tagIncest/TabooOh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 04

Oh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 04


Finally the semester ended, and Linda graduated. Now she was legal for me. I wouldn't have to worry so much about losing my job. At any rate, I had promised her that if she graduated on time that I would take her to one of those "adult" stores and buy her a toy. My first free day after her graduation she rode her bike over to my place and we hoped into my car and headed for the largest porn palace in town.

Linda was really dressed, if that is the right word it, for the occasion. She wore pumps, a pair of gray gym shorts, and a white tank top that looked more like a man's undershirt. She was braless and the straps of the tank-top undershirt barely covered her nipples. Her nipples! Her nipples were already quite erect in anticipation, and the soft, flimsy material of the tank-top/undershirt clung to those precious appendages making them seem almost bigger than they really were. And those gray gym shorts! Those gray gym shorts were so tight on her panty-less pussy that her slit clearly showed. And the shorts were short enough that her ass cheeks peeked out from underneath.

As we drove, with each block we passed her anticipation grew—as did her nipples. The increasing wetness of her pussy began to show through those damn gray shorts. To make matters worse, or "harder" for me, she began to fondle my cock through my pants as I drove. I was afraid I would lose all control and we'd have an accident but fortunately we arrived safe and sound.

She wanted to look at some of the magazines before we picked out a toy for her. This store had racks and racks of every type of magazine you could think off. The racks went from floor to near the ceiling forming what was almost separate, and nearly private rooms, for each type of sexual specialty: gay, hetero, groups, hairy chicks, latex, teenies, fatties, shaved, mature, you name it there was a special section, or cubicle.

We strolled through the hetero section first. Linda's eyes almost bugged out as she ogled all the handsome cocks sliding in and out of hot pussies.

Most of the magazines were wrapped in plastic so you could only look at the covers, but there were a few they had left unwrapped.

After thumbing through a couple we went around the corner into the next compartment, the lesbian compartment. Lesbianism was a huge fantasy of mine and I wanted to see what Linda's reaction was going to be.

We turned the corner and there was a real sexy looking lady standing by the racks looking at one of the magazines. She had on a white blouse, a very short tennis-type skirt and a pair of white medium high-heels. She was holding the magazine in one hand—and had her other hand up her short skirt. The hand bobbing up and down ruffling her skirt showed she was enjoying the magazine quite well.

"Mom!" Linda cried out with choked voice as soon as she recognized who it was.

"Linda!" the woman said, tuning around. A blush rushed to her cheeks as she withdrew her pussy-pleasing hand. "What on earth are you doing here?" Then she noticed me and gave us a sheepish smile. "Oh, I see," she said, putting the magazine back on the rack and grabbing another.

Linda rushed over to her mom. She put her hand on her mom's shoulder and pressed her tits up to the opposite shoulder so she could see what her mom was looking at.

"G-g-g-gosh, mommy!" Linda said, "I've never seen anything so sexy. Just look at what those beautiful women are doing with each other! It makes me horny just looking at it."

By this time I had moved up close enough to see they were looking at a picture of two gorgeous blonds making out and fingering each other's cunts.

"Yes, sweetie, I know. I get so freaking hot looking at this stuff, you can't believe."

Linda moved her hand from her mom's shoulder down to her hip. She placed her other hand around on top of her mom's wrist. "Mommy?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Have you ever tried doing it with another woman before?"

"No, but it is something I've always fantasized about. And looking at this stuff makes me so hot and horny, I almost go out of my mind wanting it."

Linda moved her hand around her mom's hip until it cupped her butt cheek. "Me, too, Mommy! I really want to try it with a woman sometime. That really looks so sexy. Oh! Mommy! Look at this!" Linda withdrew her hand from her mom's ass cheek to grab another magazine off the rack. This one had no plastic wrapping on it

Mrs. Cochran replaced the magazine she had been looking at and snuggled up behind her daughter. My already throbbing cock just about burst through my pants when I saw Mrs. Cochran place her hand on her daughter's ass and press her tits against her back to look over her shoulder—as Linda had done her.

"What have you got there honey?" Mrs. Cochran said with deep, husky voice.

