tagIncest/TabooOh Brother!

Oh Brother!


Editor's Note: this story contains transgender/transsexual content.


It was the start of the session with the psychiatrist. The silver haired woman with small framed reading glasses was already writing in her notebook. I admired her fashion choice of a smart, grey business skirt suit with a white blouse. Her simple black pumps were elegant and showed off promising legs as she sat crossed legged. She peered through her frames at her notes as she asked, "I'm glad you came back for a second session. Are you ready to really open up this time...Molly, is it?"

I wasn't used to anyone calling me by that name yet. It had only been a couple of weeks and to the rest of world I was still Marty. Molly was a name I decided on at the suggestion of my brother and his wife. I had said as little as possible to the therapist on my first visit to her the week previous. I was nervous and scared and it had only been a week since the football party at my brother Doug's restaurant. She wasn't ready to just write me a script for hormones and proceed with my transition paperwork without more details. I had thought simply showing up in a dress, wearing makeup and telling a little story about playing with dolls would be enough but it wasn't.

For my second visit, I again dressed the part. I wore a knee length black and white pokadot dress, beige nylons, and black four inch strappy stilettos. I had a black shrug sweater on as it was winter. I had a few bracelets on, a pearl necklace and pearl earrings for jewelry. As before, I wore makeup and had extensions in my already long blonde hair. I was slim and fit for a thirty-two year old man. My legs in particular looked great in nylons and high heels.

I answered the therapist after a long exhale. "Yes Doctor, I'll tell you whatever you want to know," I said eagerly. Inside I was worried about how much I needed to say.

She leaned forward and stared me in the eyes with her ocean blue eyes. "Your brother Doug is the one paying for everything you told me last week. That includes these sessions, the hormones, the breast augmentation surgery that want. Tell me more about your relationship with this brother Doug of yours. Start from the beginning and don't leave anything out. What you say in here with me, stays here. I am not here to judge you, just to understand you," she said.

That was what I was afraid of. I realized that I had to spill it all out. She would know if I was holding back. I wouldn't get anywhere without telling the whole story. I sighed long and deep. Then I started, "As I told you last week, I was the third child of four. I have two older brothers, David and Douglas. Each of us was a year apart. I was the third boy, Marty. A year younger than me was our one sister Janine. Surprisingly, our birthdays all fell in the same month."

I continued, "When we were all young, I realized that something was odd about us. While my oldest brother David resembled my father very much, the rest of us didn't. David had my father's pasty complexion, with some freckles and chestnut colour hair and the same pale blue eyes. He even had my dad's pug shaped nose. My mother had light brown hair and a fair complexion too but had green eyes. Doug looked quite different though. He had a swarthier complexion, with brown eyes and black hair. He didn't look like either of my parents. In fact he looked a lot like the Greek neighbours from across the street, the Kyprios family. Mister Kyprios was a friendly man and often said hello to our Mom. Sometime he brought candy but he usually just made time for Doug. He was nicest to Doug for some reason.

Then I came along and had white blonde hair and hazel eyes with a fair complexion. My sister Janine was similar to me, same hair, eyes and skin. Oddly enough, the neighbours next door, the Shultz's were all very blonde too. Mister Shultz had hazel eyes as well. Mister Shultz was a television repair man and came over often when my dad was at work to fix our TV. It seemed to break down a lot, according to my mother. Whenever Mister Shultz came over to fix it, Mom sent us kids outside to play so he wouldn't be disturbed while he worked.

About two years after Janine was born, my parents spit up. Mom ran off with a rock musician leaving us with our Dad. Shortly after that he met a woman from church, Tracy who became our step-mom a year after that. Our real mother, Chloe, didn't fight too much in the divorce settlement. She was busted cold for cheating on my Dad. She also was living a wild life, partying and hopping from guy to guy. Most were musicians. We would get to visit her just once a month."

Doctor Carter paused and interrupted me. "You haven't told me anything new yet Molly. I know there's more. Just let it out," she instructed.

I knew too. I sighed again and continued. "Growing up, I was closer to my sister Janine. I used to play with her instead of my older brothers. She had the dolls and I enjoyed playing house, dolls, and other girly games with her. That bothered my step mother Tracy. She got mad one day when she walked in on us playing dress up. I was wearing a dress and had lipstick on. Tracy scolded me, scrubbed my face roughly over the sink and made me take a hot shower. After that she forced me to play with my older brothers.

