tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 043

Offspring Ch. 043


The Olympus day was dawning, soon it would warm up. I went over to Ben's diner to get something to eat. I had just finished my meal when Talla turned up with a folder in her hand. She sat down, ordered a beer and handed me the papers.

"We are agreed," she said, "the ship is suitable for what we need. Pedro is unhappy with the communications equipment. He has already arranged with the Tai-pan to have it replaced with something of his choosing. Apart from that she is fine. She'll be ready for pick-up in three days. Pedro wants to know where we go from there."

"Wonderful. Let's go and see him."

An hour later we sat with Pedro and Juan in the pub.

"Well,we've got ourselves a ship," said Pedro. "What do you want to have done with her?"

"I want her to be registered to Olympus Colonisation Command. Name: Tikana. Home port: Talla/Olympus. I also want her to take on a cargo of Pumpernickel and have her delivered to Okton4. I take it the ship still has a captain and crew."

"I've spoken to Captain Gomez, the current skipper. He sounds like a good man. He said he was prepared to deliver the ship to anywhere we wanted, subject to the usual contract conditions as to pay and repatriation of crew."

"Excellent. I leave it with you then. Get the Chang Corporation to arrange the cargo. No point in having her arrive empty."

"Anything else?"

"Yes, and it's a big favour. The ship will be new to Talla. I would like it if Talla could fly the vessel under Juan's supervision until he is satisfied she can handle the ship on her own."

"Already arranged," said Juan. "I have downloaded the specs for this type of ship into our flight simulator. Training can start later today. You didn't think I would abandon my best student, did you? She'll be fine. I'm also arranging a crew for her."

"Thanks Juan, you are a champion."


I went back to my office and wrote a long memo to Uncle. I told him what my arrangements were regarding the Tikana and what I had in mind with the cargo of Pumpernickel.

"The Pumpernickel," I wrote, "is intended to be a gift to the Oktonians. They will not expect this. In the general scheme of things the price of the cargo is a small matter, especially since the freight costs us virtually nothing. It will however, in my view, go a long way towards establishing goodwill and show our honest intention to make this project beneficial to all parties involved. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

"There is something else I would like your opinion on.

"As you know General Taubner is trying his best to write the Federation into our project. Let's give him the illusion that he is succeeding.

"One of his closest advisors is Bernice Schreiber, a senior anthropologist. He knows Bernice and I are old friends. He will also know by now that I have fucked her on my last trip to Earth.

"Now here is the scam: I will ask Taubner to send Bernice to Olympus to act as liaison officer between Olympus Colonisation Command and the Federation. He will go for this like a shot, assuming that my request for her is at least partly dictated by my cock, which renders me vulnerable to manipulation.

"There is no liability to having her on Olympus. Only a handful of people know of the Oktonian scam and the Torgons, all are totally dependable. She will not see or hear anything that we aren't prepared to show the Federation anyway, such as our progress with the agriculture and the building of infrastructure as well as our efforts to teach and emancipate the Angels.

"The upside is that Taubner will bend over backwards in helping us to establish accredited embassies and bring about the reforms on Okton4 we have discussed earlier. He will be convinced that we are on the level and that there is no hidden agenda. If you are agreeable we can have Bernice as a passenger on the Tikana, I believe, and get our plans moving.

"As a bonus I'll be able to feed Taubner and his masters any kind of bullshit we feel appropriate from time to time."

I encrypted the memo and sent it off. Hours later I had a reply.

"You've done it again, Frank," he wrote. "I just love your convoluted and devious thinking. The thing with the Pumpernickel is an obvious way to go. Small investment for major benefits. The Oktonian hierarchy has been notoriously difficult to deal with in the past. Since you have been handling matters the Chang Corporation has found it a lot easier to do business with them. This action will help further.

"What you are proposing to do with the Federation is cheeky beyond belief. You are giving them the impression they are winning when in effect they are losing ground.

"Millennia ago, Sun Tzu, perhaps the greatest military strategist of all time, argued that the best way to win a war was to win without firing a shot. He would have approved of your approach.

