tagMatureOh My!

Oh My!


It was more than a chance meeting; he'd been talking with her online for months and had even called once or twice. Her voice was sweet and a little husky, though he hoped that at least part of that was the passion she felt for him – he indeed felt it for her as he imagined her talking, typing on her keyboard, and brushing herself in those gentle but insistent ways that he described as he made love to her online.

What was it about her? She was a bit older than he, and it thrilled him to imagine her enjoying herself in his company. Her life experiences were broad enough that she had little time for the games and false modesty of so many younger women. Their talks had ranged from language to philosophy, but always, or almost always, included recognition of their physical needs and desires. He didn't know which came first, the intellectual attraction or the physical, but at this point it didn't really make much difference – he wanted to see in person, live and moving and responding, that face that smiled out to him in the picture she'd sent.

As his plane descended through the clouds to the small airport, he had momentary second-thoughts; how pathetic he was to be traveling so far to meet someone when there were so many good looking ladies in his hometown. Though he'd married young, things were not working out as hoped, and after 25 years the kids were on their way out and his wife had slipped off, creating her own world of her own interests and it seemed they lived solitary lives, much like roommates he'd had in college – civil to each other and considerate after many years of practiced routine – but without the intimacy he so craved.

Perhaps a mid-life crisis, but he'd found in a casual conversation that had quickly strayed to flirting a passion re-ignited. There was something about her – her wit, her realistic approach to life – which was refreshingly honest. And when he had first said how much he would like to kiss her, she'd said "oh my" but not resisted. As he told her how he would kiss her, how he would caress her, she continued with slight gasps and indications that she did not mind his attentions. He closed his eyes and imagined her, imagined kissing her lips, her face, gently on her eyes as his body brushed hers and his arousal increased. He kissed along her jaw-line and nibbled on the lobes of her ears, his breathing deeper and his skin flushing with excitement. How he longed to be with her.

The plane landed, and he found himself hesitant. What if she didn't like the way he looked in person? What if... his heart pounded as he felt himself nearing the door of the plane and he filed out with the herd in docile submission to the guidance of the flight attendants. He wished he'd had another cocktail during the flight – anything to calm the nervousness he felt as he emerged at the end of the tunnel – thinking briefly of those near death experiences he'd heard so much about as he moved into the light and the throng of people waiting.

He looked around and then saw her, standing at the edge of the crowd, dressed modestly and smiling at him as his eyes met hers. Walking to her, he was unsure if he should offer to shake her hand or... but the question was answered as she raised her arms to him and they held each other in a warm welcoming embrace.

"Oh, my" she whispered in his ear, "You are even better than the pictures." She released him a bit and then pulled him close again, this time harder, and whispered again. "I need you to know that my body is on fire for you" she said with that huskiness that brought to him an ache and discomfort as his member stiffened and strained against the leg of his boxers. If she kept this up he'd cream in his pants before they ever got out of the airport.

"You are more beautiful than I imagined," he said loudly, not caring who heard. He saw her blushing, the flush of her skin accentuating the roses in her cheeks. Taking her hand, they walked out through the crowded airport into the parking lot. She led him to truck and unlocked the back door. He threw in his carry-on luggage, and climbed in, reaching across the seat to unlock her door as she came around the cab.

"Oh, it is so good to see you" he said as she climbed in, drinking her in with his eyes as she settled behind the wheel and sighed, her breath sweet and slightly minty as she met his gaze and blushed again. She leaned over to him and their lips met again, their hands touching gently as they kissed lightly, pulled away, then started kissing again, this time passionately.

She broke off the kiss abruptly as their mouths opened and tongues touched. "Oh let's get out of this parking lot and somewhere more comfortable," she said. They worked their way through the short line and he paid for her parking over her mild objections. As they drove, he kept looking at her, not quite staring but admiring the foot, ankle, and calf that flexed as she drove away from the airport. They strangely said little, he content to watch her and she intent on her driving. After about fifteen minutes they left the main road, took a few side streets, then turned off on an ascending gravel path just wide enough for the truck that disappeared into the woods.