"This one's called 'Like Mother, like Daughter,'" Linda said, looking back at her mom with a huge grin. "Just like us!" Linda giggled and turned back to look at the picture of a pony-tailed teen sucking the huge nipple of a gorgeous thirty-forty something. Both women had their hands up each other's micro minis.

"Ummmmmm, don't we just wish," Mrs. Cochran whispered sweetly into her daughter's ear. Her hand began to toy with her daughter's butt. She sat her other hand on Linda's biceps letting her index finger stick up so it could lightly brush against her daughter's nipple.

Mrs. Cochran's bra-less nipples were exploding through her flimsy blouse and poking into her daughter's back.

Standing close to the women, the musky smells of their increasingly hot pussies made my cock all the hotter.

Linda turned the page. "Oh, God, Mommy! Look at this! How fucking hot!"

I peered over their shoulders to see the picture. The younger girl was squatting down to rub her pussy on her mommy's ankle and had her hands up her mommy's mini skirt to play with her ass. The picture right next to it showed the girl's head up her mommy's skirt, tongue slurping away. The mom was playing with her rocket-nipples, a glazed look on her face.

"Sexy, sexy, sexy," Mrs. Cochran hissed into her daughter's ear, almost licking her face. She slipped her hand under the strap of Linda's tank top/undershirt to fondle her daughter's tit. Her thumb began to tease Linda's hard-on nipple. "It gives me goose bumps all over." She landed a quick kiss on her daughter's cheek.

"Me too," Linda said, turning around to face her mom. "Mommy?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Mommy, Let's."

Mrs. Cochran grabbed her daughter's face with both hands and pressed their mouths together.

Linda dropped her magazine as her hands flew to her mother's body fondling her tits, her ass and everything in between as frantically as she could.

"Ummmmmmmmommmmmmeeee," Linda moaned through her tongue-filled mouth as the two women frenched each other out.

I picked up the magazine and set it back on the rack. Then, afraid that someone would walk in and catch us, I guided the two women to the private movie room off to the side. As soon as I closed the door behind us, the two women were at each other again. I stuck my credit card into the machine and started a movie. I didn't care what movie it was—because nobody was going to be watching it—I just wanted people at the front counter to think somebody was watching a movie in here.

In the flickering light of the porn movie I took my clothes off while watching Linda and her mom. They were still kissing and fondling each other frantically. Linda stuck her hand up her mom's skirt to rub her pussy while they made out. Mrs. Cochran returned he favor, rubbing her hand up and down the slit of Linda's sopping wet gym shorts.

"Ummmmmmmmm" both women moaned through their tongue-filled mouths.

The tiny arcade room was quickly overwhelmed with hot-pussy smell, and I inhaled deeply, letting their sex fill every molecule of my being. All naked now, and with my cock throbbing like a water-witch I came up beside the two women to put my arms around them. "Sexy, sexy, sexy," I mumbled as my cock tried to work its way between the two steaming crotches.

Hugging both women I felt them trembling like new born birds, both frightened and incredibly excited by the erotic weirdness of what they were doing. They stopped frigging each other to each reach an arm around me to fondle my butt.

My cock was pressed from one side by Linda's dribbling gym shorts and on the other by her mother's soaked panties. The tip of my cock reached to their steamy slits and the heat was mind-boggling.

As we joined into a three-way kiss, my cock fucked in and out between their crotches. I moved back around behind Mrs. Cochran, letting my water-witch cock lift up the rear end of her tiny skirt. As my throbbing hard-on bounced around on her butt cheeks I began undoing the buttons of her blouse.

As soon as her mom's huge tits were free Linda dove right in, sucking first one then the other. "Ummmmm, Mommmy!" Linda moaned in between slurps.

Mrs. Cochran turned her face around to French me while her daughter sucked and played with her tits and my cock continued to tease her ass.

With Mrs. Cochran's blouse completely off now, Linda started kissing her way down her Mother's stomach. I moved around to the front of her to take Linda's place at her tits.

As Linda bent down, kissing ever lower and lower on her mom, her ass pressed up against my cock until she was almost pushing me away from her mom.

