"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned


"Don't Bobby," she protested as she tried to pull her hand away. And over Bobby's shoulder she could see her mom watching them from the couch. He held her wrist for seconds, not allowing her to withdraw her fingers. Slowly her resistance faded, then tentatively she started to move her hand up and down his length, exploring, arousing, caressing, promising....

"Gosh Bobby, it's so big, so hard, so long," she whispered in his ear. "It'll never fit."

She stroked him for two dances. Gasped when he slipped his hands under her shorts and cupped her firm butt. Moaned when his finger caressed her anus. Almost melted when his finger pushed into her pussy.

The three of them continued to dance for a couple of hours. Their bodies made clear promises to each other that didn't have to be articulated in words. They all knew what the future held. The women finally staggered to bed around two...their son and brother passed out on the couch. All three dreamt of forbidden pleasures.


"You know Patty's a virgin?" his mom asked as she and Bobby watched his sister swimming in the surf as they sat side by side on the beach the next day.

"Are you going to stop us? Only you can," Bobby said as his eyes searched his moms.

"I don't want Patty hurt."

"You know I'd never," he protested.

"I know honey," his mom answered as she put her hand on his thigh for a moment.

"I have your permission? To make love with your daughter?" Bobby asked.


"To marry her?"

"Oh Bobby, you can't," but then conceded, "Yes honey."

"You too. After," he promised, his eyes ordering, beseeching.

"I'm your mother."

"I love you. Want you. Do you want me Chrissie?" he asked as his hand cupped her head and drew her towards him.

"Yes. Yes baby," she cried, then felt his tongue penetrate her mouth.

He's kissing mom, Patty gasped as she looked up and saw her mom and her brother intertwined. Oh god I love him, she thought as she watched Bobby finally break away from her mom and stand. Mommy wants him as much as I do, she suddenly realized.

"Ya coming swimming?" Bobby asked his mom as he stood over her.

"No, maybe later," she laughed, "go swim with your sister. Bobbbbby, leave your suit on," she tried to order him as he slipped his suit down his legs and turned toward the ocean.

Will he really want his older mother after he's had Patty, she asked herself as her eyes followed his tight, muscular bum as he ran toward his sister?

"God, you are a pervert," Patty accused as Bobby splashed up to her and stood just feet away from here in the knee high water.

"You're the one looking at her brother's penis."

"Well, you've got it flapping up and down so much...how could I miss it? Anyway it's an ugly little thing...men aren't nearly as pretty down there as women," she said.

"You liked touching it the other morning, seemed to like it last night too," he teased.

"I'd never seen one before. Or touched one. I was just checking."

"Wait til you feel it tonight...in another place," he laughed as he lifter her in his arms.

"I won't. You're terrible."

"Your breasts are beautiful."

"Hah," she said as her face lit up in pleasure.

"Will you marry me? Have my babies?"

"You're crazy," she laughed. I won't have to find anyone else she thought as he lifted her and then tossed her out into the deeper water. My brother's the one I've been waiting for. "Yes," she yelled when she surfaced from her dunking. "If you really want me."

"Yesssss," he yelled back, knowing that the two women on this beach were his only future.


"I'm going to sleep in the tent tonight," Chrissie said at about eleven that night.

"What? Why?" Patty asked.

"I want some fresh air for once. Bobby can sleep on my side of the bed."

Patty understood immediately. She knew her mother was okaying this union of her children, not only okaying but also giving her blessing. There would be no hiding, no lies between them ever.

"No," she shouted just as her mom reached the door. "I want you here," she said as she felt both their eyes on her.

"But," her mother started.

"I want you with us mommy," she insisted, "When we make love," she added, letting them both know she understood.

"Bobby?" she asked as she turned to her brother with open arms.

"You're trembling," he said as he felt her shiver against his chest.

"I'm scared."

"You don't have to be."

"I know...but I am," she said as her soft hand found and seized his surging manhood.

"I'll be gentle," he promised as their mouths meshed together.

"That's not what I want," she panted when she finally pulled her lips off his. "Be a man, all man," she demanded as she stroked him.

He marveled again at her beauty after he had quickly stripped her top and shorts from her body. He pushed her back onto the bed and saw the moist, pink gash open between her dark curls. Then spread her knees even farther apart and brought his round cockhead to her gates.

"Bobbbbbby," she gasped as he split her engorged sex in one, long, hard thrust. Oh jesus, she thought as she wrapped her legs around her young brother, it's so much better than she'd ever imagined. She felt impossibly full.

Nothing had prepared himself for this overwhelming sensation of completeness that hit him as he felt her ankles digging into his buttocks. Every nerve in his cock was somehow being awoken by his sisters tightening insides. He was in heaven. Her pussy was the promised land. His other women had been nothing like this.

"Pattty...I can't hold it...ohhh...ohhh," he yelled as her insides clenched his suddenly erupting cock. He looked up as he felt his penis flooded by their combined juices and saw his mother sitting on the couch, naked, her fingers moving urgently on her mound.

"I love you Bobby," Patty whispered as her brother started to move again inside of her.

"I'm sorry," he started, "about how quickly..."

