"Oh" Submission Town: A Mother Falls


"Me too," Cinthia agreed, throwing another innuendo at her mother, "I am really worn out myself."

The Mother's mind flashed back to seeing her daughter getting fucked by Tommy's big, thick, hard cock.

Cinthia added, confident that her Mother was currently remembering what she had witnessed earlier, "It really was a long hard night."

Kimberly oblivious to her daughter's innuendo agreed, "Yes it has been a long night."

"Long and hard," Cinthia corrected, barely able to hold back her laughter.

"Sure, long and hard," Kimberly replied, her mind again thinking of her daughter's boyfriend's cock.

"What are you thinking about, Mom?" Cinthia asked, knowing exactly what her mother was thinking.

"What? Sorry, I am just way past exhaustion," the dazed and increasingly horny mother replied.

Cinthia yawned, finally deciding to let her mom off the hook for the night, "I'm exhausted too."

"Good night," Kimberly said.

"Night Mom," Cinthia replied, new ideas forming on how to make her mom her plaything.

In her bed, Kimberly couldn't resist the temptation of pleasuring herself for the second time that night and the second time in years while thinking of Tommy's cock fucking her deep and hard like he had her daughter. She came hard again and like the last time she was horrified by her weakness. How was she going to face her daughter or Tommy tomorrow? A million thoughts bounced in her head as she drifted into slumber.


The next morning, last night just seemed like a strange dream as Kimberly woke up from the best night's sleep she could remember. Yet, as the memories from last night returned, she sat straight up ashamed. Looking at the clock she gasped it was 9:10. Over two hours later then she normally woke up. She was suppose to be at the hall by ten to help set up for the dance tonight. She quickly got ready, happy she showered last night, and made herself a quick breakfast.

The day itself flew by like most days did, as Kimberly was kept busy running around doing other people's jobs to make sure the dance would be ready. By the time she arrived home at three, half an hour before Cinthia should be home, she was already exhausted.

For the second time in less than twenty-four hours, Kimberly was going to witness her daughrer engaged in sexual activity. This time though the shock value would double. Closing her front door, she instantly heard the moans of pleasure, but this time there was no hiding.

Cinthia called out, "Hi, Mooooommy," through an exaggerated moan.

Kimberly again froze in her tracks, just like she had last night.

"Get your ass in here Mother," Cinthia ordered, her tone changing in a heartbeat.

Kimberly's face went flush not with embarrassment, but anger at her daughter talking to her like that. She turned the corner into the living room with guns a blazing. "Don't you ever talk to me like...." The mother stopped in mid-sentence as she stared at her daughter, naked, with her legs open and a girl kneeling between them licking away.

"Like what Mommy? Cat got your tongue?" Cinthia smiled.

Regaining her composure, the mother snapped, "What do you think you are doing, Cinthia?"

"I am having my cunt licked, Mommy. You should try it sometime. It is absolutely divine. Isn't that a word from your generation?" Cinthia moaned.

"Stop it this second!" Kimberly demanded, rage boiling over, even as her own vagina began to get wet.

Instead of stopping, Cinthia grabbed the girl's head between her legs and pulled it deeper inside her cunt. Ignoring her mother's protest, Cinthia asked, "Did you know that Dad added cameras in the church after the break-in last year?"

"I don't know what..." the angry mother began not realizing the true implication of her daughter's words.

"Shhh, Mommy. Your Mistress was talking," Cinthia said smiling.

"Excuse me," the mother gasped.

"Your Mistress, I own you now Mommy," the daughter said rather matter-of-factly.

"Cinthia this has gone too far," the mother said, already feeling herself losing the power struggle.

Cinthia ignored her mother's lame protests and explained, "Anyway, the point being that a camera was on and filmed someone masturbating in a hallway last night, Any chance you know who that was, Mommy?"

Kimberly's face went from ruby red with anger to pale white instantly.

"There is also one in the room where you watched Tommy fuck me, but I already took care of that tape, aaaaah," Cinthia moaned, as she continued the explanation.

"Cinthia please," the rattled mother began.

"Give me a second, Mommy. Lucy has me so fucking cloooose," Cinthia moaned.

Kimberly had been so thrown by the whole ordeal; she had never really focused on who was between her daughter's legs. Looking closer now, she recognized Lucy's red hair. The domino effect of shocking revelations continued to fall for the bewildered mother, Minister's wife, and community leader. Lucy was the church choir leader, married to the town mayor, and the second most influential woman in the town...after Kimberly herself. No matter how she spun it, she couldn't figure out how Lucy Winters could possibly end up between her daughter's legs.

