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Oh Monique, My Monique


Author's Note: Many thanks to SweetErika and DW for their editing assistance. I am especially grateful for SweetErika's many suggestions, which have greatly improved this story.


My Monique -- I Fall for Her

From the moment she moved in next door, I have to say that I was captivated by her; there was no looking back after that. Besides Monique's good looks, her bold, saucy humor and raunchy words had a way of mesmerizing me.

I didn't consider myself anyone special. I was just a quiet, average guy plugging along in school while trying to have a little fun along the way, so Monique was the most wonderful and interesting thing that ever happened to me. Like me, she was a senior in high school, and both of us were approaching our nineteenth birthdays.

The first thing she said to me, as I checked her out while she and her family were moving in, was, "What are you looking at, Pervert?"

"Nothing, just checking out my new neighbors. Hey, I'm Eric, by the way."

"Monique. Well, don't just stare, Eric, help me move this stuff."

And that was our introduction.

I helped her move all her personal things into her room for hours, enjoying her company more and more as I got to know her better. She was fantastic, so vibrant and alive, never still for a moment and always devising new ways to energize the moment.

She quickly identified me as someone she could order around and get to do things she wanted done; she never ran out of interesting things to do. As the days passed, I spent more time with her than at home or with any of my buddies combined, and was more than satisfied just to be with her. Monique provided a whole new meaning and dimension to my life.

I loved being with her, as I was totally taken by her. She was a real tomboy, into sports and always wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she was fast outgrowing this style, as she was discovering her feminine nature more and more. I liked that a lot, since I too was changing, and quickly became really interested in this new side of her.

Monique's beauty was subtle and enchanting; her perfectly shaped body was not obvious at first because she didn't flaunt it, but it became evident as I gazed at her. She was a goddess to me. Her sly smile hid her delicious thoughts, which I anxiously awaited hearing.

Her perky breasts, which had never been confined by a bra, were quite visible and definitely had my attention. They appeared to be a good handful, and her very prominent nipples particularly aroused me. I couldn't get enough of checking out her firm body; it was so attractive to me. I'd never had a girlfriend, and Monique was the first girl I knew more than casually, so I was fast discovering all the thrills of being around girls. Well, the thrills of being around her, anyway.

She had such a sharp mind, which never slowed down, continually charming me. She didn't even leave me alone, sometimes bringing a blush of embarrassment to my face with her poignant comments. She was such a handful and hot to boot.

Her constant pranks, jokes and teasing of everyone were a continuous source of excitement for me. I idolized her, and wanted nothing more than her constant attention. Luckily, I was pretty much always with her. As it turned out, I became her fast friend, always there to take the flack when her pranks or loose lips backfired or brought trouble.

The most intense and exciting fun of all was going to the pier at the beach. We would usually hang out on the benches at the corner, where the pier left the boardwalk, and she would goof on just about everyone passing by. It was a busy place, so her hot, bikini-clad body and sharp tongue sometimes drew quite a crowd.

She loved to make snide comments about someone, loud enough to be overheard by them. The fun began when they reacted to her, most often afraid to approach this hot beauty with the acidic tongue. She loved the attention, and had a few other admirers who would always move close and just hang out to see the great fun, whenever we were there. She didn't spare anyone, girls and guys alike were fair game, and sometimes it really got intense.

A few times her words really pissed some guys off, and I had to take the brunt of their anger and either appease them or get a beating from them. One time, for no real reason other than making fun of someone, she called some guy "Needle Dick" and "Bugfucker." We almost died laughing, but I was shitting bricks knowing there would be big trouble.

Of course the guy didn't appreciate being the butt of the joke, especially of one made by a hot chick; it was too much for his macho ego. Unfortunately, he was with two other guys who were older and bigger than me. It was just Monique and I, so I had to deal with it alone.

This guy yelled at her, "What's with your sick attitude, Bitch?"

"Fuck you, Dickhead," she shot back. She wasn't usually this subtle.

