tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 14

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 14


I apologize for the delay. Just wanted to note that you are the most supporting fans ever and I cherish every comment you have made, good or bad. Thank you so much.

Chapter 14: Breaking Point


"But I don't want you anymore Zyra," he stated. "I need you."

It became a standstill, both of their attention locked on the other. Hearts thumped against chests and desires clashed for different reasons.

"Kail I don't understand," she said quietly.

The smile turned into a possessive smirk.

"What I'm saying is this. I'm going to fuck you. Tonight. Now if possible. And if you try to run from me, I will catch you."

Her jaw dropped and she shook her head in horror.

"Kail, no..."

"Yes Zyra. Yes."

All was silent. Then Zyra abandoned the fur and began to run.

He was after her in a flash.

Her body dodged expertly away from trees and footfalls as she streaked towards the Rovian camp. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life. Her loose breasts hit heavily against her chest, hurting with each slap as terror propelled her forward. If she could only get towards the stream then she...

Zyra screamed as arms wrapped around her waist and plucked her backwards. She threw her head back and smashed it into Kail's. He let out a pained grunt and his grip loosened giving her time to rip his hands away to run again.

The forest felt like it was closing in on her. Branches snapped playfully against her behind. The heat of her body contrasted the cool forest air that ran between her legs. Their chase was a silent one until she heard a crunch behind her.

It was the color. She had forgotten. Even though she was faster, even though she was quiet he would be able to see the color of her emotions. It made no sense to try running at all! He would no doubt catch her. Fear made her heart palpitate and she hugged herself close to a tree, kneeling down and trying to control herself. At any moment he could grab her. He could be right behind her.



Her shaky voice was eaten by the darkness.



The sound came from the right, maybe five trees away.

"Why are you doing this?"

She crept on her hands and knees to another tree farther away and slumped quietly against it. Would it do her any good if she was a bright swirl of color?

"Doing what?" his rough voice echoed. "Giving us what we both want?"

"This isn't about me!" she shouted as rage ebbed at her fear. "You're being selfish. You don't care about what I want."

She heard a chuckle from her left and scrambled backwards to another set of trees.

"Yes Zyra and you are so selfless. Selfless and naïve, willing to donate your soul to the next crusade at the drop of a hat. Yet surprisingly, unable to give up what I desire."

"So you admit this is only about you?" she quipped.

Silence; he was silent. She couldn't have him silent, not now. It was too soon.

"So you only desire me physically?" she tried again.

She caught a flash of yellow eyes by the group of trees she had been at. His voice came from that direction.

"I want to teach you things. I want to make you realize the other sides of you."

Good he was talking again. She tried to keep her voice from sounding too relieved.


"Because I can; I have seen these parts of you before however briefly they existed. You can be tender. Like...that time in the tent."

She frowned, thinking of ways to buy herself time.

"...my tent or Ginger's tent?"

She heard a loud angry growl close to her ear and sprinted off in the opposite direction. She could hear soft curses trailing in the wind behind her. So that had been an involuntary action? She always thought his growls were like speech.

That was a good question then.

She shivered, rubbing a palm over her a nipple frozen with cold. It was a windy night and she was as naked as the day she was born. "Zyra I'm sorry," Kail said, his voice slowly approaching to where she was. "I'm sorry I went to her. I'm not used to this."

"Not used to what?" she breathed.

She heard him sigh.

"I am not used to having a limitation of partners. Not used to being...trapped this way. Confined to my little corner of forest, or taking orders. But I truly do desire you. Genuinely, I do."

"Do you love me?"

It was a silly question, but she needed to keep him busy. Plus, she was curious as to what the ogre would say to justify his need to screw her.

"No. I care for you, but I do not love you."

So he would not outwardly lie. She could credit him for that.

"Why do you care for me?"

"I can't explain that!" he said exasperatedly. "Why do you care for Nima? Or Ginger?"

"I care because I love them! If you don't love me then there's no reason to care!"

She was catching her breath from her shout when a large hand clasped her arm. Kail stepped out from behind her tree, holding her in a firm grip. Whimpering she wrapped herself around the tree, refusing to let go, circling with each step he took to fully possess her.

