tagMatureOld Dog - New Tricks

Old Dog - New Tricks


© Bucksman 2002

Frank stood twiddling his glass of cheap white wine. Why had be accepted the invitation and why had he bothered to turn up? He was only a part-time lecturer at the Business School and only gave about five lectures a year on project management. He looked around the room again; a large crowd of students were milling around the full-time lecturers and professors and all bar the senior people were at least 10 years his junior, the students at least 20 years younger. He had nothing in common with most of them and doubted if any knew who he was or, perhaps, even cared.

He emptied his glass and headed for the exit door, stopping at the cloakroom to pick up his coat. The cool night air felt fresh, much fresher than the musty air of the room where the drinks party was still going strong. He took a deep breath and started out across the car park.

"Hello, Mr Paterson" a soft voice called to him from the shadows behind. He turned to see a young student, half running towards him.

"Mr Paterson I'm glad I caught you before you left" his mind raced trying to put a name to the young face now beaming at him, lit by the soft yellow light of the nearby streetlamp. Did he know this girl? The puzzled look must have told on his face as the girl went on.

"Mr Paterson, you probably don't remember me but I'm Victoria. I attended three of your lectures. They really helped me and I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for getting me good marks in my IT paper."

Now he remembered – just –seeing her sitting in the small lecture room a couple of times. Unlike most of the other students he remembered her asking questions, showing she was actually listening to him rather than attending to get some points.

"Yes Victoria, I remember now you were interested in project management, not like most who attend my lectures. It's not that interesting to most."

"Oh yes I found your talk very interesting" she interrupted "and your information helped me get a distinction on my paper. I am very grateful as I didn't do so well on the technical stuff."

"Well I'm glad you learned something useful and got a good grade." Frank felt uneasy, not knowing how to break off the conversation and make for home.

"I saw you leaving that dreadful party" Victoria carried on chatting amiably "I could not wait to get away from the others." "I was going for a coffee in Starbucks – want to join me? Perhaps you could help me with a couple of questions if you are not rushing off?"

Frank wanted to say no; that he had to go home, but he felt flattered that he should be asked for help and was indeed somewhat proud that for one student at least, he had made a difference.

"OK then, I was only going home for coffee, so I might just as well join you." He smiled back at he girl and they started out across the main street to the lights of the coffee bar. Frank bought the drinks – two Mocha coffees with cream and settled into the armchair opposite Victoria.

They started to chat, but Frank found himself mesmerised by the girl. She had taken off her quilted jacket and sat opposite him in tight jeans and a zip fronted wool top. Her long hair looked as if it could do with a good cut, but her lack of make-up and pretty features held his attention. He became aware that he was trying to sneak a look down the front of her jumper which was open enough to reveal the tops of her blue lacy bra every time she bent forward a little. What was he doing? He was old enough to be her father? He was her teacher. He could get thrown out (although he secretly believed a number of the younger lecturers often liased with the students).

He concentrated on her questions, answering them as best he could, watched her make notes in her scruffy book. It was clear she was actually interested in her subject and apart from her looks, he found himself coming increasingly to enjoy the company of this young student.

Suddenly they were interrupted by one of the staff "Sorry people, its 9 o'clock we close now."

Frank and Victoria looked at each other. "Dam" she said, "and I have a couple of other things I wanted to ask you." She reached for her coat and Frank held it for her as she slipped it back on. One more glimpse of blue lace.

"Could I offer you another coffee or beer" Victoria said quickly, turning to face Frank "my bed sit is only around the corner in Castle Street. We could walk from here"

"Well" hesitated Frank, alarm bells ringing in his head "I am not sure that would be a good idea. I could meet you another day perhaps?"

"Oh please Mr Paterson" she sounded more insistent "I need to finish this paper at the weekend and I would really like your help." Frank looked into her eyes, almost pleading. He looked at his watch.

"OK for just a half hour or so. Then I must be away" The smile returned to Victoria's face as she took his hand and ushered him outside. They walked across the main street, up a side-street and then into Castle Street. They turned to the front door of the second house and Victoria turned her key in the lock. I'm on the first floor at the back she said simply. The others are probably still at the party or in the student's union."

