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Oil Change


“Tires are definitely due. We’ll get a new set on, no problem. Check this out, though.”

Leon leaned over the silver fender of the Lexus and pushed. Ropes of muscle sculpted his bare arms and even this small effort showed them to advantage. He let go of the fender and watched as it bounced repeatedly.

“Bounce bounce bounce. The shocks are shot. I don’t know what your wife’s been doing to this car, but it really needs a new set of shocks all around, besides the tires and the oil change.”

Leon’s words floated through the air, barely registering with Robert. He nodded blandly, as Leon pushed the fender down again. His pectoral muscles fanned out under his arms, and black hair hung in lanky waves, curling wetly near the nape of his neck and sticking to the sweat there. The mechanic had stripped off the top half of his coveralls so that its arms and body hung behind him. A grimy muscle shirt covered his torso. Robert fought the urge to stare, and shook off the queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Yeah, I guess it looks that way. So how long’s this gonna take?”

Leon rubbed his chin, already stubbly at eight o’clock in the morning. Maybe he hadn’t shaved at all, Robert mused. He realized he was staring again, fantasizing about the trail of hair he would discover if he undid the remaining buttons on Leon’s coveralls. His cock twitched at the thought; vainly he tried to appear cool. Leon’s dark eyes were looking him square in the face.

“If I got the shocks in stock, we can get it done today. Got a lot of cars to do though and I wasn’t expecting this.” Leon sucked the last inch of his cigarette and flicked it to the ground, grinding it into the sooty floor with his heel. “I’ll try to get it done by five. You wanna come back then?”

Robert tossed him the keys. He left the garage as quickly as he could, feeling Leon’s eyes burning into his back.

Normally, Jane would have taken the car in for maintenance herself. Robert had been surprised at how good she had been about that, after her initial reluctance. She’d have done it today, too, except she had been carried off by some of her college girlfriends for a weekend at the Cape.

“Robert,” she had protested, “Let me just reschedule the appointment. You don’t have to go out of your way to do it.”

“No big deal,” he’d replied. “It’ll all be done when you get back. Have fun and say hi to the girls for me.” He pecked her cheek dryly, careful to avoid her lipsticked mouth.

“Okay,” she said weakly. “Thanks, I guess.” She hadn’t sounded particularly grateful, but Robert hadn’t noticed.

Robert spent the day in a daze, unable to concentrate on the brief he was supposed to be preparing. He caught his reflection in the glass-framed picture on the wall, and realized he was clenching his jaw. Not a bad jaw, he thought. Strong enough. He pushed his hair back over his creased brow. It immediately circled back over his forehead, slave to a cowlick there. He pursed his lips, grimacing at the defiant curl. That queasy feeling overcame him once again, and he realized he was thinking of the waving hair snaking over the mechanic’s taut neck. He sat there, staring at his reflection, running over the image of Leon in his mind. He let his jaw go slack, his mouth opening as if about to feed. Robert shut his eyes and imagined closing his lips on Leon’s body, inhaling it, tasting it, moving his mouth down, down, reaching out for him, and ultimately, sliding over the pulsing cock, framed at its root by more dark coiling hair.

He woke abruptly from the daydream, his heart pounding. Robert gulped in mortification. It wasn’t the first time he’d been attracted to a man, but he’d always managed to pass it off as something inconsequential. He didn’t *think* he was gay. He liked women. He loved Jane, didn’t he? So why was it sometimes he couldn’t fight off the craving to bury his face over a cock and let a man fuck his throat? It was hard to ignore his own turgid shaft, leaking in his snug boxers. The urge to act on these thoughts had been getting stronger and stronger. His mind flashed to the motion of the bouncing fender, and the mechanic’s arms flexing over it. Imagining kneeling before Leon had left him nearly incoherent with desire.

The clock ticked by slowly, until finally near five o’clock, one of his law firm partners appeared and gave him a ride back to the garage. The bay doors were lowered and everything looked dark inside. Robert looked around, but couldn’t see Jane’s Lexus anywhere. He checked his watch and cursed under his breath. It was quarter past five already. He tried the front door, which opened to his surprise. No one seemed to be there.

“Hello?” Robert called out “Anyone here?” It was hot in there. Robert removed his suit jacket and rolled up his cuffs, loosening his tie and the top button of his shirt. “Hello?”

Robert felt at once disappointed and relieved, half-wanting Leon to be there and yet also hoping he had already left. He peeked through the window of the passage door from the office to the service bays, and noticed the Lexus inside, with the hood up. A pair of arms reached into the engine from the other side, their body hidden by the hood. Robert rapped on the glass.

Leon looked up and nodded. Wiping his hands on his coveralls, he walked over to the door and opened it.

“Sorry I’m late. I thought maybe you had closed up already.” Robert felt his balls tremble and desperately tried to conceal his arousal.

“It’s no problem. Everyone’s gone but I was just finishing up with your wife’s car. Come and take a look.”

