tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 08

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 08


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Chapter 8: The Consequence of Choice

The sun bore hotter, burning past her skin. She could feel her bones reducing to embers, her soul turning to flame.

Gharla could sense her body cooking itself, her face's sweaty juices dribbling onto her tongue.

Damn, she kind of tasted like the fat fat bird.

It was kind of terribly ironic when she had been one of the few to stock the Rovian cookfires. She wondered who would be there to pick her bones. Being full was always good for someone. Oh how ungrateful, how wasteful she had been, back when they were around warm glowing cook fires that spat black ashes like a protesting baby. How lovely it had been to revel in the debauchery of traditions, even the celebration.

She herself had entertained 3 males, not discerning between them nor wishing for any actual connection with them. They were diverse lovers that worshiped her body with equal devotion. They were hoping perhaps for a blonde son, something she would never give.

The celebration filled her with mixed feelings. Gharla had already been with child so it held no obligation for her. She was deep in her 20th years, close to her 30th. Back then she had never considered birthing a boy. She just wanted a baby girl so badly she had rutted like an animal for 3 celebrations until she had conceived. She remembered feeling the strange little pushes that came from inside her. Speaking to her daughter with kind promises of what was to come and making sure the babe knew her voice.

For months she dreamed, but when the time came...her child had been a male. She remembered the beautiful blonde curls and brown eyes that peeked up at her. The adoration and love in his eyes. Even though she knew what he was, where he was destined to go, who he was destined to be, she loved him. Gharla was to care for him until the Ursies could. She nursed him and cared for him until he no longer hungered for her milk and her breasts ran dry. He was glowing and healthy with pink little hands that always stretched to her face.

They had taken him from her in her sleep. They didn't understand why she was upset when she awoke. They could not understand why she had felt the need to say goodbye. Nor why she had shut herself away from the world for a year, until a brave bark colored girl had demanded that she track for a group of hunters she was forming. And that girl was a woman now. Her son was becoming a man. He would be six summers now, she didn't like to think of him in years.That made the pain worse.

When she felt her legs give way the last bit of fight dried out of her. She crumbled to the hard ground.

No more. She could not move anymore.

Her body was surely a chapped husk. She could feel herself dying. It was disgraceful. Gharla had always thought it would be in battle or war, maybe in the arms of her long awaited daughter, maybe even her son. But this was honorless, shamefully so, and lonely.

Not alone, she had never wanted to die alone.


She couldn't talk. Gharla had wanted to hear herself say that she had tried.

"I tried." That was what she wanted to hear before the end.

People had always pegged her as the strong silent type. A type that never needed to hear nother voice. She snapped on occasion and could be prejudiced, but she was content among her hunters in the forest. With those green bushy trees around them, the smell of their purity, and the filtered canopy sunlight she had felt life running rampant through her veins. It seemed so vital now to her existence.

No matter, Gharla had been able to reflect as she traveled through the burning waste. She was done confronting the demons in herself. She hated to be alone. No matter, if she relaxed she was sure it would be over soon.

Snap out of it...

Oh? It seemed some part of her still wanted to fight. How vain.

Gharla snap out of it.

She fought against the panic of pointlessness as it wriggled in her gut. She was just prolonging the inevitable. No, this was right. It felt good. It was nice to stay here.

Gharla come on! Wake up!

She paused listening to the voice's urgency.

It wasn't inside her?

It wasn't.


"Gharla! Sister of the land, huntress and tracker of the Rovians, awaken now!"




Gharla jolted like a fish out of water as she came swimming to the conscious surface. Zyra held her in her arms and looked down at her worriedly.

"Are you alright?" Zyra looked grave, so strange from the serious but normally jovial woman.

She examined her sore limbs, saw they were whole, pink, fine! It had been a vision, no, a nightmare.

"I...I will be," she admitted. Gharla raised herself up, meeting her very real thirst.

"Here," Zyra said handing her a water skin. She drank ravenously until Zyra pulled it from her lips.

"Slow, you'll make yourself sick."

Gharla breathed heavily before eying her anxiously. "The water..."