He came in close with a serious look on his face and grabbed her arm, growling, "Nobody speaks to me like that."

While he was holding Monique, I clocked him one in the jaw, knocking him down. I knew this was asking for a serious thrashing by these three guys, but as I saw it, I had no other options. I could not let him hurt her.

The die was cast, and they fucked me up really good. I had the welts, bruises and black eyes for more than a week. After they beat me up, they just left, scared the big crowd that had gathered would turn on them, or someone would call the cops. But it really made an impression on Monique that I would put myself on the line by standing up to a group of big guys. She was amazed with my unflinching support, even when she did something so stupid as to insult a guy like this.

I didn't really mind getting beaten up on her account. To me it was one step closer to being with her, which was all I wanted out of life right now. This beating didn't deter us from continuing our favorite pastime at the pier.

There were a number of similar incidents where I had to stand up to guys a lot bigger than me, and I lost a few more fights badly. But she loved it, especially when I stood up for her in situations where the deck was stacked against me. I figured out later that it gave her a really big thrill to be so close to danger, and the down and dirty fighting really excited her.

I don't know if it was a death wish or what on her part, but it sure was scary sometimes to go up against three huge guys and the like, knowing for sure I was going to get the shit kicked out of me.

One thing that really did bug me was that she treated me like a friend, not a boyfriend. At least I was her best friend, even closer to her than any of her hot girlfriends. But, as I found out later, she was really getting attached and developing some strong feelings for me. The intensity and passion of these encounters excited her so much, rousing sexual emotions in her.

My Monique -- My Fantasy

Two days after my beating, we went to the beach and she asked me to rub suntan oil on her perfect body as she laid on her towel. I had never touched a girl's body before, so getting to rub almost all of her hot body -- which I dreamed about all the time and was totally in awe of -- was the greatest thrill in my life. Her firm ass was barely covered by her bikini bottom, so I squeezed her cheeks excitedly as I rubbed lotion all over them..

When I finished her back she turned over and said, "Now do the front."

I was worried about her boobs and crotch, as her bikini was so small that I would be right there, so I stayed away from them and rubbed the lotion everywhere else until she told me, "Hey, you missed some spots. Don't forget between my legs and the top of my boobs."

I thought, 'Oh, my god. She wants me to touch her boobs and crotch. This has to be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It ought to be really good.'

I was very nervous and totally excited to rub her fantastic breasts. They were so soft and beautiful that I almost couldn't hold myself back from slipping my hand inside her tiny bikini top and giving them a big squeeze. I knew this might freak her out, so I didn't, but I did get a major feel of her incredible tits as I rubbed the lotion on the exposed flesh. I tingled with the intensity of the moment, soaring in happiness.

Next, I rubbed the lotion on the sides of her thighs right below her pussy. As my hand caressed the crease between her thigh and tiny bikini bottom, I realized she must have shaved, since everything was really smooth. It was a very sensuous experience for me to rub her soft mound. I could clearly see her labia, which were swollen and pushed the bikini out so nicely. It looked absolutely incredible; good enough to eat. My mouth watered as I drank in her natural beauty.

All I could think about as I rubbed her softly was how close I was to her moist, sacred treasure. I wanted so much to slide my fingers under the scant covering, and press them into her throbbing cavity; I desired her more than anything else in the world. My head was swimming with the ecstasy of my erotic endeavor and the closeness of my goal.

As I stroked the lotion into Monique's skin, she communicated her enjoyment by sighing and moaning occasionally. I finished rubbing in the lotion and quickly lay down on my stomach, trying to hide my huge hard-on from her. She didn't say anything, but her widening eyes and smile indicated she didn't miss it and was happy her body excited me.

After this wondrous experience, I realized that I had uncovered the key to capturing Monique for my exclusive enjoyment. I had been quite worried that if I didn't do something soon to bring her closer to me, I could lose her to someone who had better qualities. I did not consider myself as having anything much to offer Monique, other than my determined dedication to please her at any cost. So, I figured that I just had to perfect my techniques in a few areas of pleasuring her. If I knew how to do this, no other guy would ever be able to compete with me. I was hoping this would make her totally attached to me and believe she wouldn't be able to do without me.

