Oh Santa!


Refocused and now moving toward her own climax, she found her attentions called back to the threesome. She watched wide eyed when the woman riding let out a small squeal and wrapped her hands around Jessica's head as she began to thrash around like a wild animal, going through what was obviously a very powerful orgasm. Jessica never once balked at the hands holding her head in place.

Rachael lowered her head again to encourage her own Santa to move quicker - she wanted to cum now herself. Lifting her hips, she began to squeeze him and try to press back into him. As hoped, he got the message, lifted himself up onto his outstretched arms, and began to pump into her faster and with more intensity.

Just as she was settling into a rhythm, another noise from the threesome caught her attention. She looked up to see the blonde climb off their Santa and drop back down to her knees where she kissed Jessica hard on the mouth. Santa was panting and groaning and Rachael could see that Jessica was stroking him while making out with the Blonde.

"Oh damn, I'm going to cum!" their Santa whispered, so low Rachael almost missed it, his voice was horse and full of lust.

Rachael took a quick glance around the room, everyone, it appeared, had stopped to watch how the women would perform this task.

Breaking their kiss, they quickly put their mouths around his manhood once again.

Rachael's jealous tendency flared back up, this time bathed in lust... She did not consider herself actually bi, but she did like kissing other women. She thought women kissed so much better than men did, and these two were doing it with a hard dick between their lips. What could be better she thought...

Within a matter of seconds, their Santa let out a strong grunt and exploded over their faces. He seemed to go forever, pumping his cum onto them as they squealed and laughed. Rachael collapsed on her pillow as she watched the women began to kiss yet again, sharing Santa's gift. A moment later Santa himself leaned up and joined in the kissing. Suddenly three tongues lashed out at each other in lust, the sticky cum covering their mouths not an issue to anyone.

Rachael felt her body heat climb about fifty degrees and decided she needed to have her own explosion. Looking over her shoulder toward her Santa, she whispered in a husky voice, "Make me cum!"

Her Santa began to work her over again. He pressed her shoulders down and pulled her waist higher to himself, allowing for better positioning as he entered her. Rachael may have gotten the 'left over' Santa but he was an experienced lover and knew exactly how to push himself into her for maximum sensations while holding her hips up and in place. He varied his strokes in speed and penetration as well as timing trying to give Rachael what she had asked for...

She could feel her orgasm beginning to build as he kept hitting all the right spots while entering and almost, but not quite, withdrawing from her body. Soon her breathing became ragged and she knew she was getting close. She buried her face into the pillow to hide herself from the outside world, knowing she would cum in just a matter of moments... So did Santa and he increased his pace and began to talk dirty to her in French, telling her how much he wanted her, how hot she was, how he was going to possess her when she came...

Rachael moved her hand down between her legs and began to rub herself. She felt a touch on her face and looking up was startled to see Jessica almost nose to nose smiling at her. She closed her eyes to focus on her rapidly building sensations. Opening her mouth to breathe she was not surprised when she felt Jessica's lips press against hers. She responded to her and their tongues fought for dominance as Jessica's pressed down on Rachael's mouth.

Gasping for a full breath as Jessica continued her hard kissing, and overcome by a furious lust, she moved her hips just a touch to keep the pressure where she wanted it... Santa was still speaking to her in French, telling her how hot she was kissing the other woman. He never once stopped moving and between his actions and words, Jessica's kisses and her own fingers she exploded in a violent orgasm. Her body began to shake and twitch forcing Santa to grasp her hips hard enough to leave finger marks as he fought to control her as she moved.

She began a steady moan in what Steven called her "steam engine chant" as she came... Her body alternated between tension and total muscle failure as she thrust her hips up and down uncontrollably through her pulsing orgasm.

Jessica held her head as best she could lightly kissing and whispering to her, "Oh yea Rach, come on baby, let it go, ride those sensations..."