"Go for it my boy. I will monitor how your proposal is received.

"Good luck, Uncle."

I wasted no time. My proposal to General Taubner went off the same day, so did a letter to Niels explaining why I had asked for a Federation liaison officer and what benefits I saw arising from that action. I asked him if the Tikana arriving with a woman passenger would create problems for him.

He replied that if the Tikana landed in the Federation area he would not officially need to know about it. I made contact with General Nakov to make the appropriate arrangements.

As expected Taubner was over the moon. The way he saw it he had managed to infiltrate the proscribed zone with one of his most trusted advisors, using me as a patsy. He bragged in a memo to the head of secret service how he had sent Bernice to seduce me and how I had fallen for the scam. "I can control this prick via Bernice's cunt," he said, "He won't know what's hit him, that cuntstruck idiot."

Uncle had sent me the above memo with a note saying: "He's not as smart as he thinks he is, is he?" To me Taubner sent a note telling me that my proposals had been accepted. He congratulated me on my initiative and assured me of any help from his side I might need in future.

Just for a laugh I sent uncle a copy of his note knowing full well he'd already know about it.

I made the necessary arrangements. Bernice would be arriving on Okton4 in two week's time.


I was having a rest in my room when Talla turned up. Without a word she made some coffee and handed me a cup. For herself she got some beer.

"A bit early for beer," I said.

"You don't understand. Beer for us is liquid food. We know that the alcohol in beer affects humans and can make them drunk and lose control. It doesn't do that to us. We could actually live on beer alone for extended periods and stay healthy."

"Interesting. Anyway, Talla, I gather you haven't come to see me to discuss beer. What is on your mind."

"Tikana is getting worried about you. You have not fully integrated her, it is taking too long."

"I have been doing the exercises you recommended. I felt I was making progress for a while, but just lately I feel I am not getting any further, try as I might."

"Tikana thinks you are hanging on to your humanity too hard. You must let go if you want to claim your new beingness fully. We must try something else. Take your clothes off and stand in front of me."

I felt awkward stripping in front of Talla. When I was completely undressed she made me stand straight and positioned herself six feet in front of me.

"Now I want you to watch me. I want you to take in all of me while watching the feelings that well up inside of you."

Talla began to take her clothes off. I wondered if I was supposed to fuck her. I felt more uncomfortable by the minute. I couldn't understand my reaction. I had fucked dozens of her race and never felt this revolted before. The mere thought of having to fuck Talla gave me a queasy feeling in the stomach.

Soon she stood naked in front of me and watched me intently.

"I know you love me, but right now the mere thought of having to have sex with me makes you feel ill. This is as it should be. What you are feeling is the natural barrier between different species. It is also the very thing that is holding you back.

"In some people this barrier is not there. They will fuck anything as long as they get their rocks off. The vast majority feels like you do right now. It was the drug that stopped you feeling like this, that is why you were able to perform and even gain pleasure from the sex act."

She turned slowly, showing me every part of her body.

"Keep watching," she commanded. "take in every inch of me regardless how you feel."

I did as I was told for what seemed an eternity. The sick feeling in my stomach abated somewhat, but it was still there. Then she stopped. Facing me again she said: "Now take on my form."

I hesitated. I did not know what she meant.

"Come on," she prompted, "you have been a dragon, a dog. a monkey and who knows what else, surely you can take on the form of a dumb Faerie."

It was harder than I imagined, but in the end I managed.

That's when my world exploded.


I found myself in Tikana's universe.

'Finally you have found me,' it rang in my head. It took me a while to orient myself.

I had been here before, but this time it was different. Before I had only seen the gemstone like things floating in a void, this time I saw so much more. I could zoom in on the individual islands of recorded consciousness and perceive entire life times in a flash. I saw that there is no such thing as space, there is only time. A universal time that governs all things and a personal time that is different. The difference between personal time and universal time is what we call space. By altering the personal time we can move around in universal time at will. That's how travelling works. I perceived Tikana in all her glory and understood what she was. She was truly a Goddess.

