tagNovels and NovellasOk I'll do It, Again Pt. 08

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 08


Friday Night Restaurant Near Times Square

The weather was changing, thanks to the Cyclone Harvey coming up from Texas changing into a rain depression. The wind was up. It was getting colder. The four rushed into the restaurant vowing to get as warm as possible as soon as possible. Fortunately it was not too far from the Hilton. The inners were warm, probably heated from the kitchen. All four coats were soon discarded as everyone settled in for the evening and joined in to the typical merriment of an Italian restaurant on a Friday night in NYC. Mine host was wandering around singing operatic levels and flirting with all the women, as if he was the lover of every woman in the house.

The guys had chosen a fabulous Italian restaurant serving Southern Italian style food and wines from all over Italy. The menu was pastas, veal and seafood and the selections were as you would expect from a decent restaurant in NYC near Times Square.

Water and Chianti was served immediately and the first reds were soon consumed.

Mine host was soon around to dote on the two women and checking out their cleavages, down to the groins. Typical old letch, but basically harmless. Both women received equal attention as he provided his food and wine recommendations to the four. He noted Carol's wedding rings and backed off.

First courses of pasta were quickly down and each had ordered veal for their secondi. A great Montepulcianno was next and soon two bottles of red had been consumed.

Luke went to the door and suggested it was foul weather out there, so around came the Nabiola from Tuscany.

The secondi was served and consumed with the Nabiola and every one was feeling no pain.

Marcus by now had focused on Maria and was fascinated as to how she kept trying to pull down her dress so she did not expose her panties, as brief as they were.

They went off the toilets for a quick relief allowing Luke to talk to Carol: While the others are not here to you want to give me a story about why.

Carol: Probably now is not the right time because Maria is here and I have to meet the rules of the agency. Maybe if you guys are good to us tonight I may be able to talk to you tomorrow over a swim or a workout in the gym at the Hilton when there are few ears around?

After Marcus' rebuke on Wednesday night at the party Luke listened and nodded, as the two returned to the table.

By now the reds had kicked in and the four were looking for personal attention. The deserts arrived with coffees and a desert red recommended by mine host.

The four looked at each other and the words were unnecessary. Each wanted bedtime and not to sleep. The girls rose went to the ladies, removed their g strings and returned to the table with g strings in hand. The deliveries took place and it was time to go.

Luke picked up the TAB, coats were donned and the door beckoned. The rain had stopped, so the coats were enough to keep them warm for the quick dash back to the Hilton.

Luke: I was going to suggest a nightcap, but I did put a bottle of decent sparkling in the fridge before we left. The decision was unanimous, the warmth and the freedom of the room beckoned too strongly.

The room turned out to be a mini-suite, meaning these guys were not poor and they enjoyed their comforts.

Soon all four were around the suite table talking over tonight's food and wines, the host and the great atmosphere, drinking the sparkling and wondering who was going to make the first move.

Once the last drop of the sparkling was gone Maria rose and walked over to Marcus putting her arms around his shoulders and whispering into his ear exactly what she would like to do to him. They retreated to the bedroom leaving Luke and Carol alone gazing out the windows down the Square.

Luke was a perfect gentleman, he let Carol do the talking and looked into her eyes to see what she really wanted.

Carol undid two more buttons on her blouse and looked at Luke. He smiled. She undid a third and fourth leaving her blouse fully opened down to her skirt. Luke decided it was time to react so he walked up behind her and put this two hands down her blouse and massaged her beautiful breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly, so he bent down and kissed her neck and shoulders and gently teased her blouse from her skirt.

Carol rose and took off her blouse and approached Luke passionately kissing him on the lips, allowing Luke's tongue to enter her mouth and mimic what he was planning for her pussy. Carol undid the zipper down the back of her mini-skirt allowing it to fall to the ground. She now only had her shoes on.

Carol undid Luke's shirt and tossed it away towards the lounge. She unzipped his pants, undid his belt and bent down to push his clothes to the floor. Luke had no unders on, so she took his decent sized cock into her mouth allowing it to grow. While giving it her full attention she was amazed he had a 10 inch monster and it was about to be put to good use.

