tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOh, Baby You're Dynamite

Oh, Baby You're Dynamite


It was a rainy evening in East Hampton, New York and inside the main bedroom of a big house Billy Crudup was poking the burning woods in the hearth with a steel rod. The firelight was throwing an orange glow on his face and the room temperature was growing warmer and cozy. Ah, tonight’s the night. He thought when his current squeeze Mij—the extremely sweet and pretty wide-eyed Mary Louise Parker, cuddled up behind his back. She began kissing behind his ears, licking it with her tongue while her hands wandered about him.

“Jeez, honey you’re giving me a giant hard on,” he croaked as her breasts were squashed on his back. “Oh really,” she said and as her hand snaked down his front and found his massive erection through his boxer shorts.

“Get out of your shorts now and I’ll massage you’re horny muscles,” she whispered into his ears. Her voice rang happily in his ears. Two weeks of no sex can give you insanity. He couldn’t fuck just anybody else. Mij was just too important for him. So he waited until they got hooked up together again. Until this night, the night worth waiting for was surely going to be the night of unbridled passion.

The room smelled of rose and sandalwood just as Mij had set up. Candles were scattered around the room to make out for a dreamlike effect. There was no bed as it was under repair. The sexual arena would be on the floor, laden by an inflated mattress, fitted with a satin sheet and big and small pillows thrown around.

Billy stripped excitedly. Mij saw his erect pecker jumped out of his shorts and immediately felt the pangs of desire. Her cringe transformed into a beautiful smile.

“Lie on your tummy big boy and lay your head here,” she said indicating to a pillow next to where she sat cross-legged. Billy obeyed and made his head stand on his chin to ogle through the center of her parted legs. But the object of his view was blocked by the dip of her satin nightie in the center. His hand attempted to lift the hem only to be swatted away by her hand. “Behave, keep your hands off me while I do the massage. We got a long night ahead of us. And stop staring. You’ll have all of that later,” Mij said promptly adjusting his face to lay flat on its side.

“Okay, you’re the boss,” Billy said and just contentedly enveloped himself in the cloud of her Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew fragrance that tingled his discriminating sense of smell.

Billy closed his eyes as he felt the warm scented oil trickled on his back. Slowly he began to relax, surrendering to her kneading hands that worked on his shoulders, back, the base of his spine firmly and sensuously.

Later she sat astride over his thighs kneading his butt. What a sensation! Especially when the oil dribbled down the division and Mij found those dimples at the base of his spine making gentle rotations with her thumbs and sliding inward to softly graze his ballsack. Billy elicited involuntary gasp of pleasure.

“Is it good?” she drawled confidently.

“Ver-ree,” he replied.

Mij slid further down his legs to caress and stroke his thighs down to the back of his knees. After the calves, Mij picked up one of his feet and began caressing it with both of her hands, pressing thumbs on the sole then on the other as well.

“Ohh . . . my . . . God! That’s . . . sooo . . . good!”

“I knew you’ll love it,” she enthused, feeling turned on herself.

“Now turn over.”

Billy did and his boner flicked like it had been spring loaded. When she crawled on her knees over him to sit back to her original place, her pussy snagged his prick. He lifted his pelvis for the connection. “Hey,” she said pushing away his prick. “I’m not through yet, can’t you wait.”

“Can’t help it. I’ve been a lonely boy for two weeks,”

“Just relax. Let’s take this slowly and we’ll get there in time. I’m just preparing you to become a bullish lover.”

“I’m as hungry as a sailor on the shore, baby,” he crooned.

When she had settled back, she began working on his forehead, cheeks, behind the ears, the side of his neck and shoulders. Then she stood on her knees sliding his hands from his chest down to his flat tummy. Straddling over his face without no panties on he was impelled to reach up and kiss her bare pussy. “Just kiss, okay?” Mij said in a stern voice. But he held the globes of her ass, stuck his tongue up and run it along her snatch line. He felt Mij wriggled and her hot breath blew over his manhood.

“Hey!” Mij exclaimed. “Stop it! Didn’t I tell you just to kiss it.”

“I did,” he replied.

“But you made improvisations by licking it. It’s for your eyes only at this point. Don’t touch me unless I say so, understand! I am the queen and you must obey!”

“But you’ve already gotten me all excited!” he snorted.

Mij held his prick and took the head in her mouth then bit him.

“Ouch,” he yelped. “What’s that for?”

“That’s for your misbehavior.”

“Let me do first what I had to do.”

“Ok, have it your way.”

