"Oh" Submission Town: A Mother Falls



The dance itself was uneventful for the first couple of hours for Kimberly. She quickly got used to the egg inside her vagina and spent most of the time solving crisis after crisis. Trivial things like no one was manning the punch bowl, no one got a cash box for the door and so forth. When time did permit Kimberly to think, she looked at every female for some sort of hint which of them, if any, we're in Lucy's housewives' club. She also kept looking for her daughter to show up, but it was Lucy she first saw.

Lucy joined Kimberly at the punch table and said, "Oh my, you look good enough to eat."

Kimberly blushed at the naughty compliment, catching the obvious innuendo.

Lucy said, "Wow, you are even more beautiful with your hair down."

"T-t-thanks," Kimberly stammered, flattered by the words of her best friend and yet confused at the slight tingle down below.

"And those boots, where did you get them?" Lucy asked.

"New York, long time ago," Kimberly admitted.

"Why have you never worn them before?" Lucy asked.

"Robert said they were too slutty," Kimberly answered and then covered her mouth for swearing.

"You are so precious," Lucy laughed, squeezing her best friend's hand softly. "Trust me, before you know it you will be using a lot of profanity."

"I would never...," Kimberly began, before being interrupted by Lucy.

Lucy looked over to the adults supervising and quipped, "They all look so wholesome, don't they?"

Kimberly turned and said frustrated, "Yes. I keep looking for any hint, but can't find any."

Lucy said, "Well, like you, they are all very good at keeping secrets."

"So some are here?" Kimberly asked curiously.

"Some what?" Lucy playfully asked back.

"You know," Kimberly replied frustrated.

"I do, I just want to hear you say it," Lucy smiled.

"Say what?" an increasingly frustrated Kimberly asked.

"That you want to know who here tonight are housewife lesbians," Lucy began, before adding, leaning into the future addition to the group, "who look all prim and proper and yet love to eat pussy, get fucked my strap-ons and wear butt plugs in public," Lucy clarified.

"What?" Kimberly whimpered, her friend's hot breath and nasty talk distracting the once unflappable woman.

"One woman here has a butt plug in her ass right now," Lucy added, "Don't you wish you knew who it was?"

"Fine!" an aggravated Kimberly said, asking, "So who are the housewife lesbians here?"

"Well, there is me and you," Lucy smiled.

"I am not a lesbian," Kimberly declared adamantly.

"No? Your pussy was soaked from watching me munch on your daughter's cunt and I bet you wouldn't have stopped me if I would have offered the same service to you," Lucy challenged, moving away from her friend's ear.

"What? No, I," Kimberly stammered, just as a few kids came to get some punch.

Once the kids left, Lucy let her best friend consider who at the dance were also in the housewives' club. "I'll give you a hint, there are two others here, Kimberly and neither has any clue that you know a thing."

Kimberly went to ask another question but Lucy was gone. She sighed as she again looked around at the different women in the building. There was Mrs. Queenston who at fifty-eight would be a big surprise; there was Mrs. Kramdall who was the school principal and also an unlikely choice since these housewives' club meetings assumedly happened during the day when the men were at work; there was PTA co-chair Mrs. Anger who was a stay-at home wife with both her kids in school, but she was way too sweet to be involved (although Kimberly would have thought that of Lucy just a few hours ago too); there was Mrs. Churchill who was married to the owner of the car dealership in town and only worked part time; there was a couple other teachers Ms. Cooper and Ms. Tremble, but both would have the same alibi as Mrs. Kramdall; and lastly, there was Mrs. Smith, the bank manager and again someone who worked during the day. Kimberly could not come up with any clue to how any one of these ladies could be involved in lesbian escapades, never mind two. Her curiosity to know who, had her spend the next forty-five minutes in brief conversations with each of them. However, her detective skills were lacking; leaving her convinced she was right and none of them were afternoon lesbians. On the bright side, almost all her friends complimented her hair being down and how amazing she looked.

As Kimberly returned from the washroom, peeing with an egg inside was a bit weird; she almost doubled over as a buzzing began suddenly in her vagina. She instantly found a chair in an empty, reclusive back area and sat down. A moment later her daughter, dressed elegantly in a blue dress she didn't recall her having. The dress had a long generous side slit, which showed she too was wearing similar colored thigh highs, said, "Mom? Is that you? I almost didn't recognize you, you look super fucking hot with your hair down. A new order of yours to obey is to always wear your hair down. Is that understood?"

