tagFetishOh Fiona Ch. 03

Oh Fiona Ch. 03


We are staring deep into each other eyes. Fiona is grinning from ear to ear.

"I want to see it." she speaks softly, without breaking our gaze.

"W, what?" the lump in my throat is back to its speech-stopping fullest.

"Your penis. I want to see how small it is; I think you should take it out." She slowly moves her hips forward so that they are pressing against mine.

I can feel my erection swelling against her body. The fabric of my father's boxers is thin and must be doing little to conceal my arousal.

Fiona stifles a laugh.

"I can feel it against me Tommy dear. Just." She places one hand on my chest and once again leans in to whisper in my ear, "I bet your little dick will look so cute in one of my thongs."

I cannot quite understand the effect Fiona is having on me. My mind is awash in humiliation, but my swollen member is the hardest it's ever been.

As our eyes meet again Fiona flashes me a knowing smile. With one hand still on my chest, she begins to slowly slide down my body.

Her hands finally come to a rest on either side of my hips, and her face is but a few inches from my swollen member.

Without saying a word she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of my boxers. This is the moment. Her gaze is firmly on my crotch. I can feel the sweat forming on my brow.


Six years previously

"Aww it's so cute." Skye says between stifled giggles.

I am lying on her bed, my hands tied to the bedposts, completely naked. This isn't how I expected the night to go. I suppose you could say that Skye is my girlfriend, we have been going on dates for the last couple of months, but this is the first time she has even seen me naked.

When she began to bind me to the bed, saying that there was a surprise in store for me, I thought my boat had finally come in. A few minutes later and she is laughing girlishly at my naked form.

"From the lack of a real bulge in your trousers I knew it wasn't going to be very big Tom, but I never imagined it would be so tiny!" she can hardly control her laughter.

"It's not tiny!" I snap back.

"Tom, honey, dear, it's miniscule." She says as she holds up her thumb and index finger -- the international symbol of a small penis.

"It gets bigger, really!"

"Uh-huh, sure it does."

"It does!"

"Well." She arches an eyebrow mischievously "how big does it get?".

My throat suddenly goes dry. I can feel the moisture in my palms and my knees going weak.

"W, what do you mean?"

"I mean, how big does your teenie-tiny itty-bitty little dicklet get? In inches. Or maybe centimetres is more appropriate for you." A devilish smile is spread over her face.

"I... I dunno."

"You've never measured?"

I shake my head 'no'.

I didn't think it was possible, but I swear her grin grew even bigger.

"Hang on a second." She says as she jumps off the bed and disappears into the other room.

I'm tied to her bed. Where would I go?


Present Day

"Oh my."

Fiona's hand is over her mouth; her cheeks are burning crimson. My boxers are by my ankles, and my manhood is protruding away from my body and inches away from her face.

"You really are a little girl aren't you, Tommy dear?"

I cannot bring myself to speak at this point. The mixed emotions of humiliation and arousal have all but rendered me speechless.

"This has to be the smallest penis I've ever seen." Fiona says before reaching out a hand to grasp it.

My dick immediately twitches, which brings a laugh from Fiona.

"I bet you prematurely ejaculate aswell don't you honey?" she looks up and into my eyes before slowing starting to stroke the shaft of my cock. Not with her whole hand, mind you, just her thumb and two fingers.

I can already feel the pressure buildings as my balls begin to tighten.

"C'mon sweetie. I'll make you a deal. If you last longer than five minutes..." she quickens her pace, and I am on the edge "...I'll put it in my mouth."

And with those words my body convulses and I erupt, strings of my cum landing on the carpet between us. One manages to hit Fiona right in the cheek.

She laughs.

"Is that it? I suppose I shouldn't have expected much from something so small."

She slowly brings her hand up to her faces to wipe off my goo, before rising to her feet and heading for the bathroom door behind me. I turn and watch her hips sway.

Just as I am about to reach down to pull up my boxers, she spins back around to face me.

She takes a step closer, and looks deep into my eyes.

Another step and the corners of her mouth turn up.

One final step and I feel her against my naked flesh.

She slowly brings her hand so that it is between both our faces, all the while holding my gaze.

Her other hand runs up my chest, along my neck, and cups my chin. It sensually applies a little pressure to bring it down, and leave my mouth open.

Before I can understand what it happening, I taste it. Fiona has stuck her fingers from the other hand into my mouth. The taste of my own semen fills my mouth, and my head begins to spin.

She pushes my chin back up as she begins to pull her fingers out, making sure I've cleaned them of all my juices.

She once again leans over and whispers seductively into my ear, "Swallow."

I do.

To be continued...

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