At last she parted his legs wider, knelt between them, then lifted off her teddy over her head exposing her nakedness. Billy studied in silence her perfect creamy white breast, nipples a quarter an inch erect and the wisp of hair between her legs all causing his boner to be more vigorously erect that not a foreskin was on sight. Then her soft hand encircled his hot boner while the other hand tinkered his family jewels. She stroked the shaft down then lowered her head to lick around the corona of his dick like she would do to her favorite Hägen Daaz Ice Cream on a cone. Billy groaned and lifted his chin up. Then she made a show-off kind of giving head generating suckling noises that was so erotic to his senses. Once again he thought of like solving a long division just to hold back his excitement. She licked into his pee hole as there was already pre-orgasm fluid leaking out and worked her lips along the shaft like Bob Dylan would do to his harmonica. Then she spread oil on her cleavage and squashed his pecker in between her breasts, rubbed it and at the same time gave flitting licks every time it cleared out below her chin.

“Oh Jeez, honey you’re driving me crazy,” Billy said grimacing like he was trying to bend a spoon mentally.

“Ah, you don’t know what’s crazy!” she said.

“Give me your cunt, Mij,” he said grabbing at her thighs. Mij obliged this time and straddled his face and Billy lapped her cunt like a hungry anteater. Mij sucked his boner and went gaga over the pleasure she was giving and receiving. Billy flicked his tongue over her clit like turning on and off a light switch, alternating this by pushing his tongue as far as he could reach through her love hole. Soon Mij was gripped by uncontrollable pleasure. “Billy, my candyman I’m coming!”

“Alright come to papa, I know you’re cummin’, c’mon, make it, give it to me!” Mij squeezed his penis hard when her climax came drenching Billy’s mug with her juice.

“Fuck me now Billy!” she croaked.

Billy quickly rolled on top of her and stabbed his rock hard boner into her sopping cunt and started pumping her extending her orgasm.

“Fuck me harder . . . Billy honey! I still have another one coming up!” she drawled breathlessly.

Billy quickened his pace pumping her wildly that sometimes his boner would slip out of her soaking cunt. Her excitement was infectious and it didn’t take long before Billy felt that he was on the verge of shooting out his load. “Honey I’ve reached my limit, I’m about to explode!”

“Hold it yet, I want us to come pretty much together!” Mij said like a runner about to cross the finish line.

“Now . . . I’m coming . . . Omigod! . . . Ohh! . . . Ohh! . . . Ohhh Billy…this is soooooo great. So utterly good. C’mon honey . . . Fuck me harder!”

Billy felt her legs squeezed on him and her cunt suctioned his cum out of him. Then he grunted like an animal and spurted his come inside her and his body shook. Both peaked together in frenzy. A long-drawn stream of ohhs! and ahhs! escaped her mouth like she was a desert survivor long craving for water.

At last Billy pulled out from her and lay by his side as his boner gradually deflated.

Billy’s cum run down the crack of her bottom, then down her inner thighs when she stood up. Her ass sexily swayed as she barefooted her way to the bathroom.

When Mij returned she was clad in a very provocative light blue transparent thong. She was carrying a tray with a fresh hand towel, and a small basin filled with tepid water. Billy looked at her with affection. She knelt down by his side and washed his cock and balls gently with the scented wash cloth. He felt good and he could smell the fragrance wafting through his nostrils. His cock appeared stirring back to life.

“Billy you are truly amazing. You have a beautiful cock and you are one helluva stud for going the distance. You have no idea how crazy hot you make me.”

“But I thought that it was too quick.”

“You made me orgasm twice in a row, didn’t you?”

Being called a stud really got into Billy and he felt wonderful like he was really falling in love with her. A genuine smile split his face,

“It’s just that you’re dynamite, baby. You know how to drive me wild.”

Mij kissed him on his lips, chin, then down, and further down until she was rapping his cock on her lips.

“I’ll be back,” Mij said and padded back to the bathroom with her cleaning implement.

“Think I could go the distance? Boy, gone were the days when I could pop in just a minute. I certainly have grown up and become a stud? Can you believe that?” Billy was mumbling to himself.

Mij returned with a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice and two glasses. She sat by his side and started opening the champagne with the cork opener. She was giddy-yapping Billy to gather strength because she wanted him to fuck her all night long. As she was slowly screwing down the cork she was sensually caressing the neck of the bottle. Then she flicked out the tip of her tongue and run across gently on her upper lip. Was there no end to her desire to turn him on?

Billy’s boner showed the beginnings of erection as he watched in awe what she was doing and how seductively she looked. Her sexy cleavage, the attentive nipples, and the arrow butt shape of her bush were extreme visual stimuli that can make any willy grow solid rock hard. At last the champagne bottle popped a sigh bringing forth a frothy bubble that oozed down to her fingers. She licked her fingers flirtatiously and poured the champagne on two glasses.

Then she raised for a toast and said: “For the next round,” she smiled and clinked her glass with his.

“Well let’s drink to that,” he said and both drank to the last drop.