Janine was the only girl so Tracy began sending her next door to the Schultz house because they had three daughters and no boys. It was strange how much Janine looked like the neighbour girls with the same blonde hair, hazel eyes and over all appearance. She fit right in with them.

For me, I had to learn how to be a boy. My brothers taught me how to play hockey, wrestle, build things, break things and cause general trouble. Even though David was the eldest, it was Doug who was the natural leader. Doug usually decided what we would do and always had the plans and schemes that got us into trouble.

Doug had a confidence to him. He was strong, athletic, good looking and smart. Girls fawned over him. It was sickening how easily girls threw themselves at him. David did okay for himself. He often had a steady girlfriend. He was nice and kind and often went for the shy girl or the slightly average girls. He never aimed too high. It worked for him. Doug on the other hand had all the best looking girls making fools of themselves to get with him.

I was late to the game and was quiet and shy around girls. I didn't have the courage to approach them. Sometimes girls came up to me but that was usually to ask if I would talk to my brother Doug for them. I got the odd cast off girl or the hot girl's best friend because I was Doug's wingman. But I stayed inexperienced."

Clearing my throat, I took a deep breath and began to talk about my first sexual experiences. "Well, my Dad and step-mother were both uptight Christians. They forced us to go to church. They also never talked about sex and were strict about even talking about anything sexual. Luckily, when we had our monthly visits with Mom, she was open and liberal on the subject. She was never shy to talk about anything. She also had a collection of Penthouse magazines which she kept out in the open. When I asked if it was alright to take one home for the month she encouraged it.

Each month, I would get the old issue to take back with me. I had to hide it from Tracy and Dad though. If they found out we would have been dead. I would smuggle it into our room and hide it under my mattress. Our boy's room was in the basement of the house. It was a big space and our beds were spread out, mine furthest to the right, Doug's in the middle, David'son the far left. We had to make our own beds everyday so the mattress was a safe hiding spot. After lights out, my bothers and I pulled out our flashlights and took turns with the magazine. My favourite part was reading the naughty letters that people wrote. The photos were fine but the stories had variety and taught me so much more about sex than just man puts penis into woman's vagina and that's all there was to it.

I was amazed to discover all the wild kinks there were. Blowjobs, pussy eating, anal, three ways, bi-sex, trans-sex, lesbians, gays, S&M, foot fetishes, and so much more opened my eyes to the many possibilities. Of course, I had done none of those things, or anything for that matter. Masturbation had been my only sexual experience. I found out from Doug that I was even doing that wrong.

Since I could remember getting sexually aroused, my form of relief came at night once I thought everyone was asleep. It was dark in our room and no one could see anyway. I would bunch up my sheets and/or place my pillow between my legs. I always wore flannel pajamas which felt good against the skin of my penis. I would slowly grind my crotch against the sheets or pillow. The friction of the flannel would feel so good. I would grind like that for hours sometimes while I fantasized about the stories I read or while thinking of girls in my school. I would grind until I got off.

That was all I knew of masturbation for years. I assumed my brothers did it the same way or not at all. I didn't understand why my brothers took so much time in the bathroom every morning. I was always quick in and quick out. We had our own bathroom down in the basement while my parents and Janine shared one on the top floor of the house. Sometimes my brothers would take the Penthouse into the bathroom with them which didn't make much sense to me.

It was Doug who educated me. I asked him why he took the Penthouse into the bathroom. He told me it was to help him masturbate. I didn't understand. He said I was probably just not ready yet but might start someday. I told him that did masturbate every night.

"So you do know how to jerk off then? That's all I'm doing in there," he said.

Then I asked with confusion, "Jerking off? What's that?"

He looked at me like I was a moron, "Jerking off, you know giving yourself a hand job. You said you jerk off every night."

"No, I said I masturbated every night. I don't jerk off," I told him.

"Well then, how the fuck do you masturbate?" he asked with confusion. I told him what I did. Doug started laughing at me. I was mad but he continued laughing. "That's how girls masturbate you idiot," he informed me.

