tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 004

Offspring Ch. 004


The next thing I tried with Cleopatra again. I told her in rough and ready terms how my travel worked, leaving the Oktonians out of it. I just said I needed to picture her and her surrounds very vividly if I wanted to visit her and that me coming to orgasm was the end of the trip. I told her I wanted to see what would happen if I masturbated myself to climax. Cleopatra was a good sport. She was not in the slightest put out by my suggestion and proposed we masturbate together, just looking at each other being about six feet apart. The moment I shot my wad I disappeared to Okton again. That stupid Oktonian woman never knew the difference.

This was a monumental discovery for me. It meant I did not need to fuck a woman at the other end to go back. I was free to virtually travel to anywhere as long as I focussed on a contemporary woman in the area and time I wanted to visit and pulled my putz to go home again.

On my next lesson I pictured a maiden aunt of mine whom I had always been very fond of. She lived on her own in a small village in what used to be Germany, in a picturesque cottage next to a forest. I made myself about 16 years old and arrived on my bicycle as I had done in my younger days. She was happy to see me. I stayed with her for a week, helping with repairs around the house, chopping wood and tidying up the garden. When I left, I travelled until I was out of sight, hid behind some bushes and pulled myself off. Instantly I was back on Okton4, the Oktonian woman not being any the wiser. Now I was cooking with gas. This was getting really exciting.

When I thought about my latest adventure I started wondering if the whole thing had anything to do with sex at all. Good old aunty Agatha had never appealed to me in a sexual way, nor had I imagined her as a sex object when I went on my journey. I felt that perhaps any focus would do.

I was very apprehensive about my next experiment. I had no idea how that would land with the Oktonians, whether it would get the whole thing undone or whether it would go unnoticed as it had done until now. Whatever the risks, I just had to try.

When I was a youngster there was a place I would go to if I wanted to be on my own. It was a rocky ledge above a creek, way into the forest about a mile from home. It was awkward to get to. You actually had to wade in the creek some of the way to get to it. As far as I knew no one else ever went there.

That became my destination on the next session with the Oktonian ladies. I arrived there without problems as a thirteen year old and finished my little excursion by masturbating into the creek like I had done many times before. Again there was no reaction from the Oktonian woman. They either didn't know what I was doing or they didn't care.


That part was working very well. Nevertheless, I was getting restless. In spite of the excellent food, Okton4 was a sterile, staid place with very little joy for an adventurous spirit. The bars and coffee shops were filled with the crews and officers of the freighters, all males. Some of them were interesting characters, but they never stayed long enough to form any sort of relationship. As to the resident expatriates, they were homosexual males without exception whose main interest outside their work seemed to be exploring the buttocks of their co-workers. Many of them were outright hostile to heterosexual males such as myself. Arden was different. In spite of his fellow queers giving him a hard time over his friendship with a straight, he stayed loyal and was my only intelligent contact on that God-forsaken concrete island.

After a while I started telling him a little of my adventures. He didn't seem all that interested, suggesting that Oktonian pussy juice contained some powerful hallucinogenic that affected humans. He must have taken what I said more seriously than I had thought, because two weeks later I was asked to come to his office. It was an official request.

I am only a humble mining engineer who works the offworlds. My kind is totally dependent on the goodwill of the Interstellar Federation. When they ask for something it's not a request, it's an order. I wondered what they wanted. I've always kept my nose clean and stayed away from dicey business, still, I was worried why they wanted to talk to me officially.

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