"A friend has this cabin much closer to the airport" she said, "I thought we could maximize our time together." She looked over at him as they pulled up to the small cabin, a rustic affair with a slightly sunken porch and patches of moss on the roof. He hopped out of the cab and went around to open her door, she taking his hand and leading him up the wooden stairs. "Can I get you a drink?" she asked.

"Whatever you like, my dear," he said, setting his small suitcase on the floor just inside the door.

"Mmmm... what I would like first," she said, "is another of those kisses." They met again, kissing this time with the passion and abandon both felt in their hearts, and as they kissed they gently explored each other's bodies, fingertips lightly up the sides and back as their lips opened and tongues danced. He'd had to adjust himself earlier as his erection kept arching and straining during the drive, and now he throbbed with excitement as they kissed, she not seeming to notice or mind as her body pressed against him. "Oh my" she said again as her hands grabbed his tensed buns and pulled him a little closer, looking up into his eyes.

"Yes, oh my!" he exclaimed. She felt so good to him, her mouth so sweet, her kisses so exquisite. "I better have that drink" he said, clumsily. He knew that he did not want to rush this, so good did it feel, and so long awaited. She smiled back at him and walked into the kitchen, emerging with a bottle of whisky and two glasses.

"I don't normally do this," she said, pouring three fingers of the amber liquid in each glass and offering one to him. "To your health" she said, and they clinked glasses, and he watched as she downed hers in one gulp, following her example. He could feel the liquid burn as it slid down his throat and fueled the fire inside. She poured another glass for them both and they walked over to the couch, sitting down close enough that their knees touched but far enough away that they could see each other. "Like what you see?" she asked.

"Can't you tell?" he responded. There was no question that she'd felt his erection and the flush of his face, chest, and neck were not due to the whisky.

"Oh, I don't know" she said, "maybe you are just being polite."

"Well, maybe this will help convince you," he said. He reached down and caressed her foot, placing it in his lap as he took the other. Her foot rested on the bulge in his pants, and as he lifted her other foot to his mouth, he could feel her caress him with her toes.

He began softly, slowly, kissing the tips of her toes as her eyes widened and she lay back, watching him. As his hands caressed her foot, he licked the tips of her toes and then sucked them, one by one, slowly savoring as he watched her smile and her breath quicken. She rubbed him more explicitly with her foot as his kisses traveled up the arch and he circled her ankle with kisses, little licks, and nibbles, and she moved her knees a bit further apart, giving him better view of the milky thighs beneath her skirt. He placed that foot in his lap and took the other, repeating his attentions and noticed as she started to squirm a bit.

He kissed his way to the bottom of her calf and she again said "Oh my" and her knees parted further. Taking this as encouragement he stroked her calves and made small circles with his fingertips up and down her knees.

"Lie back a little" he said and she adjusted in the couch as he knelt on the floor, the tiles dusting his knees as he kissed her calves, sweet little kisses followed by loving licks. He could hear her slight quiet moans as she put her hands on his hair, running her fingers though it and pulling him ever so gently closer. His mouth opened and he sucked on the soft insides of her knees, first on one side then the other and he could feel and scent a warm moist heat rising from beneath her skirt. This is what they had talked about, how he had imagined her, but her skin was sweeter and smoother, her scent more arousing, her warmth hotter than he had hoped.

"Oh MY!" she said as he kissed the inside of her thigh and she slid forward toward the edge of the couch. He placed one knee on his shoulder and one on the other as her skirt slid up. As he kissed from side to side, nibbling, licking, sucking lightly on her skin, he saw that her modest white cotton panties were visibly damp. He kissed closer to them as she tugged at his hair, pulling his head more insistently toward her heat, and he slipped his hands up her tummy until he found and cupped her breasts, thumbs caressing her hard nipples through her brassiere as his tongue snaked along her thigh toward her sodden center. Teasingly, he traced the edge of her legband with the tip of his tongue, flicking it against the wet cotton as she both pulled him harder and arched herself to meet him. "Wait" she said, and stood up, drawing him up from his kneeling position to stand before her.