"If you have more questions you can ask me inside," he rumbled low, his yellow eyes transfixed upon her. "Come now, before you catch ill."

"No! I can't trust you!" she shrieked, pulling her arm from his in vain.

"You can learn."

Hot tears began to prick her eyes as her abilities failed her. Where was her strength? Her speed? What about being able to hear the voices of those who thought of her? Why couldn't see have gotten away?

"No! I don't want this! You're not listening to me!"

"I won't listen because I can't trust you either."

With a mighty tug her grip of the tree was broken and a piece of bark came off in her hand. She gasped as she fell head first into his chest. Arms of corded muscle enveloped her and this time there was no escape. Hot moist breath puffed in her ear.

"Got you."

She screamed, dropping herself to the ground, twisting, biting, digging her nails into his flesh until she drew blood but it was to no avail. He tossed her over his shoulder, her butt high in the air, breasts pressed against his back. Slowly but surely, he carried her back to his camp.

When she could see the lights of his lanterns she bit his back. He cursed and pulled her off, placing her roughly in front of him. She teetered on her legs like a newborn as he rounded on her, making her backup as he advanced.

"Your protests are not real Zyra. Your mouth says one thing but your body says another. Even now I can see your hardened nipples, your arousal leaking on the inside of your thighs. You're very wet Zyra. I can see it well. And I haven't even touched you yet."

She yelped when she backed into his dwelling, falling towards the raised floor. He caught her by her waist and with one motion tossed her into the pile of furs.

Zyra scrambled up screaming at the top of her lungs.


"They can't hear you," he said, making the entrance close tightly. "We both know that."

With a dying man's desperation she launched herself at him. Viciously she punched his back, pulling him back from the door he was trying to secure. When he stopped moving she knew it was not because she had stopped him, he was done securing the door. Zyra ran back, looking for his flint knife, or perhaps a club of some sort. He seemed immune to her panic, amused even as he shuffled to a box on his shelf. He looked at something, took one look at her and pulled off his shirt.

"Kail no!" she shouted in command. Turning she grabbed the handle of an unfinished weapon. "Kail I will tell the witches' council. If you do this...thing you wish to do, you will die for this. Die Kail."

He gave her an easy smile as he stalked forward, his shirt in hand.

"I don't know Zyra," he said coyly.

She thrust the handle of the weapon down at him and he wrenched it from her easily, collecting her wrists in one hand.

"I think you're worth dying for."

He lifted her body up then, ignoring her scream as he pulled her against him, her breasts smashing against the rawness that was his skin.

"No! No Kail, please," she begged, but he ignored her.

He pressed her nakedness against him, reveling in the comfort it gave him. He held her to him desperately, his strength buckling her arms against him.

"You don't understand Zyra," he whispered into her hair. "I'm at my limit. I won't wait...not anymore."

She could not hear his words anymore. Instead she drowned herself in her sorrow as thick tears spilled out of her eyes and sobs shook her frame. Why had her strength abandoned her? Why was this happening?

"I won't hurt you." He cooed softly to her running as hand through her hair as he lowered her down onto the furs. She turned her face from his as he tried to stroke away tears.

"Zyra I will not hurt you. Look at me...Zyra, look at me."

When she opened her eyes he froze at the sight.

His grip on her wrists automatically loosened and he was mute as she covered herself from him.

She wasn't pretending. Even though her body wanted him, she was truly, genuinely afraid of him. She didn't want this, and if he forced it on her then he would be hurting her.

Haunted by her gaze Kail pulled away, resting the back of his head against one of the walls. He closed his eyes as he heard her rustle about frantically. When he opened them he saw she had wrapped herself, head and all into the furs. His hand massaged the bridge of his nose as stress and tension in the upper and lower halves of his body caused him discomfort.

"This isn't going to work is it?"

He watched the bundle tighten as brown fingers pulled it in closer. "You have to come to me."

A low uncontrollable growl of frustration made its way out of his mouth.

"I don't understand you," he admitted angrily. "I just...I don't understand."

"...understand what?" The voice was scratchy and watery, but Zyra had spoken. There was that.

