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Oh My Sexgoddess!


Jeff was bored. He was spending another Friday evening alone in his room while all the people he knew was out in the town partying. Jeff didn't mind not being partying with them, he just wasn't a paint-the-town-red kind of person, but there was nothing good on tv and he had seen all of his movies so many times he almost knew them by hand and there wasn't any of his games he felt like picking up and playing. So Jeff was bored. So very, very bored.

“There's gotta be something I can do!” he said to himself, but a look around his room said otherwise. Jeff laid back on his bed with a sigh and stared at the ceiling. If only he had internet access he could surf a bit and check out some forums, but that pleasure was also denied him. Jeff rolled onto his side and picked up the remote and flipped through his 46 channels, with so many channels you'd expect there to be something that'd pique his interest, but no, it all seemed dull to him and he switched the tv off. The Playboy Channel didn't start until midnight, so there wasn't anything for him to jack off to, though he did feel horny and in need of a girl to bring him relief. That was another thing that bothered him. Jeff was still a virgin. He wasn't ashamed of it or felt there was any rush to get rid of his virginity, but nevertheless he really wanted a girl to hug, to kiss, to fuck his brains out with. Images of him engaging in steamy sex sessions with various hot women he had seen in movies and tv started popping up in his head, but he ushered them away, fantasizing would only make his craving worse right now. He laid back with a sigh and wondered if there was anything that could save him from death by boredom. Jeff was interrupted in his thoughts as his stomach growled hungrily. Jeff had already eaten his dinner, but his stomach obviously wasn't satisfied and wanted more. Jeff wasn't really against the idea, eating would at least be something he could do to pass time. But since he was out of food and he didn't want to take the long walk to the local all-nighter he decided on a delivered pizza. He passed a pizza place every day on his way to and from school and had seen the sign advertising them delivering pizza after 6 and decided to give them a call, surely he had seen the phone number often enough to remember it. So Jeff picked up his cell phone and sat down on his bed and dialed the number. It rang once and then he heard a female voice answering the call.


“Ah, hi, this is…”

“…you've reached the Goddess Help line.”


“Oh, sorry, wrong number, I…” he began, but the voice cut him off.

“I'll be right there to take your request, please stand by.” the voice said and hung up. Jeff stared puzzled at the phone and then hung up. “What was that about?” Jeff was about to make another call when he heard a strange sound coming from the tv.


Jeff looked up in alarm. It sounded like an electrical spark, was the tv about to fail? He looked awaitingly at the tv for a while, but as nothing happened he returned to his phone and began to dial.


There it was again! Jeff put down the phone and walked over to the tv. He looked it over, but didn't see anything that could've caused the sound. He tried to pull the plug and plug it back in, but nothing happened. Confused Jeff went back to his bed and picked up the remote. He aimed it at the tv, hesitated for a moment, and then pressed the “on” button…


Immediately a blinding light shot out from the tv screen and illuminated the entire room. Jeff staggered back in surprise and fell with his back to the bed as he covered his eyes from the light.

“What…what the…?”

The light continued to stream out from the tv screen, and slowly a dark shape materialized on the screen. From underneath his arm Jeff could see the shape, it looked like a person, but due to the strong light he couldn't tell whether it was male or female. At first he thought it was the speaker in some news programme, but then the shape extended an arm and reached through the screen. Jeff froze in shock. It…reached…an…arm…through…the…screen! And the shape did more than that. Once the hand hit the floor, the other arm followed, and then the shape started crawling out of the tv! What first sprung to Jeffs terrified mind was the horror movie “The Ring”, but he was fairly certain he hadn't watched any cursed videotapes recently. The shape then put a leg onto the floor and once it was out of the tv it stood, and as the blinding light disappeared Jeff could see it was indeed a human, the body hidden underneath a long, dark cape and the face hidden underneath its long brown hair as the shape stood with its head bowed. Jeff could only sit there in terror as he awaited the shapes next move. The shape slowly extended an arm and raised it in the air and raised its head, revealing a pretty young girls face, smiling happily as she raised her hand and greeted him.


If Jeff had been an anime character he would have performed the instant collapse shtick at this moment.