"It feels so good," she answered as she put her finger on his lips to quiet him.

"I'll be better," he promised.

"It couldn't be any better than this," she cried as her body started to spasm in orgasm under his urgent, pounding, thrusting hardness.


"Let me kiss him," she said when he finally pulled out, his cock coated and sticky.

"Later," he answered as he turned her over on her stomach and then lifted her to her knees.

"Again?" she asked as she felt his cockhead run along her ass.

Just as he shoved his prick into his sister's oozing channel he saw his mom stand and move toward the door.


"I'm just getting some air...I'll be back," she said softly, then slipped from the cabin.

He rode Patty hard this third time, holding and squeezing her breasts as he pounded into her from behind. She was noisy now, yelling, screaming her pleasure as her brother's penis quickly transformed her into a writhing slave.

"Ohhhh god," she finally moaned, her whole body thrashing as her womb orgasmed her acceptance of the first explosive delivery of sperm. They were so tightly interjoined that she could feel it as his cum started up his long shaft, had a second of anticipation before she felt it burst liquidly inside her. Then could feel her insides draw his seed deep inside, sucking it down to her centre. Then she sensed the next load of sperm starting up his shaft.

Again and again his bucking cock discharged.


"Where's mom?" a panting Patty finally asked after their fourth frantic coupling.

"She just went out to get some air."

"Go get her Bobby...she shouldn't be alone."

"When you're asleep honey...I'll go then," he promised his wife.


"Are you cold?" he asked when he saw his mom standing naked at the edge of the sea.

"Bobby. Why aren't you with Patty?" his mother asked as he engulfed her naked form from behind in his arms.

"She's asleep. I brought you a blanket."

"It's warm out here," she said as she leaned back against him.

"I'll warm you," he whispered in her ear as his hands moved to cup her full breasts.

"Honey...don't," she moaned even as she wiggled her bum and captured his hardening shaft between her ass cheeks.

"I love you Chrissie," her son insisted as he slowly moved one hand across her stomach and towards her sex.

"You won't be able to...you'll be too tired," she protested even as she pushed back against him. "Ohhh Bobbbby," she groaned as he slipped a finger inside of his mum. She arched her head back and turned her face to meet his as a second finger penetrated her slippery channel.

Their lips clashed together in a hungry lust and then their mouths opened as they tried to force their tongues together. "Oh baby...yes," Chrissie moaned as Bobby moved his lips to a quivering breast and sucked a taut nipple into his moist mouth.

"No Bobby...noooo," she cried as he slipped to his knees and brought his tongue to her sex. He had to hold her ass cheeks in his strong hands or her trembling body would have collapsed under the onslaught of his tongue.

Her cries of pleasure seemed to echo around the island as he moved back and forth between her erect clit and her increasingly moist crack. She wailed a long, whimpering, "Bobbbbbbbbbby," when she finally shuddered and discharged her orgasmic juice onto his lapping tongue.

"Now baby...now...please...fuck mommie...hurry," she demanded as she slid down his body and lay panting on her back on the blanket, her moist thighs splayed open in urgent need.

He simply marveled to himself as he pushed inside his mother, was actually trembling as her vulva closed around him and squeezed his throbbing shaft. I grew in there, he thought, as he repeatedly thrust his burning rod towards his mother's womb.

Again and again he thrust inside of his mom, and each time felt how her body rose off the blanket to eagerly meet his probing penis.

It lasted and lasted. His time with Patty had taken the urgent edge off his lust. He made love to his mother unhurriedly, again and again bringing her to the edge before backing off.

Loved it when she finally erupted under him, orgasming her need of him even as he continued to move his swollen shaft inside her engorged pussy.

"Please baby...hurry, hurrrrry," she cried. "I'm commmmming!"

He put her heels on his shoulders when her first orgasm had passed, and then when he started to deep fuck her he knew he was reaching places no other man had ever been with her, knew from the almost supernatural wail that was escaping her lips that she'd never want anyone but him.

It was only when she'd slipped into a state of continuous orgasm that he felt the tightening in his balls and the first strand of cream rush up his penis, knew somehow that it was she and not Patty who'd have his first child.


"You're crying!" he said as he watched tears falling down both her cheeks.

"I'm happy...oh Bobby," she cried as he licked the salty drops from her skin.

"I love you mommy," he said as he started to slowly pull his still hard penis from her overflowing sheathe.

"No...no honey...leave it in...please baby."

He pushed back in, deep, right to the hilt, felt his sticky cum everywhere. "I'm full...full of my baby," his mom laughed as he turned her so that they lay on their sides facing each other.

"I don't know how I ever got out of there...or Patty did...when I was born...you're so tight," he said as he felt his mom's birth channel clench even tighter on his engorged cock.

"You're so big baby," she teased and then licked wetly in his ear.

"Ohhh mommy," he groaned as his whole body arched in need.

"It's never been better Bobby...no one...ever. You're the best man, the very best...I never dreamed I'd feel this," she told her son as the two of them moved sinuously in a slow sexual rhythm.

