tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 02

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Desire and Sensibility

"Wake up! Wake up!"

The sound of over excitement roused the remaining women from the tents. Zyra watched curiously from a tree as the girls exchanged ribbons and quickly stoked a fire to prepare a light morning meal. "I don't understand what they're all so happy about," she grunted.

She pulled off a fruit from the tree and bit into it. It crunched and the sweet juice dribbled down her chin. Why consort with men when one could consort with fruit?

Her eyes darted to a brown-headed girl rushing toward her tree and she considered running.

"Don't you dare!" Ginger shouted. "You come down right now and eat! We have a long day ahead of us!" She winked as Zyra slid down the tree. "And I do mean long." Zyra rolled her eyes, "Oh spare me."

After the meal, the women swiftly went to choose which outfits would be best for the celebration. Ginger had made a beautiful white and blue dress that she adorned with black beads and seashells. She saved some fabric to put her long hair in a complicated bun. Her sister who had already mothered a daughter would be wearing her long traditional chieftain garb. The elderly were moving the children into their lodgings as of tonight. It would not be appropriate to let them near such adult matters.

Speaking of which, Zyra looked down. He niece Nima was a pretty and timid thing that held onto her leg and greeted her with a smile instead of words.

"Now Nima," she scolded lightly. "You must go with your aunties."

The child squeezed her leg once more, then ran to the other children. To be truthful very few of them were related due to the diversity the strike had caused. People had forgotten color and accepted blood bonds to make them sisters. Kyzu and Zyra were an exception being true sisters born of the same mother. Ginger was her blood sister.

"What will you wear Zyra?" Ginger asked smiling. "I have a wonderful green and tan dress that would look wonderful on you."

Zyra looked down at her current garb.

The creatures of this land were fast. She wore soft hide boots that laced up all the way to her upper thighs and ended on a curve instead of straight up and down. That way when she knelt and crouched they would not tighten upon her. She wore gray leg pants underneath and on top a simple hide shirt that had no sleeves lest they get caught in the nature. Her gloves were dirty, made of hard turtle shell that protected her forearm. If she lost her weapon she could use it to help her fight.


"No," Ginger said.

"But why?"

"There's still blood from your kill on your boots."

Zyra looked down and saw the blue stains on them and frowned but could think of anything to say but, "I'll wash it."

"Absolutely not," Ginger commanded taking out a red dress. "What about this?"

"I will wear leg pants and boots only," Zyra stated firmly.

"Trying to block the entrance huh?" Ginger said a matter-of-factly.

Zyra found it pointless to lie and simply said, "Initially."

Ginger shook her head and went deep into the pile and pulled out a pair of black leg pants, black dyed breeches and a white cotton woven shirt that was embroidered with blue vines. It was prettier than Zyra preferred, but perfect for what she needed. Her hands stretched out towards them but Ginger pulled away giving her a hard look.

"I will lend you this only if you promise to unbind your breasts tomorrow."

Zyra rolled her eyes and stuck her pinky at her as a sign of annoyance. "You are intolerable...I will bind them loosely."

"Not at all," Ginger sniffed.


"How many rolls?"


"You get one."


"You get one."

"...Agreed," Zyra said holding out her arms in resignation.

Ginger smiled in triumph and handed her the clothes." I will also lend you my blue earth stone earrings. They shimmer in the light and will make your eyes look like green earth stones."

Zyra could see that Ginger truly was looking out for her, so she patted her on the head.

"Thank you."

She gave Ginger a tight hug and planted a soft kiss in her hair. Zyra felt Ginger tremble, then released her from her grip.

"Goodness Zyra," Ginger said shaking her head with a laugh. "You truly are much too masculine for your own good. I may just have to sneak moon root in your milk and have my way with you."

Zyra laughed and proceeded to leave the tent. "It is good then I am not a strong lover of milk.

She entered her tent and disrobed before deciding with defiance to wear her hunter paint as well. The man who could handle her spirit could have her.



The eve preparation call shot like an arrow across the sky. The women emerged in their garb to quickly consume the meal, anxious from an afternoon of purifications and dressing. Instead of tending to herself Zyra helped her niece do her long soft hair. Kyzu was having her hair tamed into the large Rovian Chieftain headdress. It threaded through her locks and made her hair a cape behind her.

