tagInterracial LoveOhhhh Oh, the Condom Broke

Ohhhh Oh, the Condom Broke


There was a time when my wife's gynecologist advised her to stop taking the pill for three months. My wife asked her about sex and the doctor said that there would be no problem if we (myself and my wife) used a condom!! Problem!! 1) My wife hates condoms, and 2) My wife was fucking this black stud (Jack, who is the subject of a story posted on this board) every two or three weeks, for about 2 years and had not seen him in a few weeks. He would be out of town for another two months and we were scheduled to spend a three day weekend at his place when he got back (about a week or two before Fran went back on the pill and another few weeks before the birth control took effect).

With Fran and myself, the solution was simple. Because of her intense dislike for the rubbers, abstinence! For three months!! I told my wife that we would have to cancel our weekend with Jack, She was visibly upset, although she said that she wasn't.

After 8 long weeks of nothing, I could see the frustration building up in Fran. Then, the day before Jack was to arrive back to his home, he called to speak to us and confirm if our scheduled get together the following weekend was still on. I gave the phone to Fran so that she could break the bad news to him.

They spoke for a while and I could hear Fran saying "uh huh" a lot, but no mention of the pills or condoms, or anything like that. When she was saying goodbye, I heard her saying she couldn't wait and that we would be seeing him next week.

I asked her what that was all about and she said that Jack was so excited and that he had not had any type of sex in the three months since their last get together. He said he was saving "himself" for her. I asked her about the birth control and she said "I" could go to the drugstore and get some condoms. W.T.F. I said no way in hell would I buy condoms when I abstained for over two months and now she was willing to use them for her big cocked lover.

She pleaded and I stood firm. She then asked me if I would mind if she bought them, I chuckled to myself at the thought of my petite, shy, wife asking the pharmacist for a box of condoms. I told her "sure, if you want to buy them, go right ahead."

The week went by and no other word was said about the weekend until the Friday that we were scheduled to leave for Jack's. I came home from work and Fran met me at the door and told me that the kids were at her mothers and our things were packed and we were ready to go. I asked her about the "protection." She pulled a box of XXL condoms out of here purse. I didn't even know that they had XXL condoms, not that I would ever have had any use for them!

She stated that she had bought them the day before and the pharmacist (a female) had asked her what size. Fran asked her what she meant and the pharmacist explained that the over whelming majority of people used regular ones but a few had to use smaller sizes and even fewer, extra-large. She asked if my wife knew the approximate size of her "partner". Well Fran knew the exact size of her "partner" because she had measured him once with a cloth tailors tape. She told the pharmacist that "her partner" was about 9 inches long and about 7 inches around. The pharmacist was in disbelief and advised Fran to be sure, because if not, these condoms would fall off the average size guy. Fran told her that she was certain, and to throw a dig into the pharmacist, Fran said that she may be under stating his size. Fran said that the pharmacist's jaw kind of hung open as she rang up the sell. My wife said she felt a sense of smug superiority, for a moment, as she walked out of the store.

We arrived at Jack's place. I shook hands and they hugged. We had dinner and then went into the living room. After a brief while I went over to a large arm chair and Jack took my place, on the couch, next to Fran. They spoke for a while, then they started to kiss and fondle. This went on for a while, with Fran's blouse and bra vanishing to a small pile on the floor and Jacks shirt and pants like wise. I could see Jack's raging hard cock head peeking above the elastic waistband of his shorts. Fran was massaging his balls, through his underwear, with her one hand while she removed her skirt and panty hose with her other. She was now completely nude and Jack was massaging and kissing her breasts and fingering her sopping pussy. Fran broke off the kiss to get her purse. She took the box of condoms out and showed Jack. He kind of looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face. Fran explained the gynecologist, birth control pill and condom thing. Jack stated that he didn't care, he was hornier than hell and just wanted to get into Fran's pussy. He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I followed.

They got onto the bed and resumed the kissing and fondling. Fran started sucking on Jack's cock. I was always amazed that Fran got as much of his cock into her mouth as she did and just how distended her mouth was, as she stuffed that black python in.

After a few minutes, I could see Fran opening the box of condoms as she continued her oral assault on Jack's cock and balls. She took out a pack, opened it and started to roll it onto his cock with her right hand while she sucked him. Damn, she looked like an experienced hooker in that unless you watched carefully, you would never know she was putting the thing on. Where the hell did she learn that?