“Sorry I'm late, but I can't move through a tv that's turned off.” The girl continued. Jeff didn't hear her, his mind had

tried to understand what had just happened and in the end it had given up and had now shut down. The girl noticed Jeffs lack of motion and blinking and kneeled down before him and waved her hand up and down in front of his eyes.


She snapped her fingers a few times and that kick started Jeffs brain. He blinked. The girl lit up again.

“Ah, you're back! Now, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mira, and I'm a goddess.” she said and produced a business card from under her cape and handed it to him. Jeff took the card and studied it. It read “Mira” in beautifully swung letters and underneath the name it said “Goddess first class, unlimited.” Jeff shook his head in disbelief, this just couldn't be happening! The girl continued, unaffected by his state.

“We received a call from you to our hotline and now I'm here to help you. I'm here to grant you a wish!”

Jeffs brain again desperately tried to cope with the facts. In a move caused by panic it ordered Jeff to just state the obvious, just to do something and perhaps find a way to deal with the situation.

“You came outta my tv!” he shouted.

“Yes. Now, as I was saying…”

“You came outta my tv!” he shouted again. Mira sighed, a little annoyed.

“Yes, that's how I get around. Now…”

“You came outta my tv!”

Mira sighed, obviously this wasn't getting anywhere, so she decided to take action. She slapped him. Jeff looked ahead of him in confusion for a moment, then returned his gaze to Mira, his attention now on her. Mira smiled contentedly.

“Right. As I was saying, I'm a goddess and I'm here to grant you a wish.”

Jeffs mind finally cleared.

“A wish???” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes. Our company prides itself in helping poor, unfortunate mortals such as yourself with getting out of their predicament by offering to fulfill their deepest desire. I'm here to fulfill yours, so name it!”

Mira stood awaiting his answer, but Jeff wasn't listening. Miras cape had slid aside and he now had a good look at what was hiding underneath it. She had an amazing body, sleek and curvy, with nice, firm breasts and a flat stomach, this vision of Heaven being covered only by a sexy, black leatherbikini with matching thigh-high boots. A cough from Mira brought Jeff out of his trance and Jeff returned his gaze to her face, expecting her to be angry. But no, rather she looked like she took his ogling as a compliment.

“Like what you see?” she said with a grin. She then took hold of her cape and lifted it out to the sides, revealing her body completely and standing in a pose that belonged in a vampire movie.

“Do I make you horny?” she said with a bad British accent.

“Randy? Do I make you horny, baby, yeah, do I?” Jeff could only stare in disbelief, a goddess acting like this? Was she for real?

“And my ass? Like my ass?” she said and turned around and pulled the cape away from her rear, thereby revealing that she was wearing a g-string and that she had an ass that matched the rest of her body. Jeff couldn't help but ogle her for a second before the brain in his head resumed control of his body and he put himself together.

“I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said before.”

“Well, no surprise there!” she said with a grin and then repeated her speech.

“Whoa.” Jeff said intelligently.

“Yes. Now, what is your wish?”

That question stumped Jeff. This was a once-in-a-lifetime offer, so he had to find a really good wish, but what? Jeff thought and thought. He thought deeply and for a long time, but no matter how much he thought he just couldn't come up with a satisfying wish. Jeff sighed and gave up.

“I'm sorry, but I can't think of anything I want.” he said. Mira tilted her head and looked at him.

“You sure? You can get anything you want, isn't there anything you'd like?”

Jeff smirked to himself. “You'd think so, but…” he thought and went back to thinking. While he did so his gaze fell on Miras incredible body. She really was a goddess, her body was so beautiful and sleek, her breasts so full and firm, and before he could help it a thought sprung from his penis to his brain. “Yeah, I wish you'd just fuck me right here and now.” he thought to himself with a smirk.

“Is that your final answer?” Mira asked. Jeff looked up.


“I'll take that as a yes!” Mira said with a sultry smile and moved towards him. Jeff only managed to get out a “Huh?” before her arms were around his neck and her lips were pressed against his in a deep, passionate kiss.

“Mmmmmmpf!” Jeff said in surprise.

“Mmmmmm…” Mira sighed in reply.

