pleasurable at the same time. Karla squirmed and Twylla pinched her clit, hard this time. The electric shock feeling hurt, yet strangely aroused her. The finger inside her continued to rub and she felt the damp tip of Twylla's tongue just barely touching the center of her clit. Twylla applied pressure with her tongue while still holding Karla's clit between her fingers.

Karla was overwhelmed with feelings. The discomfort of having her G-spot rubbed, combined with the sensations coming from her clit, began to build up, and before she even knew what was happening Karla screamed into the waxy ball that was in her mouth. Her entire body shook and her nipples grew painfully hard. She had cum so fast and hard that it took her by surprise.

Twylla did not stop, and because of the sensitivity caused by her orgasm, Karla squirmed again, trying to escape the fingers which were now tormenting her. In one swift movement, Twylla removed her hand from Karla's clit and reached up and grabbed her left nipple pinching and twisting so hard that Karla screamed again and tried to pull away. But Twylla's grip was too tight to escape, and Karla's efforts only resulted in causing more pain in her left breast.

"That first one was for you," said Twylla. "This one is for me."

Suddenly, Twylla's mouth was covering Karla's pussy and sucking so hard that Twylla could feel it far up inside of her. Twylla's tongue lapped at her labia, licking in circular motions around the edges. Karla could only imagine how wet she must be down there. She felt as if Twylla was feasting on her juices. "Mmmm," Twylla murmured, still lapping at Karla's folds. She then removed the finger from her G-spot and drove her long and experienced tongue far up inside her. Karla felt herself dissolving once again as Twylla used her tongue in ways that Karla had never experienced before. She had had lovers on Terra, but none as experienced as this. She couldn't believe that a woman was making her feel this way. She forced herself to avoid squirming, fearful of the pinching, or worse, that might befall her if she did.

Twylla moved her mouth to Karla's clit, at the same time pushing three fingers up inside of her and pumping them in and out. Karla knew how wet she was by how easily the fingers slid. Twylla sucked and nibbled, prodded and teased. Karla could feel the orgasm just waiting to happen, but Twylla seemed fully conscious of it as well and would not keep her tongue or fingers in one place long enough for it to happen. If Karla had not had the ball in her mouth, she would have been begging. As it was, she was emitting a muffled keening noise, her whole body rigid with the tension of an unfulfilled release.

Twylla was moaning now too. Her lapping and sucking were accompanied by soft, erotic-sounding grunts, as if she was getting as much pleasure out of the experience as Karla was. Finally she pressed her open mouth against Karla's pussy and rammed her tongue in as she sucked. The waxy ball barely contained Karla's scream of pure lust, pure pleasure. She shook all over as her orgasm went on and on, with Twylla licking up every last drop that gushed from her throbbing cunt.

After what felt like many minutes of aftershocks, Twylla stood and smiled down at Karla.

The thick ball of medicated wax that Shoredwellers chewed to keep their teeth clean and their gums healthy had been insufficient to stifle Karla's outcries. The patients and the other two medics had cringed at each new shriek that reached the ward. Twylla had almost a lifetime of practicing this, ahem, medical procedure. She was an expert at performing it.

Fifteen minutes after her cries died down, Karla emerged from Twylla's office. She was far from steady on her feet and had to stop a few times to balance herself as she walked through the ward. Olivia and Bree rushed up to her and slipping her arms over their shoulders, escorted her to the medical station anteroom. There were no chairs, but they helped her to a table in the corner of the room. She was able to lean into the vee of the corner and sit upright.

"Karla, Honey, what did that woman do to you? Are you going to be all right? Do you need medical treatment?" asked Olivia, very concerned. "Did she beat you or use a prod on you? I saw one lying on her desk."

"No, she didn't use that prod on me. It was a completely different instrument. Am I going to be all right? No! I'm not, Olivia. I think I'm in love," exclaimed Karla.

"What in the name of Zeus are you talking about, Karla? Tell us what you mean," demanded Olivia.

Karla could only smile wanly and say, "Forget it, Olivia. I was joking." Did she wink at Olivia? Olivia couldn't be sure. [End of Chapter Two]

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