tagIncest/TabooOh My Family Ch. 01

Oh My Family Ch. 01


My name is Anna and I live with my parents. I just turned 18. I don't think much of my looks but I do manage to turn heads. I am 5 feet 7 inches, long dark hair with dark brown eyes. Although my frame generally thinner than average, I have C cups and wide hips thanks to my Asian grand mom. My skin is a mix of Asian ancestry and American giving it a smooth texture that makes my friends envious of me.

My story starts with an amazing discovery that got me into a world of fantasy and subsequently, reality that gets me both excited and worried. My parents got married quite early in their lives and hence my dad is 40 and my mom 38. They are a close couple and our aunt who lost her husband early in her marriage lives with us from the time I was a kid. She has a son who is 19. I would never describe my parents as a passionate couple as they are quite conservative. I have never seen my mom in a revealing dress nor heard them having sex. At least this is what I gathered when discussing these matters with my friends. Some of either had spied on their parents making love or have heard them during the act.

My body resembles my mom's body structure although she is a bit plumper than I am. Since she is taller than I am, the pounds don't show that much. Again, most people don't see my mom in tight dresses as she is rather conservative or so I thought. She has a nice pair of breasts that challenge her D cup bras. My dad is as tall as mom and looks younger than his age. He loves the gym and drive my friends nuts with his physique. I never looked at him that way as he's my dad, but my friend Debbie loves to hang around our house just to get a glimpse of my dad.

The whole thing started one night when I woke up with a headache. I decided to go downstairs to get a couple of Aspirins. I was not sure what time it was and not wanting to wake up the whole house, I tip toed down the corridor. There was ample moonlight to guide me. My trip downstairs was uneventful. I was dressed in a skimpy pair of shorts and t-shirt that I usually wear to bed. On my way back I passed my parents' bedroom and I heard a thump. I almost screamed but managed to stop myself. I stopped dead in my tracks and waited. Was there someone in the house? I was about to knock on my parent's door when I heard a moan.

My heart was beating fast and I noticed that the lights were on in their room. I was poised to knock on their door again and something stopped me. I was wondering what to do next, when I heard a moan again. Another moan grabbed my attention and I did something I have never done before. I bent to the key hole and took a peek.

The scene that met my eyes made me gasp. I was sure that the whole household heard it and pushed away from the door for a little while. There was no noise of footsteps approaching the door so I bent towards the keyhole again. I could see my father lying on his back on the bed with his wonderful body in full display.

A lady was bent over my dad's cock sucking it like a lollipop. What shocked me was the fact that my mom was no where in sight and the woman bent over my dad's cock was her sister - Aunt Karen. I have never seen both of them naked or even in a bikini. Aunt Karen's big breasts were crushed against my Dad's thighs. Her body was curled up towards his face and I could see that she was being fingered by Dad. The moans I had heard belonged to her.

I didn't know what to do. I wondered where mom was. I had bid them both good night and they were both in bed at that time. Watching my aunt suck my dad's cock was shocking and exciting at the same time. I couldn't take my eyes off his lovely cock. He was shaved and the length of his cock extended beyond the height of Aunt Karen's fist pumping into her mouth telling me he was quite big. His pink cock head kept disappearing into her wet mouth and cock head was glistening with her saliva. She gripped his balls tight with one hand while the other guided it into her waiting mouth.

To my amazement, I felt something trickling down my thigh. I reached into my shorts to find my pussy dripping. I started to rub myself while watching my aunt and my dad. Although my parents were conservative, they did allow me to date and I had fooled around with a couple of guys. But embarrassingly, I first lost my virginity to a dildo.

I love to masturbate in the shower especially against the hard blast of the adjustable shower stream. I also used to rub against a soft teddy bear that I have in my room stashed away from prying eyes. When I am very horny the teddy bear gets to wear a strap-on. I do have a stash of sex toys hidden away from my parents that help me manage my horny self. I like to masturbate at least once a day. However, I hold back and don't go too far with dildos as I want to maintain my tight pussy for the guy I would eventually marry.

I started to finger my pussy in that corridor while watching my aunt suck my dad's cock. My pussy was so wet that my fingers slipped easily into it. I wished I had a dildo so that I could concentrate more on watching the hot couple. I looked at the vase that was upto my breasts in height and it had a interesting curve that seemed perfect. I got a crazy idea and for a few seconds I moved to it and wrapped my body around it and humped it. I was feeling so horny. I lifted my t-shirt and rubbed my breasts with saliva and then rubbed them against the cool smooth surface of the vase making the nipples stand up. I rubbed my crotch against the handle in the middle of the vase. It was getting quite nice but I reluctantly let go of it and moved back to the scene in the bed room.