He understood immediately. His mom was telling him he'd surpassed his father, that he was now her man. He continued to move his big cock inside of her, her only sounds now urgent pants of primal need, then felt the start of her orgasmic opening of her womb as he shot strand after strand of hot sperm inside of her.

"I want to have your baby," his mom said as he kept his penis in her, plugging his seed deep inside of her.


"Wake up honey," penetrated his consciousness as a hand gently shook his shoulder.

"Mom?" Bobby asked as he slowly opened his eyes. "What time is it anyway?" he mumbled as he peered into the darkness.

"The suns just coming up sweetie," his mom answered then said, "I love you baby," after she'd given him a soft kiss.

"Luv you too mom," he said as he arched his body in an awakening stretch. "Can't we sleep a little longer though?"

"I don't want Patty to wake up alone. C'mon," she said as she stood and grabbed his had, "you can sleep inside."

He followed his mom towards the cabin and then yelled, "Hey wait!" just as she reached the porch.


"This," he said as he bent and lifted his naked, sticky mother into his arms.

"BOBBY!" she squealed as he carried her towards he door.

"You're my wife now," he said as he carried her across the threshold.

"You'll have two wives, Patty and me," his mom whispered as he let her slip down his body and onto her feet.

'You won't mind sharing me?"

"You're my husband. I love you Bobby."


"Unh...what...what is it?" Bobby mumbled four hours later.

"Patty, I think our little boy has finally awoken."

"Mom?" Bobby asked as he opened his eyes. There was a long tongue flicking over each of his nipples.


"Hi," his sister said and then kissed him gently.

"What time is it?"

"Almost eleven. Mom's been giving me lessons," his sister said with a grin.


"Un huh, like this," Patty said as she licked across his chest and down across her stomach.

"Jesus Patty," he groaned as she moistly thrust her tongue around his belly button.

"And this," she giggled as he felt her tongue lick over his cockhead. "Mommy, help me," she demanded.

"Oh god," he moaned as he felt and saw two sets of hungry lips meet at his cock.

"Do you like this baby brother," she asked as she ran her tongue from the base of his hardening cock to its tip. Then, as her mouth moved over him, each lick, each suck, each little nip from his sister was answered by one from his mom.

"It's too big," her mother warned Patty as the young girl opened her mouth and popped Bobby's fat, round cock between her lips.

Pulling off for a second she answered, "I want to try," and then dipped her head again.

As he hardened and lengthened in his sisters mouth Bobby grabbed his sisters legs and pulled her so that her hips were positioned over his mouth.

Her mouth stuffed full, Patty's only response when her brother's tongue found her pink clit was a muffled groan as she tried to take even more of him into her throat. As his tongue probed inside his sister he suddenly felt his mom's tongue on his balls.

"Ohhh mommy," he screamed, his cry of ecstasy muffled by Patty's pussy, as he shot explosively down his sister's throat.

They didn't dress that first day. Nor often in the following four weeks. Naked together, touching, they slept together...made love morning, noon and night...


They planned their future! They all knew they'd found what they needed, found what they wanted. Why look for something you already have? Something never to be replicated with anyone else. They were hopelessly in love.

Two days later, with the three of them naked and wearing wild flowers in their hair, Christine, standing ankle deep in the warm ocean, held a bible in her hand and married her children, blessing their union. Then Patty took the bible, the minister's place, and married her mother to her brother and now husband.

And Bobby's first baby started to grow in his mother's womb.

Patty transferred to the local University that fall. She refused to leave her husband or mother.

Bobby didn't have to break up with his girlfriend; Cathy's mother told her over the summer that she had slept with Bobby.

Bobby graduated the next spring. One month after his daughter Stephanie was born.

Of course they summered the next year again at the ocean. Patty and Bobby both drank from their mother's milk laden breasts. All three made love endlessly.

Patty missed her period that July.

They didn't return to their city home that second fall. Instead, the three of them moved to a new town, a smallish Midwestern town half way across the country. A town with a good university. Where they weren't known. They became just a normal family – a man and his wife, living with her mother, a baby...more to come...and perhaps not so strangely they lived happily ever after...


December 2006: Seeing it's the holiday season I hope all of you readers will just take the seconds required and give me a gift. A VOTE might not sound like much of a gift but to we authors hearing back from you is our greatest desire.

I'd also love to receive your comments. You can comment below or send me an e-mail.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/29/18

looks promising

how many did the mom and son have ( in babies ) and brother and sister have ( babies ) is what i'd liked to know , did innie ( any ) of them have twins , , or triplits I am kinda guessing mom didmore...

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by Anonymous03/31/18


I also did that with my sister and my mother...exept I didn't say, ohhh.......mommy, I said oh fuck. But my ister said oh......mommy when she licked her wet, warm, pussy. But at the same time, she wasmore...

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by jorgenhenry03/26/18

Mom and me

YesI did the same, it was so wonderful when my 16 year old cock entered my mother's lovely hole, her warm and greasy cunt. I also was moaning mommy oh mommy I love you.

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by Anonymous02/25/18


Great! I am not a reader but I love the pace in which nothing was rushed.

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by Omart5702/08/18


Loved it, a great story! I'm a sucker for a happy ending!

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