First off, I bought a book on erotic massage and studied it all day, staying up half the night to practice the techniques on myself. I memorized all of the special erotic pressure points, the styles of massage, as well as the order and timing that would elicit maximum arousal. I was amazed to learn that the skin is the largest sex organ, since it completely covers the body with sensitive nerve endings, providing endless interesting possibilities for stimulating the body. There is nothing quite as loving and sensuous as a relaxing massage.

My plan was to rub lotion on Monique next time we went swimming. She would likely ask me, or I would volunteer my services. I would start my rubbing, saying, "Hey, I can massage this into you and it will feel really good."

Massage was a great thing to know, and it would probably work on her really well, judging from my previous experience of rubbing lotion on her. I knew that once I got started, she would come to love my erotic massages.

Some of the most intriguing techniques were subtle, like massaging the pressure points below the ankle or an exact spot on the thigh, which directly stimulates your partner sexually without her realizing it. Many of the techniques were more obvious like focusing intently on her clitoris. This was pointed out as being the most important erotic point on a woman's body and that it should be given intense and continuous attention.

My favorite erotic facts, however, were those relating to the breasts. Inexperienced as I was, I loved women's breasts, and meditating on pleasuring Monique's wonderful mounds with these techniques was greatly exciting for me.

I also learned that it is best to tell your partner that the massage will be erotic so it isn't a big surprise. It helps her to relax if you tell her that the massage is just for her and she shouldn't worry about anything other than enjoying herself.

I bought two books dedicated to pleasing a mate sexually, as well. One of the books was totally mind blowing with its graphic pictures and explanations of every possible sexual act. The ways to excite a mate were endless. What a goldmine! I planned to mesmerize, thrill and pleasure her infinitely.

I laid back on my bed, imagining bringing Monique to the heights of pleasure with my new knowledge. Working my way down from her soft, full lips with kisses and licks, pausing to nibble and flick my tongue over her breasts and hard nipples. Moans escaped her lips and her chest rose rapidly as I continued tending to her gorgeous tits with my hands and moving south to her bare mound. As much as I loved thinking about Monique's breasts, I was even more attracted to her delectable pussy. Knowing that she shaved turned me on more than anything else, as I contemplated the beauty of her smooth, sexually charged mound.

The scent of her arousal was overwhelming, and I could see the first traces of her juices glistening on her swollen labia. My tongue darted out and embedded itself just inside her lips involuntarily. Monique shuddered as I slithered my tongue up her slit, stopping only to circle her opening and clit. She tasted amazing, and I thought I might lose it right there. With my tongue resting on her clit teasingly, I slipped my middle finger into her soaked pussy. Monique whimpered in surprise and disappointment at my lack of focused oral attention, unaware I had something just as pleasurable in store for her.

Exploring her silky canal slowly, I added a second finger and imagined how incredible it would feel to replace them with my throbbing cock. I snapped back to the task at hand, locating her rough, swollen g-spot with the pads of my fingers. Monique gasped at this new sensation, then moaned and pushed her vulva into me, urging further exploration. I massaged the spot with more intensity, encouraged by her increasing wetness and cries of pleasure.

I knew Monique was nearing orgasm when she began clenching around my fingers as I started licking her hard clit. Rubbing her g-spot even harder and reaching up to play with her nipple resulted in her bucking her hips and making animalistic sounds that took me to the edge of my own climax. I alternated sucking and rubbing her clit with my tongue, urging her on. With one more movement, a scream rang out, her entire body tensed and exploded in a fit of spasms.

As I imagined Monique's orgasm, I came myself, snapping back to reality to realize I had been stroking my cock in time to my fantasy. Visions of her swollen pussy lips would be forever engraved in my mind's eye, and I thought, 'Watch out Monique, for I will certainly be able to give you the ultimate pleasure and make you my sex slave.'

