tagHumor & SatireOh My God! Is it Mine? Ch. 01

Oh My God! Is it Mine? Ch. 01


Britt and Erin's Adventure

Like, I suppose there are better ways to spend my week after prom, than stuck in a hospital bed giving birth to triplets, but that's exactly what my friend Erin and I did, well...actually she delivered quads!

So, now that I have your attention, let me tell you a bit about my best friends in the whole wide world Erin and Tara, and me; Britt:

We're all cheerleaders at the local high school and had just turned 18 over the summer. I've always been real jealous of Erin's big boobs, when she was a freshman they burst out to a DD. But now, thanks to a little help from Mom, we're the two bustiest girls in school. Tara isn't all that busty, but she has the cutes face ever, she could pass for 16 and she has the cutes ass that I've ever seen! Even during her pregnancy it stayed as firm as the day after cheerleading camp!

We're kinda known as sluts at school, I mean its not like we're the only girls at school giving blowjobs and over course cheerleaders are supposed to wear skimpy outfits. And its not like Erin meant to get pregnant at 16, anyone can make a mistake, right? I guess it was Erin's EEs that first got people thinking that way and after they saw my bigger chest at Cheer-Camp this summer; well...you know how High School is when it comes to rumors, and girls are supposed to be good and not want sex. Yeah right, maybe in Pleasant Ville.

I think when the story spread about Erin and I making out might have helped too;

We didn't even mean to start kissing, that time. I was just giving her a sisterly hug; Erin had just broken up with her prick of a boyfriend after she had caught him cheating on her. I mean, I'd have, like, broken up with him too! Who in their right mind would cheat on their girlfriend when they have her? Hello! Anyway, she had grabbed my hand and pressed it against her soft chest. I pulled her up against me, and she rested her silky black head on my shoulders.

I guess my full lips might have brushed her cheek a lust little, I was comforting her you know. Then as she just like turned her head and we just started making out. It's like my brain goes on autopilot you know, when my lips feel something against them I just start kissing or sucking, whichever.

Her boobs felt so soft and warm against my hand though and I just had to feel them a bit more. We sure had a lot of fun at my house that day.

Well, some of the girls at school might not like us, but Daniel sure did. He was on the Football team. We loved to walk down the hall with his big be-muscled arm over my shoulder. He would always have a large hand, you know what they say about large hands resting on my arm next to my boobs ever ready for a quick squeeze should the desire strike him, and it often did. I love to I loved running my hands over his smooth, black head as we kissed, feeling his full lips against mine, as he moaned into me with his deep sonorous voice. He could talk about anything, and I mean anything; cars, football anything, and I would just fall to mush listening to that voice. Hmmm, where was I...oh yes....

I loved going to the back of the gym with Daniel during lunchtime and letting him cop a feel while I gave him a blowjob, or two.

I'd sit on Daniel's lap as we made out. I loved his smell, a mix of testosterone and aftershave, and he ran his strong fingers through my think blond hair. I usually had it tied up in a bun, you know for doing flips and stuff, at the top of my head. For Daniel, though, I let it all hang down, to tickle the tops of my bare shoulders, usually clad in a spaghetti strap shirt. As his hands worked their way from my hair to the soft mounds of my tits, once a small C now, to Daniel's delight, a nice firm DD. Thanks Mom :D. So would my hands move down his hard, muscular chest to the top of his pants to release the boner I could feel poking me in my butt, getting harder and more insistent all the time.

I'd slowly unzip his pants, and pull down his "tighty-whities", gotta love those panty lines in football pants. I'm always impressed with the heat this boy gives off down there. I'd always moan as my soft, dainty hands cradle his hard, throbbing shaft as I helped it out of its confines. I'd caress and stroke it teasing him to get even bigger.

With a final peck on the lips I'd slid my sexy little body down, making sure the rub my boobies against his chest the whole way down, to plaint just the dainties of kisses a top the head. Kissing my way down his member, I'd gently bite or give him a tantalizing lick. If I was very particularly horny, I'd just devour him, but usually I liked to take my time. Eventually working my way back up, it was a long way in both directions, I'd slowly lowering my full, pink lips around his throbbing shaft, swirling my tongue around and around his, now steamy, cock, gently biting and moaning all the way. When I first tried this, a trick I learned from Erin, Daniel came right when I put my soft lips over him. Now we can last for up to 10 minutes before he shoots his sweet spunk up my pretty little mouth.