Others? Frank had not considered that she would be sharing her house with other students. Silly mistake, he knew she could not afford anything more than a bed sit on her grant and that the house must be full of students. What if he was recognised? He was determined to leave as quickly as possible.

Victoria ushered him into her small flat – quite neat and tidy for a student. The small bed in the corner had been made and, apart from the piles of books, the place looked clean and tidy. Her small desk in the corner was fully occupied with a rather out-of-date PC and yet more books. She took his coat and her own and disappeared into a small kitchen.

"Coffee or beer?" she called from the doorway.

"Coffee will be fine." He heard the kettle being filled while she prepared mugs for the coffee. After a couple of minutes she returned, placing both on the small table in front of the shabby two-seater settee on which he now sat. Again that flash of blue lace, perhaps a little more than last time? Yes the zip had definitely opened just a little further.

Victoria sat down beside him, picked up her note book and started to fire questions again. Yes Risk Management was a vital element in good project management. He began to describe how to go about it, wondering as she took notes if he should have taken his own advice on risk avoidance!. However it was his pet subject and he talked on, not realising that time was ticking away.

Eventually Victoria put her book down. "Thanks so much" she said "I have taken so much of your time, but it has helped me a lot." She bent forward and kissed his cheek "Thanks for being such a nice guy".

Frank was flustered and embarrassed. "You are more than welcome" he replied "but I must go now. It is getting late."

No sooner had he said the words than a sound of laughing and giggling came from the front door.

"Oh shit" exclaimed Victoria "that will be the others. Don't let them see you here or I will be the butt of all their jokes for weeks." Frank didn't bother to tell her that he didn't want to be seen either!

"Keep quiet and I will sneak you out when things have died down a bit" To Frank that sounded like a very good ploy.

"Vickie" a drunken girl's voice came from the hall "You coming down to party? We have the beer and the guys" then loud giggling.

Victoria went to the door, opening it slightly "I'm busy" she called through the crack. "I may join you later."

"Who is he" the giggling voice called back "you got a hot man in there?"

"Oh shut up Angie" she sounded irate now "go and have fun with your guys and leave me to mine." She slammed the door shut tight. The muffled sound of more giggling was followed by other noises as the party started below them.

Victoria returned to the settee "I'm sorry about that. They can be such pigs." She smiled a sweet smile Frank thought which went half way to easing the tension he could feel inside. The fear of discovery.

"Another coffee or a beer while we wait?"

"I'll take the beer this time please" said Frank recognising that he was unlikely to make a quick get away. Victoria quickly returned from the kitchen with two glasses of beer and handed one to him. She placed hers on the table. "Must have a pee" she turned and disappeared through a door next to the kitchen. The walls were thin enough for him to be able to hear her sounds even above the party downstairs. He heard the water flush and she reappeared, re-joining him on the settee.

"So am I keeping you from your wife and kids?" Victoria asked as if to make conversation rather than to be nosey.

"No I'm divorced so its not a problem, other than I have an early start tomorrow."

"Oh I'm sorry" her turn to look flustered "I didn't mean to pry."

"No problem its been several years now so no harm done."

They continued to chat although Victoria tried to stay away from direct questions. She found out that he did have a girlfriend, if you could call it that, the other end of the country and hardly ever saw her from one week to the next.

Still the party went on; another beer.

She told him she was between boyfriends, didn't like most of the guys at the College and hated living in the tiny flat. Her parents lived 200 miles away and helped out with the rent. She had a part-time job at the local pub three nights a week. Hated that, but money was good.

They could both here the party downstairs and also the unmistakable noise of a couple making out on the stairs outside the room. Victoria stretched out on the settee, her feet up on the table, her shoes, long since kicked off, lay on the floor.

"Looks like you will have to wait a bit longer" she giggled and nodded towards the door.

Frank smiled "Yes at this rate I will be here all night" as the words left his mouth he regretted saying that.

"Well there would be no objections here" Victoria smiled and turned to him " I have never shared my room with a good looking lecturer before."

"Glad to hear it" Frank was starting to blush – 'good looking'? How she flattered him. "I am not exactly in the habit of sharing a room with my students either."

