tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 001

Offspring Ch. 001


I have seen a lot of pussy in my life, but never anything like this. I mean, the fucking thing had feathers instead of pubic hair. Small, downy things, like you find on a freshly hatched chicken, bright yellow and soft, but feathers just the same. Though strange, the overall effect was incredibly erotic.

I should have been prepared for something like this, it simply had never occurred to me.


I was stranded on Okton4, one of the smaller planets in the Orion belt. Slightly bigger than Earth, it has a breathable atmosphere and is inhabited by a humanoid race that we call unimaginatively Oktonians. On first inspection, they could be mistaken for human, if it wasn't for the wings on their backs. Only the size of a large dinner plate each, they move in intricate ways whenever Oktonians talk. Brilliantly coloured, the wings display patterns that range from simple geometric shapes to incredibly complex designs. Our scientists say the colours are artificially applied and could possibly represent some sort of caste system.

Oktonians are oviparous, that means they lay eggs. That also means that their females have no breasts, and are, while clothed, indistinguishable from the males. You would think that the absence of mammaries as well as their bald heads would kill any erotic ideas in a human. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their large, blue, expressive eyes and their naturally pouty lips, together with the graceful way in which they move could give a corpse an erection.

Obviously an advanced race, our scientist guess their technology to be centuries ahead of ours, virtually nothing is known about their civilisation. The interstellar spaceport that is open to offworlders is on a island about fifty miles in diameter in the middle of a massive ocean. It is perfectly circular, completely flat and looks artificial. The buildings are utilitarian and indistinguishable from those of other interstellar ports, showing no local style. There is no vegetation, nor any sign of wildlife, not even birds or insects. The rest of the planet is off limits. We know they have huge cities, that much is visible from space, but that's about it.

There has never been an attempt to land a ship outside the spaceport. Several Oktonian spaceships are in permanent orbit around the planet, discouraging any idea of conquest or infiltration. These ships are so large, they make our biggest warships look like lifeboats. The consensus is that a race who can build ships like these has weapons that are best not put to the test.

As a result Okton4 is the safest and most peaceful place in the known universe, or so we think. No one, and I mean no one, fucks with Oktonians.

In spite of their imposing presence they are an unassuming and charming lot. They appear to have no territorial ambitions, being quite content to live in their own system. Just how many populated words are part of their system is also unknown since travel within a defined area is also off limits to outsiders. Any attempt to enter the proscribed areas is met with the presence of several of their warships and a polite request to refrain from travelling farther. No one tries any more.


Of all the weird places in the universe I had to get stuck here. I had been on board a mining company vessel on my way to a new assignment when we were ordered to Okton4. On arrival we were boarded by officers of the Interstellar Federation and informed the mining company who owned the vessel had gone belly up. The vessel was impounded and ordered to go to wherever repossessed space ships go. The crew was retained for the journey. I, being the only passenger on board, was unceremoniously tossed off the ship with my belongings and told I was on my own. When I asked what was to happen to me they gave me a card and told me to take it up with the receivers.

So there I was with no job, no ticket out and no prospects on this miserable concrete island. To say I was pissed off would be a monstrous understatement. Luckily I wasn't broke. The last ten years had been good to me. Most people would consider me wealthy.

I had been working in far off places where the pay was more than good and where there were few opportunities to spend it. Food and accommodation was found. I only drink beer when I go on the piss, which is usually cheap and, since I don't gamble, most of my pay and my bonuses had gone straight into my account. I could afford a first class ticket to anywhere and retire in relative comfort, if I so chose.

I asked the senior officer of the Feds who had pulled me off the vessel where there was a good place to stay. I told him I wasn't short of funds and would like something decent with a bit of comfort. He said if I would care to wait until he was finished processing the paperwork he would be pleased to take me to somewhere suitable. An hour later we were on our way. He took me to a hotel and stayed with me as I booked in. We had a few drinks together afterwards. He told me his name was Arden and that he'd be happy to show me around a bit once I was settled in. I liked the guy. He gave me his phone number. We parted as friends.

I went to my room and hung my clothes up. The room had the feel of a hotel room in an upmarket Singapore hotel, expensively, but unimaginatively furnished. Impersonal and staid. I didn't think I would spend a lot of time there.

By the time I had all my gear stowed I was feeling hungry. The dining room was busy. Mostly senior officers from the freighters in port. Oktonian waitresses served at the tables. The food looked as good as any you can get in a major space port. I was surprised to find T-bone steak on the menu and ordered some; medium rare with pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and a salad with Roquefort dressing. It was every inch as good as on Earth. I asked the waitress where it had come from and she said it was food from Earth. It amazed me you could get something like this on Okton4. When I showed surprise she told me they had lots of Earth food because of the Pumpernickel.

Before I could ask her what that was all about some other customer demanded her attention. I made a note to ask Arden when I saw him next.

By that time I was weary and had an early night. The room had, apart from the en- suite bathroom a cubicle with a humpbot. I made use of it before I went to bed. It was an older model, barely better than the blow up sex dolls of the 20th century, but it did did get my rocks off. I slept okay after that.


I woke up in the morning with a monstrous hard on. A piss and a shower later the fucking thing still refused to go down. After that rather disappointing romp with the humpbot the night before, which I didn't want to repeat, I had to resort to pulling myself off like a schoolboy. There had to be a better way, even on this godforsaken piece of concrete. I decided to make some enquiries. There must be some whores somewhere, every spaceport had them.

After breakfast I had a bit of a look around. There wasn't much to see. The usual offices of the freight forwarders, some commodity traders, the Feds and the usual hotels, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and so forth. Nothing I hadn't seen before. Everything was in easy walking distance from each other. There was only pedestrian traffic. I guessed that goods vehicles moved at night or underground.

I quickly got bored with the place and went for a drink in one of the numerous bars. I was probably a bit early, there were only a handful of customers. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. I couldn't tell if the person behind the bar was male or female, they all wore pretty much the same gear, some sort of uniform, I guessed.

When you are new in a town and want to get laid you either ask a taxi driver or a bar tender. They all know where the whores are. Many of them get a commission for referring clients. I decided to start my search right here.

"Would you know where a man get get a bit of adult entertainment around here?" I asked when my beer arrived.

"You mean you want to know where you can get a fuck?" was the disarming reply.

"Well ... yes."

"You must get yourself a permit first."

"A what?" I had never heard of a place where you needed a permit to fuck a whore.

"A permit. You get it from the Oktonian liaison officer in your hotel. It involves a medical check up and a briefing as to what is allowed and what not. After that you are free to have sex with any Oktonian woman here on the space port. Without permit no one will touch you."

"You mean humans can have sex with Oktonians?"

"Oh yes. We might bear our young in a different way to you humans, but I can assure you the procedure required to get there is very similar."

"How will I know who is an Oktonian woman and who is a man?"

"There are no Oktonian males on this island. All women here are ready and willing to have sex with humans. All you need to do is ask, but your liaison officer will tell you all about this."

"What about human women?"

"Human women are not allowed to disembark. Women aboard a space ship are confined to the ship while on Okton4."

At that time a group of spacers entered the bar. The barmaid leaned over and said quickly: "Get your permit and come and see me. I'll teach you proper Oktonian sex. You'll love it, I guarantee."

By that time the spacers were crowding around the bar and she was busy. I finished my beer and left.

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