tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffShore Ch. 03

OffShore Ch. 03


Chapter Three:

A Final Destination

"TT, CC, come with me; I'll show you to your new quarters."

Ceil led them to a large suite of rooms and said, "There is an unoccupied room at the end of this hallway. You two will share it. Six other concubines occupy three of the other rooms. They are now at their work places. The large closed area on this side contains my private quarters. When you are summoned, you will stand outside my door until I tell you to enter. If you service me well, you will be permitted to share my bed all night. You will find it much more comfortable than the mats you will sleep on in your quarters.

"During the day, since you are attorneys, you will spend your time working in a legal capacity for Offshore. I'll have an attendant show you where that office is located.

"Each pair of rooms is joined by a bath where there are facilities as you had on Terra. That is one of the privileges you'll enjoy as my concubines. You won't have to use a floor drain like everyone else on this planet. We don't have the luxury of tissue, but there are bidets in the baths. There is even a shower, and you're expected to keep yourselves very clean for me. There will always be soap available, but not douches. That is a luxury we can't afford. You are expected to keep my vagina and each other's vaginas clean. Two of my concubines are Shoredwellers and, as such, menstruate. I menstruate. Do not let that be a deterrent to keeping us clean. CC, I noticed that you grimaced. I will overlook it this once, but do not do that again.

"On your days off, you will be expected to spend time at exercise and erotic dance classes. Every morning before work, you will dance in the vestibule for my entertainment. I may ask you to perform in the evening also. I often pick my nighttime partners from those whose dances are most entertaining and arouse my libido.

Frequently, I will have all my concubines performing sex en masse on the floor in this vestibule. Note that the floor you are standing on is padded, like carpeting, with a plastine overlay. It will be warmer than the surrounding floor when you frolic together for my amusement. You will find yourselves immersed in female flesh – wallowing in women. I enjoy watching that performance. Do your best to amuse me.

"I will not ask you if you have any questions. If you do, ask one of my other concubines or an attendant. There will be two attendants on duty outside this suite twenty-four hours a day. You will find that the hours here are about a minute longer than those of Terra as our days are about half an hour longer. I doubt that you'll be able to note the difference.

"Before I return to my official duties, I would like both of you to service me. I enjoyed the way you two stimulated my genitals during your submission oaths. I am still aroused. I want each of you to stimulate me again but this time to orgasm.

"I also expect you to practice, on your own time, until you are completely adept at using your mouths and tongues. If I feel that your tongues are not long enough for my pleasure, they can be enhanced. We have a medical procedure for that purpose. Did you just groan, TT? Remember, you are here for my pleasure, not for your convenience. If you ever grimace or groan again at something I say or ask, I will have your tits needled and barbed. I am angry and believe my libido has waned. Do you wish to return to your room - or attempt to arouse me again?

A stricken look flashed across TT's face, and CC hoped that for both of their sakes that Ceil hadn't noticed.

"Very well," said Ceil, turning on her heel and beginning to walk away.

CC flashed TT an urgent look and would have given her a swift kick to the shin had she been close enough. "Wait!" called out TT. Ceil turned to face the women silently. "We want to do it. Please give us a chance!" begged TT. Ceil stared pointedly at TT for a moment and then turned her gaze onto CC. "And you?" she asked. "Are you willing to participate along with your friend?"

"Y-yes," stammered CC. "I'm willing to do anything you ask."

"Good," said Ceil with a slight nod of approval. Because this is your first time and you have had no training, I won't ask you to perform for me first, but be aware that these exceptions I've been making for you all have an expiration date. By the end of the first week, the things we do here should start to become second nature to you." As she spoke, Ceil unfastened her garment and let it fall to the floor.

At first, TT and CC just stared, but this frozen moment was quickly shattered when Ceil cleared her throat loudly and her face began to look even more stern, her eyes more tempestuous. TT and CC scrambled. Not knowing what to do or who should go first, CC pushed TT forward. TT dropped to her knees and pushed her face between Ceil's thighs. She held her breath as she started to kiss and lick. She knew that was wrong. She would definitely need to overcome her repugnance of smelling and tasting another woman's vagina if she were going to survive here. She tried to focus on how she would like to have a man do it, and the types of movements that had been especially pleasurable for her¸ but sadly, her sexual experiences were fairly limited and she had never had a man give her an orgasm while performing oral before.

