tagMatureOh, Teacher, Teacher!

Oh, Teacher, Teacher!


Linda has been sitting in the front row of my last period History class all year and has been driving me crazy. She is an overly developed young thing that can never seem to find bras or blouses that can keep up with her seemingly rapidly exploding boobs. There is always just so much more tit there than her clothing can contain.

As if that wasn't enough, she always wears the shortest, skimpiest mini skirts legally possible, then sits in a way that she always gives me the greatest panty-crotch shots that most men can only dream about—except today she wasn't wearing any panties.

She was constantly crossing and recrossing her legs—but especially when she knew I was looking at her. Then she wouldn't close her thighs together but would leave a wide gap between them so her pussy showed through like a neon light. And her slit was so wet it did look like a neon light the way it reflected the room's lighting.

Linda's class was my last class of the day, thank God, because I usually had to rush right home and masturbate because of her antics. Only today I seriously doubted I could make it home before my balls exploded.

I have the bad habit of sitting on top of my desk, especially during the final period of the day, when I am giving lectures or leading the students in discussions. As I sat there today, not two feet in front of Linda, her eyes remained glued to my crotch. And as I tried to keep my mind on teaching the class, I couldn't help but notice that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter—in fact she was dribbling her hot girl goo out of her cunt. And with no panties, and a skirt so short it didn't count, she was basically dribbing her sex juice all over her seat—and that made me fucking hot.

As I felt my erection spring to life, I quickly ducked behind my desk and finished the lesson sitting down, hiding my erection under the desk out of fear the students would all see that tell-tale bulge growing in teacher's trousers. But sitting down behind my desk only gave me a better angle to look up Linda's skimpy skirt, such as it was.

And she took full advantage of the situation to prop one foot up on the seat so her knee pointed straight up. This essentially hiked her skirt up so high, and spread her legs so wide that I thought I was watching a porn flick. Meanwhile her pussy continued to gush while she stared me straight in the eyes and teased her lips with her pencil eraser.

Thank God, the bell finally rang ending the class. One more minute and I may have lost all control and just dived right in there between her legs in front of all the other students and everything. As it was, I knew I'd never make it home before squirting.

As soon as the last student left the room, I rushed over to lock the door, then rushed over to Linda's seat and fell down on my knees. Her seat was still hot from her sexy butt and thighs—and still very wet from her girl goo. I held my nose close to the damp stains inhaling deeply, letting the musky odor of her sexiness fill my sex-crazed brain.

Then I kissed the spot right where her quim was while rubbing my cock through my trousers.

I rubbed my cheeks all over her seat absorbing and loving all the heat and warmth from where her ass, cunt, and thighs had just been on moments before.

I frantically licked and sucked on the tangy-smelling wet spot while playing with my cock. And then I came, squirting a huge load into my underwear.


The following day, Linda came in wearing a nearly transparent clinging white blouse with several buttons undone. She was braless, and the cleavage she showed went almost to her nipples.

For her lower body she wore those kind of pants that look like sweat pants, but cling so tight that they might as well be lingerie. As she walked into the room my eyes went right to her crotch. The clinging material was so tight that I could tell she wasn't wearing any panties. The V of her crotch stood out as clear as if she were completely nude. At the bottom of the V there was a nice camel toe courtesy of her fat, puffy pussy lips.

Her sweat pants were hung so low that when she bent over in front of me to put her books under her desk I saw about half of the crack of her ass sticking out.

During class time she was always staring at me—either directly in the eyes or directly at my crotch. Now and then she'd reach a hand down to touch her pussy while looking at me.

I told the class to read chapter 6 and answer the questions at the end, then I wandered around the room helping students as need be. After helping all the other students I somehow ended up standing beside Linda's desk looking down her blouse. I saw her auroles and her nipples.

She looked up at me and smiled, then asked me a question about something in the book. I moved in closer to her so I could point out something in the book. My cock, bulging and throbbing, but safely imprisoned in my jockey shorts, pressed against her shoulder. As I thumbed through her book my elbow inadvertently brushed against her nipple. Then she started rubbing her very erect nipple against my elbow as if she were trying to fuck it.

I quickly showed her the answer to her question then retreated to the safety of my desk so I could hide the increasing bulge in my pants.

A few minutes later Linda came up to me, laid her huge boobs on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. "I've got to go to the rest room." Her breath was so hot and wet I felt goose bumps all over my body. She gave my ear lobe a swift, gentle lick as she finished her sentence.

I give her permission to leave the room—and watched her butt cheeks jiggle under her tight sweat pants as she walked—the crack of her ass all too apparent.