“You have no idea how sexy you are Billy. I could kiss you all night long,” she said and started kissing him gently all over his face until they were kissing deeply, long and wet. Then she brushed her nipples on his eyebrows, nose, and finally his lips were lipping each of them, caressing them with his licker. “Ohhh,” she groaned squashing her breasts over his face. His hand fondled one breast, squeezed it so he could take in more flesh in his mouth then moved to finger her pussy through the sheer thong.

Then she stood up. “Draw my panties down slowly,” she said with teasing authority. Billy drew them down slowly past her hips, thighs, and ankles. Her bare plump lips touched his lips. He sniffed the pubic hair then his tongue slithered through the wet folds, killing her softly with pleasure. She stretched out the lips and her hot pink clit dissolved into his champagne-flavored lips. His tongue revolved around and her knees buckled.

“Oh God…what a delicious pussy…hmmm…yeah,” Billy muttered making sounds like he’s slurping a hot mushroom cream soup.

“Get your cock back into my cunt, quick,” Mij said hungry for another wanton fuck. Billy put a big pillow underneath her bottom so her pelvis was arched. Dick brushed his pecker through the gaping entrapment of her desire coaxing more juice before pushing it right up to her.

“Come up here and let me suck your dick before you enter me.”

He climbed on top of her and she grabbed his thighs and crammed his cock into her mouth and made suckling noises. She drooled a lot of saliva until she could take it all down to her throat. Then she withdrew and held it with her hand and licked around the head with the tip of her tongue. She licked him around and around till his face was flushed and his boner was blazing red.

Soon their genitals were joined together and he pumped her deeply and excitedly. “Oh Billy, your cock is so hard I could feel the veins sliding into my cunt!” She watched as his boner moved in and out of her cunt and her inner lips clung like they never wanted to let it go.

The fire was crackling and she could see his shadow jumping on the ceiling. He ground her swollen clit with his pubic bone giving her muffled screams of utter pleasure. She hissed, “Fuck me Billy, fuck me dirty Billy, talk dirty to me, you make a whore out of me…oh yeah…fuck me and don’t let me breath in between.”

“Alright bitch, you gonna get it from me, I’ll show you how a stud will rip you apart,” he spat the words and seized her ankles pushing her legs towards her breasts. Then he dipped his fingers on a bowl of oil and began rubbing his fingers over her pink star as he pumped her. Then he pushed his middle finger inside churning it around and around up to the second knuckle. It was hot and tight but his finger slid through smoothly. When he felt her muscles relaxed he dipped his boner into the bowl of warm oil and began shoving it into her sphincter. “Ohhhhhhh, I haven’t done this before Billy. Gosh, you really had become dirty.”

“Dirty as you want me to be. Now, open up you slut. You want a dirty fuck, did ya? So c’mon open up. I’m a fuckin’ animal and I’ll see you get fucked real hard, cum hard and beg for more.”

Mij grimaced as he entered her virgin ass but when she flicked her clit with her finger, the pain subsided and the pleasure just intensified. Finally Billy’s hard boner was gainfully employed, pumping, working up a sweat, and churning out a whirlpool of new excitement to Mij. As her fingers worked out a rapid pace over her clit, Billy pushed a finger into her cunt, feeling all the juicy walls over her vagina and searching for that so-called G-spot. Feeling so slippery inside he added another finger and pushed and pulled them in rhythm with her fingers, and his ass-fucking boner. His thumb replaced her finger pummeling her clit and so her hands moved up to her tits to rub them and tease her nipples.

Moments later, Mij’s cunt tensed around his fingers as well as her so tight anus giving him the signal that she was about to come. Billy left her clit for her playing finger and concentrated on plunging in her willing star butt.

“Ohh! . . . Billy! . . . I’m coming! coming . . . yes! . . . Oh yes! . . . Gosh! . . . Don’t come yet Billy, please cause I want . . . wa . . . want to see you shoot out your cum!”

“Yeah, I’ll hold off till I can manage. Oh no, I can’t . . . It’s coming . . . and I can’t hold off anymore!” Mij almost blacked out from her orgasm. It was huge she felt she ejaculated.

“Come right now I’m ready!” she said breathlessly and bolted upright to anticipate his come. Billy pulled it out squeezed his cock stroke it a bit with his palm until a huge warm jet of come jumped out of the end of his boner, splattering all over her forehead and into her eyelashes. Then another, and another until her whole face was smothered with it. One of her nostrils was clogged with come, and there was even a long string of it connecting her nose to the end of Billy’s boner. “Oh god…Billy you fucked me blind.”

“Wow! I didn’t know you could be a butt man. But I loved it. Now I know how an open person feels—open mind...open body…open heart and open soul. I felt like I was demystified too when you called me a slut.”

* * *

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