"Really Nima," Zyra said to the girl once again on her knee. "You must stop clinging while I brush your hair."

The girl loosened her grip but did not speak as Zyra brushed and began braiding. Nima still held her leg when she turned her away to do the back.

Zyra sighed. Nima was such a sweet child only in her sixth year, but she was making things difficult.

"Perhaps she mistakes you for her father and misses you," Kyzu chuckled. "You have been gone on hunts for some time."

Her sister came to stand beside her dressed already, and one of the only two women in the village whom had chosen leg pants.

"Nonsense," Zyra said taking the child's hair and securing the braids with a large wooded clamp. "She simply loves her aunt. Don't you Nima?"

Nima gave her a joyful smile and nodded.

Kyzu laughed and smiled kindly at her daughter. "Ah my sweet mute Nima. When will we hear your innocent voice?"

Zyra lifted her onto her leg and smiled at her handiwork. "She will speak when she is ready."

Nima simply traced down a hunter line on her cheek and nose before giggling and sprinting off to play with a group of children. Zyra shook her head in amusement and proceeded to make sure preparations were complete.

"Oh and Zyra?" her sister called.

"Yes?" she asked turning.

"You look beautiful."

This did not necessarily make Zyra happy, but she responded in kind by nodding respectfully and exiting the tent.

The earrings in her first piercings were heavy, but she didn't dare take them off with Ginger around.

Angry, she retraced her hunter marks carefully and brushed her hair to flare out imposingly. Then she grabbed a long spear that had a notch for every beast she had killed. So far she was up to 23 on this spear. It had been an active month old.

She tied on a leather head band and walked out to see the women lining up in the center of the village. Several looked at her with admiration, amusement, mortification, and even mild attraction.

Ginger stood near the center and took one look at her threw her hands up in exasperation.

"I don't even know why I try!"

"Because you love me?" Zyra suggested.

Ginger rolled her eyes, "There isn't that much love in the world. Oh well, you will represent us warrior women quite well."

Zyra smirked and was silent as she sat on a table next to her sister. Two others from her troop retrieved their spears as well. She was the only warrior not standing, but she felt no need to stand in the presence of a man. They had no reason to mistrust, but tests of power were often needed.

Her sister gave her a brief look and rolled her eyes in amusement before standing slightly in front of her. They waited but a moment when they saw the burning torch smoke from the Ursies.

Zyra tried to stifle the spikes of fear that stabbed at her heart. She knew of the processes of lovemaking, she knew the touch of pleasure, but the idea of being touched by another frightened her.

What if she did not enjoy the touch? What if her strength failed her and she was forced to endure pain in her most sacred of places?

The warrior in her wanted blood. She looked upon the group with feral eyes daring any of them to attempt to harm her. She would wear their bones as a necklace.

"GREAT SISTER TRIBE!" the Chief of the Ursies proclaimed stretching his arms out in greeting.


The Chief was about 50 years or so, but he was fit and strong. He had Native American features and long flowing black and silver hair. Beside him looked to be his sons. One was a skinny nervous looking boy who seemed as though it was his first time. He had a decent body and was a blonde with scared looking deep blue eyes.

The other one carried an air of overconfidence and had dark brown eyes that looked a lot less well-intentioned that his brother. He was taunt muscle and Zyra felt herself stiffening as though he challenged her authority.

"We welcome you with open arms brothers," Kyzu said gently, her soft voice carrying beyond the sound of the crowds.

Zyra could tell based on the men's looks a few were already smitten with her sister's beauty.

"We thank you," the Chief said softer as though he was calmed by Kyzu's voice.

Then he looked at Zyra with mild amusement. "And who is this one who gazes upon us so fiercely?"

Zyra was startled at being addressed but did not show it.

"She is Zyra. Our lead hunter and..." Kyzu shook her head with a light smile. "My blood sister."

"Ah," the Chief said regarding Zyra whom simply stared back. "She has your blood's beauty."

Zyra's eyes widen in shock and the Chief simply smiled at her. The men looked at her now and she saw they too seemed drawn, if even by word of mouth. She rid herself of her bewildered look and glared icily at anyone who dared look upon her.

Most dropped their gaze but she noticed that the one who looked confident stared at her with amusement and arrogance. Her mouth set into a deep line as she glared at him unwilling to be the first to look away. Seeing the staring contest the chief put his hand on his son and he looked away.