After a few more awkward moments of fumbling around, Ceil sighed and called for CC to come to her. CC, too, dropped to her knees in front of Ceil. TT moved over just a bit, making room for CC, and the two of them began licking, sucking, and kissing somewhat haphazardly. They knew things weren't going well, but both of them felt powerless to stop it. Their nervousness about performing well, combined with their fear of Ceil, made it nearly impossible for them to concentrate. Ceil began touching herself, since neither woman had spent any real amount of time stimulating her clit. She came with a quick shudder and barely audible groan, then put her hands on the tops of each woman's head and pushed them away from her.

"Neither of you did a good enough job with your tongue. Go to your room and practice for the rest of the day. This evening I expect you to have improved considerably. Tomorrow, you will do even better, or you'll find I can be harsh when I'm thwarted. How dare you give me a 'lick and a promise'," Ceil snarled. "I can be very nice when I'm satisfied, but when I'm not, I can assure you that the repercussions will be swift and more severe than you can imagine."

Zhanet and Paula, TT and CC, rushed off to their room before Ceil could berate them again. They looked at each other, and lay down on their pads. They remained quiet for a long while. Finally, TT spoke. "I think we should try it. If the things they've done to us already aren't considered punishment, then try to imagine what actual punishment might be!" CC nodded her head, but TT could see that same startled deer look in her eyes that she'd seen out in the hallway with Ceil. TT got up and went over to CC, kneeling next to her and putting her hand gently on the side of her face. "I know this is hard, but it's a matter of survival. Honestly, it can't be that bad. We have men do it to us all the time and there are lots of men who actually like it. We can do this." said TT with conviction.

TT lay down facing CC, then raised her other hand and began stroking CC's hair. She leaned her face forward tentatively and kissed CC softly on the forehead. CC remained completely motionless, though her breathing was rapid and shallow. TT moved both of her hands to either side of CC's face and kissed her very briefly on the lips. CC didn't move away, and TT could swear that she felt CC's lips pressing back. TT kissed her again, this time without pulling away. Instead, she used her lips to pry open CC's. As she used her lips to nibble and probe, she noticed how soft CC's mouth was, not at all like kissing a man. It was actually very sensual. To TT's surprise, she felt herself beginning to grow aroused.

Finally, CC parted her lips slightly and allowed TT to explore her mouth further with her tongue. Evidently, the kiss was having the same effect on CC as it was on TT, as CC began to kiss TT back, turning the soft, gentle kissing into a more intense pressing of lips and swirling of tongues. CC reached around TT's ass and pulled her closer, draping one leg over TT's thighs and moving her whole body up and down against her. As the kiss continued, TT's hands began to roam. Her left arm, the one she wasn't laying on, began to trace gentle swirls on CC's skin. Each time her fingertips got near CC's breasts, CC would give a little gasp of anticipation, but TT continued to just trace around them tantalizingly,

With this mode of distraction, it was no wonder CC didn't notice that TT's other hand had gone in the other direction and was making its way down to CC's pubic area. Placing her hand flat on CC's abdomen, TT proceeded to move it down even more slowly until, at last, it was sliding between CC's legs. Once there, TT stopped moving and focused again on the kiss for a minute or two. She then cupped CC's pussy with her hand, pushing up on it bit by bit so as to apply an increasing amount of pressure. She had also stopped her circling of CC's breasts and had begun to fondle them in earnest. CC too had begun groping at TT. She pushed her hips against TT's palm and held a breast in each hand, rubbing the nipples first softly, then more roughly.

TT slipped her middle finger between CC's folds, and it slid in so fast it made both of them gasp. CC was wetter than she could ever remember being. TT let her finger sink more deeply into CC as CC began thrusting her hips towards TT's hand, moaning urgently. TT began to slide her hand back and forth against CC's pubic mound as she finger fucked her hard and fast. With her hand applying pressure to her clit and the invasion of her sopping wet pussy, CC was moaning continuously and breathing fast and hard. She was right on the edge...

A few hours later, after some more "practice" between TT and CC, the two attorneys decided they were ready to try once more to pleasure Ceil. But sadly, they hadn't been summoned to her door; how could they pleasure her if she didn't want them to?

