tagInterracial LoveOh, James Ch. 01

Oh, James Ch. 01


Karen was sitting at her dressing table naked, getting ready for work on Monday morning. Her pussy was a little bit sore. Her husband, Ed, had given her permission to sleep with a black man she met at a seminar in Atlanta last week. She and Ed had been talking about spicing up their love life for a while, and Karen had taken full advantage of the opportunity in Atlanta. She had gone to the black man's, Greg's, room and he and Karen had fucked for almost 48 hours straight. Every time they had a break from the seminar, they had gone upstairs and made love. To top that off, she had had fucked two more black guys the third night she was at the seminar.

That wasn't why her pussy was sore though. Greg had borrowed some erectile dysfunction pills from a friend of his, and was able to fuck multiple times their last day together. Karen had told Ed about how well the pills worked, and he had gone and gotten some from his doctor. He had been after her ever she came home last Thursday. Every time she turned around, he was following her around and was hard again. She hadn't been out of the house or even had clothes on since she came home from work last Friday. If she'd known fucking another man would turn Ed on this much, she would have done it years ago.

It wouldn't be a problem for the next ten days; Ed had left this morning for his annual fishing trip. He and some friends flew in to an inland lake in Northern Canada every summer for a week of fishing and drinking. That plus the drive up and back always took ten or eleven days. They'd made love one last time this morning, during which Ed had told her she should find someone local to be her lover. He was so turned on by the thought of her being with another man that he wanted her to do it again.

Karen had told him she would look into it, that a little bit of extramarital fucking on her part was a small price to pay for his happiness. "Is it alright if it's another black man," she had asked him? "There is a guy at work that has been after me for years, I think I could have sex with him any time I want."

Ed said, "I would probably prefer it was another black man, but are you sure you want to get involved with someone you work with?"

"He works in a different department than I do, so I think it would be ok. I'll make sure things can be discreet before I go forward with it."

"I'll just leave the details up to you. I think you can find guys that want to screw you pretty much anywhere you go." While Ed and Karen have been married for twenty years, she is still quite attractive and turns heads everywhere she goes.

She kissed him goodbye as he was leaving and thanked him for the wonderful weekend of sex. "That's more like what I had imagined for us now that we're empty nesters. Maybe I'll have a little surprise for you when you get home," she said as he went out. She knew that Ed wanted to see her pussy full of her lovers come, and she loved getting her pussy filled with come. This might turn out to be a fun fishing trip for her too, she thought.

Karen dressed for work in a navy blue business suit and checked herself in the mirror before leaving. She is a CPA at a firm in the Detroit area. On her way out, she put Ed's bottle of erectile dysfunction pills in her purse. If she did find a new lover while Ed was gone, she wanted to make sure she was ready, and so was he.

Later that day, Karen was working in her office when the man she had told Ed about, James, came in to talk. James is a black man, about 35 years old, 5 years younger than Karen. He is about six feet tall, very nice looking, and always well dressed. He works in the IT department, and was always having to fix her computer. Karen always thought he made sure her computer broke down often so he could spend time with her. He has been flirting with Karen for years, but he also flirts with all the other women at work too. It's just his nature, Karen always thought, but my computer definitely has more trouble than anyone else's. She had come close to accepting his offer before, but had backed out at the last minute.

James asked Karen how the seminar had gone last week. She said it was a typical seminar, boring, but quite informational. He said that she had met a friend of his at the seminar. Karen said that she didn't remember him, but she wasn't very good at remembering names anyhow. James said that his friend had told him that Karen was always in the company of a guy that his friend knew from college, a big black guy that had been on the football team. She looked like a deer in the headlights when James said his friend had also told him that the black guy had borrowed some erectile dysfunction pills from him. Damn it's a small world, Karen thought.

James said "I told him he must have you confused with someone else. He wasn't right, was he?"

"I don't really think it's any of your business James," Karen replied, "and I don't have to discuss my private life with you." Accustomed to being completely in charge during their encounters, she was a little bit flustered and did not like this turn of events.