"I won't touch you again so come out," he said tiredly. "You have my word."

She unfurled very slowly and when she finished only her head was visible. Her face was fixed in a glare of bitterness and hatred.

"Your word is meaningless," she spat. "You're a pig! Now what don't you understand?"

"Why you want me, but you can't accept me."

"I don't want you! You're a twisted fuckta!"

"Anything else you'd like to add?" He sat up straight and she pulled back defensively.

"Go ahead, let it all out. I won't say a thing."

She looked at him uncertainly but he opened his hands and spread them away from himself in surrender.

"Go on."

Zyra grit her teeth, and then she cursed him. She used every word she knew. She cursed his face, his mother, his family, his manhood, his lineage, even his soul. He simply observed her looking tired and uncomfortable.

"...grow old waiting for hell with the rot upon your cock! Then die!"

Kail watched her huff, catching her breath after 4 minutes of nonstop cursing. Several parts of him were extremely offended, but he figured it was one small way to atone after what he had done. Either way, she looked livelier and less afraid.


Her lips thinned. He gazed at her as she stood, walking clumsily with the furs and drew his breath as she backhanded him.

The sting nearly brought water to his eyes. Zyra really hit hard.

"Yes I am finished you filthy green muck eater. Now, explain yourself."

He rubbed his cheek, wondering if it was his fate to be tortured by her for the rest of his natural life. Even now after her abuse his arousal had not fallen. In fact, his member was still stiffly yearning for her as she sat soft and free in his furs. He controlled the urge to lean over and take her lips with his own. She might stab him in retribution.

"I was saying that I don't understand how you want me but can't..."

"I already said I don't..."

"Zyra! We are past this!" Kail seethed, the frustration boiling inside of him. "You are naked, lying on my furs, and your pussy is wet! Spare me reasons to lose my restraint! We will not resolve this if we continue to lie to one another!"

She looked at him blankly. He had expected some kind of blow, but instead she nodded her head.

"Very well, you are correct. We must both stop lying to one another."

"...yes. I agree."

"So you admit that you are selfish?"

Kail frowned. "How am I selfish?"

She shifted to make herself more comfortable, each movement making Kail frantic with need. She had no idea of the effect she had on him.

Or maybe, she just did not care.

"You see something you want and you just aim to take it. Then you move on to the next desire. If something does not suit you, you ignore it until it suits you again."

Kail scoffed seemingly offended. "Zyra I never expected that you would truly refuse me when I could see how you desired me."

She looked at him sternly, as though she was lecturing Nima.

"That doesn't change the fact that you're behaving selfishly. Even if you think I might benefit as well you are acting based primarily on your own feelings. That counts for listening to my orders as well. Or favoring Kyzu's when they suit you."

"Is she not ranked higher than you? Should I not listen to her?"

Zyra's shoulders tensed and her eyes narrowed.

"Do...do you want to fuck Kyzu or me?"

Kail lifted an eyebrow in question.

"Is that a legitimate question? Your sister is insane."

"Answer it!"


He watched her curiously as her colors warred with anger and embarrassment.

"Then...then you listen to me!" she shouted.

Kail tilted his head, a smirk working its way to his face.

"So there will be fucking?"

"No. You can't be trusted and I'm not ready."

Kail shifted an inch closer to her and pulled back. Too soon then. He went back against the wall.

"But you do indeed want me?"

She licked her lips and sighed as she stared at her hands. He watched the now moist and red full lips mercilessly tease him as she spoke.

"My body does."

She looked up at him, internally causing him jolt from his thought pattern.

"If I am only my body then yes...I want you. But...if I am my mind then...I need more time."

Her eyes looked up at him in trepidation but there was something akin to hope as well.

"Are you willing to accept this?"

He had no choice. He could not take her as she was, and he could no longer do without her.


"Then you have to admit something."

Kail crossed his arms. Nothing was ever easy.

"What would you like me to admit?"

"It helps you when you imagine confining me. You don't like being trapped, but that's what you want to do to me."

Kail shook his head in protest. "No Zyra, I just want to have you."

