tagMatureOld Dog, New Trix

Old Dog, New Trix


"But what did I do to deserve this?"

I smiled. "Well you've always been very helpful to us. To me in particular. As we're moving out finally, I think I'll say a proper goodbye."

He looked wide-eyed between my legs. I had a finger inside now while the base of my fingers rubbed against my clit. My left hand prised my panties further out of the way. My stockinged foot was still gently rubbing his now-stiffening cock through his trousers. I affected a groan. "Could you pull my panties off please?" I switched my hands to unbuttoning my white shirt. He leant across, his hands noticeably trembling as, on the outside of either thigh, they sought the elastic of my black lace thong. I lifted my ass as he began to tug, and away they came, slowly grazing over my stockings until they were free of my feet. "You can keep those if you like," I winked.

I stood, taking off my shirt and skirt, returning to my previous position lying on the sofa, only with legs wider now, right foot still massaging his crotch gently. I traced lazy lines around my groin, pretending to tease myself, exaggerating the sensitivity of my clit each time I brushed over it. The poor guy probably hadn't been this close to a real pussy for 40 years, I wanted him to stare, take it in, enjoy.

"W-w-w-what about S-s-s-s?"


He nodded, his eyes darting between my rapidly moistening cunt and my teasing eyes.

"Steve's out on the town tonight, he called me when I left work. So you can stay a while if you want to." I pressed his cock a little harder as I slipped a finger back into my hole and threw my head back. "Mmmmm ... I am in the mood to play so it would be nice if you could stay."

He didn't say anything but I felt his hand run up my calf, stroking the nylon of my sheer stocking, and slide back down, gently squeezing my foot as it pressed his dick. I opened my eyes again to see him transfixed by my hands working between my legs, only a couple of feet from his face. The poor guy had only come round to return our spare key. I just hoped he'd washed recently.

"Can you unzip?" I asked in a whisper. "That would help me... if I could see you stroke as you watch me." I had a thought, and swung myself round and off the sofa, weaving through to the bedroom and fishing my vibrator from my 'play drawer'. I returned to find he still had not unleashed his cock. "Come on..." I mock-pleaded. "I'll wake it worth your while."

I again returned to a position where my legs were spread right in front of him, my wet hole glistening for him, the scent beginning to catch in the air for him. He fumbled with his polyester trousers, rooting around inside, failing miserably to produce any goods. I sat forward and shuffled up next to him on my knees. I kissed him on his forehead, then by his eye, then on his cheek, then his gnarled ear. My slowly undid his belt buckle, then his button. His head turned to face me. I had wanted to avoid proper kissing but, caught up in the moment, placed my lips on his as my hand slid down inside his trousers grasping a suitably stiff cock through his white cotton briefs. His moan said it all.

I pulled back from the kiss, concentrating on getting his trousers and underwear off, yanking them down to his knees with his eager help. "That's better," I whispered, giving his liberated cock a gentle squeeze as I leant back again. I threw my left leg on to the back of the sofa and slowly drew my right leg up his thigh to his dick. I began rubbing my clit again. "Touch yourself for me," I urged. "Surely you must have touched yourself for me before?"

I left the question hanging as I pressed harder on the underside of his cock with my foot. His hand moved up and held my foot there for a second before wrapping around his dick, beginning to stroke as I edged my foot out of the way, using my big toe to gently probe his balls. His gaze returned to my pussy and I slipped my middle and index fingers back inside, working them around, making some noise for him while I coated them, then drew them back up my slit, slowly but surely, before applying slippery pressure on my clit once more. I groaned as I circled with my fingers, squirming a little, before opening my eyes to check he was still jacking off.

I reached down on to the floor and picked up the vibrator, turning it on at a medium speed and giving it a quick lick around the head. "Want to make sure I cum for you?" I didn't wait for an answer, sliding the pink plastic into me and holding it, adjusting myself to the buzz, feeling it spread through me, relaxing to allow more of it in, a familiar yearning washing over me, wishing it could impale me. I let out a loud, needy sigh. "I need your right hand over here now... please?" I smiled, letting go of the vibrator so it began to slip out of me.