After her cock sucking stint, my father and aunt Karen had got into a 69 position. My aunt's pussy was facing the door and I shuddered as my Dad started licking Aunt Karen passionately. He was intense and slow making her moan with pleasure. She grinded her pussy against his face while she sucked his cock. My dad massaged her ass hole while treating her pussy with long strokes with his long tongue. His thumb slipped into her tight hole. I couldn't believe that she was that kinky to allow dad to finger her ass. I fingered myself faster watching the sexy couple.

I remembered how my friend Debbie fantasized with me one day about how long my dad's tongue was and that she would love to have him lick her. I had almost killed her then. But now, I was in a dilemma. His long strokes seemed quite inviting. I shook my head trying to clear my head of the thoughts that had never crossed my mind before.

My fingering was suddenly interrupted by a door slamming downstairs. I almost fell when I heard foot steps on the stairs. I stood there like a rabbit caught in head lights and finally had the presence of mind to rush towards my room. I reached my room and kept the door ajar and looked down the corridor. I was just in time to see my mom in a bath robe enter the bedroom. I was expecting a major fight but I could hear only gentle laughs and moans. I was shocked to the core. My parents seemed to be engaged in a hot and sexy threesome which I had seen only in porn movies.

I crept towards the room again, my heart beating millions of beats per second. I thought I would faint from the excitement. I reached the keyhole and peeped. The scene that hit my eyes blew my mind. My mom was bent over her sister's ass and helping dad lick her pussy. She had her bathrobe on and from the movements under it I guessed that dad was fingering mom while licking his sister in laws' pussy.

After a while, mom's took her robe off and she climbed over the couple still in the 69 position and started rubbing her pussy against aunt Karens' ass. It was one of the hottest sights I have ever seen. Mom had a couple of fingers in her pussy as she rubbed herself on aunt Karen. All this was too much to take and I realized that I was fingering my pussy at an alarming speed and I was just in time to stop myself from cumming hard and making a racket outside their door. I rushed back to my room and used my teddy to cum harder than I have ever cum before. I lay awake for a long time thinking about what I had just seen.

I was shocked at the fact that I was excited about it. I pictured being part of this threesome which worried me. But I couldn't stop thinking about dad's cock and how his tongue licked aunt Karen's pussy. Finally, I must have dozed off and woke up to my alarm. The previous night seemed like a dream and I refused to believe it really happened. To my relief, when I went down, the scene had changed to normal. My mom was in her usual conservative dress, getting ready for work. Dad was reading the morning papers. Aunt Karen was no where in sight. My cousin Kevin was wolfing down his bacon and eggs and getting ready for school. I joined him and we rode our bikes to school. I was quieter than usual but Kevin was not the talkative type. He resembled his mom and had a lean body and long hair.

I was still thinking about the threesome last night and felt my pussy getting wet. I struggled to keep the thoughts out of my mind but failed miserably. I wanted to tell my friend Debbie but was scared of her reaction. Once I got to school, the lectures kept me busy.

I returned home to find that it was deserted. I was about to announce my arrival when I found my dad settled on the couch. My thoughts went to his cock. Being alone with him in the house made me excited. I dropped my stuff on the table and walked towards him. He was watching a sports channel. I sat down next to him and hugged him making sure I rubbed my breasts against his arm. I didn't know what the hell I was trying to do but I felt so horny. He didn't seem perturbed by my actions and put his arm around me and hugged me back.

"Hey Dad! What's up? Aren't you working today?"

"No sweetie, I thought I'd stay back."

"Where's mom and Aunt Karen?"

"At work I guess."

I leaned towards him making sure that my cleavage was right under his nose. He glanced at it but didn't say anything.

"Oh, daddy and me all alone at home!"

"Mmm... yeah. My baby girl likes that?"

"Yup, totally!"

I hugged him closer and innocently lay my hand on his lap lightly on his crotch. I thought I felt him try and shift my hand but I moved a little bit closer to his crotch grinding it down lightly on him. I could feel him getting hard. I reached up pressing my hand down as if to stabilize my body and reached up and kissed him quite close to the mouth.