Just then, as if it were fate, two attendants showed up to the door of the women's room. They came to tell the women that they were to report to Ceil's room as soon as possible. They wasted no time.

Walking down the hallway was the most thrilling thing these women had done since they arrived here. But, what if she didn't want their sexual favors? What if this was a punishment for their poor performance before.

But when they reached Ceil's door and knocked, they were welcomed inside by the powerful Purple. She was lying across the large raised bed, naked as both TT and CC were.

"Come here, TT and CC. I want you to pleasure me. TT, you first."

TT approached the mat as CC stood back near the now closed door, unsure of what to do. Ceil spread her legs, revealing her center to the oncoming woman.

"Pleasure me well, and you won't receive a painful punishment," Ceil warned.

This time, TT was confident. She had gotten just enough practice in the short time spent with CC in their room. TT moved between Ceil's legs, and slowly bent her head down to the woman's vagina. It gave off a sweet scent, cleaner than TT remembered. This fragrance was more desirable than before.

As TT's mouth touched Ceil's outer lips, both of them let out a soft moan, from a mere brush of flesh. Then TT's tongue escaped her mouth and licked from the bottom of Ceil's slit, all the way to the top, tantalizingly slow. She did it again, and then once more. Soon, TT was spreading Ceil's pussy lips and licked her cunt with a flat tongue.

Ceil's moans soon consumed the room. She grew wetter and wetter each time TT touched her in a different way. It was amazing what this young woman had learned in an extremely short amount of time. But now Ceil was curious; was CC as good?

"Stop," Ceil told TT. "I want CC to show me her abilities now. Come over here, CC. Give me a kiss – down there." Ceil indicated toward her crotch, and CC moved to replace the spot TT had vacated.

CC kissed above where the slit opened, then kissed her way around the outside of the pussy lips. CC suddenly sucked Ceil's clit into her mouth. She began a rhythmic suction and Ceil started rolling her hips and moaning; these women could give her pleasure. There would be no punishments...


At the medical station, Karla was still recuperating from the 'punishment' she had received from the hand – and mouth – of Twylla.

"Are you okay, Karla? You're acting rather strangely. Would you like something? Water, maybe? It's almost time for the mid-day break. Bree will share her food bar with us in just a few minutes. You'll feel better after you've had something to eat," Olivia assured her.

"I'm fine, Olivia. Why don't you and Bree go on your break and eat. There's something I have to do. I'll be okay; I promise," Karla told her.

"We can't leave you like this. You may be ill after being punished. Please come with us," pleaded Olivia.

"No, Olivia. You must leave me and take your break," insisted Karla. "Please go. I'll see you a little later. There's something I must do, and I have to do it by myself."

"You're not planning something foolish like getting even with Twylla, are you? Please come with Bree and me," begged Olivia.

"Oh no, honey. Nothing like that," said Karla as she jumped down from the table. "See? I'm fine. Now go ahead. Don't make me plead anymore."

Bree and Olivia looked at each other, shrugged and left on their break. Karla waited until the pair left the station, and she could watch them walk toward a small park. When they sat down to eat, Karla raced back to Twylla's office. The door was open; she stepped in and waited until Twylla looked up and motioned for her to approach. "Yes, what is it, Medic? Oh, you forgot the food bar. Here. I hope it will hold you until you get your afternoon bars," said Twylla, handing the bar to Karla.

"Thank you, Twylla, but that isn't the real reason I came back; in fact, I left it deliberately, so I'd have an excuse to return," admitted Karla. "I wanted to ask you a question, but it's a bit embarrassing."

Twylla continued looking at Karla but said nothing.

"Twylla, do you think we could meet outside of work? I mean I would like to see you when there aren't others around. I mean I'd like to talk to you in private. I mean I could come and visit you where you live," she stammered.

"Medic, I'm not sure I understand what you are suggesting. Though I am the manager here and your overseer, outside of these premises, you have a higher rank than I do; you could demand sex from me, but we couldn't become mates. Besides, Medic, I have a mate who lives with me. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that relationship to mate with a Terran. You aren't familiar with our mores yet, and I hope you don't take offense. You are an attractive woman; you have a delicious body; I enjoyed your vagina, but ..." Twylla left the rest unsaid. Karla seemed crestfallen; she hung her head and turned to leave.

