tagGroup SexOh Hell Yes

Oh Hell Yes

byWill da Six Deuce©

Will was chilling at home with his boys needing something to do. He found an answer in the mail. He got a letter from a girl named Alex. It was a invite to her birthday party, and Will accepted it because wasn't like he had anything to do being at home all weekend.

About 7pm he rolled over to Alex's crib. With music loud enough to wake the dead, he heard girls talking and went to sit down with one of his other friends. Will wasn't the average black man. He was 6'2, in his senior year, 18 and captain of the bball team at the high school. He was pretty goddamn good lookin but he couldn't get a girl because they all wanted to be "friends" with him.

He saw Alex and gave a a little hug and her birthday present. She said "Thanks, Will, by the way I invited Kali and Amira." That statement made his cornrows and 10 inch dick stand on end.

Kali was a girl that was from Africa that he thought was beautiful. She was bout 5'4 with a hot ass and C-cup titties. Amira was a mixed girl (black and puerto rican) bout 5'6 with not much of an ass or titties but she had a face that made Will's thug mentality melt like butter on a Popeye's biscut.

He went to check the scene and chill for a while. Then the host annouced a twurking contest. For all yall that are ebonic-illiterate, twurking is when a girl shakes her ass up against a guy's dick area. It feels so good. Will and some other guys got up against a wall and the DJ put on Ying Yang Twins'" Say I Yi Yi" and man did the girls shake their asses! Will got really turned on when Kali and Amira twurked on him. He let out an inaudible moan, he had to take those girls.

He got his chance when they played "Seven Minutes In Heaven". He was dared to stay with Amira and Kali in a bedroom for 7 minutes. So he tool the girls' hands and went into the bedroom. Will sat on the bed and thought "Ain't shit gonna happen, these bitches ain't even gonna do nothing." Good lord was he wrong.

Kali said "Will, I been wanting to do this for the longest" She sat down next to him and started to kiss him. Will thought about it for a second but let his dick do the thinking, not his brain. He kissed back as their tongues touched and explored each others mouths.

Then Will started kissing Kali down her neck, sucking as he moved. She held his head there for a little, then she buried his head in her cleavage as he licked up back to her lips. He glanced over at Amira, who had her halter top off and her capris undone with her hand in her panties. He moved over to Amira and sucked on her nipples.

Amira let out a moan that some people outside of the room heard and cheered. She then moved her hands to Will's belt and undid it. He pulled off her capris and set her on her back. He beckoned Kali to come over to him and she got on the bed and moved her mouth to Amira's pussy. Kali lapped up Amira's already dripping cunt and sucked on her clit. It seemed Kali was at least bi curious because Amira was near orgasm. Amira said betweens moans "Will, fuck me please."

You ain't have to tell him twice. He spread Amira's legs wide and put his dick right in her dripping, wet, hot snatch. Amira was moaning "Ohh...yess...fuck me just like that... I've never had something this big in me.." He sped up the process as Kali straddled her ass above Amira's face as Amira licked up and down her pussy. Will told Amira, "Oh shit I'm bout to cum".

Kali got up and took Will's dick in her mouth. He tilted his head back and blew his cum in her mouth. She swallowed every bit. Then she had Will hold her while she straddled his dick and rode him. He told Kali he was gonna blow but Amira beat her to his dick and opened her mouth as he blew his load all over her face and tits.

Kali was there to lick up the cum off Amira's tits. He finally got soft again and put his clothes on as the girls walked out the room naked.

Everyone cheered as Will came out and went back down to the party. He, Kali and Amira were all giving each other twurk for the rest of the night.

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