She met his kiss hungrily and slid her hands up his chest, unbuttoning his shirt roughly and kissing, biting at his chest as she slid his shirt down, nipping at his stomach as her hands ripped his shirt roughly to the floor and began unbuckling his belt. Without bothering to unbutton or unzip him, she slid his pants and boxers to the floor in one swift motion and stopped for a moment to gaze at his arching, throbbing, dancing cock which was swollen and red in the dim light. She held it and kissed it, then took it into her mouth, tasting the precum that started to brim from him. She felt his hands beneath her arms as he brought her to her feet and kissed her again, he now undressing her and following his hands with kisses. Her mouth, her neck, her shoulders as he unhooked her bra and slipped her blouse off, cupping her breasts again and kissing her nipples as he sat her back on the edge of the couch and kissed downwards. She watched as he knelt again, his kisses now down her abdomen to her navel, where he circled and licked and she imagined him reaching her now dripping ache.

Legs spread now and knees on either side of him she watched as he gently but eagerly kissed the crest of her hips, then teasingly diverted to the tops of her thighs, then back, ever closer. Oh how she wanted and needed him to attend to her swollen need. She looked down at his cock, heavy and arching with his excitement as he moved on her, when suddenly she felt him kissing her wetness. Oh, that mouth, that mustache as he brushed and kissed her length, up, down, and back again. Hands kneading her breasts gently as he pinched her nipples lightly, she felt how swollen she had become and could feel her wetness seeping from her. As his tongue circled her clit she felt him begin to hum, the vibrations and tingles and electricity seeming to build in her body and she lost all sense of decorum as she started to gasp and grind herself hard against his face. She could almost feel him smiling as his attentions intensified, his tongue moving quicker flicking back and forth and up and down. She was rocking against him now, the waves of pleasure building and carrying her as they had never had before, hearing the slurping as he sucked her and swallowed her juices and as she crested she heard herself screaming "OH MY!" Shuddering, she held his head close and still as she regained a bit of her composure and tried to catch her breath. She'd (she liked to think reluctantly) given in before, touching herself while he described what he wanted to do to her, and the orgasms had been intense, but nothing like this. What startled her a bit, coming down off that climax, was that instead of being satiated, she wanted more.

She guided his head back up her body, he kissing all the way, until her mouth met his, wet with her nectar, and they kissed again. Hungrily they kissed, and she guided his hand to her breast, where he seemed to touch and rub and pinch in just the right ways, her excitement growing as she reached down for his swollen cock. Still on his knees, it was at just the right height for her as she massaged it, it heavy in her hand and rigid, hot. She wanted it inside her and pulled him to her, rubbing the tip along her slit and against her hard clit. He moaned as she parted her lips with his bulbous head and grabbed his shoulders, nails biting as she felt him slowly, slowly enter her.

Her hot slickness grasped at his head as he slid in, slowly, just a bit, then a bit more, pulling almost completely out of her before slowly sliding a little deeper. His hips were moving, controlling his entry, he fighting his desire for the sake of her greater pleasure. Teasingly a bit deeper with each thrust, slow on the entry and quick almost out, rocking and moving a little faster as their teeth clicked and tongues wrestled, her body moving beneath him and her moans intensifying. Each time he slid a bit deeper he felt her hot wet silken tunnel grasp him and open to him, each time he pulled back the air cool on his glistening shaft, then deeper. "Oh my indeed!" he said as he finally slid deep to the hilt in her pleasure and began to thrust in earnest.

"Yes!" she said, full now of his cock and feeling it swollen and arching against the roof of her, the squishing sounds and tensions building as she felt a new sea of waves rising within her. She could feel herself clasping at him as his veined textured cock slid against her clit and she knew that her climax was again imminent. She looked down and watched as it disappeared into her and saw that his face was grimaced as he tried to hold back.

"Oh honey cum, fill me!" she said and immediately felt him jetting hot and thick into her, splashing within as her own orgasm overtook her while he thundered home. She felt the hot filling of her love spaces and thick gushing from her as his orgasm met hers. She was lost in the moment and the pleasure and it wasn't until she slowed, legs behind his and gripping him tight, that she began to catch her breath. Oh he felt so good inside her.

"Oh... my..." was all he could muster.

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