A few moments later she returned and I got to see another display of her lovely camel toe. It was bigger than ever, since she had stuffed some of her sweat pants into her slit. She was also quite wet, which made her slit all the more obvious.

When she sat back down she sat with one foot propped up on the seat so that her increasingly wet crotch stared right at me.

Thank God the bell finally rang. I stood at the door to watch all the students leave. Linda was the last one to leave. When she reached the doorway where I was standing, she dropped one of her books, then bent over to pick it up. As she bent over she pressed her ass right against the throbbing bulge in my trousers and half of her crack exposed right under my eyes.

While bent over, she dropped a couple more books. She moved her ass side-to-side on my cock as she pretended to try to gather up her books.

Afraid I might come all over her and myself, I squatted down to help her pick up her things. Then I saw that when she had bent over her bra-less tits flopped out of her nearly unbuttoned blouse. I couldn't help but stare open-mouthed at her beautiful globes and her red, swollen nipples just begging to be sucked.

She caught me looking and smiled. We both stared at each other, eye-to-eye as we groped on the floor for the rest of her books. I help her stuff her books into her pack. Our hands met. She clasped both of my hands in hers and we stared into each other's eyes again for what seemed like an eternity, thought it was over in a minute.

I rose, helping her to her feet. She stuffed her tits back into her blouse and rebuttoned a few buttons—looking me in the eyes and smiling at me all the time.

"I'm such a clutz," she said, "thanks Mr. Smith, for helping me with my books." Then she pressed her bosom to me and kissed me on the face before slipping out the door.

I locked the door behind her and immediately shot my load into my shorts.


The following day she came in wearing another micro mini that barely covered her white panties. Yes, she was wearing panties—I got to see them bright and clear when she bent over in front of me to put her books under her desk.

On top she wore a skin-tight T-shirt. Again, I saw that she had no bra on because her nipples jutted out like angry fingers.

I assigned the class another reading assignment to do from the text book. Of course Linda sat there flashing me her panties while reading. Then I noticed that her nipples seemed to grow ever more erect through her T-shirt as she read, and her panties started getting really wet.

I loved history, but I couldn't believe that reading about it could turn someone on so much. So, I got up and made my rounds around the class, and when I reached Linda's desk I saw that she was hiding an illustrated porn comic mag inside her textbook so I would only think that she was reading her history.

The page she was looking at showed a picture of a man spanking a young girl and the caption above the girl said "Oh, Daddy. I feel your cock against my stomach. It makes me so hot. Oh, Daddy"

On the opposite page he is fucking her doggie style, and the caption above the girl said: "Oh, Daddy, your cock is s-s-s-s-o big. It makes me feel so fucking good."

Realizing that Linda has pushed things too far, I reached down and took the mag away from her. "Linda, You're going to have to stay after class for this, now get back to your history lesson." I sat down behind my desk again, stuffing the porn mag in one of the drawers so the other students wouldn't have to see it.

Linda gave me a real pouting look, then actually started doing her history lesson. However, my reprimand of her didn't stop her from flashing her panties. While reading, she pulled a lollipop out of her purse and began sucking on it in front of me. She moved it in and out of her mouth like she was giving it head. Then she'd hold it against her lips and looking me right in the eyes she licked it with her nice, big, red tongue. Then she'd fuck it back and forth between her lips again. And all the time she was flashing me her wet panties.

When I thought I couldn't take any more, the bell mercifully rang.

"Okay, everybody dismissed, except Linda." I said, looking sternly at her. After all the other students had left I got up and locked the door, then returned to my desk. I opened up the top drawer and took out her porn mag. "You know, Linda, I really ought to take this to the office and have them report it to your parents."

She looked up at me with pleading eyes. "No! Please, Mr. Smith. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise."

I walked over to her desk, and sat the magazine down in front of her. The front cover showed the teenage girl in skimpy micro mini bending over in front of her father. She was topless and playing with her very erect, bright red nipples as she wriggled her ass in her father's face. The bulge in the crotch of his trousers was all too obvious.

"Okay, Linda," I said. "I won't report you this time. But you really should not bring stuff like this in to school. You could get yourself into some real big trouble. Why would a nice, good-looking girl like you want to read this stuff anyway?"

"I-I-I-I don't know. Oh, Mr. Smith, I guess I just get so hot looking at you every day. And, this magazine shows me all the things I'd like to do with you. I just want to have sex with you so bad. Please don't be mad with me."

I pretty much lost it then. I moved around behind her, shoving the other desk out of the way. I pressed up close to her so the throbbing bulge in my trousers pressed up against the back of her neck. I reached down to caress her huge bra-less tits through her tight T-shirt.