The condom was quite striking, being white on his black cock. I noticed two things. The condom was rolled about seven inches down his cock, apparently Fran was determined to feel some flesh in her cunt tonight, or the condom was not quite as long as Jack's cock and I noticed, that in spite of its stated size, the condom was stretch tightly on Jack's member, to the point where the white was translucent and the elastic band was digging into Jack's cock. Well at least cum wouldn't leak out the bottom!

After she got the condom on, Fran raised herself onto Jack and slowly inserted the head of his cock into her very wet pussy. She slowly, using short strokes, worked the entire length into herself. They kind of rocked into each other for a little while and then Fran started raising herself all the way up Jack's cock and then slamming down onto it with great force.

Her moans became screams and Jack started grunting as he forcefully humped up to meet her strokes.

After a few more minutes of this display of passion, I heard Jack grunt, push all the way into Fran's opening and hold her tightly against him as his nut sack contracted, obviously filling up that condom's reservoir.

Fran started resuming her slow rocking, up and down motion, on Jack's cock. It was then I notice a thick cream colored fluid, running down Jack's cock. At first I thought it may have been lubricant from the condom or from Fran's cunt. But as Fran raised all the way up onto his cock and started her slow descent, it was unmistakable, what was flowing down Jack's shaft, balls, ass and finally onto the bed was the three months of cum, that Jack had stored up, in his balls, now deposited deep within my wife's, fertile, very fertile, unprotected womb. My heart sank for a second but I kept quiet, not being absolutely certain and not wanting to panic Fran, and admittedly turned on as hell.

Fran lifted herself from Jack to lay back onto the bed and immediately felt the prodigious amount of hot cum rolling down her thigh. She felt it with her hand while my eyes flashed to Jack's cock. There, clear as day, was the condom completely broken and rolled down his cock to where the elastic was rolled about seven inches down the shaft. Fran had just been given a full dose of potent black semen, deposited, certainly, at the entrance to her cervix.

Fran told Jack that the condom had broken and he had a look of panic on his face, but I noticed that is thick cock became even more turgid.

Fran then did something that kind of shocked me. She took the shattered condom off of Jack's cock and pulled him on top of her. They then proceeded to have the most unbridled, passionate sex that I have ever witnessed. Jack came deeply in her again, My wife was as spent as I have ever seen her, We went to bed and never really spoke of the event that had just occurred. She fell right to sleep.

The next evening, they sucked and fucked again, several times, each time without the condom. Again, it was unbelievably hot. This happened Sunday and again Monday. By my count, the two of them had unprotected sex about 9 or 10 times over the three night, four day fuck-a-thon. She was so turned on she even let Jack fuck her in the ass, twice, something that she said hurt her when I did it. And I was MUCH smaller than he.

On Monday afternoon, after another long, hot copulation, we said goodbye to Jack and stated that we would see him the following month at our place. He actually rented a hotel room and we would go there, get fucked, go home, and see him again the following evening and again on Sunday morning.

On the ride home, I asked Fran what the hell she was thinking, in that she just allowed a black guy to deposit about a gallon of cum into her wide opened womb. She stated that she didn't know what came over her but that she never felt more turned on in her life and more sexier than when Jack was fucking her unprotected pussy with his bare cock. She swore that when he came in her, the orgasms were like no other that she had ever experienced. I told her that it was just the psychological act of performing the ultimate taboo (at that time) A white wife getting knocked up by her black lover, She just stated, no, it can't be that. "What would we tell our family and friends?" Uh, how about "My wife likes to fuck black guys, with big cocks??

Needless to say, she was late. But when she went to her gynecologist, she advised Fran that she wasn't pregnant and that it wasn't uncommon for a person to miss a period or two after going off the pill for three months.

Fran and I were obviously relieved. Fran made an immediate appointment to have her tubes tied, We canceled the meeting with Jack and rescheduled for the following month, where Jack and Fran tested the effectiveness of the operation, over and over. I must say, that never since the condom breaking, have I ever witnessed such raw passion from Fran There has to be something primordial to a woman's instinct to breed, especially with a large cock.

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