Tara had just moved to our little town over the Summer, she had made it onto the team before she moved and we had met at camp, so she didn't know about our little routines at school yet. Not that she needed any help. She found out where all the football players were and had a little fun on her own before school started, but more on that in up coming chapters.


It was a week or two into our final year of High School and I ran into this guy named Aaron walking down the hall and decided to have a little fun. He wasn't particularly scrumptious looking, but he was kind of cute, he just always had his nose in a book so everyone said he was a nerd. He had long, for a guy, brown hair that went to about an inch above his broad shoulders. He had big thick glasses that magnified his bright blues eyes. On that day he was wearing a black shirt with dark green cargo pants. I said "Hi" as sweet as you please, as I walked up to him, and he smiled that gorgeous shy smile at me, sigh.

I loved flirting with him, partly because it drove the football players', especially Daniel, nuts wondering why I would flirt with this guy. Also because I knew that he had had the biggest crush on me since we were freshmen.

"Excuse me, could you, like, help me carry some books?" I asked, I walk right up to him, my face only inches from his as I said this gazing into his bright blue grey eyes..

"Uhhh, sure," he said, his eyes fighting to look into my beautiful blue eyes, but dropped down to the swelling bulges of my breasts.

"This way," I giggled, letting the back of my hand brush against his crotch as a swished passed him. I let me blond hair, down to my waist at the time fly around off my shoulders as I turned around and beckoned to him with a manicured finger.

I tried making small talk with him as we walked, but he couldn't get out much more than "uh, yeah" or "um, know". I tried not to laugh out loud but I think my smile gave it away.

Anyway, we finally got to my locker. I bent down, giving him a great view down my shirt at my new swollen boobies. One neat thing about fake boobs, is if you fill them up really full they look like swollen balloons under your skin, my skin looks so swollen, like their going to burst if someone pokes them, which all the cheerleaders of love to do of course.

But getting back to the story, I pulled some books to the front, asking Aaron to get down with me, so he could lift them up for me. He stared at me for a while, wating for me to move. I just smiled at him, innocently. Eventually he reached past me into my locker, trying not to touch me, but of course I made sure my boobs touched at least some part of him the while time. As he pulled his hands back out, I leaned forward to make sure I squished my breast against the back of his hand. The poor boy nearly dropped all my books when I did that.

Had him carry them to Erin's locker for me. I opened the door to her locker then stood up again asking him to put the books in their for me. I made sure one of Erin's spare nursing bras, with the flaps open, was there for him to see, as I stood up and bent straight down to tie my shoes.

I head the books fall the bottom of Erin's locker and I smiled quietly to myself. I could feel the soft silk of my thong ridding up my butt and into the lips of my pussy. My boobs felt like they would fall out of my bra at any moment, if they hadn't been so firm they probably would have. I had an idea to give Aaron the thrill of his life;

I slowly stood back up and twirled around making my skirt and hair fly around, "Come with me over here," I purred beckoning him over to a corner.

"I'd like to give you a little "Thank You" for helping me out," I coed, as I pulled him into me and rammed my tongue down his throat.

I like playing tonsil hockey with Daniel as much as the next girl, but with Erin it was like playing with a limp fish for a while, then I stroked his cock through his pants then he perked up. I was doing quite a bit of pushing and shoving with my new puppies, or are they like lapdogs now? I dunno, I guess they were too big to be puppies anymore, oh well.

Anyway, I don't think Aaron minded, but soon that big 'ol red flog o' his rose up and he led me to the side lines, in the Janitors Closet. He started feeling me up, making sure my equipment was regulation and I started feeling him up, do I need a reason? I was so horny I had pushed skirt up and my thong to the side and somehow I had unzipped him, I guess I could do it in my sleep now.

I hadn't intended to go as far as we did, but I was so horny for some reason, and before I knew it, he was inside me. Inside me with that cock of his, pumping and pumping and pumping. He's so big it's incredible. I still can't believe how big Aaron was. Of all the boys I could have chosen, I had to pick one that was hung like a horse. It felt even better than I could have ever imagined. I was so wet, he had no trouble at all getting it in me, and shoving it in and out of me.

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