Victoria lent forward, a big grin on her face "But you just might have to break that rule tonight." She laughed and Frank joined her if somewhat embarrassed by the thought of it. Then he noticed the blue lace again. More this time, and also the unmistakable edge of a tattoo appearing over the lacy cups. He was mesmerised by the sight; what was the tattoo of? It looked like a serpent or a …

"It's a dragon" Victoria was laughing as she read his mind "my last boyfriend was into tattoos and stuff so I had it done for him." Frank had been caught out staring at her chest. He went red and shifted uncomfortably, but the look had not worried Victoria.

"Want to see?" she did not wait for an answer but lowered the zip a bit more and pulled her top off her left shoulder, exposing her bra covered breast and its tattoo to his gaze. The tail of the dragon was clearly visible but the head and body were shielded by the lace.

"Very nice" was all Frank could say. His eyes drawn like magnets to her exposed chest. The tattoo was beautifully executed in blue green and red – clearly the work of a craftsman Frank thought.

"Well thank you it took ages and hurt like hell, even more than the body piercing." Body piercing? What? Where? Again he flushed; lost for words. Again she appeared to read his mind.

"Yes he has a little ring through his nose" she giggled, enjoying his embarrassment.

"Through his nose and through you?" Frank almost stuttered. He wanted to know but didn't know how to say the words without sounding like a complete moron.

"Yeah" still that impish grin "through my nipple."

"Ouch I bet that hurt when it was done" Frank was starting to feel a bit more confident but still could not take his eyes off her chest.

"Not too bad" she was still grinning "Its not the only piercing I've had." She paused looking for the reaction from Frank. On cue his eyebrows rose. "Yes I've three more."

No further information was offered, but Frank was curious. "Wow, anyway, the dragon looks great, at least what I can see of it" He laughed, a genuine laugh this time, perhaps even a sub-conscious dare?

Victoria looked into his eyes. Then jumped up, took Franks' glass, and hurried into the kitchen for more beer. She took longer than Frank thought necessary, but she returned and handed him the glass.

As she settled back into the settee he noticed that the zip was lower, but now there was no longer the lace. He felt her eyes on him; he knew she was watching him look.

"Frank" her voice soft now and serious " I don't want you to think badly of me but I know you want to see my dragon" a pause "All of my dragon."

Her hand went to the zip and as she started to pull it down further, she felt Frank's hand cover hers. He had meant to stop her, but his hand was now covering her soft breast under the woollen material.

"Victoria" he started "I'm old enough to be your father. It's bad enough me being here alone with you without you undressing in front of me." He tried to sound authoritative. "I think I had better go…." His sentence was interrupted by her soft hand rising to cover his lips.

"Frank. I want to show you." He heard the metallic sound as the zipper opened, felt her move his away so that she could open her top. He looked at her face then downwards, following the dragon down, from the tail, along its curved body to its head. The dragon's nose was the most perfectly formed nipple he had ever seen, a little gold ring through its nose. His hand was drawn to it. The tip of his finger touched the ring lightly but the effect on them both was like an electric shock.

Victoria sighed as she felt his fingers touch her hard nipple like a feather. Frank could only utter an understatement "Wonderful. Just wonderful."

"Mmmmmmmm you have nice touch" her sighed comment made Frank withdraw his finger but her hand came up to cover his and press it lightly over her breast. "Don't stop, it feels nice."

Frank was almost transfixed. Her skin was so soft and the texture of her breast firm, almost elastic, not at all likes his friend in the North. Her breasts were those of a woman approaching middle age, they were larger than Victoria's but had lost that firmness and were starting to sag a little. The breast now cupped in his hand needed no support, it stood proud on her slim body. She shifted his hand downwards, down her rib cage to her navel until he felt his fingers touch something metallic. His eyes followed his hands.

"That's another little adornment" she smiled sweetly at him as his fingers brushed over the ring just above her navel. Frank played with it lightly, turning it, seeing how her skin pulled slightly as he did so.

"Look up a second Frank" Victoria moved his hand back to cover her breast as she waited for eyes to slowly return to look into her own.

