tagGroup SexOh Cum All Ye Faithful

Oh Cum All Ye Faithful


I walk into the bar and see a friend of mine, Jason that I haven't seen in weeks. He invites me over to the table for a few drinks.

He's with another friend named Mike. We all go over introductions and settle in for a few laughs and drink some beers. Outside the snow is coming down in big clumps.

"Hey Marie", Jason says. "Do you want to make 2 horny guys happy and come up stairs with us?"

I sit there thinking about this, wondering if I should or opt out. My curiosity is now peaked as I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck Jason.

After a few moments I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and then reply, "What the hell tomorrow is Christmas, so Merry Christmas guys?"

We all start to laugh and agree that this shouldn't be an opportunity any of us pass up.

Jason pays for his tab and we all head out the door and up to Mike's room.

"I've been sitting in that bar for 6 hours and smell like I have been rolling in an ashtray. Can I go and take a shower because I can't stand my own smell?" I ask.

"Sure, in fact, I stink too, why don't we all shower up.." Jason suggests.

Again we all agree and I lead the way into the bathroom.

"Mike can you unzip my dress for me please?" I whisper.

"You got it babe, turn around and let me get you naked."

He unzips my dress as his hands reach inside to cup my full breasts. Both are pleasantly surprised to see that I am naked underneath my dress.

We step into the shower and I enjoy the warmth of the water, for just a very few moments until I feel the heat of Jason's chest against my back, pulling me close.

My skin begins to tingle. My heart beats faster.

Mike moves in closer and wraps his arms around me and we start to kiss. Jason's hands are all over me, making my flesh tingle and quiver. He lifts my hair off my neck and begins to bite and suck, making my nipples hard, my pussy wet. Mike's knee pushes my legs apart. He moves his mouth down the front of my neck, over my shoulders and sucks on each nipple, then continues down, kneeling between my legs. I reach behind me and start stroking Jason's cock. It is slippery and thick in my hand. Mike parts my pussy lips with his fingers. "My God Marie, your pussy is beautiful." He moans as his face nuzzles my cunt.

His fingers part my lips as he continues to stare. He slips a finger in and watches as my pussy tightens around it. Jason is watching him from behind me, I can feel his cock getting bigger in my hand as I stroke him. My hips start to move against Mike's finger. He moves his mouth down and starts licking down my slit, sucking on each lip, flicking around my clit. My hips move faster now. Jason moves me forward a step or two and I angle his cock so he can penetrate me from behind. I move one leg so it is on the edge of the tub, giving both Jason and Mike better access to my pussy. Jason slips his cock in and begins to move his hips real slow. I am getting weak in the knees over the sensation of Mike's mouth and Jason's cock.

"Can you see his cock in me?" I ask Mike

"Yes baby, I can see his cock, it looks good. Your pussy lips are stretched around his shaft. I can see your lips grab onto him when he pulls out and back in." he says.

"You guys are driving me fucking crazy. Let's get in bed."

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off, then headed into the bedroom. There were 2 beds, so I jumped on the one that sat in front of the big mirror, so I could watch as well as feel them both fuck me. Jason and Mike joined me on the bed, each on either side of me. Mike and I started kissing again as Jason begins fingering my pussy.

After a few minutes of this, we switched positions and I begin kissing Jason. Mike was rubbing the head of his cock over my ass cheeks as he fingered me. Jason was pinching my nipples as we kissed. After a few moments I turned and told Mike to lie on his back. I moved between his legs and began sucking his cock. Jason got off the bed and told us both to scoot down to the edge of the bed, so we did.

I was now kneeling half off the bed. He moved down underneath me and starting tongue fucking me as I sucked Mike's cock. Mike could see all of this in the mirror and was telling us how hot it looked.

"Jason, fuck her dude, fuck her sweet pussy"

Jason moved from underneath me and leaned me forward just enough so he could slip his cock in me. He fucked me with fast, short jabs, making me moan against Mike's cock. I felt naughty, like a slut but didn't care. It felt great.

Jason continued to bunny fuck me while I sucked, licked and stroked Mike's cock. After a few moments, He moaned that he was going to cum. He grabbed my hips, pulled my ass closer to him, forcing me to almost lie between Mike's legs. His teeth grazed and bit down my back as I felt him cum inside me. He lay heavy on Mike and I. After a few moments, he rolled off and went to grab a smoke.

Mike pulled me up to kiss me again. I straddled over his cock, letting Jason's cum drip onto him. His cock felt different inside me. Jason's was long and thin where as Mike's was shorter and fatter up by the head. My pussy was hot and sticky with Jason's cum. Mike didn't care, we kissed with such passion and fire, for what seemed like hours, with my pussy melting around his cock.