"It's safe," Zyra said. She diverted her eyes, burning anger in them.

"I received it from...an unnatural place. Its danger lies in its reflection, not its taste." Gharla could tell something was wrong. Worry filled her as she held Zyra's hand.


Zyra turned from her, pain in her eyes. When she looked back the pain still stood, but so did an unyielding determination.

"Gharla, the journey I take now is a pointless one. But even that shall not stop me. Our friends are in trouble, we must save them."

Gharla shivered as she thought of Enui in the same place she had been.

"Where are they?"

"In the three corners of the forest. I met a witch who showed me four pictures in a basin. Walk with me, we haven't much time."

Zyra helped her to her feet and they started to walk towards the east.

"They didn't say where they were but when I found you here I knew that the location of the pictures was your location in the forest."

"And the witch helped us?"

Zyra's eyes hardened. "No."

Gharla stared at Zyra questioningly. "...what did it do to you Zyra?"

Zyra grit her teeth in response. "It's best that you don't know."

Gharla nodded, but torrents of emotion began to well up inside her until she was stricken with grief. Trembling, she gave out a web sob and crumbled to the floor.

"Oh God...oh God."

She rocked herself back and forth as Zyra tried to help her rise again.

"Zyra, I was so scared...I thought I would die. I was..."

Abruptly she was forced to her feet. Two thumbs roughly wiped her eyes and she was Zyra looking at her with the same narrowed eyes she showed prey.

"Gharla if you cannot be strong I must leave you. What is done is done."

Zyra gave a long sigh and touched her cheek gently.

"I have not given up. If you have to stay here, I will come back for you."

Gharla nodded and tried her best to swallow her feelings. Shakily she followed Zyra in a run.

"Who are we rescuing next?" Gharla asked.




Etaceh was raving madly as witches rushed around like startled chickens. She had had several lesser witches keeping Gharla in her trance when Zyra busted through the trees and shattered her illusion just by shouting like a brute. "Take care of the boy. Now!" she shouted to a water witch.

Aguamem had summoned the Night Mare to drown him and was currently concealing its true form from him. It was a mix breed actually, part Kelpie and known to enjoy the drowning of humans. Etaceh was at least sure Zyra would not reach the boy in time. Even so, she reeled from the small victory the whelp had claimed.

"Finding the human more difficult than you anticipated?"

She turned, blood boiling to see Caligula smirking behind her.

"Be gone, I have no time for your ridicule Caligula," she spat.

He chuckled, combing a hand through his ebony colored hair, his purple eyes glittering with amusement.

"Well Etaceh you must admit that taking the water was quite clever."

Her rage consumed her anew. She had never thought the girl would take the water she had left there. She had been so busy taunting the girl that she had given away too much. She had forgotten how smart and adaptive the humans could be. Yet, she raged on.

"How dare she? She defiled a sacred seer basin! She scooped it up like it didn't just contain visions and supped it down like a bear!"

Caligula frowned at her in response.

"You gave her no choice. She acted out of pressure."

"Birds bathed in it!"

"A fact she had no time to consider given her circumstances."

He gave Etaceh a measured look. "You made sure of that."

Etaceh bit her red lips angrily as jealousy awoke inside of her. "You like her don't you? You like this human girl."

Caligula shrugged. "Yes, she amuses me. She saw through your words and made a decision that would give most pause. You like her too."

He smirked, tilting his head in a roguish manner. "You wouldn't play with her otherwise."

Deep inside Etaceh knew Caligula was right. He had been her friend for several centuries. She sighed dramatically, summoning a goblet of vitality elixir to her hand.

"We shall she how she fares with Nymare. She should have the boy drowned soon."

She looked back to check on the Ursie boy's fate. What she saw shocked her. __________________________________________________

Nymare had a good grip on the squirming pitiful human. Nymare was sure he would go limp in her hands soon. Then suddenly she felt herself being hauled forwards.

Rell had pulled her over him and into the river.

He was trying to drown a water horse?

Nymare would have laughed if she didn't see him pull himself out the water. In her horse form he would have never been able to break free. Even if she was a half breed of creatures, she still was stronger than he was.