I didn't know what I was doing. But I was getting all hot and bothered seeing my dad alone on the couch with a pair of shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt.

"Hey daddy, I heard a lot of noises last night. Were you guys up till late?"

"Er.. yeah I guess. Were you up too?"

"Oh well, I went down to get a couple of Aspirin. I had a bad headache."

I felt his body stiffen.

I pressed on.

"Looks like you had fun."

I looked at him and winked.

"I don't know what you are talking about," he shrugged.

"Well, I know what I am talking about. Aunt Karen was on top of you!"

"Oh god, I think you are mistaken!"

"No I am not, I saw mom join you guys."

"Oh shit! I am sorry baby. It was just a one-off thing."


"I am so sorry sweetie, it was just a crazy idea your mother had. It won't happen again."

I hugged him again, and this time I gave him a dose of my cleavage making sure it was pressed against his face. I could feel the hot breath against my breasts. I climbed onto his lap facing him.

"I got excited by watching you Daddy."

"Oh sweetie, I am sorry you had to see all that."

"Well, daddy I am a big girl now, see?"

I pushed my hands under my breasts and lifted them up towards his mouth.

He tried to avoid them by looking at my eyes, but then, his male instinct got the better of him. His eyes met my cleavage and he had to look back up.

I was starting to feel his hard cock under my bum. I wriggled my bottom a little, moving towards him. My lips were so close to his.

"I know I am not as big as mom, so you wouldn't like me daddy," I said, my mouth curving down trying to look sad.

"Oh not really sweetie, I like you the way you are."



"Do you like my breasts daddy?"

"Ah, well its wrong for a dad to like his daughter that way."

"So you don't like me then?"

"Well I do, sweetie but its wrong."

"Its not wrong to fuck your sister in law then?"

"Mmmmm, your aunt is different, she is not related to me."

"Well its mom's sister and she was licking her too."

"That's because she is lonely without her husband."

"I am lonely too daddy."

"But you date guys your age. I am sure they are better looking than I am."

"Well you would be surprised. You are way hotter than them. Besides my friend Debbie used to think that your tongue would be awesome on her pussy. Last night I realized that she was right."

"Oh my goodness, children these days are so naughty."

"Oh yeah, she is waiting for a chance to get you alone with her and fuck you daddy. But I won't let her. Yet!"

He gasped trying to get up, but I pressed against him and stuck my tongue out at him.

"I have inherited your tongue daddy," I whispered. He couldn't avoid looking at my long tongue. I reached out with it and licked his lips. He tried to avoid it but I pressed on. I tasted his full lips for the first time and sucked each one. He groaned and tried to turn away but without much enthusiasm.

I thrust my breasts towards him provocatively and kept sucking his lips. They were soft and spongy and I resisted wanting to bite them hard.

I forced my tongue into his mouth and his reluctant mouth opened up a little giving me the opening I needed. I reached down and pushed his hands up to my breast.

"Do you like my breasts, daddy?" I asked taking my lips off him for a moment. He gave me a dazed look not knowing what to do.

"I want you to touch my breasts daddy, I know you want to."

"No sweetie. It's wrong!"

"No daddy it's OK, because I tell you so!"

His hands moved with agonizing slowness and he started to caress my boobs. His touch was tentative but the effect was electric on my body. My pussy was working overtime drenching my panties.

"Kiss me daddy, like you kissed Aunt Karen last night," I whispered.

"Oh sweetie, this is wrong!"

"So was last night daddy. I won't tell mom."

"No sweetie, you are my daughter," he moaned.

"Kiss your little girl, daddy," I begged forcing my mouth on him.

I crushed my breasts against him and my mouth continued to assault his. He started to kiss me eventually.

It was awesome and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. His hands were all over my back pulling me to him. It seemed as if that I finally had broken the barrier.

His hands started to get intense like I had imagined. His hand slid under the t-shirt and came up to my bra cup. He was very sure of his movements now. I could feel the tremor in his hands as he felt me up. He pushed my bra cup down firmly exposing my breast and his hand was warm and sweaty.

I moaned into his mouth as he pinched my nipple. It grew hard under his attention and I reached back to unclasp the bra making it easier for him. He lifted my t-shirt half off and started to kiss my cleavage. His long tongue licked the skin as he moved towards my hard nipple. It was very hard and long. He gasped as he spotted my long nipple.