Flustered, the suddenly horny mother, stammered, "O-o-ok,"

"O-o-o, good," Cinthia teased, before asking, "So how is my lovely Mother this evening?"

Kimberly looked at a smiling Cinthia and Tommy and said weakly, "Good."

"Dam Mrs. Martin you are one hot MILF, you look good enough to...," Tommy quipped, with a lecherous smile, before being interrupted by Cinthia.

Turning to Tommy, Cinthia said, "Down boy, all in good time," foreshadowing the fall of her mother. Turning back to her flushed, pretty mother she asked, playing with her words, "It seems things here are a buzz."

Kimberly's red cheeks turned redder at the obvious implications of her daughter's words as well as the buzzing down below.

"Enjoying yourself, Mommy?" Cinthia asked as she turned up the speed with the remote control in her hand.

"Yeeees," the mother replied, letting out an uncontrollable and embarrassing moan as the sensations inside her sped up.

"You ok, Mommy?" Cinthia asked, sitting down beside her.

Kimberly just held onto the table as the increased vibrations inside her had an orgasm on the rise whether she wanted it or not.

Cinthia leaned into her mother and whispered, her hot breath adding to the sexual build up, "Come for me, Mommy."

The mother embarrassed by her lack of control closed her eyes, clenched her teeth to avoid the scream that wanted to break free, and obeyed her daughter's order. Her legs stiffened under the table as the orgasm that had been simmering inside her all day since walking in on her daughter and best friend cascaded through her like a waterfall breaking through a dam.

"Good Mommy," Cinthia purred in her mother's ear, already learning that praise of a task of obedience only added another layer of submission and loyalty.

The mother's head was mush as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Finally, as the last waves slowly crashed in she opened her eyes and saw Tommy with his cell phone. He smiled and said, "Mrs. Martin, that was the hottest thing ever."

Kimberly actually smiled at the absurdity of it all and asked, "Is that so?"

Cinthia stood up and said, "Let's go dance, Tommy. Mommy clearly needs to recover before the big finale."

Kimberly watched her daughter sashayed away, Tommy's hand clearly on her daughter's ass as she contemplated the last ominous words of her daughter. What was the implication she wondered? Oddly, instead of being fearful, she was intrigued and even a bit excited.

She watched her daughter dance before Mrs. Smith came and asked her to help with getting appetizers ready for the late night snack.

The dance was near ending an hour later when the buzzing started again. Kimberly sighed as she was standing with a few ladies when it started and worried it could be heard.

Lucy waved her over and Kimberly said, "Excuse me ladies."

Thankfully, the vibrations were on low and Kimberly, although her panties were quite wet, made it to a smiling Lucy.

"So, have you guessed who the two are?"

"I can't fathom any of the ladies here being involved in such unladylike behavior."

"Would you have guessed me before today?" Lucy asked.

"God, no," Kimberly replied, and then gasped at her use of the Lord's name in vain.

"I will give you a hint," Lucy smiled. "One works at the school."

"How?" I asked, "She would be working during the day."

"Principals can leave for meetings," Lucy said, putting quotation marks around the word 'meetings'.

"Betty?" Kimberly questioned, still in a daze of disbelief.

"Yes, it is usually at her house," Lucy revealed, adding another layer to the stunning revelations of small town sin.

"Wow," was all Kimberly could say.

"The other one is for you to figure out yourself, beautiful," Lucy smiled.

"I can't even gander a guess," Kimberly said, wanting to know. "Just tell me."

"On one condition," Lucy said, smiling.

"And that is?" Kimberly asked.

"You come to one of our afternoon gatherings," Lucy revealed.

"You can't be serious," Kimberly gasped.

"Of course, I am. The ladies would be thrilled to have you in our housewives' club," Lucy added.

"Oh my," Kimberly gasped as her friend's hand touched her leg.

Their conversation was interrupted by another crisis a moment later, with Kimberly's head spinning, while her pussy continued to tingle uncontrollably.

Twenty minutes later, Kimberly got a text from her daughter, "Same place as yesterday, Mommy...NOW!"

Kimberly's face went red again at the aggressive demand of her daughter. Yet, before she even had time to consider her options or rationalize the consequences, she was walking out the door. As she made her way to the church, only a few doors down from the hall (not wanting anyone to see her car at the church), she contemplated the expectations of her daughter. Even though her vagina was burning with a need she had long forgotten existed, she had to stand up to her daughter once and for all...she was the mother after all.