I let go of her mom's tits to reach my arms around Linda. I pulled her back up straight facing her mother. I kissed and licked all over the side of her face while my cock rubbed all over the ass of her gym shorts.

Mrs. Cochran then dove into her daughter's titties, first fondling them, then pulling the flimsy tank-top straps out of the way to free her nipples.

As Mrs. Cochran sucked and played with her daughter's nipples, I worked my cock underneath Linda's ass until it felt the length of her scalding wet slit. While her mother's tongue flicked and darted all over her nipples, making them dance this way and that, I fucked my cock back and forth against the slit of her sloppy wet gym shorts.

"Nnnnnnngnnggggggg!" Linda moaned.

Mrs. Cochran and I worked Linda's tank top over her head, then Mrs. Cochran started kissing and licking her way down her daughter's body.

I played with Linda's titties and frenched her while her mom worked her way down ever lower.

When Mrs. Cochran buried her face in her daughter's soggy snatch, Linda let out a hot gasp that gave me goose bumps all over.

Mrs. Cochran played with her daughter's ass while munching away at the crotch of her steaming gym shorts.

"Ummmmmmmmmommmmeeeee!" Linda moaned into my mouth. Her nipples seemed to suddenly grow an extra inch. Linda's entire body trembled and thrashed. Her hips bucked involuntarily as if they wanted to fuck her mommie's face. Her movements made her ass bang against my cock.

"Yessss, sweetie!" Mrs. Cochran coaxed through her cunt-filled mouth. "Give it to me honey, fuck my face. Show Mommy what a big girl you are. Cum, baby, cum." She gobbled her daughter's twat like a maniac.

"Ngggggggggggh!" Linda moaned in orgasm.

Mrs. Cochran stood back up, her face glistening from her daughter's cum. She put her arms around Linda, standing close so their throbbing nipples could touch. She smiled into her daughter's face while teasing Linda's nipples by rubbing her own back and forth against them. "That was beautiful, honey, now see if you can taste yourself." She drew her daughter's face to hers and began flicking her tongue back and forth across her daughter's lips.

I felt Linda's body quiver all over from the sensations. Linda plunged her tongue into her mom's mouth and licked and slurped all the sex juices there. While I continued to fondle Linda's titties, she kissed and licked her way down her mom's neck until she reached her boobs. She fondled both boobs while licking and sucking her nipples, first one, then the other. Eventually she worked a hand down between her mom's legs and up her skimpy skirt. She played with her mommie's pussy while sucking her titties.

My hands still playing with Linda's tits, and my cock teasing her ass and sliding between her legs to tease her sopping wet slit, I leaned forward to kiss Mrs. Cochran. The taste and smell of her daughter's sex all over her face and in her mouth drove me crazy. My cock throbbed so hard it almost lifted Linda up off the ground.

As Linda began kissing and licking her way down her mom's body, I squatted down behind her to pull her sopping wet gym shorts off.

Linda was completely bent over now, kissing and licking her mom's thighs and slipping her hands up under her skirt to fondle her ass and pussy.

I slipped my cock between Linda's legs, and with her cunt now naked, it easily slipped inside her slobbering hole. Her cunt practically sucked me right in. I played with her titties while fucking her doggie style while she fondled her mommie's ass and kissed and licked her panty-covered cunt and fucked her tongue in between the top of her mommie's thighs.

"Ohhhhhhh, Gggggod, yesssss!" Mrs. Cochran moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Still fucking Linda doggie style, I bent over to suck on Mrs. Cochran's titties while her daughter kissed and licked and sucked her and played with her through her panties.

This was too fucking much for me and I shot my load into Linda's gobbling hot cunt.

When I pulled my spent cock out of Linda, she squatted down in front of her mommy and pulled her panties down to her knees. She began rubbing her sloppy wet cunt on her mommy's foot and ankle while sliding her hands up the back of her legs and back up under her skirt to fondle her ass.

"Mommy, I want to do you just like in the magazine," Linda said, sticking her head back up under her mommy's skirt.