"So it's true," James asked? "Damn, come on Karen, you gotta tell me some details. I won't tell anyone. I need to know how he made his move if I'm ever going to get past first base."

"I didn't say it was true," Karen said, interrupting James, "and I don't think this is something we should be talking about at work either."

"Why don't you meet me after work then and we can talk about it", said James.

"I didn't mean I wanted to talk about it outside of work either," Karen said. "Besides, what would your wife think about you meeting me somewhere?"

James said that his wife and kids were out of town, visiting his sister-in-law. He said "just meet me at Mexican Village and we'll have a couple of margaritas and some dinner." He didn't really think she would go, but he had been hitting on her for years and figured you always have to at least have hope. James said he was going there for dinner anyhow, she should think about it. If she decided to come, he would buy dinner for her.

After James had left, Karen thought about the situation. She wondered if he was trying to blackmail her into putting out for him. That was funny, she thought, blackmailing me with black male information to let a black male fuck me. James was always trying to get her to meet him somewhere, but she had never thought about going. She had known he wanted in her pants from the minute she met him. She thought about his baseball metaphor, and the time she had let him get to first base. They had been at an offsite training session for a couple of days last year, and she had almost succumbed to his advances. They had spent some time talking after dinner, and had even kissed a little, but when James grabbed her breasts, she had gotten scared and went to her room for the night. James had apologized the next morning, but she told him everything was alright between them. She told him she found him very attractive, and had enjoyed kissing him, but did not want to cheat on her husband. She had told Ed that she thought James would be a good choice for her next lover, should she go and talk to him?

He is a nice looking man, she thought, and she knew that he had a big bulge. The few times she had flirted back, she had seen his package swelling up. He had rubbed it against her when they were kissing, and it had sure felt big then. It took all her strength that night not to sleep with him, she had wanted it so bad. He was swollen up pretty good just now too, she thought. She fully intended to find someone local to explore her new hobby with, and she would be delighted if James could be the one, but she needed to make sure that he could be discreet about it if they became lovers. She had worked with him for ten years, and had never heard about any affairs with any of the other women. Either he wasn't very successful with all his flirting, or he didn't kiss and tell. With all the sluts working around here, she thought, it was probably the latter. Karen realized her pussy was dripping wet. She decided to keep an open mind and meet James for dinner. Maybe she would let him kiss her some more tonight.

Karen took off her suit coat when she got in her car after work. It was pretty hot out and she didn't want it to get sweaty. She still had to take a load of clothes to the cleaners from her trip to Atlanta. She had on a white silk sleeveless top and the skirt to her suit. She also wanted to make sure her breasts were on full display. The top had a high neckline, she didn't like to display much cleavage at work, but her breasts were still quite prominent. She knew that they were big and beautiful and James would be staring at them the whole time they were at dinner, men pretty much always stared at her chest. She hoped he would be seeing them naked for the first time shortly after dinner.

As she drove to the restaurant, Karen thought about how much her life had changed in the past week. She had been faithful to her husband until last Monday, but that was all changed now. She had met the black man James had heard about at the seminar, Greg, and they had flirted a little bit on the way back to their rooms. When Karen had told Ed about it, he had told her to go ahead and have sex with him. Greg's cock had been inside her less than ten minutes later. His cock was enormous, and he had fucked Karen with it pretty much continuously for the next two nights. The last night of the seminar, she and the lady in the room next to her had gone out and picked up two more black men and Karen had fucked both of them too. Neither one of them was as big as Greg, but who was? It was still fun, and having sex with a stranger for the first time was always exciting to her. She was hooked now, she thought, she couldn't wait to try some more black cock. She hoped James would be the one, and she could have his cock inside her tonight.