Her green eyes seemed to look deep within him.

"No Kail you imagine being in control. To have me, you have to take me for yourself. Pinned to something preferably."

He looked at her like she had caught him off guard with a dirty secret. Of course he did. To be honest it was the only way he knew. The best way to quell the protests of an ogress was to prove to her that you were worthy to bed her through physical prowess. After explaining his dislike of his happenstance he had never thought that he was attempting to do the same to her. For the most part the thought of dominating her had never filled him with anything but satisfaction. Something he was sure they would share, but it was clear that Zyra was different. Zyra was different from any woman he had ever attempted to court in his lifetime. He could not have her with force, but how else would he acquire her?

"What is it that you want?" he asked finally.

She sighed as images of steamy lovemaking clouded her vision. There was that yes, but after, after she saw herself being held and caressed lovingly by someone who truly did want to see her happy. She wanted to believe that could be Kail.

"I want to be able to trust you."

"You can tru..."

"I can trust that you won't attempt to kill me. I can trust that you live in the forest, but I can't trust anything else."

Kail bared his fangs as he took in her accusations.

"You can trust that I will tell you the truth."

Zyra wrapped her arms around herself tighter, his furs wrinkling beneath her.

"I can't trust that you won't leave me for Ginger after you have your way with me. I can't trust that you'll listen to Kyzu instead of me when it suits you. I can't trust the important things. Truth is something that can be perceived in a variety of true ways."

"So I am not to subjugate you, but you are to subjugate me?"

Zyra sighed. "No matter what you say about this not being a fight, about us sharing this we clearly have no intentions of doing so."

Zyra took a deep calming breath. The she bravely shifted closer to him, forcing him to stare into her bright green eyes.

He cringed backward. This time it was he who was trapped. He noticed quite gratefully that his member had gotten the message and retreated to its flaccid state. At least he didn't have to worry about her screaming over that.

"Don't you remember? You told me that not everything is a fight. That some things are meant to be shared. That was when I asked for the control, and you refused me. Why Kail? Be honest."

Kail gritted his teeth in concentration, his heart thumping loudly in his chest. This was not how this was supposed to go. He was supposed to show her the error of her ways, not the other way around. It filled him with a sense of panic as he realized slowly that their union could never work if they could not both make a collective effort to change their ways.

"I didn't want you to have it," he admitted. "I didn't believe that you would actually consummate anything. I felt you would do nothing."

"You never gave me a chance."

There was quiet then, as the both mused over the weightiness of the words that had been said. It ended with Kail groaning before he sprawled on the wood before her. He closed his eyes and she admired the body stretch out in front of her. He really was immense, but he was lean for his kind based on what she had seen. His head was close to the fur by her knees. Popping open a single eye he tilted his head towards her, his gold earring flickering in a brief appearance from under his unruly red mane.

"Tell me what you want Zyra, and I will do it."

Zyra tried to control her breathing as nervousness started to taint her earlier words of bravado. She knew that she wanted to give her body to Kail, but she could not give herself to him in his current state. Nor would she appreciate him forcing himself on her.

"Promise me," she exclaimed. "Promise me you will never again try to force yourself on me."

"...I promise."

"Then you will have to be patient with me, and I need you to listen to me when I speak."

"Will you do the same?"


His golden eyes swirled with unnamed emotions are he regarded her.

"Will you be patient with me? Will you listen to me when I speak?"

Zyra nodded. "Yes."

"Then I am sorry, and I will wait for you to come to me."

He reached out and touched her hand. She gripped the fur tighter wondering how he could go back on his word so swiftly. He pulled her hand off and the other one compensated automatically. Instead of reaching for her fur he clasped her hand in his own. He rubbed the back of her palms with his thumb and closed his eyes.

"Is this alright?"

A sense of peace filled her with the gentleness of his touch. It filled her with a strange forbidden delight.


"...will you lie beside me?"

Since she currently 'was' his bed of furs it made sense.

Slowly she eased herself down, ready to pull away at the slightest appearance of a trap. When she was fully down he took away one of her furs but it made no difference. Wrapping that one around him he turned to face the wall, his hand still holding hers.

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