"These are my adopted sons Hanto and Rell."

Rell was the blonde one. She noticed he kept his eyes down and looked at Ginger whom looked at him as though he was food. Feeling a pinch she saw her sister frowning out of the corner of her eyes. Apparently she needed to play nice.

"Our greetings to your tribe," she said stepping down from her table. She lowered her spear in a sweeping movement.

"We beckon you to enter for refreshment and lodging."

"We thank you," Hanto said with a smirk.

The Chief gave him what appeared to be a warning look and said, "We will begin the celebration in the morn."

"Yes," Kyzu said happily.

The villages suddenly collapsed upon themselves as the village women went to the men, picking out familiar faces and handsome new ones. Zyra walked beyond the men whom looked anxious as she passed by to the caravan. A handsome tan man was wrestling with the tarps of one of the many wagons.

"Are those the provisions?" Zyra asked sternly.

The man jumped having not heard her quiet footsteps.

"Ye-yes my lady," he replied struggling valiantly to keep his eyes on her eyes alone.

Silently she walked to the knot he was tugging and patiently loosened it out. With a pull it came loose. Lifting up the flap she saw this one contained dry meat.

"You will find the meat of our land most satisfactory," a voice said behind her.

Feeling it was too close she turned behind her to see Hanto staring at her with his arrogant eyes. She turned away from him and broke off a piece of the meat. Biting into it she found the meat to be good, but unseasoned.

"You have not herbs in your land?" she asked calculatingly.

Hanto was caught off guard for a moment before stating, "The fourth load is herbs."

She nodded, noticing some of his arrogance had displaced itself.

"Will you need assistance unpacking the bounty?"

The arrogance returned.

"No. Our tribe is filled with capable strong men."

She straightened her shoulders twirled her spear in supposed thought.

"Such a pity."

Then she walked away from him and he laughed before following her.

"How so?" he asked, a smirk upon his face. It showed off his defined features of noble birth and good grooming.

He was handsome, Zyra admitted, but he did not stir attraction inside her. Seeing he was going to continue to follow her she replied, "Your village is filled with men."

"Ah," he said before slyly cutting into her path. "Why is this a pity?"

She halted to give him a fierce look and smirked. "Women are much more capable."

He looked at her with taunting eyes and she wanted deeply to retaliate physically.

"Perhaps," he said nonchalantly. "But I hope you will find in this celebration that certain men can be as or perhaps, even more capable than a woman."

She scoffed and brushed by him. "What would one such as I say to such an elusive creature?"

He suddenly grabbed her by her arm and pulled her back towards him. "You could say hello."

She contained her rage and simply flipped her spear so its point was even with his manhood.

"Or you could say goodbye. Perhaps to a beloved part of your anatomy."

He released her and pulled back visibly disappointed.

"Forgive me if I was too bold," he said bowing his head.

She laughed and the sound made his head snap up.

"Trust me Ursie," she said sauntering forward. "You do not know what bold is."

She left him there wondering if perhaps she should be with him. In truth she could find no sense for or against it.

"Zyra!" Ginger said smiling widely at her. "Guess what?"

Zyra looked at her for a moment.


"They've moved the beginning of the celebration to tonight!"

"I did say no."

"Since two people who "shall not be named," Lala and Yun, began the "ceremonies" before it's time!"

Clearly she was not listening.

"Isn't this wonderful?" Ginger bounced up and down in excitement and Zyra could see from the visible thatch between her thighs that the girl had already removed her undergarments.

"I..." she paused and Ginger stopped to look at her."I don't know."

Ginger grabbed her hand and gasped. "Zyra, you're trembling."

Zyra's eyes widened and she pulled back to look at them.

She was. She forced herself to clench it firmly into a fist.

"I am fine," she said, the uncertainty in her voice sounding strange to her own ears.

"No you're not!" Ginger said grabbing her arm and pulling her into her tent. She made her sit down and grasped her hands in hers.

"Are you frightened?"