While invading his mouth with her tongue Mira was pressing her body against his and Jeff could feel her firm breasts against his chest, sending a rush of sensations into his brain and clouding his thoughts. Jeff had never been kissed like that, it felt so incredible, her tongue was probing his mouth and teasing his tongue, it was like she was having sex with him orally, and the blood rushed to his head as arousal filled him and he got an immediate erection. And Mira wasn't slow to notice, her crotch was already pressed against his and she immediately felt the hard bulge in his pants.

“Oh, babe…” she moaned as she stopped kissing him for a second.

“Mmmmm…oh, babe…”

Her hand now left his neck and started moving around his chest, caressing him. Soon she wanted more, and letting go of his lips for a moment, she pulled off his shirt before resuming her tongue work and caressing his bare chest, arousing Jeff even further. Jeff was paralyzed, this situation was entirely new to him and he didn't know how to react, he could only stand there and receive all the new, wonderful sensations that flowed through him as Mira continued her ministrations. Mira stopped kissing him on the lips and started nibbling at his neck instead as she started moving down his chest, leaving behind a trail of kisses, until she arrived at the edge of his pants. Jeff froze, “Is she gonna…?”, and she was. Mira unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly and reached in to produce his hard, throbbing cock. Jeff was too surprised to react at first, but as her hand wrapped around it and her tongue flicked at the tip he could only lay his head back and moan as pleasure struck him again.


Mira was licking and stroking his cock, letting the tip of her tongue run up and down his shaft, teasing him, before nibbling at the side and then again pumping him as she flicked her tongue over the head. It was incredible, Jeff had never felt so good before and he could only moan as his body filled with pleasure. Mira watched his blissful face with a pleased smile and then decided to go all the way. She planted a light kiss on the tip before wrapping her lips around the head and taking as much of him into her mouth as she could. The pleasure struck immediately and Jeff groaned out loud.


Mira kept sucking him, bobbing her head up and down as she first swallowed him, then withdrew her mouth until only the tip was inside, and then going down his length again, mmmming as she did so. Jeff basked in the feeling of her warm mouth and her wet tongue caressing his cock as she gave him the first blowjob of his life, pumping his cock when she focused her mouth on his head, working on his balls with her other hand, at one point sucking them while pumping his cock. Jeff was in heaven for a while, then he felt himself begin to approach the edge. He looked down at Mira who was sucking on his head and pumping him. “Does she want me to cum in her mouth?” he thought to himself. “Probably not.”

“Mira, stop.” he said. Mira just kept sucking. Jeff reached down and tried to push her away, but she just pushed his hands away and kept sucking.

“Stop, I'm about to cum!”

Suddenly he heard her voice speak to him from somewhere. It felt like it was inside his head, but that couldn't be!

“It's okay, cum for me, I want to taste you.” she said. Jeff looked at her in surprise, “How did she do that?”, but then he felt himself approach climax and he could think no more as the pleasure started to carry him away. The pressure began in his stomach, then moved down into his crotch and into his cock, and began to build up as Jeff moaned louder and louder.


Jeff threw his head back as the pressure exploded and pleasure struck him as he emptied himself into Miras eager mouth. It felt incredible, much better than when he masturbated, all the pressure building up inside him left his body as he fired off his seed. Jeff shuddered a couple of times as the last waves of energy left him, Mira continued sucking him, she swallowed what was in her mouth and then continued sucking and pumping him, drawing the last drops of semen from his cock as Jeff moaned with pleasure. “She really loves it!” he thought in disbelief as Mira sucked him dry, then licked his cock clean before giving his now limp member an affectionate kiss and coming back up to kiss him on the lips. Jeff withdrew his head at first, not too eager at tasting himself when she kissed him, but as her tongue again invaded his mouth he found no trace of that taste, instead she tasted as good as when she had first kissed him. “Must be her goddess powers.” he thought, then found Mira kissing him as passionately as before, seemingly as hungry for him as before.

“Oh babe…” she moaned between kisses.

“Mmmmm…do you want me, babe, do you? Tell me you do, babe.”

Jeff was confused, he wasn't exactly used to girls acting like this, quite the opposite in fact.

“Uhhhh…” he replied, then got interrupted as Mira pushed him back, causing him to fall and land on his back on the

bed. Before he could react Mira grabbed onto his pants and started pulling them off along with his underwear, leaving him naked on the bed. Mira smiled as she gave him a quick look over, then she grabbed her cape and spun around, as she did so her clothes and cape somehow disappeared while the view to it was blocked by her body and she stood naked in front of him. Jeff gasped at the sight of her hot, naked body, then Mira threw herself on top of him and resumed kissing him deep and passionately while writhing on top of him, making it impossible for him to think.

