tagMatureOh God Not You! Ch. 03

Oh God Not You! Ch. 03


Angela's daughter Breanne met up with her friends at the mall where they shopped for clothes for a few hours then decided to go to the lingerie store to shop the sales for their favorite panties and bras. Along with her were; Katie, the good-looking professor-type natural beauty with a nice figure, but had average breasts. Her glasses and straight hair drove the men crazy. There was a rumor that she was a preacher's girl because she never did anything wrong. Then there was Ava, who seemed to be the typical party-girl with a bad-girl attitude. Her curly blonde hair and 34 DD breasts and firm ass seemed to bring out all the perverts, who would try to pick her up all the time. Then there was Chloe, the red-headed Irish girl who was known to push the limits sexually. She was a sex-goddess who got around and she always talked about her most recent conquests. As they were in the store, they noticed Mr. Johnson looking at lingerie, obviously shopping for Mrs. Johnson. Breanne had always had a crush on Mr. Johnson, always wearing a suit and tie, his hair was always combed nicely, but he was also very assertive towards Mrs. Johnson. Breanne likes a man who takes charge and tells a woman exactly what they want, so she walked over to say hello.

"Hey there Mr. Johnson, shopping for Mrs. Johnson or for a mistress?" Breanne said casually.

"Ha-ha, well I am uhh...Shopping for Mrs. Johnson Breanne, is there something I can help you with?"

Breanne liked how Mr. Johnson was acting uncomfortable and decided to have a little fun with her crush.

"Nah, I was just looking for some new panties, but I can't decide what to wear." Does Mrs. Johnson like silk or lace panties?" Breanne asked biting her lower lip.

"Oh umm...I think she like lace panties Breanne, where are your parent at?"

"Oh it's just me and the girls today, and I am sure those bitches want to leave and go to the pool, would you mind if you give me a ride home so I can let them go?" Breanne asked innocently.

"Well, I don't think that would be a great idea Breanne," Mr. Johnson said.

"Oh come on! You know my parents, I know where you live, for Christ's sake, you live right next to me!" Breanne teased.

"Alright, but this will not become a habit after this, okay?" Mr. Johnson said sternly.

"I cross my heart Mr. Johnson," Breanne said pouting her lips.

After telling her friends to go ahead and leave, the girls checked out Mr. Johnson before giggled and hurried off. This made Mr. Johnson even more uncomfortably as he stood in the store.

After a few minutes to think about what he was doing, Mr. Johnson decided it was probably best to get what he came for and get out of the store fast.

"Are you ready to go Breanne?" Mr. Johnson said as the cashier handed him his bag and receipt.

Breanne casually walked up to Mr. Johnson and looked down at the bag he was carrying.

"So, what did you get for Mrs. Johnson?" Breanne said playfully.

"Well, I...." was all Mr. Johnson could say before Breanne took the bag from him in a playful manner.

Breanne held out a pair of panties and a matching bra and a teddy.

"Oh I don't know if she will like this. Do you want my honest opinion Mr. Johnson?" Breanne asked.

"Sure, I guess Mr. Johnson said as he started to become very uncomfortable with the young girl.

"Well, come back to the changing room so I can really let you see what it might look like," Breanne said as she grabbed Mr. Johnson's hand and led him to the back.

After a few minutes of Breanne being in the changing room, Mr. Johnson was wondering what he was getting himself into.

"If somebody sees me with her and tells Linda, then I am sure she will think something is happening," Mr. Johnson thought to himself. Setting up his wife with another person was one thing, but cheating on his wife without her knowledge is another.

"Are you ready Mr. Johnson?" Breanne said as she exited the changing room.

The area Mr. Johnson was sitting in had a large cushioned chair with elegant tables and dim lighting, simulating a luxurious erotic setting. You wouldn't think you were inside of a mall, and the privacy allowed women to look in the mirrors surrounding the chairs and small stage area without peeping Tom's.

"Holy shit!" Mr. Johnson said as Breanne came out wearing the panties and bra he bought for his wife.

"I see you like it Mr. Johnson," Breanne said as she nodded to his growing erection.

"Umm yeah, can we go now?" Mr. Johnson said.

"Oh don't worry, nobody is going to say a thing, besides, my friend runs this store, nobody is going to say a word," Breanne said reassuringly. "But I think there is something with this bra though," Breanne said.

"Oh, what is that?" Mr. Johnson asked.

"It just doesn't feel comfortable at all." Breanne reached behind her back, unclasped the bra, then took it off releasing her large breasts with large areolas and from what Mr. Johnson noticed were very hard nipples.

"There, that works out even better!" Breanne said.