"That's it you fucking cunt-licking slut, faster, faster, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuuuuuuck," Cinthia screamed as she had her intense orgasm cascaded through her. The thrill of knowing her mother was watching helplessly and of her mother's inevitable submission, served only to intensify her earth-shaking orgasm.

Kimberly couldn't believe the words out of her daughter's mouth or the fact that she herself felt her panties getting excessively wet. She decided to leave, feeling helpless to stop the dominos.

As her mother turned to leave, Cinthia demanded, "Don't you dare fucking leave, Mother. We are not done talking."

Kimberly froze, startled by the dominating tone of her daughter, so similar to her father's.

"Good Mommy, now turn around like a good girl," Cinthia purred, as she finally released the head of

the MILF between her legs. "Pet Lucy, say hi to my new pet."

Lucy looked up from between the teenager's legs, her face dripping with pussy juice, and looking directly at her good friend Kimberly, said, "I'm so sorry, Kim."

Cinthia scolded her pet. "Pet Lucy, is that what I fucking asked you to do?"

"S-s-sorry Mistress," Lucy stammered as she quickly apologized, an obvious fear in her eyes not wanting to be punished by her powerful Mistress.

Kimberly stood frozen as she watched her best friend's humiliation.

"I am sure you are wondering how Pet Lucy ended up my personal cunt licker," Cinthia said, before adding, "But this is actually about you, my Mommy pet."

"Mommy pet?" Kimberly repeated, in a sexual daze.

"Yes, Mommy, you are going to do what I say without hesitation or question, or the tape of you masturbating in the church will go public," the smiling daughter revealed.

Kimberly gasped. "You wouldn't."

"Would I slut Lucy?" Cinthia asked, looking down at her MILF pet.

"Yes, Mistress, you would," Lucy nodded.

"You see Mommy, I am a lot like daddy. I love to be in charge," Cinthia explained, looking back down to Lucy. "Clean up my cunt, pet Lucy."

"Yes, Mistress," Lucy replied, returning to her submissive position between the teen's legs.

"You see Mommy; there are two types of people. People like daddy and I, who are dominant personalities and people like Pet Lucy and you who have submissive personalities," the powerful teen explained.

Kimberly finally spoke. "Cinthia this is wrong."

"But it feels soooooo right," the daughter purred. "Now up in your room is your outfit for the dance tonight. You will wear exactly what I laid out for you, including the little toy I left for you. Any disobedience and the tape goes public Mommy."

"Please Cinthia," Kimberly pleaded.

"What you want to replace Pet Lucy now?" Cinthia asked smiling.

"What? No, that is incest," Kimberly gasped.

"Yes it is," Cinthia purred, "Is your cunt wet now, Mommy? I bet it is."

Kimberly's face went red as she couldn't deny just how wet she was.

"I thought so," Cinthia smiled. "Now go get dressed Mommy. Your friend has me pretty revved up again."

Having permission to leave, Kimberly quickly dashed out of the living room and up to her bedroom. Her door closed, the tears began to flow. 'What had just happened? How did Lucy end up being her daughter's pet? Why was her pussy so damn wet?' Kimberly had never even considered another woman sexually and yet now she couldn't get her own daughter out of her head.

The mom's eyes still watery, she glanced over to her bed. Curious what her daughter expected her to wear, she walked over. The dress was one she seldom wore, a red number usually worn at weddings. It was her most provocative dress, but nothing that was inappropriate. Beside the dress, was a pair of beige pantyhose still in the package, also nothing out of the ordinary as she always wore pantyhose. The panties and bra too were her usually ones...no frills. She then grabbed the little box. Opening it she pulled out an egg shaped object. As she held it in her hand she tried to figure out what it was.

The mother was startled by the voice of her friend. "It's a vibrating egg."

Kimberly turned around confused. "A what?"

"A vibrating egg. It is suppose to go in your vagina," Lucy explained.

"Oh," Kimberly said, even though she couldn't fathom why anyone would want to put such a thing inside their vagina.

Lucy walked over to the bed, grabbed the remote from the box and explained, "This controls it."

The egg suddenly started vibrating in Kimberly's hand.

"I am so sorry, Kim," Lucy said, taking the egg.