James was already at the restaurant drinking a margarita when Karen walked in. Oh my, he thought, she is absolutely gorgeous, and the turkeys are done too. Karen's nipples were visible through her blouse as soon as she walked through the door. They looked like they were hard as rocks. Karen sat down and ordered a margarita too, on the rocks. They ordered dinner right away also, Karen didn't want to spend a lot of time in public with another man this close to home. She had Ed's permission to find another lover, but she didn't want to embarrass him and she certainly didn't want to deal with any rumors at work.

Karen asked "So how often does your wife visit her sister?"

"She goes over there every couple of weeks during the summer" James said. "Her sister has a nice house with a pool, so the kids get to swim and play with their cousins."

"My husband is out of town too," Karen said, "gone on his annual fishing trip with his buddies." So she's home alone too, James thought.

Their dinner came out pretty quickly. After they were finished eating, James asked Karen "So is what my friend told me true?"

Karen had been waiting for this to come up. She still might have sex with James, but she was certainly not going to be coerced into it. "Are you trying to blackmail me," she asked? "You know how the people in Human Resources feel about sexual harassment."

Damn, James thought, I'd better be careful. This lady is tough. She shows up here all alone, eats dinner, and then shuts me down like a pro. He thought he finally had a chance to fuck her, and now he was worried he could get in trouble at work. "I would never do that," he said nervously, "I just never thought you were into black men. I mean, I've been hitting on you for years and you've never shown any interest. Really, I was defending you to my friend."

Karen said "Maybe I just haven't been interested in getting involved with someone from work, and you know that I did show some interest one night."

James noticed that she had said she hadn't been interested instead of she was not interested. Maybe there is still have a chance, he thought, but I'd better be careful. "So you are interested in black men," he asked?

Karen decided that she would give James a few more details and see what happened. "I had been fantasizing about making love with a black man for years," she said, "ever since a friend of mine told me about her affair with a black man."

"What was it about interracial sex that turned you on," he asked?

"My friend told me that her lover was extremely large, and would make love to her for hours," I said. "She told me that having a big black cock inside her was the most amazing thing she had ever felt, but the closest I had ever come to doing anything about my fantasy was when we kissed at the meeting last year, until last week that is."

"So my friend was right," James asked?

"Yes," Karen said, "he was right."

"So was it everything you expected," James asked?

"Yes," Karen said, "everything and more. Greg was a wonderful lover, and he was hung like a horse. I had never felt anything like it before. Let's just say I spent a lot of time in bed, but didn't get much sleep."

"So was this a onetime incident, or do you plan on having more black lovers?"

"I'm thinking about finding somebody local to be my regular lover," Karen said. "It just felt too good not to try it again."

James was so hard he was having trouble sitting down. "So all I have to do is quit my job and you'll sleep with me," James asked?

"Now what would your wife think of that," Karen asked?

James said that she wouldn't like him quitting his job, but that they had a little agreement about him playing around with other women. "How did you arrange that," Karen asked?

"She's just not that interested in sex since she had the twins," James said. "As long as I don't move out and I keep it quiet, she lets me play a little." Karen told him that Ed had also given her permission to fuck other men, it turned him on.

Karen had decided by this point that she was going to sleep with James, so she quickly took control of the negotiations. "James, can you be discreet," Karen asked? James assured her that he could, her secret was safe with him and he did not want anyone at work to know anything about his personal life either. "You don't have to quit your job," she said, smiling at him.

Now James was even more nervous, he was not used to Karen being so forward. I think she just agreed to fuck me, he thought. He had wanted this woman for years, and couldn't believe he was finally making some headway. I need time to plan my next move, he thought, I don't want to make any mistakes. He started talking about ordering some shots.

Karen said "You don't need to get me drunk James, I've already said yes. I would prefer that we didn't drink any more anyhow; I don't want to forget anything about tonight, and I don't want anything having an adverse effect on your performance." James couldn't believe his ears. He had never heard a woman talk like this before, especially not Karen, the object of countless fantasies for him.