Breanne walked towards Mr. Johnson seductively as he sat in the chair and placing both hands on the arms of the chair, Breanne slowly lowered her breast a few inches from Mr. Johnson's face.

"Oh the things I know about you and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Johnson." Breanne said. I have been told about the group of boys who run through the wives in the neighborhood, and while the cougars are having fun with the cubs, somebody has to take care of the husbands. You poor men who has such nasty fantasies and they cannot come out to play because your prudish wives won't let them. But there they are looking all proper when many of us know that they are fulfilling their fantasies also. So....."

Breanne inched closer to Mr. Johnson. As she spoke, she kept inching her nipples to his mouth. Mr. Johnson, who was in a trance, was not doing anything to stop Breanne from seducing him right there in the mall.

"That's right Mr. Johnson, you know you want to bend me over, take me right here in this store. I bet you big hard cock would stretch my little wet pussy, wouldn't it? I bet your tongue could do things these boys have never thought of, huh? And I bet you would love to rim my ass now, wouldn't you Mr. Johnson?"

Mr. Johnson looked briefly as Breanne as her nipples slightly touched his lips. His lips were dry and his heart was beating so fast, he couldn't control his breathing. As he licked his lips, his tongue brushed against her hard nipple. As she moaned, she grabbed the back of Mr. Johnson's head and forced his mouth to cover her nipple. Immediately, Mr. Johnson began to suck greedily on Breanne's nipple as his hand reached up and grabbed the other breast. Sucking and grouping, he leaned back bringing Breanne onto his lap for more hot action. Breanne smiled and bit her lip as she reached for Mr. Johnson's zipper. She wanted to release that monster of a cock and she wanted to finish him here in the store.

"Mmm...Yes, that's it Mr. Johnson, don't stop sucking my titties. I guarantee your wife is probably fucking some young stud just as your about to fuck some young slut," Breanne moaned. "Now is this for me?" Breanne pulled Mr. Johnson's dick out of his pants as he continued to lick and suck on her nipples. As she stroked his dick, Mr. Johnson slowly pulled Mrs. Johnson's panties off Breanne and threw them to the floor.

"Those panties are so wet, I want you to make sure Mrs. Johnson wears them. I want to see her wearing my panties, okay?" Breanne sighed as she sat back down on his lap.

Mr. Johnson took one hand and grabbed Breanne's ass and with the other leaned her back to where her head was resting on the floor, and her pussy was near Mr. Johnson's face.

"Ohh, you nasty old man," Breanne moaned as she spread her legs.

Mr. Johnson gave her no time as he dove his tongue right into Breanne's pussy. He pulled her pussy up and his head was bobbing back and forth as he continued to tongue-fuck this hot little slut. His other hand was rubbing her clit as she continued to moan in pleasure.

"Ummff...Yes....Fuck yes Mr. Johnson....Oh, FUCK!!

Mr. Johnson continue for another minute when she pulled away from him.

"Now it's my turn Mr. Johnson," Breanne said as she got on all fours and seductively walked like a cat inching towards her prey.

"I may not be as good as your slut wife, but my pussy will make up for inexperience," Breanne said.

Taking hold of Mr. Johnson's cock, she looked up at him and asked in a childish voice; "Mr. Johnson, how do I give a blowjob?"

As she said that, she quickly dropped her head and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick, bobbing her head while using her tongue to flick the tip of his dick.

"Holy shit little girl!" was all Mr. Johnson could say.

As she bobbed her head up and down, she would slow down, then speed up. She would suck, twist, flick, and slurp, building Mr. Johnson to an orgasm. After a few minutes, she got up with her hair a mess and almost no lipstick on her lips, she straddled Mr. Johnson on the chair.

"Now the fun begins Mr. Johnson," Breanne said as she slowly slid down on Mr. Johnson's hard prick.

"Mmm..Just so you know Mr. Johnson, this isn't a one-time fuck. I will be coming over to fuck this hard dick as often as the neighborhood boys come to see your slut wife. I bet we can even have a group orgy too. You can watch your wife getting fucked while she is watching her husband getting banged by a tight pussy."

As they continued, Breanne leaned back until they fell from the chair onto the ground with a large thud and a moan. As Mr. Johnson picked up the pace, you could hear his dick thrusting in and out of Breanne's wet pussy. After five minutes Breanne began to spasm and moan as she began to cum. Mr. Johnson was only a few seconds behind her having one of the best orgasms of his life.

"Oh shit, what did I do?" Mr. Johnson said quietly.

As Mr. Johnson called his wife, he was quickly getting his clothes back on as fast as possible while Breanne sat in the chair naked giggling to herself.

"Fuck, no answer!" Mr. Johnson said.

"Here let me," Breanne said as she video called her brother while she was still naked.

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