“Oh, babe…Mmmmm…”

Jeff could only lie there and feel her naked body writhing against him in a way that would have made him instantly erect again if he hadn't cum just a few seconds ago. Inside his head his brain and his penis were locked in a heated discussion about who should take control of his body during all this.

“What are you doing???” his penis shouted at him.

“You've got a beautiful, naked girl practically violating you and you're just gonna lie there???”

“But this can't be happening!” his brain replied, biting its nails nervously.

“Why would a girl be doing this to me?”

“Oh, come on, girls can't enjoy sex?” his penis humphed and crossed its arms.

“Well…I guess they can.” his brain shrugged.

“I've just…never met any who does.”

“Well, now you have, so get to work!”

“But this can't be!” his brain said.

“It must be a dream!”

“Well, if this is a dream, nothing will happen if you just go and boink her, right?” his penis concluded. His brain had no reply to that, and so Jeffs penis took control of his body and Jeff finally returned Miras advances.

“About time!” she cheered and then sighed into his mouth as they kissed intimately, Jeffs hands caressing her back and fondling her firm buttocks.


Their tongues played in their mouths, Jeffs hands were all over her body, making sure he would remember every bit of her once this alleged dream was over, and her hands were doing the same to him, though presumably not for the same reasons. Before long Jeff could feel himself getting hard again and soon his erect shaft was pressing against Miras stomach. Mira reached down and stroked him, causing Jeff to moan in pleasure.

“Mmmm…you're getting hard again.” she smiled sultrily before going back to kissing him while massaging his length between their bodies. They moved like that for a while before Mira broke off the kiss and sat up, sitting on his crotch with his cock in her hand.

“Ready?” she smiled at him with a naughty grin. Jeff nodded, he was certainly ready, and willing. Mira lifted her hips off his crotch, placed his cock at her entrance, and then sat down, his shaft sliding into her. Mira closed her eyes and smiled broadly as she felt him enter her.


Jeff moaned, it felt like nothing he had ever felt before, her tight, wet, warm pussy completely engulfed his cock and massaged him as she started moving up and down on him.

“Aaaahhh….mmmmmm….mmmmm….” she moaned, then she opened her eyes and smiled at Jeff.

“Like it?” she smiled. Jeff nodded.

“Oh yeah…ohhh…oh, it's so good…”

“Mmmmm….mmmm, it is…” Mira sighed as she rode him slowly but firmly. They continued like that for a while, then

Mira bent down until her face was close to his.

“Want to go faster?” she smiled, then before he managed to answer she began thrusting hard, riding him faster and harder than before. Jeff moaned out loud.

“Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!”

„Mmmm, you like that, don't you!” Mira grinned slyly. Jeff groaned in response.

“Yeah, it's great, oh yeah, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh…”

“Mmmmm, oh babe, oh, oh, oh oh…”

Mira rode him hard, whimpering with pleasure and lust as she first hugged him tight while lying on him, then sat up and supported her hands on his chest as she thrust her hips up and down on his cock, moaning with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…”

Jeff could only lie there and enjoy it, sucking up all the new feelings he was experiencing, doing it with a girl felt just as good as he had hoped, and Mira seemed to enjoy it just as much as he did, judging from the expression on her face as she rode him, her eyes closed and her hair clinging to her sweaty forehead. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her.

“You like to watch me?” she smiled. Jeff smiled back and nodded. Mira smiled and then spun around until she had her back to him and then resumed riding him, giving him a great view of her ass as she bounced up and down on him.

“Watch me!” she said, looking back over her shoulder at him as she humped him.

“Watch me, babe! Oh yeah, ahhhh, mmmmm…”

Jeff was only happy to comply, she had a great ass, and seeing it bounce up and down on him while she rode him hard only turned him on more. She rode him like that for a while, moaning with lust and pleasure, then she suddenly raised off of him and moved onto all fours, moving her rear and pussy teasingly at him.

“Fuck me from behind!” she said.

“Please, babe, fuck me from behind! Ram me hard!”

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