I bent over to kiss the top of her head. "Ohhhh, sweet Linda," I murmured. You drive me so crazy. I can't help myself anymore."

She turned her face up towards me. Our lips met. She reached her hands up to pull my face in tight to hers.

Then her tongue raped my mouth.

As we Frenched, I tweaked her hard-on nipples through her T-shirt.

As her hot, young tongue slithered around inside my mouth, she slid her hands down my body, to my hips, then guided me back around so I was standing beside her, where the open part of her desk was. She turned sideways in her desk sliding up to the edge, her skimpy skirt sliding up her hips exposing her very wet panties.

She wrapped her legs around mine and pulled me in close till her cunt was rubbing just below my knees. Then, fondling my butt, she pressed her face into my crotch and started kissing and mouthing my bulge.

With her mouth still buried in my crotch, she undid my belt, pulled my zipper down, then yanked my pants down to my knees. Fondling my ass and balls, she sucked me off through my jockey shorts.

She yanked my underwear down to my knees freeing my cock. As soon as my cock came free of my shorts, it bounced and bobbed up and down right in front of her face.

She giggled and started flicking her tongue at it to make it bounce and bob all the more. She licked it up and down, up and down until I thought I'd go crazy. Then she started sucking me like she did her lollipop.

Right before I thought I was going to come, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and squatted down in front of her. I looked up her skirt, drooled at her wet panties, then looked her in the eyes. "Do you have another lollipop?"

Giggling, she reached into her purse and handed me one.

I unwrapped it, then reaching up between her legs I rubbed it up and down on her panty covered cunt while looking her in the eyes. Then I held it up to my face again and licked her juices off the lollipop while looking her in the eye.

Then I stuck my hands up her skirt again and stuffed the lollipop down inside her panties. I worked it down until it found a place snug up between her pussy lips with part of it pressing on her clit.

I stood up with my hard-on bouncing and throbbing in front of her nose. "Okay, now you can fuck your lollipop while you suck me."

I fondled her hair while she sucked me driving me crazy. She played with my balls and my butt while sucking me.

"I'm going to come," I warned her.

"Yes! Fuck my face, Mr. Smith! Come all over me!" She mumbled between sucks, then sucked me ever more frantically until I squirted.

After she swallowed me, I removed the rest of my clothes while she watched and toyed with the lollipop in her cunt. Naked, I sat down in front of her, took the lollipop out of her cunt and licked it while staring her in the eyes. Then I held it up to her face so she could lick it.

I rose up on my knees so I could lick the lollipop at the same time she was. Our tongues met and dueled as we licked. Then, pretty soon we were just face-fucking each other like crazy and I was as hard as a tent pole again.

While we frenched, I stuck my hand down her panties and fingered her to orgasm.

After she came, I stood up and began rubbing the tip of my hard cock against her erect nipples through her T-shirt. Then I helped her out of her T-shirt and rubbed my cock all over her naked tits.

I laid down on the floor then and told her to stand over me so I could look up between her legs.

She placed her feet on either side of my head and stood there playing with her titties while I looked up between her legs and up her skirt. I fondled her calves and her thighs, and the backs of her knees while worshipping her very wet panties.

When I started kissing and licking her calves, she began to slowly lower herself—allowing me plenty of time to lick and kiss my way up every inch of her legs.

Then she was squatting just above my face, her dripping wet, panty-covered cunt only inches from my mouth.

Fondling her thighs and butt, I reached my hand up her skirt and took a firm hold of her butt cheeks. I pulled her down to my face so I could eat her out through her panties.

"Nggggggggg!" She moaned when the hot wetness of my mouth met her hot wetness.

She lowered her knees so her hot thighs could caress my cheeks while I mouthed her cunt.

She played with her titties and groaned like an animal while I sucked her panty-covered cunt.

She started fucking my face, bucking, and thrashing.

I sucked her cunt all the harder.

"Godddddd yes!" She moaned as she came.

She collapsed on my face. Then she stretched out to lie on top of me. I cradled her in my arms, feeling her breath on my chest, on my neck, and on my face.

When she regained her strength, she stood up again, straddling my face. I got to watch her take her thoroughly soaked panties off. I admired her naked, swollen pussy lips. She took her skirt off and dropped it on her desk, then got down beside me and rubbed her wet panties on my face. I licked and inhaled her sex like a mad man.

Then she rubbed her soaked panties on my cock while looking me in the eye and licking at my lips and nose.

Her cunt was pressed against my hip at this time, and I could feel it getting all wet and steamy again.

Finally, when I thought I could take no more, she squatted over my throbbing cock and slowly inserted it between her sweet pussy lips. Then she proceeded to fuck my brains out while tugging at her swollen nipples.

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