The nervous mother went down the stairs as she had the night before and again heard the sounds of sex. The door was wide open this time and she wasn't surprised to see Tommy again fucking her daughter. What surprised her was the video camera on a Tri-pod filming the action.

"Hi, Mommy, come in and get a better view," Cinthia smiled, Tommy slowly sliding his cock in and out of her.

"Hi, Mrs. Martin, nice boots" Tommy smiled, continuing the slow in and out of his hot girlfriend, not wanting to come until the time was right.

Cinthia noticed her mom's black boots and purred, "Oh, Mommy, I love your boots. We are both wearing fuck-me-like-a-dirty-slut boots. You really were dying to break out of your restrictive shell weren't you?"

Kimberly stammered, "W-w-what? No, they are just boots your father wouldn't let me wear."

"Because they are slut boots," Cinthia judged.

"That is what your father called them," Kimberly admitted, avoiding eye contact.

"So Mommy, dress like a slut, you must be ready to sin; are you ready to officially become my Mommy pet?" Cinthia asked, naked except for a pair of beige thigh high stockings and black, stiletto boots.

"Please, Cinthia," a distracted Kimberly said, the back and forth of Tommy's cock, creating an almost hypnotic state for the long neglected woman, images of the teen's big cock fucking her flashing again inside her head.

"Hmmmm, begging, that is a good start," Cinthia teased, before adding, "Come to me, Mommy."

Kimberly obeyed the trance like state controlling her, the brief resistance considered on the short walk over already fading to oblivion.

"Kiss me, Mommy," Cinthia ordered.

The Mother hesitated. Although she had watched her daughter get fucked, watched her daughter get licked, and personally had an egg inserted in her vagina at the request of her daughter, kissing her daughter was crossing an invisible line...one where there would be no turning back. Plus the video camera staring at her caused a whole new level of trepidation.

"Oh, the camera, that Mommy is just for my collection. I always tape the first time a new pet slut submits to me. It is actually a pretty fast growing collection," Cinthia smiled, as she briefly reflected on the four adults and three fellow classmates that had submitted to her like the regressed lesbians they were, but this would be the ultimate addition to her small, but growing collection.

"Cinthia, you are my daughter," Kimberly tried to rationalize with her beautiful daughter, whose firm breasts suddenly looked appealing to the straight as an arrow Mother.

"And you are my Mother," Cinthia replied, "and you have kissed me almost every night since I was born."

"Yes, but," Kimberly began, her weak resolve melting away like butter in a frying pan.

"No buts, Mommy, kiss me now," Cinthia ordered.

Her daughter's tone was not rude, but it was firm and the mother did as she always did when given a firm order, she obeyed. She nervously leaned forward to kiss her daughter. She planned just a peck on the cheek like she did every night, but instead her daughter turned at the last moment and her daughter's lips met hers.

Cinthia moved her hand to her mother's cheeks and kissed her gently, but with a passion that was not suppose to exist between parent and child.

Tommy watched the mother-daughter kiss with the eager fascination of every boy in the world. Every boy at one point fantasies, often obsessively, about fucking their Mother. Cinthia had promised last night that after they finished the submission of her mother, she would help seduce his. Just the thought of fucking his mother had his balls boiling, as did watching the incestuous act in front of him. He grunted, "I am going to come soon, slut."

Breaking the kiss she moaned, "Come in me, baby. Fill my cunt with your sweet cum."

Kimberly turned instinctively to watch her daughter get filled with cum.

Cinthia purred, "Mmmmm, baby, come in me. Mommy is watching; show her how much you come."

"Aaaaah," grunted Tommy as stream after stream of cum exploded inside his gorgeous girlfriend. After a few more strokes, he pulled out, stepped closer to a still watching Kimberly, put his hands on her shoulders, and ordered, "Clean my cock, Mrs. Martin."

Kimberly felt her legs weaken at his touch and she slowly fell to her knees any last moment resistance suddenly non-existent.

"Suck him Mommy," Cinthia ordered. "Clean my cum off his beautiful fuck stick."

Kimberly's mouth was open, watering with hunger, yet she froze at the realization that she would be tasting her own daughter's pussy juice.

The mother's decision was made for her when Tommy grabbed her head and slipped his cock in her open mouth. "Get sucking cocksucker."

Her mouth full of cock, the stunned but hungry mother had no choice but to obey. As Kimberly slowly moved back and forth on the teenager's big cock, her still buzzing vagina tingled with hunger for attention. Tasting her own daughter's cum made the submission so much dirtier and yet only seemed to enhance her hunger.