His eyes went wide at the size of the nipples. They were quite large and I had to wear padded bras most of the time to hide them from the boys in school. It was about 1.5 cm long when it was fully excited. He flicked his tongue at it making me jump. Each flick sent a jolt of pleasure down my spine.

"Its much longer than moms' sweetie," he murmured as he sucked it into his mouth. I almost jumped as I felt his mouth suck on it hard.

"Oh gosh daddy, suck my nipple harder!"

He bit the nipple gently and then sucked as much of the breast as he could into his hot mouth. I have never been sucked by anyone like that before. He did the same with the other nipple making me go crazy. Then it was my turn to drive him wild by fucking his pursed lips with my long nipple. He half opened his mouth letting my nipple go in and out and then he bit on it hard making me scream. I loved the fact that he was rough with the nipple.

"Oh see daddy, I am fucking your mouth with my nipple!"

He was shocked at that comment and his cock twitched under me. I was grinding my jeans against his cock wanting more contact. Suddenly I wanted to touch his cock so bad. Thoughts of last night exploded in my head. I saw the pink cock head disappearing into Aunt Karen's mouth and wanted it in my mouth.

I reached down lifting my body up a little and rubbed his crotch feeling his hard cock under the material. He moaned into my breast. I slid my hand inside the waist band of his shorts and reached for his cock. It was hard and he shuddered as I rubbed his head.

"Oh baby girl, we should stop this!"

"No daddy! Besides you got me really wet now, so don't even think of stopping." I took his cock half out by pushing the shorts and underwear down and pushing it under his balls. Then I squeezed the cock between my thighs. Then I leaned back and spit on the cock missing my aim a few times and making my jeans wet. I managed to wet his cock with my saliva.

"Oh darling you are so naughty," he moaned.

I slid down his body and moved to his crotch. I humped my crotch against his knee and pinched my nipples making him lose control.

I pulled his shorts down further and covered the cock with his underwear. I then bit his cock through the material of his underwear, making him squirm. I wanted to suck his cock badly. Nothing could stop me now.

I pushed his underwear down exposing his cock. Without thinking I started to lick his balls. They were shaved and devoid of any hair. I sucked each one into my mouth and went up towards his cock head. I licked the length of his cock and moved up to the glistening pink head. I pushed it in between my lips and started to suck it pushing it in and out of my mouth. He groaned and rubbed my breasts as I sucked his cock.

Then I put them between my breasts and let him fuck them. It slid easily and it was a wonderful feeling to feel the throbbing cock move against my soft skin. Then I rubbed my hard nipple against the underside of the cock. I moved back to the cock and sadly I could not fit the whole cock into my mouth as he was long. He was not thick and that helped me suck it harder.

I didn't have to suck too long. He tried to push me off and I didn't let him and then I realized why he wanted to push me off. It was too late; he came in my mouth pumping his hot cum. It was a shock to me and I spilled it mostly on his body, but I kept sucking his cock. He shuddered as I continued to suck his cock head slimy with his cum. He groaned whispering my name over and over rubbing my back.

Eventually, he pushed me off him and I stood up in front of him. His eyes went to the tight crotch of my jeans. He didn't have to say anything.

I pushed down my jeans and exposed my drenched panties. I pushed him back into the couch when he tried to get up. I took off my bra and t-shirt completely and in my panties I straddled his thigh.

"I always wanted to do this on your thigh daddy, but never did get the opportunity," I said.

I rocked on his thigh rubbing my wet panty covered pussy on his thigh while my breasts crushed against him. I wanted to dry fuck a guy but it never got to that point since most guys I had sex with never really took the time to let me do what I wanted. So I sighed as I rubbed against his thigh making it wet. I licked his nipples through his t-shirt. He reached behind me and pushed his hands under my panties and found my wet slit. I groaned as his finger slipped slowly into my pussy.

"Oh gosh, daddy, can you lick my pussy now?"

He just moaned and grabbed me like a rag doll and made me lie on the couch. His gaze traveled all over my body taking every detail in making me even wetter. His eyes were on fire. He took his shirt off and knelt between my legs. He licked my thighs with his long tongue with a half smile on his face. He took his time to move towards my wet core. I was never prepared for the sensation when his tongue licked my slit for the first time. Since I shave my pussy, the camel toe was easily visible. His tongue was strong and gentle at the same time tracing the opening over my wet panties. He took his time and traced his tongue all the way down. I bucked my hips against him urging him to lick me faster but his strong hands pushed my hips down and did it at his own pace making me go wild.

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