It was odd because I never once thought of jerking off. That night I waited until the usual time and began my routine. I was slowly humping my pillow imagining two pretty girls kissing each other. I was full on grinding when a hand shook my shoulder. It was Doug who had snuck over stealthily and was spying on me. I was startled and stopped. "So that's what you do, eh? Seems like a lot of work to me," he whispered.

I was still flushed and erect and not nearly finished. I was embarrassed for getting caught but Doug didn't make a big deal about it.

He came over to the other side of the bed. I could hear David snoring over on the far side of the room and it was pitch black. Doug whispered to me, "Keep going, don't let me stop you. I know you haven't got off yet, you're still rock hard. It looked really sexy anyway."

I didn't know what to do but my cock did. I kept gyrating my hips and grinding into my pillow. Doug smiled and sat on the floor next to me to watch. When I opened my eyes again, he had his pajama bottoms down around his knees and was stroking his erection with his hand. He was staring at me while he gave himself a hand job. It was the first time I had seen him erect before. We stared at each other as we masturbated in our own ways. Whatever I was thinking about before was gone. I was exciting at watching the show in front of me. I bit my lip as I felt my orgasm approaching. Doug could sense that and he blew his load up in the air. I watched it spray all over his belly and flow down his hand. I came hard at that moment. Then Doug scooped off his pearly white jism from his belly, legs and cock and licked his fingers clean. He left no mess behind. He stood up, pulled up his bottoms and went back to his own bed.

I couldn't believe what I had just watched. I was shaking still. Then I felt something dripping down my cheek. I felt for it and realized that some of Doug's cum had landed on my face when he exploded. I rolled it around on my finger and thought about what I had seen Doug do. So I touched my tongue to it and gave it a taste. It was warm and salty. Nevertheless, I licked it all up and swallowed it.

The day after that was Saturday. After we did our chores, David had to go off to his part time job at the variety store. Janine went next door to play with the Schultz girls. My parents went grocery shopping, leaving Doug and me alone in the house. It was warm weather so we were both in shorts and tee shirts. I wanted to talk to Doug about the night before. As usual, Doug took the lead. He cornered me in the bedroom. He said in a rather matter-of-fact tone, "Well, now's as good a time as any to teach you how to jerk off properly."

Without hesitation he pulled his shorts down and kicked them off. His cock was already at half mast. In the light it looked even more exciting. It was darker than mine and looked bigger too. He had a small patch of black pubic hair growing above his cock. "Take off your shorts," Doug insisted. I did as I was told. I didn't look at my own cock very often. I don't know why, but I looked at it then. It was getting a purplish tinge in the head as blood began moving into it. I had just started getting a few blonde wisps of pubic hair on my mound.

Doug was staring at it too. He smiled as he grabbed his own meat and began stroking. It was like the night before. "Go on, do like I do," he instructed me. I felt awkward. I didn't know how to grip it. I wasn't sure where my thumb was supposed to go. I must have looked spastic. Doug was laughing at me. My semi hard erection was deflating with my embarrassment. "Try your other hand," he suggested. I switched to my left, even though I was right handed. It felt more natural. I pulled at it but it was rough. I was getting harder but the friction was burning me, so I stopped.

Doug saw my dilemma and told me to spit into my hand. The saliva acted as a lubricant. He did it for himself to show me. I mimicked his action and continued. My cock was getting sore and I wasn't feeling the sensations that I usually felt when I masturbated my own way. I finally stopped as my hand was getting sore and my cock felt more beat up than loved.

Doug sighed with disappointment at me. We were standing face to face with our cocks only inches apart. Doug was stroking himself with his right hand. He spit into his left hand and reached over to me. "Your grip was probably too tight. Here," he said as he gabbed my cock and began massaging it with his hand. Right away it felt better with his hand then it did with mine. His grip was softer and slid effortlessly along my shaft and around my cock head. It felt good and I moaned out load. Doug laughed at me as he stroked my cock. He had both hands working, pumping both our shafts. I stared at our cocks. Fully erect we were about the same thickness and shape, but his was about an inch longer. He asked if I wanted to try again.

I shook my head, "No, it feels so much better with you doing it," I confessed. That made him giggle. He kept pumping. We were both getting sweaty.