"How?" Kimberly asked, needing to know.

"It's a long story. But to make a long story short, she learned of my many infidelities with a few other women in the community and used it to blackmail me," Lucy explained.

"You're a lesbian?" Kimberly asked, trying to process the thought of her best friend and others in the community being lesbians.

"No, but I am bi. So are many others in town," Lucy explained.

"I can't believe it," Kimberly said, such a revelation unfathomable.

"Anyway, I have been instructed to help you get ready for the dance," Lucy said, reaching for the package of stockings.

"I can get dressed myself," Kimberly snapped, her anger coming back.

"I have no choice. It is an order from your daughter. If I don't I will be punished," Lucy said, opening the package.

"Punished?" Kimberly questioned.

"Yes, last time I disobeyed she made me masturbate at church during the service," Lucy explained.

"No!" Kimberly said, still unable to believe such a thing.

"Yes and if I disobey this time she promised to release a video of me and another woman in the community," Lucy explained sheepishly.

"Oh my, who?" Kimberly asked, just beginning to understand the full complexity of what was happening.

"That is for your daughter to tell you," Lucy answered.

"Can't you stop her?" Kimberly asked.

"No, she runs this town," Lucy revealed.

"She runs this town?" Kimberly repeated.

"Yes, you will see," Lucy promised as she said, "Please get undressed, Kim."

"You can't be serious?" Kimberly asked.

"Please," Lucy said, her tone desperate.

"So she will do it?" Kimberly questioned.

"Definitely," Lucy said.

Kimberly slowly got undressed. Her hands trembled as she unbuttoned each button. She had not been naked in front of another person other than her husband since college and even now, that was a rarity. Naked except for her bra and panties the modest mother hesitated.

"Everything, Kim," Lucy instructed.

Kimberly's face flushed at the thought of being naked in front of a friend.

"Now!" Lucy ordered, her tone demanding obedience. Kimberly was startled and about to respond, but the look in her friend's eyes stopped her. Instead she nervously unclasped her bra and slipped out of her panties.

Once naked, Lucy smiled, "Wow, you have done quite a good job of hiding your body."

Kimberly feeling so awkward and insecure asked confused, "What do you mean?"

"Your body is perfect," Lucy said.

"Really?" Kimberly asked, flattered by the compliment especially considering no one had given her such a compliment in years.

"Seriously," Lucy said, moving forward and cupping her best friend's breasts. "Do you know how long I have wanted you?"

"What are you...what?" Kimberly asked, surprised by her best friends actions and words.

"You would be a great addition to our weekly housewives club," Lucy said softly, as she let go of her friend's firm breasts, grabbed the bra from the bed, and slowly, teasingly, put it on her naked friend.

Kimberly just silently allowed herself to be a real life Barbie as she was dressed by her friend. She lifted up her leg to allow her panties to be put on. As her friend slid the panties up her legs, she could feel her friend's hot breath so close to her burning vagina.

Lucy smiled, knowing her friend could be seduced right here, right now. She said, "Kimberly, when was the last time you trimmed this thing?"

"T-t-trim?" Kimberly stammered, her excitement growing against her will with her friend's face just inches from her vagina.

"Yes, have you ever trimmed your cunt?" Lucy asked, pushing the boundaries with the nasty 'C' word.

"Never," Kimberly admitted, the thought never once occurring to her, not since college.

"Interesting," Lucy smiled, standing back up and gently pushing Kimberly on to the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Kimberly asked.

"I have to put on the stockings," Lucy explained, taking one of the two thigh high stockings from the bed.

Kimberly watched confused, realizing the package was not the normal pantyhose she always wore. "They make them like that?"

Lucy laughed. "You really are innocent, aren't you?"

The way she said it made it sound like an insult and Kimberly quipped, "Well, I don't submit to teenagers like some cheap slut."

Lucy looked at Kim, as if Kim had slapped her in the face. Her face recovered quickly as she retorted, her tone biting, "Oh don't worry, I give you only a few more hours and then that statement will no longer be true. Then you will be just another cheap slut like me."

Lucy was no longer sweet and smooth as she rolled the first thigh high stocking up Kimberly's legs.

Kimberly wanted to apologize for calling her best friend a slut, but couldn't get the words to leave her mouth even as her thoughts were formulated. She robotically gave Lucy her other leg and watched the stocking slide up her leg.

"Stand up," Lucy ordered, the earlier wariness gone.