Move back into your human form before this world overwhelms you, instructed Tikana.

I did as I was told and found myself back in my room. Talla had gone. Instead Tikana in her human form was lying on the bed, naked and wanton.

"I think we should celebrate our reunion with some good old-fashioned human sex." she said.

I didn't need much encouragement.

"We started your transformation with a human sex act, we completed it the same way," Tikana said when we were done. "The new arrangements are now permanent. You can enter my world any time you wish simply by taking on the form Talla taught you. A word of warning. Roaming around in my world is very demanding on your energy. Take it easy for now, it will get better with time. If you want me in my human form all you need to do is call me. What is true for you in my universe is also true for me in yours. There are limits to how long I can stay here before I need to build up my energy again. Let us use the time we spend with each other wisely. I love you."

With that she went.

I don't drink hard liquor often. This time I needed it. Goddesses are a hard act to follow. I went over to Ben's place and had myself some French Cognac.

"Something rattled you," said Ben when he poured me my third double. "I've never seen you do that."

"You'd need one too if you had just fucked a Goddess," I said and left it at that.

Ben gave me a totally puzzled look, evidently he had no idea what to do with that remark. I left him with his confusion and went outside to get some fresh air.


Back at the office I ran into Feng. I had only seen him sporadically in the last few days, it was time we had a chat. As it worked out he had some time on his hands and we settled down in my office with some beer.

"What have you been up to Feng? I haven't seen you around for ages."

"There is a lot to do. George and I have been running our arses off to document everything that is going on. The town is growing like mad, Jack has over two thousand acres under cultivation right now, they are building roads, drilling for water everywhere and Trevor is building a military compound and training a small army. We've been chasing our tails for days to catch up and get it all on record."

"Wonderful. But now, can you get someone else to do the donkey work for you, I need you for something else."

"What do you have in mind."

I told him about my arrangements and that Bernice would be arriving in a little less than three weeks.

"She'll expect me to take her frequently, if not permanently, into my bed and give her every opportunity to spy on me. I can't have that."

"So where do I come into the game?"

"I want you to seduce her. She is an attractive lady and an outstanding fuck. You'll have a lot of fun. I want you to keep her off my back."

"You are trying to pimp me."


Feng burst out laughing.

"Uncle is right. He reckons you are the most devious prick he has ever come across, with me running a distant second. Anyway, I won't commit myself to fucking her, not without seeing first what I'll be letting myself into. I have an idea though how we can run this, at least to start with."

"I'm all ears."

"If I'm reading you right her primary objective is to gather intelligence. If necessary she'll use her cunt to get it."


"Let's give it to her. I'll carry on with what I'm doing. When she arrives, assign her to George and me to show her what is going on so she can orient herself. We get around. She'll recognise that. We'll make sure she only gets to see what we want her to see, staying well away from the supercomputer and the space torpedoes. Tell her that's the best way to get a quick overview of what is happening here. That gets her off your back for now and gives me a chance to see if I want to fuck her or not. From then on we play it by ear."


"Now let's go and see Juan and Pedro."


"Because they are essential to my plan. You don't want the tart living next door to you? Do you?"

"No. How are Juan and Pedro going to help?"

"They have built some very nice visitor's flats above the pub. I want to put her in one of those. She'll quickly realise that those two swing a lot of weight around here. She'll want to pump them for information. If Bernice is anything like you portrayed, those two will fuck the arse off her in no time and lead her up the garden path the same as us, as long as they know what the game is."

"I have no idea why uncle reckons your deviousness is second to mine. Fucked if I can see it. Ok, let's go and see if the Rodriguez brothers are going to be in on it."

We had no problems with those two. The idea to stick shit up the Federation and getting a few fucks into the bargain tickled them no end. All Juan wanted to know was if she had 'beeeg teeets'.


I thanked Talla for what she had done for me when I saw her next.

"Tell me. Talla, do your people when they are having sex with humans experience the same revulsion I did?"