"Y-y-y-yesssss, sweetie, just like in the magazine. Ungggggodfuckkkkk!" Mrs. Cochran moaned when her daughter's sucking mouth found her naked, throbbing clit.

This made me instantly hard again, so I moved in behind Mrs. Cochran and pressed up against her to fondle her tits while her daughter ate her out. My cock, seeking heat and wetness easily found its way into her seething slit. Fucking her from behind like that my tool pounded her G-spot with each stroke.

Linda alternated sucking her mom's clit with licking her slit. Now and then I felt Linda's velvet tongue on the underside of my cock as I fucked her mother. Then Linda concentrated everything on her mom's clit, clamping her lips around the swollen appendage she sucked as hard as she could while her tongue teased the tip of it. Linda went crazy, fucking her own sloppy cunt against her mom's foot and ankle while sucking her clit like a maniac.

I heard the muffled sounds of her cunt-filled mouth moaning from underneath her mommy's skirt. "Oh mommy, mommy, mommy."

"Squish! Squish! Squish!" went her hot, wet cunt against her mommy's foot.

By now I was pumping my cock in and out of Mrs. Cochran's steamy orifice as hard and fast as I could, banging the tip of my hard-on against her G-spot while her daughter sucked the hell out or her clit.

"Gggggggggodfuckkkkkkkkk!" Mrs. Cochran moaned. Her body trembled in my arms. She bucked and thrashed all over, fucking her cunt into her daughter's sucking face as hard as she could. Then she exploded. "Nnnnnnggggggg!"

Linda came at the same time all over her mom's foot, and I shot my wad into her slit.

As soon as Mrs. Cochran regained her breath, she reached down to pull her daughter to her feet and began kissing and licking her mouth out, enjoying the taste and feel of her orgasm on her daughter's lips and tongue.

Against the wall of the small room there was a padded bench and the two women sat down to make out and fondle each other. I sat down on the floor beneath them and raised Mrs. Cochran's cunt-stained foot to my mouth. I licked her daughter's pussy juice off of her foot while watching the two women make out.

Linda's two feet and her mom's free foot teased my cock, stomach and inner thighs as they played with each other.

The smell of sex was so powerful in the little room that I think all of us were nearly delirious.

After I had cleaned Linda's cum off of her mom's foot, I kissed and licked my way up between the older woman's legs. Soon I was slurping away at her squishy snatch. She wrapped her legs around my body to hold me in close to her. Her sexy feet rubbed up and down on my butt and the small of my back.

The heat of her firm, warm thighs pressing in against my cheeks while I ate her hot, steaming pussy was pure heaven.

By this time Linda was too horny to sit, so she stood up straddling her mom, one foot on each side of her mom's hips.

"Ummmmmmmm, yesssss, sweetie!" Mrs. Cochran moaned as her hands snaked up the back side of her daughter's legs to cup her ass. She guided Linda's horny cunt into her face.

"Nnnnnnnggggggg" Mrs. Cochran moaned into her daughter's crotch as her lips clamped down on Linda's steaming cunt.

Frantically licking Mrs. Cochran's sloshy slit, I looked up from between her legs at her heaving tits. The nipples huge, and bright red, looked like a couple of angry little rockets ready to blast off.

I watched as her tongue slithered out from betwixt her lips to lick up and down her daughter's puffy lips.

"Uummmmmmmmmommmmmmmie!" Linda moaned as she began fucking her cunt into her mom's face.

Mrs. Cochran went crazy. Her whole body thrashed on the bench. She clamped her thighs around my licking sucking head so hard I thought I would suffocate. And I loved it. Her hot pussy just gushed and gushed all over my face as I licked and sucked like a maniac. Her feet pounded my lower back and butt spastically. She crammed her daughter's cunt into her face as hard as she could and sucked the holy fuck out of her clit.

"Yyyeeeeeee!" Linda Screamed furiously fucking her cunt into her mommy's mouth.

Both women shuddered and came.

After that we all got dressed, went back into the store to buy Linda her toy, then we all went over to my place for some more fun. We have been getting together as a 3-some a couple of times a week since then.

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