Oh What a Night Ch 02


With his hand behind my head, pushing me into the pillows on the floor my ass was raised high in the air as he pushed himself deeper. He stopped again and I’d guess he was about half way in by now. It felt like he was going to come out my throat. “FUCK!” he yelled, “You are SO damn tight! I don’t think I’ve ever had an anal cherry before. Thank you for saving it for me baby,” he said. Without even moving his cock inside me he was still moaning with pleasure. I was contracting and releasing my asshole, trying to expel his invasion but it was apparently only making it feel better for him.

“Oh god yes baby! Can you make it even tighter? Play with your clit. Do it….play with your clit it will make you contract even more.” I couldn’t even move – every thought, muscle and nerve was concentrating on his cock buried in my ass. “Ah fuck,” he said, “Now I’m telling you to touch yourself and you won’t. Damn bitch., I’ll just do it myself then.” and he reached around in front of me and started rubbing my clit.

“Oh yea! It’s getting tighter. I didn’t think anything could be tighter than your ass before, but NOW, UGH! Oh GOD! Sooooooo fucking tight!” he said. “Oooh and you like it too, your clit is so hard. See, I knew you’d like it” My clit was indeed hard, and I was finally able to focus on it instead of my ass and all the pain there.

He continued to rub my clit fast and furious and I was well on my way to my second orgasm of Round Two. Then he started pushing his cock further and deeper into my virgin ass. I felt something pop and he was suddenly up to his balls. “Oh FUCK,” we both said at the same time. He didn’t hold still as he had done previously when he went further into my ass. This time he pulled it out almost to the tip and slid it back in. He didn’t slam it home but he was buried in my ass again quickly.

He kept rubbing my swollen clit and I was very close to cumming when he started to fuck my ass faster and faster. “OH yes baby…..ugh…ugh….ugh” his sounds were guttural and he was moaning as he fucked me faster and deeper into my ass. As I reached the edge of my orgasm I screamed “Oh” “MY” “GOD” in between his thrusts into my ass.

“YES YES YES!!!” I was screaming and actually started to buck against him.

He was saying something but it wasn’t clear and then he released his load deep in my ass. I could feel him cum deep in my ass and it felt like fire burning up my insides. I’m not sure where it goes when a guy comes in your ass, but I was certain he made it into my intestines and that it was seeping into my stomach. I felt sick, like I was going to throw up and then he collapsed, his cock still inside, on top of me.

His body jerked with aftershocks and he was moaning and cooing with pure pleasure.

His softening cock finally slipped from my ass and I was stunned at what I felt, for I felt empty. He rolled me over and kissed me passionately. As his tongue danced on mine my ass was burning and my pussy was raw. He fell asleep there on top of me and I was wide-awake in pain.

He finally rolled off me with a small nudge and I was able to get up and away from him. I wobbled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with the lid closed. I had turned on the water to fill the tub and was waiting for it to fill up. The coolness of the toilet seat felt nice on my soar bottom. As I lowered myself into the tub, the hot water was stinging at first but as I sat down and stretched out it was comforting. I submerged my entire body in the hot steamy water and tried to drown out everything that had happened tonight. I was drifting in and out of sleep and thought I can’t fall asleep here because I’ll drown. I pulled myself up into a more sitting position so at least my head was out of the water. I heard his footsteps coming down the hall and I was frightened.

He poked his head in and said “Good night” and then I heard his footsteps again and then I heard the door close behind him. He was finally gone. This night was finally over. I soaked my aching body in the tub for another 20 or 30 minutes after he left. As I was crawling into bed, literally, I crawled from the tub to my mattress on the floor, still soaking wet from my bath, the phone rang. I didn’t even try to pick it up, and just let the machine get it.

“Hey babe – I just wanted to make sure you didn’t drown in the tub. Don’t get all pruned.” he laughed, “I’ll call you sometime next week, you were great.” and he hung up.

My thoughts raced through my week figuring out my schedule and started counting the minutes till the weekend. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, completely spent and absolutely satisfied. No man had ever before, and I’d hope this man would again and again, satisfy me.

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