Realising the bedroom was busy she pulled Luke to the lounge and bent over exposing her pussy to whatever Luke so choose. First choice was fellatio, gentle, soft and warm tonguing. Carol shuddered with anticipation. Second choice was fucking, but progressively active. Luke put his cock at her opening and gently pushed getting his cock quickly embedded exactly where he wanted to be for his money for as much of tonight as he and Marcus could manage. He placed his hands around her waist and played with her clit while he slowly edged forward with his cock. Carol enjoyed this and signalled she wanted more by pushing back into him. The cock slid in further and further. Carol pushed back getting every last inch into her pussy and then started to move her hips in time with his thrusts. He increased his effort and was bottoming out so he could feel every crevice in that delightful pussy. He could no longer keep his hands on Carol's pussy so he held her hips and then slowly inserted his thumb into her rose bud. She moaned, one excellent sign he kept for later activities maybe.

Sounds from the bedroom suggested there was a very similar activity going on in there.

The four seemingly came together as each shook with the pleasures applied by their partners.

Carol's legs became a stream of cum as Luke applied his last push into that warmth.

The two lovers turned to each other and kissed deeply, letting the feelings of their efforts flush down their legs.

Carol grabbed Luke's hand and led him to the bed where the other two were disentangling, laying down beside them and pulling Luke down with her.

The two ladies switched partners and began masturbating and then sucking their new partner. The guys would not complain. Soon the four were involved in full 69's and the men were recovering quickly. Carol lifted herself and placed her pussy over Marcus' cock and slid down cowgirl style, encouraging Luke to do the same to Maria. Surprisingly bot women enjoyed this as their favourite love making position, so they rode their men mercilessly without allowing them to come, teasing and slowly getting those cocks deeper and deeper into their pussies. Gyrations improved and their twisting allowed the women to scratch their g spots, while slowing their men's ejaculations. Carol looked across at Maria and saw herself in her eyes, loving every second of what was happening to them and their pussies. They held hands as each came and allowed their men to stretch their pussies in a last effort as the men came flushed into their pussies.

The girls had not come, so they slipped off their men and adopted a female to female 69 aggressive sucking and slurping and pushing fingers into pussies, rose buds and all at the same time. The thrashing of the women increased as they exploded together, fascinating their men who were well and truly satisfied by now with their own action and now one heck of a scene.

The ladies excused themselves and went into the shower to clean up and refresh, leaving the men to marvel at what they had just enjoyed.

The deal with Joe was just one evening, so the ladies dressed and donned their coats, while leaving the g strings with the guys for their memories. Each kissed the two men and showed their appreciation of the gentlemen that they were. Carol snuck a piece of paper into Luke's hand with her mobile number. She just said the gym or pool? And they left ever so sophisticatedly out the door and own the corridor to the lifts.

Carol looked at Maria and said: That was absolutely fabulous. You were right about everything and how we should react with those guys. I look forward to many adventures with you. Thank you. You make love beautifully. Please teach me more. I have a lot to learn don't I?

The lift came and they strode together out into the night to taxis and back to their accommodations.

Saturday NYC

Sam rang from the golf course where he was about to hit off in a men's foursome with the Chairman of his client, Charles and also two of the Committee members. Hi honey, had a great sleep last night and am raring to have a game at this course, it is absolutely stunning.

Carol thought probably a side effect of the anti-biotics. Cynic.

My guess is Charles is going to invite me to play tomorrow in a family game down the road at his wife's private golf club, so golf is going to be good for us.

Carol: Oh well have a great game and keep out of the rain. We seem to be getting the tail end of Cyclone Harvey, bit cold and miserable.

I am getting the feelers out and tomorrow have a good chance of getting our first event to manage down in Houston area once the floods subside and the world returns to some normality down there. Meeting up with some investors and the project manager early tomorrow so maybe sensible if we talk tomorrow night, OK?