Kimberly obeyed.

Lucy noticed the quick obedience and pointed out, "You really are obedient, Kim."

Kimberly blushed but admitted, "I have always been the good wife."

Lucy put the dress on Kimberly and her tone now softened again as she said, "I really am sorry. I never imagined you being pulled into your daughter's web."

"It is not your fault," Kimberly said, feeling bad herself for calling her best friend a slut when she had been having such nasty thoughts herself, before adding, "Well, your predicament is your fault, but my current dilemma is not."

"Oh shit, I almost forgot," Lucy said. "Cinthia would punish me big time if I forgot the most important part."

Kimberly watched Lucy reach for the egg.

"Be warned, this may feel a bit cold at first," Lucy warned.

"You are not seriously going to...." Kimberly stopped mid sentence as her best friend, quickly reached under her dress, pulled her panties to the side, and slipped the toy easily inside her vagina. "Aaaaaaaah," Kimberly gasped as her vagina was violated by her friend.

Standing back up, Lucy explained, "That is to stay inside your cunt until your daughter retrieves it."

"Really?" Kimberly said, more rhetorical than a question.

"Really, really," Lucy smiled cheerily, trying to relax a tense situation.

"I have to find a way out of this, Lucy," Kimberly said.

"I thought that at first too, but now I couldn't fathom living without it," Lucy replied.

"Without what?" the still bewildered Kimberly asked.

"A Mistress," Lucy revealed, slowly pulling her best friend deeper into the sweet sin of submission.

"But what about Gary?" Kimberly asked, pointing out her best friend was married.

Lucy laughed, before explaining, "We have been going through the motions for years. Our marriage is a charade and as soon as Janet finishes high school I will leave him."

"Really? Why didn't you tell me?" Kimberly asked, concerned for her friend, briefly forgetting the absurd situation she was currently in.

"I was living the charade," Lucy said with a shrug as she turned and walked to the door, before leaving with a lingering question, "The real question is, are you living a charade of a marriage too?"

Before Kimberly could respond, Lucy was gone and she was left alone thinking about the absurdity of it at first, but not so absurd when much consideration was put in it. She loved Robert, but in reality, she loved him the way you would a father; they had not had sex in years, other than occasional blow jobs when he demanded them, and they were definitely just going through the motions. Yet, you didn't leave your minister husband. Then again, you didn't allow your best friend to dress you and shove a toy inside your vagina either; nor did you drool over your daughter's boyfriend's cock and you definitely didn't get wet thinking of your 18-year-old daughter becoming your Mistress. Yet, all these had happened and the guilt of earlier was fading as the excitement of real sexual pleasure began to build.

As the Minister's wife looked in the mirror, she wasn't sure she recognized the woman whose reflection was staring back at her. Trying to change her image of purity, she took her hair out of her traditional bun and let her hair down. Her blonde hair fell happily down and created a whole new look for the conservative mother. Kimberly opened her unused make-up bag and pulled out the red lipstick, which her husband called harlot red. She painted her lips. She followed this by taking her thigh high stockings off and painting both her fingernails and toenails a matching red. The everyday task for most women was liberating for the long tamed woman and a clear statement that Kimberly was coming out of her sexual cocoon. Once her toes were dried, she put the stockings back on her legs and was surprised how naughty she felt wearing them. The dress was plenty long to hide her stockings, yet just the thought of dressing sexy excited her. Suddenly a thought popped inside the mother's head.

Kimberly went to her closet and pulled out a pair of black boots she had never worn. She bought them a couple of years ago in New York while her husband was at a conference. She was so excited by the boots, but when she showed them to Robert when they got home he disapproved saying, 'No wife of mine is going out in public in screw-me boots'. Thus, they had sat at the back of her closet ever since. Robert gone, she decided to rebel secretly against her husband's authority by putting the four inch heeled leather black boots on her stocking-clad legs. Make-up added, boots on, Kimberly looked back in the mirror after her own self-created transformation. She smiled at how a few simple changes (eyeliner, lipstick, boots and hair down) could so drastically change her look. For the first time in years she felt sexy and a tingle triggered again down below.

Kimberly went downstairs, still nervous about having another confrontation with her daughter, and was thankful to find she wasn't home. Looking at the clock, she realized she was already late for last minute set-up at the dance and quickly headed into the evening. A mixture of trepidation and excitement rattled inside the long ignored woman...but excitement was winning.

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