Oh Auntie Maureen Ch. 1


Then suddenly, she cried out, 'Oh yes, Aunties cumming, Aunties cunt feels on fire, Oh fuck, Aunties cumming.' I felt her cunt juices over my fingers as her orgasm ripped through her body. Immediately she finished she pushed me down on the bed and lowered herself onto my cock. 'Now Aunties going to fuck you and you're going to shoot your hot spunk into Aunties cunt', she said. The feelings as she lowered and raised herself up and down on my cock were sensational and I knew I was going to cum pretty quickly. She took my hands and put them on her still hard nipples and told me to play with them. I couldn't really concentrate as I adored the feeling of my first fuck.

'I'm cumming, Auntie', I cried out. 'Yes cum in Aunties cunt, shoot your hot spunk in Aunties cunt', she said. It seemed as if I was never going to stop as I kept pumping my spunk into her soaking wet cunt. Even when I had finished she carried on and I didn't get a chance to go soft as I felt her cunt muscles tighten and she said, 'Its Aunties turn again.' She fucked herself faster and faster on my cock. 'Pinch Aunties nipples as hard as you can,' she ordered me. Her breathing got harder and she suddenly called out. 'Oh its wonderful, Auntie Maureen's cumming again, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Aunties cunt is cumming.'

I was surprised how loud she was calling when suddenly I saw Uncle Peter in the doorway with his cock out and wanking himself off. Auntie Maureen collapsed beside me and I realised Uncle Peter had gone. I told Auntie Maureen that I had seen him and she said, 'It didn't matter, it turns him on watching me enjoy myself.' Then she said, 'Auntie Maureen wants you to lick her cunt clean and taste our juices.' She opened her legs and I could see both our juices trickling out of her cunt. I leant forward and loved the taste and smell of them. It was already making me hard again and I told Auntie, but she said I had to wait until tonight when she had a surprise for me. She asked me what I thought of my first fuck and I told her how great it felt. She told it can get better than that but that will be another day. We got dressed and went back in the garden. Uncle Peter was reading a paper and looked up and said, 'I hope you both enjoyed yourself.'

I felt very horny during the afternoon wondering what surprise Auntie Maureen had for me. As we lazed in the garden she kept giving me glimpses of the fact that she had no underwear on and when she saw me looking she would open her legs slightly wider and smile at me. It was all I could do not to go up to the bathroom and have a wank.

We had dinner early that night and afterwards Auntie Maureen said it was time for the surprise. She told Uncle Peter and I to sit on the settee and she went upstairs. I asked Uncle Peter what she was up to and he said just to wait and enjoy it. After about 15 minutes I heard Auntie Maureen coming downstairs. The sight I saw gave me an instant hard on. She wore a black pvc basque that was open at the top and her tits poked through. Her nipples were erect and bright red covered in lipstick. Her face was heavily made up with the same bright red lipstick and she had black eyeshadow on. She had no knickers on but wore black seemed stockings and very high stilletto heeled shoes with straps around her ankles. I could hear the clip clop of her shoes as she came down the stairs and stood in front of us. I had never seen such a sexy sight. She then said, 'I assume you've both got hard cocks whose going to fuck me first and whose cock am I going to suck.' Uncle Peter looked at me and said, 'Its your choice.' I said, 'Auntie Maureen I'd like you to suck my cock and let me cum in your mouth.'

'Right', she said. She told us to undress and I sat down again. Auntie Maureen knelt in between my legs and put her lips round the end. She sucked hard on it and pushed my skin back. I felt her tongue dart in and out of my spunk hole. She kept her lips clamped tight round my cock and sucked for all she was worth. Meanwhile, Uncle Peter was kneeling behind her and fucking his cock in and out of her wet cunt. It was almost a race to see who was going to cum first. I knew I wasn't going to last long and after a few minutes I felt the wonderful sensation of cumming in Auntie Maureen's mouth. Even after I had stopped cumming she continued to suck and I could feel my own spunk around my cock. Auntie Maureen was next to cum as Uncle Peter pounded his cock into her soaking wet cunt and played with her clitoris at the same time. All the time she kept her lips clamped around my cock and continued to suck, making me hard again. Suddenly Uncle Peter cried out as he pumped his spunk deep into Auntie Maureen's cunt.