Should also have a couple of assignments next week based on meetings so far, so will get some cash into our account to meet our mortgage payout for the month. Doing a bit more PR today and a workout, maybe a swim if I can find a free pool?

Sam: Got to run, but you are one heck of a wife. I am a lucky man and we are lucky we are up north at moment, with you paying the bills. Very timely as my guess is no commissions for a month. Bye and have a great day. Love you.

The phone went dead.

Carol thought that maybe there is a positive out of Sam's STD, he focuses on work and golf and forgets about pussy for a while. Can't be a problem? She kept thinking who gave him the STD and when because she could not believe Joan or Verity would allow that to happen to them and pass it on. Nassau is too far past now for Sam just finding out? The day numbers are not stacking up, but does that mean Sam had another visitor to his bed?

Carol went up to the office and put in a couple of hours checking on the last few days turnovers and checking the local and Texas weather news. Around 10.00am she received a call from Angie.

Angie: Looks like sailing is off for tomorrow with that storm coming through. The guys are coming around for a work day and we will be going to the hotel restaurant for an informal dinner if you are interested?

Carol: Sounds good. What time would work best for you guys?

Angie: how about say 4.00pm at the Meridian on 56th Street. Jean and Paul were thinking you could have thoughts on some of their projects and the investors are likely to appreciate your local knowledge. Slacks, blouse, a light coat and pumps would be fine. If all is going well that's all I will be wearing, if not boring black. Give me a call around 3.30pm?

Carol: you are being a bit daring there?

Angie: Earrings maybe? Just come to the foyer and ask for me at reception. I will come down to collect you and get you through security

The phone went dead.

Carol thought, this could be interesting. Is this part of Carol's revenge strategy? Time will tell.

Carol had been paid by the agency direct to her account so she transferred the mortgage repayments from her IPAD to their joint account for the bank's withholding and decided to flash out with a spend on herself at the Macy's sale. On a wet day what else would a woman do as a second preference in NYC?

Macy's was very busy, but Carol was a very savy shopper, knowing exactly what she needed. Two pairs of form fitting slacks, one black and one light blue, both quality cotton and cut low on the hips. Three blouses, one red and one white, both being semi-transparent and again easy care quality cotton and one conservative white cotton button down the front, all for a multitude of uses. One black, one light blue and one red lacy half bras that supported, but were largely see through and several pairs of black and white g strings that were totally see through. Two pairs of high heeled pumps that matched the colours of the slacks again for a multitude of blend possibilities and a comfortable pair of black flats. Jewellery was off the budget, apart from a very simple white gold chain for her wrist.

She was lucky to grab a taxi right outside Macy's to help her get her purchases home to her unit.

Paying the cab driver she noticed this little puppy huddled in their door way, trying to keep out of the rain. He had a walk chain and collar, but no walker. Carol had noticed plenty of dog walkers with teams of dogs around the edge of Central Park, but this little fellow was alone, had somehow got lost and was separated from his carer on this busy street. It would not survive unless she stepped in. Looking around in every direction these was no one even remotely interested in this little dog, all going about the business trying to duck the rain falling incessantly. She unlocked the security door and put all her purchases inside and went out to talk to her new little friend. He was scared, shivering, cold, wet and worried. He smiled at her through his eyes and Carol was instantly smitten as she talked to him as he wagged his little tail and basically said I need help. Under that wet coat he was a wire haired terrier, light brown markings and small floppy ears, but those eyes were so adorable. Carol bent down and picked up his lead, he just looked up shook himself, said thank you and followed Carol inside.

James was in his office and bent down to see the beast coming through the door, somewhat bedraggled of course, but doing all his doggy tricks to get James to love him. No problem.

James: Amy loves terriers and so does Hank and momma. Bring him in. We need to get him cleaned up. Amy lost her little terrier from old age a month ago, so I think we can twist her arm to keep this fellow. Momma almost certainly kept a doggie bed we can use and a doggie coat and if I am right a water and food bowl, so this guy is going to be spoilt. All the girls love these little dogs so he is just right for walks around the local blocks and plenty of hugs.