"This is hard work, using both hands," he complained. I didn't want him to stop. Doug grinned, "I've got an idea," he said. He released my throbbing erection with his left. He spit once again into his right palm and grabbed his own cock. He inched closer to me and pressed our cocks together. The sensitive underside skin of my penis was squeezed up against his. He stroked both our cocks together with his one hand. I was shocked and scared. The lesson had become sex. It was gay sex and incest too. I didn't care though because it felt so fucking good. It wasn't so much his hand as it was the skin on skin of our cocks. I pumped away with my hips. Doug's left hand reached around me and grabbed onto my bare ass as he started humping against me too. I looked up into his eyes and felt myself cum. I sprayed all over us. My cum lubricated our cocks even more and Doug soon let go too and his cum splashed all over us too.

We both calmed down finally and like the night before, Doug scooped up a load of cum on his fingers and started eating it. I looked on in amazement again. He laughed. "What? Don't tell me you never ate your own cum before?" he teased. I shook my head no. I failed to confess that I had tasted some of his from the night before. "Well Marty, you have to eat it. You just can't leave a mess everywhere. Don't worry, it's salty but good. Try it," he insisted. Doug raised his hand to my mouth with a palm full of our combined sperm. I closed my eyes and sucked the pool of cum from his hand. It was a huge mouthful. I swallowed it down with a big gulp. It was hot and sticky. I didn't think I liked it at the time but later on I would crave it.

My education from Doug didn't stop there. There were a few times when we were alone, Doug would get out the Penthouse and get me to read stories to him. He would then quiz me on the sexual details to see if I knew what was going on. When I read a story about a threesome with a girl and two guys where one of the guys sucked off the other, Doug asked if I was bisexual like that. At my silence, Doug confessed that he was bisexual. "Some guys are hot like girls, so why not. Liking guys and girls means you can get twice as much sex. Come on, I know you are already, the way you stare at my dick. Just admit it," he demanded.

I figured that he was right so I meekly nodded as I blushed. Then there was the time he set me up on a date with a girl who was the sister of a girl he was dating. He said, "Now if Paulina is anything like her sister Joan, she'll want to make out. Do you know how to French kiss?" He knew full well that I was inexperienced. I shook my head. "Well, I'll have to teach you. It's easy really. First thing is fresh breath. Make sure you brush before your date. If you eat anything, suck on a mint or chew some gum. And swallow any spit in your mouth or drink some water before you kiss. Okay?" I nodded. "Okay, then you have to remember to stay loose and relaxed. You don't want to be stiff when you move in. Your mouth should be soft and gentle at first. Then you're going to slowly open your mouth and just let your tongues touch. Okay, let's see how you do."

Doug put an arm around my waist pulling me closer to him and grasped the back of my head with the other. "Just relax!" he said as his lips touched mine. I was stiff but his lips were gentle and I softly yielded. I parted my lips and felt his tongue touch mine. After that it felt natural and we kissed passionately for about fifteen minutes. Doug was in control the entire time, invading my mouth with his tongue, getting forceful at times. I was really enjoying it and didn't want it to end. My biggest problem was the boner I was getting. My shorts could not hide my erection. Since we were kissing, I didn't think Doug would see it. I carefully grabbed my pillow and covered my crotch.

After a while, Doug let go of me and looked at me. "Not bad for a first time. I can see you enjoyed it," he said noticing my covered up crotch. "Don't worry, I liked it too, see," he claimed. I looked down at his crotch and he already had his shorts pulled down and his cock was at full attention. He laughed as I stared at it. He was slowly stroking it. I began humping my pillow slowly.

He stopped me and said, "You still masturbate like a girl. Look, I have another idea. You've read about blowjobs in the magazine, right? Well, since we're both bisexual, instead of us both jerking off this time, let's use our mouths instead of our hands. We need to eat our cum after anyway to hide the evidence, so we cut out a step." I was a bit scared and worried. It was more than I expected. I was hesitant to say anything. Doug just took off all of his clothes and then proceeded to strip me. Once I was naked he pushed me onto the bed and crawled over top of me in a sixty-nine position. He lowered his stiff meat to my face and I turned my head. I was scared. He was humping my face. "Don't be a wuss, just put it in your mouth and lick it. I'm going to do it on yours," he ordered. With that, Doug began licking my hard on. His tongue was so wet and warm. It felt like a wet wash cloth that I used on myself in the bath sometimes. I loved it. Since he acted first, I followed suit and began licking his cock. It was so taboo that it got me excited.

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