"Where did Jason go?" he asked, as he looked around.

"Who cares, you're much more exciting then he was." I said as I bit and sucked on his lower lip.

He rolled me over and began moving slowly inside me, kissing my neck, my eyes, my nose, my forehead. He was a very attentive lover.

My legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him deeper inside me. Our kisses became more passionate.

He sucked my tongue, licked my lips and nibbled my chin. My hands explored his naked body. My mouth muzzled his neck, tasting him, sucking lightly. We fit well together, our bodies. A perfect sexual match. Our passion was equal, our rhythm, our pleasure was exact.

He finally moved off me and kissed his way down to my pussy, licking all around my lips, spreading them wide, as he lavished me with his tongue.

"Tell me if you can taste Jason's cum still?" I begged.

He answered me by moving back up to kiss me again. I sucked on his tongue, licked his chin and lips, tasting Jason on him. This made me go insane.

"Lick me again, don't stop." I moaned against his mouth.

Mike moved back down to my pussy and began to bathe me with his tongue. He flicked over my clit, as his fingers moved inside me.

"Fuck my mouth babe, fuck it, come on."

My hips moved back against his mouth, my hands moved down to spread my lips wide, giving him full access to my cunt. I tried to move closer to his mouth but couldn't get close enough.

I moved away and said, "Roll over on your back."

Mike didn't even question, he did exactly as I asked.

I straddled over his face, lowering my pussy onto his mouth. He sucked my clit, making me buck against him. My mouth closed over his cock and we both moaned. My pussy grinded against his face. Now I was close enough. I moved back and fourth, fucking his tongue as I sucked his cock. I moved my hand down to my pussy, slipping my finger into it, getting it very wet, then ran the tip of my finger over his asshole. He moaned, so I did it again. His moans were stronger now. I slipped my finger into his tight ass, loving the way his muscles tightened around my finger. I was going to cum just from this pleasure. His hips lifted off the bed, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. I became an animal. I was lost in a world of my own, enjoying the pleasure of this moment. His ass moved against my finger, making him moan louder. I knew he was getting close to cuming as his balls were very tight. I felt my own climax about to explode. I felt a huge ball of pressure building inside me, something I have always been scared of. Tonight I just went with it. I could feel my pussy contract and tighten against his cock. Just as Mike began to cum, I slowly slide my finger out. His reaction was one of pure lunacy. I smiled as his cum shot down my throat. My orgasm was close to follow, as I tried to swallow his load of sticky hot cum. I moved faster against his mouth, feeling as if I would die. I came with such force. I had squirted all over his mouth. After a few moments he rolled us onto our sides. I moved around as he pulled me closer. We kissed until our breathing returned to normal. We lay there, legs entangled, arms wrapped around each other, feeling totally content and relaxed. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was 5am. My boyfriend would be flying in today.

"Mike, I have to go."

"No Marie, stay with me for awhile longer. You feel so good in my arms, don't leave yet."

"Mike, my boyfriend is coming home in about 10 hours. I have to go home, clean up and go to work, then try to nap before he gets here."

"One more hour Marie, I like the feel of you, okay, just one more hour."

I lay back down and snuggled my ass against his crotch. His arms tightened around me, pulling me closer. He kissed my shoulders. I could feel his cock getting hard again. I reached behind me and fumbled around until it went inside me.

We fucked nice and slow, letting our passion build up again.

He was an amazing lover. I wished some how we could meet up again.

As our bodies pleasured each other, our climax building, we both felt as if we had known each other for years. My orgasm was more intense and again, I felt myself squirt. His was just as strong as he blew his load deep inside me.

Afterwards, he pushed me onto my back, went down and licked my pussy again, making me scream, moan and shiver as I came again and again. I pulled him up and ran kisses all down his face, tasting our cum, smelling the heady scent of sex.

We lay there in a tangled heap of blankets and limbs, totally sated, and totally spent.

I did not want to move but knew I should be going home. I had to be at work in 2 hours. I told myself I would sleep for 1 hour then get up and go home to start my day.

When my hour was up, I leaned over Mike, kissed him softly and said "Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoyed your present."

Leaving his room, I felt confident that I had made the right decision to join Mike and Jason for drinks the night before. Although my curiosity was well satisfied with Jason, it was also very disappointing. He was not what I would have expected. Mike, on the other hand was well worth it.

Later that day as I sat at my desk, I wondered if I would ever see Mike again. I knew the chances were slim, as he lived several hours north of me and had just come down with Jason to hang out while Jason did some work in our area.

It wasn't until later that early evening when I discovered the note that Mike had slipped into my purse.

I smiled as I read his words.

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