How about we call him Reggie, which was Amy's old terrier?

Reggie at this could not believe his luck as he was warmed and dried by a hair dryer. It was obvious Reggie was probably around 5 years old and had been house trained to live in NYC. As soon as his doggie bed was brought into the office area he settled down and just relaxed keeping his big brown eyes on all the girls as they came and went, sucking in every pat and cuddle her could encourage. The tail went overtime.

Amy ventured into the office and saw Reggie and began to cry, as he looked so much like her old Reggie. He won her over instantly, so the agency had their security dog.

Amy quietly said to Carol: Well done, excellent decision. One day when you think back about this little incident you will realise just how important a little Reggie is to these girls and guys and how they can get through some bad times with this little guy as their confidant.

Amy gave Carol a gentle hug and went on with her business.

Little Reggie soaked up the atmosphere and checked out the potential pat providers including James who just happened to slip by every now and then.

5.00pm he was up and suggesting it was dinner time by licking his lips. Momma solved that problem along with a quick walk outside onto a little green patch. He was very much a dog of patterns. From that moment on the girls competed to take Reggie for his walks around the block. He was an independent man who had all these gorgeous women after him. But he was the first man and in some cases he was the only man to sit with them while they talked over their issues, their life problems and how they can improve their lot. Reggie was a great listener.

Carol did confide with Reggie about how she planned her life now Sam was out and around without her. His best answers were licks at the appropriate time, especially when the tear came to the eyes.

It was Carol's turn to man the phones that night so Reggie did enjoy a bit of chinese takeway. He slept, napped and listened. A smart dog that Reggie. He sensed and reacted. Being a miserable night outside all was pretty quiet after 8.00pm, so all the girls on shift not allocated a client came around to the units and partook of some Californian whites and takeaway. It ended up being a great night because it did allow Carol to learn a lot about "Johns", how to deal with the problem clients, who were potentially problems and who were fantastic in bed. By the time the phones were closed off all were very much under the influence of good white wine and Reggie's spells.

Reggie's reputation as being a smooth guy soon got out and this encouraged an internal party that night. Carol threw them out after midnight and Reggie joined her on her bed, after the mandatory walk outside for a quick piddle.

While some thoughts did come out of the party, the more important to Carol were when did Sam get the STD. She came to the conclusion she may never find that out, but it did not matter, the only relevant matter was he did. The idea of revenge being behind both guys and girls joining the agency was inescapable on a regular basis across the spectrum. Even more interesting was the fact that all these people were very comfortable with having sex with older individuals; the clients had plenty of money but there was a lot more to the relationship than money, including admiration for what some of the male and female clients had achieved. The money was a result and not the objective.

NYC Sunday Morning

Reggie woke Carol with a lick on the ear, obviously his little reminder I need to be fed.

Carol quickly texted Sam, have a great game and stay dry.

She threw on her tracksuit and took Reggie out for a quick refresh. Again part of Reggie's regime, so he was training his helpers well.

This alerted Carol to the fact that Reggie needed to have others look after him so that Carol did not become the only source of his helpers. After all there would be times she needed to sleep in after a late nighter or even she may have been away from the unit overnight for a weekender? The thought of her returning to Houston any time soon did not even come to her as relevant.

The text came through at 10.00am: Hi its Luke and Marcus, you were seeking a gym or pool workout. We have both at the hotel, do you want to come over here?

Carol rang back: Hi Luke this is a one off and it cannot be regular as we cannot meet people out of the agency, but if you happen to be in a gym or a swimming pool when I get there uninvited then that is a co-incidence?

Luke: Fine by us. Agreed. Never will we ever raise this again. Bring your gym gear and swimmers and we will see what happens.

Carol put on her up market style track suit and gym gear, filled up her carry bag with whatever and left Reggie with the day staff to get friendly.

Luke happened to meet Carol in the foyer and they just happened to be going to the gym for a workout. Marcus was there already and opened up. A temporary closed for maintenance sign was attached over the front door and the door locked.

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