Looking back now, I can understand that allowing me to rub lotion on her was Monique's way of rewarding me for my fearless defense of her, since she later gave me many opportunities or 'rewards' not long after I did something outstanding for her. Her rewards took many shapes and forms, but were always something that she knew I relished, like after the time I saved her from getting raped by Rodney. He was bad news, but somehow his reputation always seemed to follow too far behind him to warn his victims.

My Monique -- My Loss

Monique informed me one day that she was going to the Prom with Rodney.

I asked, "Why Rodney?"

She replied, "Because he asked me and I think he is so hot. I don't want to be tied down anymore. I need to date some other guys. I hardly know anyone in our school since I just got here, and really need to make more friends."

I took that to mean I was tying her down. Major bummer. She was right of course, but I was really upset since I had thought all along that we would go together. I only said, "Okay, that's cool. Whatever," hoping she wouldn't pick up on my disappointment.

However, Monique could tell I wasn't okay with that at all, but it looked like she was too into doing what she wanted to care about me. She told me she thought we should cool it and it might be better if we didn't hang out together for a while.

I was totally devastated. Monique was the center of my life and everything I did was for her. I couldn't imagine how I would survive without her. I just left and went home without saying anything more to her.

Sure, I was jealous of Rodney, but more than that, I was really worried about what he would try to do to Monique.

The pain of rejection was unbearable and I stayed in my room staring at the wall, my head spinning but going nowhere. My mom got really worried that I wouldn't eat anything that night or for breakfast the next day. As she left to go shopping, she ran into Monique, whom she asked what was wrong with me, knowing we were so close. Monique seemed shocked I was so bummed out and told my mom that it was her fault, but she would fix it.

She tried calling and ringing the doorbell, but I wasn't interested in answering anything. Finally she came around back and shouted up to my room, "Hey Eric, where the hell are you? I need your help! Please come on over."

Well, even in my greatest funk, I could not neglect her call for help, no matter what she thought of me, so I showed up at her house a little later.

"Look," she said, "I am feeling really bad that I treated you so roughly. I met your mom and she told me now much you were suffering. Actually, I was starting to like you too much, which was interfering with my desire to meet other guys and make new friends.

"Then when I thought about it, I realized I didn't really want to get rid of you. So, its ok for us to hang together, maybe just not all the time."

This was a great relief for me in my depressed state.

Then Monique said, "Hey, I've got a great idea. I know you wanted to go with me to the Prom, but how about if you take my friend Kathy and we double? That way we are together and not together at the same time. And you get to watch my back, which I know you do so well, in case I get into trouble, which I always do."

"Ok, that sounds great. Should I call her or what?"

Monique said that wasn't necessary, she would just tell her friend to go with me. She loved coordinating everything and was so good at it that her new friends didn't complain. She really looked out for them and took such good care of them that they always had a blast.

The next week or so was pretty much the same as it had been with us before. I was so happy to be with Monique and to do anything I could to please her. She seemed somewhat different, kind of detached and thinking of things far away, but I didn't care as long as I was with her. Gazing at her, I would often ponder the erotic things I could do to her body to bring her pleasure. My favorite thoughts included nibbling on her firm breasts and slowly licking her excited mound. But I was hoping that the real thing wasn't far away and knew she would love it once I got started.

The Prom was pretty good, and I got a chance to dance with Monique quite a bit, as Rodney was too busy showing off and bragging to everyone. I really loved dancing with her warm body pressed against mine, her silky hair hitting my cheek, and her soft breasts brushing against me. She kept moving closer to me as we danced, pressing her body into mine. She seemed to prefer me to Rodney, as she looked somewhat stiff when she danced with him. And Rodney's presence interrupted us quite a bit. I could definitely grow to hate that guy.

I really didn't like it that Rodney kept showing off Monique to everyone. Even worse, he was letting all the guys know on the side, including a few of my friends, what he was going to do to Monique at the party later. I couldn't appreciate the prom or even being with Monique after I heard this news. As it turned out. his bragging was his undoing.

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