"And another" she opened her mouth and let her tongue slowly emerge between her lips. Frank saw immediately the small steel stud now through her tongue – how could he have missed it?

"I don't wear it much these days but I put it back when I was getting the beer."

"Now that must have hurt when it was done" Frank's voice registered a note of concern that perhaps she may now be regretting having this ornament added to the collection.

"Yes somewhat" she was smiling that sweet smile again "but Pete (my ex) liked it" she winked, not knowing if Frank would pick up on the fact that Pete liked it's effect when they made love. She leaned in towards him, closing the gap.

"Feel" her lips made contact with his and her tongue came out to touch the edges of his lips which parted to allow her to explore his mouth. Frank could feel the steel touch his lips, his tongue reached out to touch hers and play with the little stud. It was all new to Frank and he felt himself slowly drawn into a long sensual kiss as their tongues duelled slowly together. His inhibitions about being found in the arms of a student were melting; he was feeling at ease, enjoying the attention of this pretty girl who wanted to kiss him. He felt himself being aroused, but made no effort to hide the growing hardness in his groin.

They slowly broke the kiss, lips lingering, before they parted to look into each other's eyes. He was almost unaware that his hand still cupped her breast.

"Like?" she asked. Frank nodded "Mmm yes very nice. I could grow to like your little additions." He was smiling back into her eyes.

"Stay please" she spoke softly, seriously, hopefully. She kissed him again. In that kiss Frank's hesitancy was lost. He wanted to stay. His answer was in the way he responded, a stronger kiss, his fingers closing around her pliant breast, squeezing gently.

He felt her hand in his groin, slowly unbuckling his belt, opening his zipper; a soft hand slowly pushing past the waistband of his boxers, encircling his hardening shaft. That hand stroking him; moving up and down the hard skin, pulling back his foreskin, fingers lightly touching the crown.

Their kiss was now deeper, stronger. Her hand moving lower to cup his balls; his fingers fondling her nipple, playing with the little ring. She broke for air "Too many clothes" her simple statement followed by her hands moving to try and free his trousers and pull them and his boxers down his legs. He lifted up from the seat to help her, almost ripping the buttons of his shirt off as he sought to rid himself of his clothes. He kicked off his shoes and used his toes to push off his socks. He was naked, and not in the least bit embarrassed to be this way, in front of her.

She looked down at his hard prick, fondled it and slowly stroked it twice before rising from the settee. Not loosing eye contact with him, she pulled off her top, both breasts now available to Frank's eyes which took in their beauty. She opened the top of her own slacks and pushed them down her legs. Standing now in just lacy blue G string she enjoyed feeling his eyes almost burn into her, feeling the desire that this man had for her, loving that feeling.

Then she slowly dropped to her knees between his thighs. Her hands wrapped themselves around his manhood, holding it steady. "This is what the tongue stud is really good for" she smiled then bowed her head to his organ. Her tongue touched the tip, lapping the drop of pre-cum that had oozed from the head. Then the stud; she used it to caress his crown, running over the purple head and around the sensitive ridge. Frank was sure he could not take this treatment for long. The experience was so new, so electric. He had blowjobs in the past, recently from his lady friend, but never like this. The combination of her soft tongue and the hard stud was unbelievable. She continued to bathe his cock with her tongue, licking along the sides, over the crown again, pressing the stud against the eye at the end. One of her hands now held his ball sack as if measuring their weight, the other continued to stroke his cock, to move it to her tongue.

He could feel the tension mounting inside him. He was going to cum soon. He knew it, he was starting to go tense, his balls tightening in their sack; in her hand. Victoria sensed it too, she looked up at him "Please cum for me" she opened her mouth and took him inside. His six broad inches disappeared as that tongue continued to lathe his sensitive skin. He was beyond control. He leaned back against the settee pushing himself forward into her mouth as he felt the cum surge through his cock.

"Ohhhh god" his cry announced the eruption of his cock in her mouth. He held her head as a second spurt flooded into her mouth. He felt her swallow as he came again "Oh Victoria so good so good" His orgasm started to fade his still hard cock moved out of her mouth her tongue, that stud lapping the remnants of his spend from him as he withdrew. He watched as she licked some of his cum from her lips.

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