Rell refused to die. He didn't care if the woman thought he was weak. He would rather die trying to live, than give in to such a horrid creature.

"I know you're not what you seem," he sputtered. "You are beautiful to behold, but your insides are ugly."

Nymare's eyes began to glow angrily.

No one insulted Nymare, Night Mare and most beautiful of all creatures.

"Silence ugly boy!"she snapped."Did you forget what Nymare said? The tears you wept when..."

"Your head is rather large."

She gasped and charged at the shoreline.

"Nymare will drag your body to the bottom of the sea!"

Her voice became cracked and rough as she lost her grammatical prowess. Truly showing him the beast she was inside.

"Nymare will feast on your flesh and gnaw on your bones!" Her nails grew into talons.

"Nymare will kill you!

She came at him with large grinding teeth as though she would bite him in half.

It didn't matter, Rell was ready to live or to die. Taking the cord that tied about his water skin he pulled it loose right before he fell back when she landed on him. As her face of teeth neared his he wrapped the cord around her neck and held fast.

Shocked, she paused before fighting viciously. She began to buck and whiny, reaching out for him with lethal intent. His palms slit open as he leant back, using all his strength to contain her.

"NO! NO!"

She clawed at her neck, leaving deep bleeding gashes on her throat when suddenly, her fight left her. She looked at him with fearful eyes. Nymare could not change form with the cord or she might decapitate herself. Nymare could not escape from his cluthes, Nymare could not breathe. She gasped, her eyes watery.

"...m-mercy...do not...kill...Ny...mar...e..."

Rell glared at her murderously as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Who is weak now? Tell me monster!"


The evil that had bubbled from inside him froze as he heard her broken plea. He was killing her. Monster or not, she was shaped like a woman. Abruptly he released her and stumbled back watching as she shakily shuddered in lungs of air. She rolled onto her side before she forced herself up on wobbly legs. He watched her warily, wondering if she would kill him now. She appeared quelled, sullen but with reason. With emotionally charged blue eyes she backed up slowly into the water. Her lips barely moved as she spoke.


Suddenly he found himself on his back in a forest. Beside him was a cool stream, but not a fruit in sight. From a distance he could hear voices calling out his name. Gathering his strength he limped toward them.




A large mass fell into their path and Zyra had her knife out in a flash. Recognition came a second later and she bent down to the shaking man.

"T-thank goodness," he croaked.

Zyra put her water skin to his lips and was impressed by his slow measured sips. When he looked up at her his eyes looked haunted.

"I knew you'd come," he said finally.

Then, he passed out.

Gharla bent down to him and checked his pulse. Then she looked him over.

"Look at his hands."

The once soft delicate fingers were slashed. Zyra looked down to see the bloody cord in his right. He had cuts from the rope.

"He'll slow us down," Gharla said evenly. "Just like I'll slow you down."

Gharla knelt down and placed his head in her lap. "Leave us. We'll meet you at the Marble Tree. Save the others but if you cannot you must go to the tree. Get there Zyra, for Nima's sake."

Zyra nodded and went off to save Enui and Hanto by herself. __________________________________________________

Enui panted like a dog in heat, her tongue dangling out of her mouth.

She didn't know how long it had been but she knew she was disappearing.

Blue warm hands had ripped her covering away, vines had pulled apart her decency and exposed her to hungry gazes. She felt the naked breeze caress her folds and curves, tried to ignore the brief angry looks Hanto gave when he succumbed to looking at her ample firm breasts. The tall blue feminine figures in front of her had twigs and leaves for hair.

They all shared the same face, males and females, and the face was a pleasant one at that. Unceremoniously they took turns stroking her breasts, running their hands along her thighs, and delighting in her foul language and struggling. They let out a peal of giggles when she cursed at them. Even with all her fight, she began losing the battle when the creatures became more sensual. Among them a tall lithe male stepped forward.