It was Cinthia's turn to watch in voyeuristic awe. Watching her mother sucking her boyfriend's cock was the hottest thing she had ever seen, especially since her mom was tasting her own daughter's cum.

"Cinthia, I see where you get your cocksucking skills, your mother is a natural," Tommy commented.

Such words should have humiliated the mother, yet it only made her want to impress the sexy tattooed teenager more. Kimberly began bobbing back and forth faster, trying to eventually take all eight inches of cock in her long neglected mouth. She hadn't sucked cock in years, although in college it could have been her major. She loved the taste of cum, or used too, and suddenly wanted to taste it again. Cocksucking it seems was like riding a bike, even if you don't do it for years, you never forget how.

Cinthia quipped, "Holy shit, Mommy! You are one eager slut. Are you trying to get your daughter's boyfriend to cum in your mouth?"

Kimberly froze. The question should have been ludicrous, yet it was exactly what she had been trying to do.

Tommy pulled out and asked, "Are you hungry for my cum, Mrs. Martin?"

Forgetting where she was, in a church, forgetting her daughter was in the room, her daughter, the horny mother whimpered, "God, yes."

Cinthia almost made a remark about her mother's use of the Lord's name in vain but refrained as she watched the fall of her mother.

"Good, beg for it," Tommy demanded, tapping his hard cock on the MILF's ruby red lips.

There was no hesitation as the lust filled woman begged, "Please Tommy, let me suck your big hard cock until you cum in my mouth."

"And you will let me fuck your cunt?" Tommy questioned, seeing just how far he could push his girlfriend's hot mom.

Cinthia moved her hand to her clit and began rubbing herself as she watched her mother's sexual submission. The next words out of her mother's mouth shocked even the foul-mouthed teenager.

"Yes, Tommy, my cunt is yours to fuck if my daughter will allow it," Kimberly said, completely turned on and willing to give in unconditionally to her daughter's power.

Cinthia smiled, her fantasy of her mom's submission so deliciously close, "Mommy, are you ready to submit to your Mistress unconditionally?"

The question lingered in the air as Kimberly stared at the big hard cock in front of her face. She had no idea what her daughter had in store for her, yet she also knew she could not go back to the sexless vanilla life she had been living for years. She wanted to swallow Tommy's cum; she wanted to be a part of the town's kinky housewives' club; she wanted to feel Tommy's big cock inside her burning inferno of lust; she wanted to obey. The two words out if her mouth sealed her fate. "Yes, Mistress," the mother said, turning to look up at her beautiful daughter.

"And you are hungry for my boyfriend's cum, my pet?" the smiling daughter asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Kimberly answered, starring into the eyes of her daughter.

"Well my cunt is full of his cum, it is literally leaking out of me," the powerful teen seductress pointed out.

The mother took a couple of seconds to realize the implication of her daughter's words. She stammered, "Y-y-you want me to lick your vagina."

"No," Cinthia corrected, "I want you to eat my cunt."

Tommy lifted up the dazed mother as if she was a feather and positioned her between her daughter's stocking-clad legs.

Kimberly stared at her daughter's cunt. She could see the yummy white goo leaking out of her daughter. There should have been hesitation, a brief refusal. It was her daughter's cunt and she had never before this day, even in her wildest college days, ever licked a pussy. Yet there was no hesitation, no refusal. The mother leaned forward and escalated the earlier brief moment of incest by kissing her daughter's much more inappropriate lips.

Cinthia moaned on first contact of her mother's tongue and Tommy gasped, "Holy shit." Kimberly meanwhile, began lapping his cum from her daughter's cunt. The taste a mixture of salty and sweet only enhanced the mom's now insatiable hunger. Once the taste hit her taste buds, she was addicted and hungrily licked and sucked, attempting to retrieve every drop of Tommy's cum.

"Oh God, Mommy! You have a great pussy pleasing tongue," Cinthia moaned, her pussy getting revved up by her mother's tongue.

Kimberly's moral fortitude broken, she no longer cared about the taboo of incest and instead just wanted to taste her daughter's pussy and make her come.

"Does Mommy want to make her daughter come?" Cinthia asked, her orgasm that was building but didn't explode when Tommy shot into her was rising again.

"Get her off, slut," Tommy demanded, spanking the MILF's ass.

The derogatory treatment and order by the buff teenager only enhanced the eagerness to obey for the submissive mother. She took her daughter's clit in her mouth and slid two fingers inside her daughter's sloppy wet pussy.

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