"Wait. Wait one minute, Medic. Aren't you contrite regarding your conduct before? Haven't you learned your lesson? Must you be punished again?" Twylla asked the woman.

"Yes, I learned a lesson," Karla said, staring at the floor; then she perked up and stared at Twylla. "I mean no! I am not contrite. I feel that I ought to be punished some more until I've learned my lesson," she stated with a defiant look on her face. "I'm not sorry I said what I did before."

"Very well, Medic. Close the door. We'll continue your punishment where we left off," Twylla stated firmly, "but try to keep your voice down this time. I don't want others to think that I'm being overly harsh in dealing with you."

"Get on the desk, Medic. Now lay down, on your back and spread your legs," Twylla ordered.

Karla got up onto the desk and did as Twylla said. Suddenly her glistening pussy lips came into view. Their pink color looked delicious, and all Twylla wanted to do for the rest of the day was bury her face between Karla's legs.

But Twylla wanted to punish the Medic. She wanted her to beg and squirm – but Karla shouldn't have the right to squirm when being punished...

Twylla reached into a drawer in her desk and found plastine line. She took it out and began tying Karla's hands together over her head. Next she tied each ankle apart, so Karla couldn't close her legs while receiving her "punishment".

Karla was scared of being tied up, but inside she was aroused. She wiggled around, but couldn't close her legs. He arms were above her head, shaping her breasts in a very erotic way.

Twylla stood between Karla's outstretched legs. She drank in the scent of Karla's arousal. It was sweet, unlike other Shoredwellers' scents; Twylla loved the smell. She then traced her finger along the outside lips of Karla's pussy. "You need to learn your lesson, Medic."

She moved her finger's to the clit. She flicked and squeezed, bringing moans out of Karla. Then she bent down and licked up and down the length of the tight pussy. She thrust her tongue into the opening of Karla's vagina. Twylla's whole mouth soon covered the woman's pussy, and she began sucking.

Karla moaned, but she was careful of her volume, because she knew that others in the hospital might hear her. She then felt Twylla reach up her body and grab her nipple. It was long and hard, and when Twylla squeezed it, Karla let out a long, low moan.

When Twylla's hand left her breast to stick two fingers up her hole, Karla wished her hands weren't tied, so she could use her own fingers to continue the small attack on her nipples.

Soon, Karla was breathing hard and felt twitching in her lower regions. She could tell she was about to orgasm, but she tried to hold it in, so she could get more pleasure. As if Twylla could read her mind, she slowed and soon left the wonderful pussy, dripping wet.

Twylla climbed onto the desk with Karla, kneeling above her face. "Lick me, Medic."

Karla starred above her, at the revealed pussy lips. They were beautiful and looked as if gloss had been applied to them. The scent wasn't completely repulsive, either. But Karla was still fighting it – she was heterosexual. Even if Twylla had aroused her, men could lick her pussy, too. It could have been a man.

"Are you going to complete the punishment, Medic?" Twylla asked, still balancing herself above Karla's face. She pushed her hips down, just a bit more, forcing her pussy nearer to Karla's sweet lips.

Karla pushed her head up. Her lips made contact with Twylla's lower lips, and she suddenly felt a jolt. At first it was a close-mouthed kiss. Then, as Karla began opening her mouth, she started sucking in Twylla's outer lips. Her tongue also came in contact with the soft flesh covering the woman's clit. Suddenly, bringing Twylla to an orgasm was Karla's number one goal. She started sucking Twylla's cunt faster, increasing the speed of her tongue movement as well. Twylla's moans were filling the room, just as her sexual fragrance was.

Twylla began rocking her hips on Karla's face. The Terran's face was covered in vaginal secretions from her nose to her chin. Twylla's reaction created confidence in Karla, and she became curious about giving more pleasure to her manager.

"What would feel good to me?" Karla asked herself. She then thought of a man penetrating her. "Maybe Manager Twylla likes penetration..."

Twylla suddenly felt the Medic's tongue enter her tight hole. She gasped, and grabbed for her own breasts, experiencing the pleasure fully. The unexpected pleasure made Twylla explode, and Karla swallowed her juices. They were both in Heaven...

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