"Yes, Frank, they do. They take herbs that numb them to make the act bearable. Again, as in humans, not all of us are like that, there are some who enjoy fucking this way."

"Wouldn't it be easier to use artificial insemination to impregnate the Angels with human sperm?"

"It would be welcomed by my people and by the human males who are forced to inseminate us, if it can be done."

"Then why isn't it being tried?"

"The most powerful people on Okton4 are the government institutions who supervise and control all sexual activity. They would lose their reason for existence. Anyone who even talks about artificial insemination or sexual freedom is carted off to the mines, never to be seen again. These people are ruthless and cruel."

"Sooner or later we'll have to deal with this. I'll have a chat with Doctor Finn to see what can be done. In the meantime, how are we going with the two hundred Angels I want to bring here?"

"Niphi has arranged that with the help of the Goddess. They are on standby, ready to depart at a day's notice."


The next few days went quickly. Then it was time to leave. The Tikana was due to arrive in two day's time. Pedro was flying the Pygmalion since Juan would be needed on the Tikana later. I took Feng and George with me. They would take Bernice under their wings right from the start, creating the kind of kind of distance I wanted between Bernice and me from the outset. I put Al in charge of fifty of Pedro's technicians we took with us to make the required modifications on the Tikana. Some of them had been trained by Juan to crew the ship after the handover. We arrived on Okton4 without mishap. The Pygmalion set down in the Federation area next to where the Tikana would land when she arrived.

George, Pedro and Feng had created another elaborate scam that made this arrangement necessary. Nakov had bent over backwards to make it possible, evidently he had orders to make things easy for us.

It had been Pedro's idea. He suggested we should transfer Bernice to the Pygmalion on the basis that the Pygmalion was far more comfortable than the Tikana with her rather Spartan appointments. He would then invite her onto the bridge as the Pygmalion entered the proscribed zone. Feng and George had prepared another scam recording of a rendezvous with Commander Tiri where he would greet Captain Rodrigues and clear him for his journey to Olympus.

They had created a script because Pedro's had to communicate with the avatar in real time to make it believable. They had actually rehearsed the scam a number of times to make sure it would be convincing. Bernice was certain to report the event to her masters.

Feng and I had dinner with Uncle that night. We filled him in on the latest developments. When Feng told him what Pedro had arranged he laughed.

"What are you guys doing up there, running an academy for scam merchants?" he joked.

"That's one way of putting it," said Feng. "It's not all that far off the mark. Pedro, Juan, George, Frank and myself, none of us are fond of the Federation. We all understand that our autonomy depends on how well we can flummox the Feds. To do that effectively we all have to become as cunning as shithouse rats as George put it once he understood what we are up against.

"The appointment of Bernice as liaison officer is crucial. Frank is still a Federation officer as far as the brass is concerned. But Frank is an outsider and only part of the organisation for his usefulness. Though commissioned, they view him like they would view a police informant. Whatever he says will be taken with a grain of salt. They are looking for corroboration.

"Bernice will furnish that corroboration. By allowing her to watch an event in seemingly real time she will be convinced that what she is watching is reality beyond question. Her standing at headquarters will insure her report is taken seriously and our bullshit will be accepted without reservation."

"Tell me, why are you going to so much trouble. The Torgons have flummoxed the Federation for centuries with what they've set up. Why do you feel you have to go further."

"Because it's a different situation," I said. "For two centuries the Federation has tried to find out what goes on in this sector. They got nowhere. According to their thinking the Oktonians have sent their dumbest females to work in the spaceport and dealt with the outside world exclusively through hired human underlings in anything that mattered. The intelligentsia of the planet was inaccessible. This arrangement stopped them from gathering any meaningful intelligence."

"So what has changed?"

"You, my dear uncle, you have changed everything."

"In what way?"

"Ever since we informed the Federation of our expedition into the forbidden zone they've been trying to figure out how a sleazebag, slitty eyed trader and a cuntstruck idiot, for that's how they see us, have managed to gain the ear of the top echelon of the Oktonian government and achieved major concessions, when the Federation with all its might got nowhere in two hundred years.

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