Oh Man...Your Breath Smells


She got some paper towels as I headed for the door, pausing to gather my tools and get my shoes on.

Kendra finished with the mess in the kitchen and met me at the door. We eyeballed each other silently for a moment, and each leaned to the other for one more kiss.

Not a very good idea if good bye is what we had in mind. Our nice slow kiss good bye turned into clutching and grabbing as she fed me her monster tongue once more.

"Bend over baby," I finally told her as I dropped my pants once more.

She turned around and grabbed her ankles again, and I just could not help but drop to my kness and start sucking on her fat lips again.

As I was on my knees with my cock jutting out Kendra folded herself perfectly so that she could engulf my cock with her incredible lips...we just fit so perfectly...so nastily...so depravedly hungry for each other.

Kendra started to shake with the beginnings of climax so I stood quickly and fed my cock into her fat lipped pussy.

I held onto her wide hips as I pounded into her slapping my balls into her clit, and occasionally smacking her hard on the ass.

Once again I could feel my balls boiling and with renewed vigor really started throwing it to her.

She emitted one long groan that sounded like hiccups cause I was smacking into her so hard as I emptied my third load of the morning into her juicy gash.

Rounding out this morning of first's I dropped to my knees and lovingly made out with her battered pussy lips while I cleaned out my drianing load from her clenching cunt.

"Oh baby...clean out that nasty juice...that's it, suck it, suck it, suck it" she moaned through clenched teeth as she shuddered yet again.

Helping her to her feet she was smiling and sated, and looking at me with adoration. I could not help myself any more as I was too far gone into depravity, and as she was smiling at me I spit a big spray of our cum laden mixture into her face as she had done to me earlier, and walked out the door.

To be continued...

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