James asked if she wanted to go out in his car for a little while. Karen said "James, you're just not getting it. I am looking for someone to be my regular lover. If it's not you, I plan on holding several more auditions this week until I find the right man. I don't want a quickie; I want your black cock inside me all night long. I am home alone for the week, so go home and get what you need for tomorrow and come over to my house."

James couldn't believe what he was hearing. "What time do you want me there," he asked?

"Now," Karen said, "I'll be waiting, and I'm definitely ready for you. Just pull your car right into the garage and I'll put the door down." She reached into her purse and got Ed's erectile dysfunction pills. She gave James one and said "take this."

"I don't need those," James said, "I'm already hard now."

"Trust me," Karen said, "I want to make love all night long, and this will make it more enjoyable for both of us." James swallowed the pill. At least I know it will make it enjoyable more times, Karen thought.

When Karen got home, she went around the house and closed all the drapes. She had already decided what outfit she would wear to greet James when he got there and she didn't want any nosy neighbors seeing anything.

Karen was waiting in the kitchen when James pulled into the garage. Her pussy was dripping wet, ready her next black lover's entry. She couldn't wait to feel him inside her. She pushed the button to close the garage door and walked over to let him in.

James almost fell off the step when Karen opened the door. She was standing in front of him bare naked and she was even more beautiful than he had imagined. She was a tall, blue-eyed blonde, and was always impeccably dressed at work. He had spent countless hours undressing her with his eyes, but it had never compared to this. He saw the same beautiful woman he had known for years, but now he saw all of her, big full breasts with huge nipples that stuck out like bullets, fantastic curves, a very hairy blonde pussy, long slender legs, and an all-over tan with no lines. He always knew she had nice tits, but they hardly sagged at all. He guessed correctly that they were 38D's. She turned and walked into the house and said "come along James."

James followed Karen's bare bottom into the house. Until now he was worried that none of this was real. Maybe she was just teasing him, feeding him an erection pill and then leaving him with a hard on. As he followed her bare butt, he realized that he was actually going to get into her pussy, he was going to live out his biggest fantasy. He put his overnight bag down and kept following her bare bottom to the couch. James told her what a turn-on it was to be met at the door by a beautiful naked woman.

Karen said "I thought you had waited long enough to see me naked," as she sat down on the couch.

"I've seen you naked a thousand times," James said, "but it was never this good. You are just absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you," Karen said. "Now how about unwrapping my present for me so I can see what I'm going to be getting tonight."

James wondered just what had happened to Karen in the last week. He thought he knew her, but he was finding out that she was nothing like he thought. He didn't want to make her wait though. His cock was getting uncomfortable trapped inside his pants, so he quickly took his clothes off.

James stood naked in front of her. His cock was fully erect and she wanted to get a closer look at it. "Oh James," she said, "Your cock is just beautiful." It was shiny, a beautiful chestnut brown color, at least nine inches long, and much thicker than Ed's. She felt the circumcised head, and the rock hard shaft, covered with thick veins. She wondered if she would be able to feel all those veins in her pussy. She would measure it later and find that he was ten inches long and seven inches in circumference, but she didn't want to take time for that now, she wanted to feel it inside of her. It wasn't quite as big as Greg's cock, but she was actually happy about that. Greg's cock was so big that it was a challenge to take it, such a challenge that she didn't think she could take it every day. James' still was easily the second biggest cock she had ever held. If it felt anywhere near as good as it looked, she planned to have it inside her quite regularly. Karen wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking on it. She could only get about four inches in her mouth, but judging from the sounds James was making, she was doing ok. She fondled his large, low hung testicles while she sucked him, staring up into his eyes.

After a couple of minutes, Karen stopped sucking and James sat on the couch next to her. They kissed for a few minutes and ran their hands all over each other's body. Karen's tits got a lot of attention. James had been staring at them for years and couldn't wait to play with them. He ran his fingers through her light brown pubic hair; he couldn't get over how thick it was. He had expected Karen to be shaved, and was pleasantly surprised that she was so hairy.

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