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Oil Patch Techniques...


Oil Field Techniques Turn Her On

We entered the bedrooms as always. Edith disappeared in her bedroom to change into her nightie. I went in the guest bedroom and removed my clothing. In a departure from routine, I waited for her standing at the foot of the bed.

Edith was in her 60s and I had decided to change my technique. Instead of treating her like a lady I would treat her like an oil field slut. She liked to boost that she took her ex-husband’s best oil field properties in their divorce. She frequently told me it was okay to use course language because she had lived in the “oil patch.”

I always treated my ladies like ladies until this happened. I had spent an evening with Edith fucking her, eating her pussy and allowing her to suck my cock. I returned home only to hear the phone ring and Edith tell me she has found a new discovery--Vaseline.

She wanted me and I returned, fucked her holding myself on stiff arms holding my body above hers. This allowed her to reach her Vaseline coated clit.

I left my cock in her pussy as she massaged her clit. When she reached her orgasm she said that was the first time she had reached orgasm with a man.

Since she despised lesbians, I knew that masturbation had to be her own private turn on.

Despite her age, her tits were still in good shape and she has enormous nipples that could be massaged through her clothes. Her ass was not saggy And her legs were still shapely. The only signs of age were the wrinkles on her face.

She was a good fuck and she could suck a cock like there was no tomorrow. So I made my decision. Normally I waited for her in bed.

She didn’t expect me to be waiting naked outside the bed and I grabbed her from behind massaging her tits and large sensitive nipples. Quickly to avoid an opportunity for her to object, I lifted her nightie over her head and guided her into the bed.

She reached for the bed covers but I pulled then off the bed. I was naked and the masculine nature of my new technique was to set everything as I wanted. I liked to approach sex naked with my cock pointed up at a slight angle. I looked at the as any man would look at a naked woman. Grabbing her ankles I spread her legs to give me a full view of her pussy lips.

She looked at my cock and her cunt lips began to spread. Reaching for her tits, I grabbed her nipples and squeezed them, expecting her to cry in pain. They hardened even more and reached out even further.

Kneeling beside her, I presented my eight-inch cock and she reacted with an automatic reaction to the sight of my meat so close to her mouth. She opened her mouth and raised her head to suck the full length into deep in her throat.

“You are a skilled cocksucker. Come on baby, pull my cum out with your mouth.”

I let my orgasm mount as my fingers reached for her pussy and spread the outer lips even further.

“We are going to make love ‘oil patch’ style. I’m going to finger fuck you until you tell me to tongue fuck you.” I pulled my cock from her mouth and moved around to the foot of the bed. With one foot in each hand, I spread her legs even wider and lay with my mouth over her clit. It was already hard and her pussy was producing its own brand of Vaseline. Taking my mouth from her clit, I placed her hand on the nub.

“Show me how you can suck my cock and play with your clit. Rub it faster as you taste my pre cum. Smack your lips, you cocksucking oil field slut.”

She began rubbing it vigorously and I just watched. I wanted her to command me but knew she wouldn’t until her passion began to take hold. “Put your finger in,” she said.

“Speak to me like an oil field doll.” I looked down to her patch of peach fuzz that remained just above her pussy. “Do you want me to finger fuck you?”

I ignored her request. I wanted to force her into using her “oil patch.’ lingo. She liked to pretend she was a lady but her needs were taking over. I didn’t act and she began to moan and increase the action on her clit.

She couldn’t wait any longer and she yelled, “finger fuck me, finger fuck me, please finger fuck me.” When she used the vulgar word, I slipped two, then three fingers in her cunt. I began a rhythmic action and leaned to add enough spit to her cunt.

She twisted her hips and began to moan uncontrollably as she neared her first climax. She wanted more but I waited more ‘oil patch’ talk.

“You have a nice pussy and those oil field guys didn’t rub all your cunt hair off. Now you are getting fucked by your toy boy.”

I was 10 years younger and once suggested that I could make good money as a gigolo. Angrily she ordered me not to ever use that word again. We settled on the term ‘toy boy’ when we were alone.

I got what I wanted. “What are you waiting for? Tongue fuck me.”

With that plea, I began tongue fucking her as her fingers became franticly active. In moments she reached her second climax. I alternated between my finger and my tongue to bring her to her third climax.

Now it was my turn. I let her know with the announcement that “now I am going to fuck you.” I climbed her body and rammed my cock into her yawning cunt and Edith was now neared her fourth orgasm. I timed my movement to her rapid breathing.

“Don’t stop your fingers. Keep them going on your clit.”

Withdrawing my cock I quickly moved around the bed and presented my cock, now dripping with her juices and my own precum. She didn’t wait for it to reach her mouth. She twisted her body to reach my cock and began sucking.

I reached down and restarted finger fucking her, making sure that I didn’t obstruct the arm reaching into her cunt. My own load neared the roof of her mouth. I unloaded my cum in her mouth for the first time in our relationship. She didn’t gag. She sucked every drop from my cock and roared into her fifth orgasm.

She lay there naked on her bed and closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes, looked at me and asked, “Where did you learn how to fuck “oil field’ style?”

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