They walked over to the Lexus with its pristine new tires. Leon slammed the hood down and leaned over the car, his rounded ass perfect underneath the coveralls. He pushed the front end down. The car rebounded smoothly without bouncing, but Robert wasn’t watching. His eyes were fixed on Leon’s ass, and years of pent-up yearning announced themselves in his obvious erection.

Leon turned from the car. Robert wanted to drop through the floor, his face flushed and his hand trying to cover his tented trousers. He knew Leon could see everything. The mechanic stared at him contemptuously, and moved towards him without a word. He was certain Leon was about to beat him senseless.

Leon’s lips curled in a thin and uninviting smile. “You little fucker. You’re turned on, aren’t you? You’re a fucking queer.”

He moved closer and closer to Robert, his tone more menacing. “I’m right, aren’t I? You’re a pansy-assed fag.”

Robert backed away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…please, I’ll just leave, okay?”

Leon’s strides were longer and he was now in Robert’s face. He grabbed Robert’s crotch and painfully squeezed his erect cock. “You fuck your wife with this? Does she know you’re a queer?”

“No, no, I’ve never done that,” Robert protested. “I’m not a fag.”

“Yeah, right,” snorted Leon. He had Robert by the balls, holding them just tightly enough to make Robert afraid to move. “You want me, don’t you? Look at you, your cock’s still hard, fag.”

Robert cringed with shame. Despite his fear, his cock was even harder Leon’s grasp. “No,” he moaned, looking away.

“You want this, don’t you.” Leon cupped his own crotch through the coveralls. “I bet you want this up your ass. You like it up the ass, queer?” He growled, his face barely an inch away from Robert’s.

“No.” Robert choked on his reply. All the moisture had left his mouth; he licked his lips.

“Oh, that’s it, isn’t it. You want it in your mouth. Admit it, fag, you want to suck my cock.”

Robert couldn’t speak. The smell of Leon’s oily coveralls inflamed his nostrils. He swallowed hard, steeling himself against the inevitable pummeling that Leon was going to give him. The mechanic grabbed Robert’s shoulders and pushed him down to his knees on the dirty shop floor.

“You’re a fag and you want to suck cock.” He quickly tore open his coveralls. “It’s true, isn’t it?”

Robert shook as he knelt before Leon and silently nodded his head.

“Say it, fag. I want to hear you say it.” He shoved Robert’s head into his crotch. Robert could feel the cock growing underneath his cheek. The rhythmic spasm in his balls matched the thudding beat of his heart in his chest.

“I want to suck your cock.” Robert hardly believed it was his own voice. “I want to suck your cock.”

Leon pulled his rising cock out of his coveralls and slapped it scornfully against Robert’s face. “Suck it then, bitch.” He spanked Robert’s lips with it. “Come on, let’s see you suck it.”

Robert opened his mouth. Leon shoved his purple cock deep into his throat. He choked but held it in as he sputtered. It felt powerful and invasive; a living thing intent on forcing itself into him. The head had been slippery with pre-cum; Robert’s tongue swirled over his cock, searching for more. Leon grabbed Robert’s head on either side and fiercely pumped his hips. It made him gag, but he sucked even more wildly.

“Don’t tell me you don’t love it, cocksucker. You better keep your fucking teeth out of the way or I’ll kill you. Suck it.”

Bliss ripped through Robert’s brain as he bobbed his head quickly over Leon’s throbbing prick. He inhaled the earthy tang nested in Leon’s pubes. Each stroke into his mouth was harder and deeper than the one before it and Robert wanted only to swallow it whole. His own untouched cock was near exploding in his pants. It occurred to him that Leon was going to cum in his mouth, something Jane would never allow Robert to do to her. He sucked vigorously, wanting Leon to shoot it all in his throat.

Leon forced his head down to the base of his cock and held it there. Robert gasped and convulsed, fighting for breath. He realized he couldn’t do anything; he was just a wet hole for Leon to fuck. The thought pleased him and he felt his body submit completely. His throat relaxed and he drew long breaths through his nose. Leon’s cock rippled along his tongue, and Robert knew it was about to erupt.

Leon reared back and thrust powerfully. The first blast of cum shot all the way to the back of Robert’s throat and surprised him with its force. Leon drove in again, over and over, shooting ropes of thick jism Robert hungrily tried to swallow. Leon pulled out and pumped his cock with his hand right at Robert’s face, landing shots of cum on his lips and chin which dripped into wet spots on his shirt. He held his cock in one hand at wiped it in Robert’s hair, breathing hard.

Robert was still achingly erect as Leon pushed his head off his cock and tucked it back into his coveralls. He knelt there on the garage floor, stunned at what had just happened, and even more astonished at how much it had excited him.

Leon looked at him and laughed. “Look at yourself, cocksucker. You’re a fucking mess.”

Robert ran his tongue over his bruised lips, tasting the quickly cooling cum.

Leon buttoned up his coveralls. “Not bad for a beginner, though. Give your wife a few pointers before she brings the car in next time. She could use them.”

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