Zyra tried to think of its meaning. There was one time when she was wrestling a bear and thought she would not make it. Her spearhead had broken off in her hand and the bear had leapt upon her. She could see herself in its furious brown eyes. Desperately she had raised the spearhead and the bear had landed on her, crushing the breath painfully out of her lungs. Her heart was racing and when she felt his fur upon hers she was sure her heart had stopped. There had been a feeling so dire and terrible. She had managed to stab the beast in its heart and after never felt that feeling again.

Now, sitting in Ginger's tent, she felt it.

"I am...I am," she said incredulously. "Why is this? I could kill them all?"

"No you can't," Ginger said patting her head. "Well...maybe one at a time, but that's beside the point. You feel as though sex will be a surrender. You will have to submit to your partner."

"I do not have to submit," Zyra reasoned calmly.

"Zyra my sweet..." Ginger said frankly. "I have had a lot of practice. For your first time it will be extremely painful if you do not lie upon your back."

Zyra thought about the possibility of letting herself be hurt and bowed her head to lie on Ginger's chest. Ginger could feel the girl tremble and they said nothing as she tried to quiet her fears. After a moment Ginger ran a hand through Zyra's short hair.

"How do you feel about Rell, the Chief's son? Do you dislike him?"

Zyra shook her head no. "I don't actually recall him to be honest."

Ginger gave her a firm pat. "I will help you my sister. Do not worry. After meal you will come with me. Okay?"

"Ginger I will not practice..."

"Not me Zyra! Rell!"

Zyra was a little shocked by the proposition but decided he might be a good option. There was no way he could hurt her and stay alive with Ginger and Zyra.

"Yes," Zyra sighed standing up. "I will try."

"Then you must put on your hunting skirt." The skirt was high on her thighs covering between her legs and her bottom, and left her thighs open and visible.

"Why should I honor them with my hunting attire?"

"Just in the tent," Ginger corrected.


Ginger gave her a bone crushing before she disappeared. Of course Ginger would be excited to orchestrate such a momentous part of Zyra's life. More so, since it was her particular field of expertise.

When Zyra walked out to the fire, she made it a point to blatantly ignore all male calls of her name. Meal passed quickly as men and women alike shoved food down their throats. They ate freshly killed and roasted fatbird, a bird with little feathers and much meat. It was only indigenous to the Ursies and spoiled quickly, so they brought only enough for their first night. Herbs were rubbed into the fatbird's skin and it was passed around on sticks.

Zyra bit into the fatbird and was shocked by how delicious it was. The skin was crispy and she licked her lips, savoring the bird unlike her counterparts who shoved him. Sensing a presence she saw Hanto sat a distance beside her. She said nothing, her eyes trained on him as she bit into the juicy delicious meal even he could not ruin.

She also had mashed earth babies, a fat tubed root that was round and brown. Its inside was milky and white. They had mashed it up with the herbs and churned goat milk.

"Good eve," he said warily.

She waited until she swallowed to reply.


He rubbed the back of his head and tried to hide a smirk. "You wished for me to be bold, and yet..." he looked at her as she bit into the fatbird, "...I feel as though wrong words will set you upon me."

"Indeed?" she asked licking her lips. She watched as he stared at her lips with an odd look and she wondered if he wanted some of her fatbird. She took a bite. Well too bad.

"Dare I ask what comes to mind?" he said, his eyes verbalizing what his tone could not.

"I will not be kind to you," she said honestly. "It is not my nature to be kind to outsiders. It is the way of the hunters."

"You don't have to be kind," Hanto said inching towards her, now somewhat enthusiastic. "You can be a Tigress, scratching and clawing, biting at my throat. You don't have to be restrained and docile. You can be free with me."

Zyra noticed the wild look in his eyes.

"...And what will you be?" she asked him.

He paused and his eyes showed her images of rough, wild pleasure where he would be as wild if not wilder. This was not a gentle soul.

"Zyra!" Ginger yelled.

Zyra turned to see her holding a blushing Rell around the waist.

"The tent!"

Zyra finished her fatbird in a few hungry bites and swallowed hard.

"Excuse me," she said with a smirk to Hanto. He seemed shocked and began to stand when she put a finger to his lips.

"Hush," she said coyly. "Look for the hunter Firetoucher, she is what you seek."

She walked away and saw that he looked after her with an amused smirk.

"Very well Zyra," he intoned behind her. "I'll find what I seek."

A glance behind her set her senses aflame with alerts. She could tell what he meant with that look.

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