Slowly, as though for a dance he began to turn. He was graceful and delicate, strange to see with the evidence of his arousal pointing at her. Between his legs was what resembled a thick tree branch except that it was smooth and shaped like a penis. His long wavy hair stopped right before his fine chiseled blue ass, deep blue nipples protruded vulgarly on his hairless chest, connected to arms that with small movements proved to hold power. Being completely honest with herself, Enui found him to be rather attractive. After he had made his turn he gave her a knowing smile.

She panicked when he walked toward her, then behind her. His hands grabbed her waist and she let out a gasp as she felt him grind his warm wooden penis against her butt. The females let out high pitched shrieks as they began to assault her senses. Long soft fingers tweaked her nipples, forcing them into hardness. Another hand caressed the fullness of her breasts until a hand was replaced by a mouth that suckled them. Hands slid down her stomach, thighs, and arms in gentle caresses, combined with the heat on her behind. She could feel her pussy beginning to drip with arousal. The vines pulled her legs father, spreading wide her wetness so everyone could see.


They didn't listen. Suddenly she felt a finger slip inside of her. A hand stuck out of the ground and fingered her quivering cunt expertly. Another creature began to rub her clit with its thumb. Her body could not escape the onslaught of touches. She screamed as she came, her wet pussy juice running down her thighs or seeping into the ground. Curiosity caused her to look to her right. They were sucking Hanto's cock. He appeared to be trembling in his effort. His butt clenched causing tension on the finger that stroked him. Another was kissing him, rubbing her breasts into his chest.

Suddenly she shouted. One had clamped its mouth over her clit and was sucking it. The long, hot draws that the creature gave her clit made sparks fly in front of her eyes. From behind another was licking along her slit. She sputtered, moaning as her tits were played with in unison. She was leaking like a fountain and trembled from the effort to refuse the delicious pain. The male began nudging his dick at her opening. She screamed, arching forward toward the clit sucker. She froze, paying for her mistake as the lips pushed her over. She could only moan wantonly as the juicy squelching of fingers twisted her ready pussy around.

A ravenous hunger arose in her and her pussy burned, aching insistently. Hanto let out a moan and she watched as his cum spilt over the breasts of a creature as he watched her. He watched her with lust in his eyes. His taunt bronze muscles tightened as he jerked about. Abruptly she felt the hands fall away. Looking around she felt the male turn her head slightly towards himself.

He was beautiful in his strange way. Deep cerulean blue eyes held her gaze and he placed a chaste kiss on her cheek. Then the vines pulled her hips farther apart, almost splitting her down the middle. Her nether lips dribbled with moisture and she screamed at him angrily.


Hanto could do nothing but watch as the creature stepped to the front of her. Touching its penis to her slit it grunted as it rubbed her moisture around it's shaft. Enui fought but could not stop him when he pushed his hot thick manhood into her warm gushing folds. Enui cried out as he fed inch by inch of his hard cock inside of her until he bottomed out to his walnut looking balls. He let out a deep sigh of contentment then he paused, letting her curse and quiver around him. When she had partially relaxed, he tightened his hold in her waist. Moving just his hips, he began to fuck her. He hitting deep inside of, stroking her achy pussy walls despite her struggling.

She felt full, so very full.

He lifted her up and rolled her hips into his, forcing her to fuck his cock in a practiced steady pace. She was surely not his first victim, she would not be his last. The slap of his body against hers birthed a delirious sense of joy because of the itch inside her he was scratching.She didn't last much longer. Cumming on his pistoning cock she screamed in rapture. He grunted, pressing forward, squeezing her butt into her as he filled her with his seed. As it filled her she began to feel a strange sensation. The pleasure began to take her over, creeping over her skin and molding to her. The cock inside her did not diminish, it stayed rigid as firm. He pulled out and thrust in again forcefully. She let out a happy shriek.

Oh, wowie. What a nice fat cock she had inside of her.

She opened her mouth and he swept his tongue in, kissing her fully. Mm, he was sweet like sugar, addictive even. He pulled apart her butt cheeks and she noticed another male with a wooden penis that resembled a stump step closer. She was shocked by how calm she felt. The females intertwined, frenzied in their own orgy as they delighted in the sight of her rape.

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