Rachael's movements caused Santa to lose his own control and soon he too was experiencing the same sensations and Rachael had to grunt and fight herself to not pull off him as an escape as he plowed into her hard during his matching climax...


The night began to wind down and soon the time came for Santa to head back to the North Pole. In a role of reversal that Rachael just loved, each Santa had to leave once his actions had ended. They could clean up if they wanted, but then, in the words of the hostess, "They were shown the door."

The women all gathered for a lusty send off as each Santa went on his way. Each of the women had brought a small gift for their Santa and as they passed them out as the men were leaving the party.

After they had all left, the women assembled again. One item remained for the evening, the vote on the hottest couple. The hostess volunteered to play the video but the vote was unanimous, the Santa with the two hot women kissing and licking Santa's cum off each other's faces won. Occasionally the smell of the oil still wafted through the air.

Rachael thought about them winning... that would permit Jessica and the other woman to pick cards first and second next year, and if they desired it, to invite a friend apiece. That may mean 15 women she thought, forgetting that Jessica had first invited her after winning that same vote six years ago.

"Wonder if we can find 15 Santa's next year?" Someone said aloud, speaking Rachael's thoughts to more group laughter.

Coffee, dessert, and conversation took the group well past the midnight hour. The Asian woman confessed that she got her Santa's phone number. Someone else asked if she was going to share that information with her husband. That brought yet another round of laughter...


Rachael arrived home around 2:30 in the morning. Sitting in the driveway Jessica killed the lights and they both sat, exhausted, yet satisfied after another successful Christmas party. For Rachael the lingering thoughts of Jessica's kisses were heavy on her mind. Jessica broke the tension by gently taking Rachael's face in her hand, and turning it toward her, she leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Rachael slowly responded, eventually opening her mouth as they began to kiss in a hot passionate embrace. Jessica's hand roamed over Rachael's breasts when Rachael backed away, looking into Jessica's eyes.

"Not tonight. I'm too tired to even think about what this means." She said.

"It means only that I want to repeat that night back in college. Nothing more Rachael," Jessica responded. "Haven't you ever thought about it?"

"You know I have," she lied gently, immediately realizing that she did occasionally think about it.

"Coffee tomorrow?" Jessica asked hopefully.

"I'll call you," Rachael answered, thinking quickly.

They kissed goodbye, an easy peaceful moment before Rachael climbed out of the vehicle.

Steven sat in the dark watching the entire exchange in the reflection of the streetlight. As Rachael stepped out of the car, he dropped down and acted as if he was asleep as Rachael walked in the door.

Walking in she gave a small laugh seeing him sitting in the same chair she had left him in... She went over and woke him up before going to bed. Leaning in to kiss him, she suddenly stopped and looked at him funny.

"What?" He asked.

"What's that smell? She asked him.

He sniffed the air. "I don't smell anything," he replied, slightly alarmed.

"I do, but can't quite put my finger on it. Some kind of..." she said, shrugging her shoulders, her voice trailing off.

"Well, how much did you drink tonight? Because I don't smell anything so it's just you, maybe you need to go to bed." He answered quickly.

"Yea, I did drink some tonight," Rachael replied. "I think I will go to bed, I am very tired," she said kissing his forehead and turning toward the bedroom.

"How was the party?" Steven asked as she began to climb the stairs.

"Pretty fun actually," she answered, thinking you have no idea.

As if reading her thoughts Steven smiled at her as he watched her climb the stairs. Then he turned to flip off the light switch as he quietly began to hum "Santa Claus is coming to town."


Thanks to Jenlitgirl for the edit.

This story is for the contest, I hope you'll vote -- Marie

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by knightneeds04/13/18

Love love love it

The ending is pure class..so subtle and well done!

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LOL missed the ending

Looks like you missed the ending- and without a name- not much weight given to the comment overall..

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Great story except for the cheating!!
To Annemarie's comment of "every married woman's dream".. I say ..only if your a cheater

It's one thing if you are swingers and it's agreed upon.. but from bothmore...

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