Eventually Auntie Maureen stopped sucking me and I watched as she opened her mouth and let my spunk dribble out over her lovely bright red lips and then she leant forward and kissed me full on the lips and I again tasted my own spunk. Her tongue went deep inside my mouth as she transferred some of my own spunk from her mouth to mine. Meanwhile Uncle Peter was lying under Auntie Maureen and licking his own spunk out of her cunt. After a short while Auntie Maureen said it was time to reverse the roles with me fucking her and she sucking Uncle Peter off. But Uncle Peter said he wanted to watch me fucking Auntie Maureen. He went and sat on an armchair watching us.

His cock was in his hand and he was wanking himself as he watched this 18 year old boy fuck his wife. This time Auntie Maureen wanted me on top of her. She lay on the sofa with her legs bent at the knees and her legs wide apart. I positioned myself on top of her and my red hot cock slipped easily inside her. 'Fuck Auntie Maureen's cunt nice and slow and make it last a long time. Auntie Maureen isn't ready to cum again just yet. Suck Aunties nipples, taste the lipstick on Aunties nipples. Suck them clean.' I loved the feel and smell of the pvc she is wearing.

The basque she wore made her tits stick out. I adored the taste of lipstick and especially on her nipples. I sucked them into my mouth and I would have loved to have tasted her tit milk. Auntie Maureen looked across to Uncle Peter and said, 'Don't you cum until I say you can. Look how Robert fucks his cock into your wifes cunt, look how Robert sucks your wifes nipples, watch how Robert makes your wife cum and how Robert shoots his spunk into your wifes cunt.' As her orgasm neared she told Uncle Peter she was getting closer and that he had to cum when she told him. 'Come over here and wank yourself off over my face. Watch Robert fuck your wife and make her cum and cum over your wifes face. I watched as he did as he was told. His cock was larger than mine but not so hard and I watched in amazement as he wanked himself off and came all over Auntie Maureen's face.

At almost the same time, Auntie Maureen called out, 'I'm cumming, Roberts making Auntie Maureen cum, shoot your spunk into Auntie Maureen's cunt.' As I felt Auntie Maureen cum I followed almost immediately and shot my spunk deep inside her soaking wet cunt. Uncle Peter went back to the armchair and collapsed. Auntie Maureen and I lay together recovering. Shortly she was ready to start again and she said, 'I want you to lick Auntie Maureen's cunt and make me cum in your mouth and then let me kiss you and taste my cunt juices but first Auntie Maureen needs her nipples sucked again. I needed no second telling and took each one into my mouth and sucked them hard again.

She started rubbing my cock and again got me hard. 'Auntie Maureen wants 69 and to cum together', she said. I didn't know what she meant. But when she leant over my face and positioned her cunt over my mouth and her mouth over my cock I realised what she meant. She sucked me deep inside her mouth and my lips and tongue went to work on her cunt and clitoris. Uncle Peter sat and watched us and happily wanked himself while he watched us. Auntie Maureen and I got into every imaginable position and combination that evening and eventually when we went to bed she slept in between Uncle Peter and I. During the night I felt her stroke my cock a few times but I needed a good nights sleep to recover. When we woke in the morning Uncle Peter had got up and Auntie Maureen and I carried on where we left off the previous night with us sucking each other and cumming in our mouths.

Uncle Peter stood and watched. Afterwards we went to bathroom to wash and when I said I needed to pee Auntie Maureen held my cock and directed the piss over her hands. She asked me if I had ever seen a woman pee and when I said I hadn't she stood in the bath and let me watch her. I found it quite a turn on watching her do this. We showered and went down for breakfast. The rest of Sunday was a very lazy day. Auntie Maureen and I went to bed after lunch and had a straight forward fuck. She said she was a little sore from last night.

That night I again slept with Uncle Peter and Auntie Maureen. Uncle Peter watched and wanked himself off as Auntie Maureen and I sucked and fucked each other and both came twice. On Monday morning I heard Uncle Peter get up and go to work. Auntie Maureen came back to bed and told me she had another surprise for me today. She made me lick her out and she sucked me off and swallowed my cum in her mouth. She would only let me cum once as I needed to save some spunk for later. I was intrigued.

To Be Continued...

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