I stroked my thighs, savouring the switch between my lace-tops to smooth warm flesh as the vibrator sparked urges deep inside me. His hand reached down, holding it in place, half in (or half out?), while his left hand made a feeble attempt to continue wanking for me. I place my right foot on the floor, opening wider, and my fingers returned to my clit, small movements to complement the stationary buzz in my cunt.

"Go on... fuck me with it... make me cum." He pushed gently, perhaps squeezing another inch in, held for a second then pulled out, maybe two inches. His eyes were fixed on that point between my legs, his brow was showing beads of sweat now. He turned sideways, for some reason needing to use both hands, and this time pulled the toy all the way out. He almost visibly drooled at the noise, the soggy squelch which greeted the withdrawal, his eyes most certainly taken by the first visible signs of my juice. He pushed back in a little harder and then began to work a rhythm that suited me fine, one that I matched with my fingers on my clit, occasionally spreading them either side of the vibrator as it slid in and out of me, partly to glean more lubricant for my fingers and partly just to feel the vibrating tool being thrust in and out of me by this old man.

I moaned and gasped as I felt it buzzing in my tunnel, soon passing the point of safe return, strumming myself to with in an inch before asking him to lick me as he fucked me with the toy. I moved both my hands to my breasts, mainly a show for his benefit, and urged him to get his mouth around me. "Taste me, Bill. While you fuck me. I'm going to cum."

He bent between my legs and his quivering lips kissed my clit softly. "Lick it, suck it," I pleaded. He did as he was told and the wet tongue sliding over my engorged button sent me wild. He was simply holding the vibrator inside me now, seemingly unable to multi-task at such short notice, but I didn't care. I was bucking against his tongue, reaching a hand down to hold his head in place so that I could guarantee maximum stimulation. I began to grind my hips, my clit rubbing against his lips and teeth, his tongue occasionally flecking around to tease a little more. My other hand reached down and held him fast as I came hard, screaming into the air behind me as I threw my own head back, more "oh"s and "ah"s coming with each jolt as the aftershocks travelled through me from deep inside.

I eventually let his head go, and he slowly pulled away looking up at me in wide-eyed wonderment.

"Can you turn off the vibrator now?" I asked. "It's getting kind of tickly."

"Oh, yes, sorry," he stumbled, pulling it out with a slurp and then turning the end to switch it off. He sat awkwardly, cock still exposed and semi-erect, holding the glistening plastic cock.

"Just put it on the floor," I said, closing my legs into a more comfortable position, stretching and sighing in contentment. "That was nice – thank you."

"You're welcome," he said with a smile, "and thank you."

"When was the last time you tasted a woman, Bill?" I asked a little cheekily.

"Too long ago to remember. Probably before you were born. Really, thank you that was amazing. Beyond my fantasies even."

"So you do fantasise about me then eh cheeky?" I laughed a dirty laugh and playfully prodded his cock with my foot again. "We've got some time to go a little further if you like."

"Erm... this is a bit embarrassing, but... erm."


"At my age, it can be quite difficult. I'll go all the way once, if you know what I mean. Sorry if that's disappointing in any way. I'm happy to pleasure you any way at all if you prefer. Or I can go home happy now..."

"We'd better make that once count then eh?" I stood up and scampered through to the bathroom for a pee. I called through: "You've got 30 seconds to decide what we should do – so long as it's not too 'out there'."

I wiped, peeled off my stockings and tossed them into the corner of the bathroom. I checked my make-up in the mirror, remembering the first time I encountered Bill. I was drunk and had lost my keys, Steve was at least an hour from home and it was raining hard. Bill heard my voluble cursing and came out with an umbrella to check on me. Part chivalry, part pervert Steve had said the next morning. He had made me a coffee and given me a towel at his place, but I sat down on his sofa and went straight to sleep, only woken when Steve came looking for me. My skirt had been short, my top low-cut, my heels high. There is no doubt he had sat gazing – at the very least – for that hour. But, whatever his motives, his help had been unstinting for three years. Among other things he kept an eye on our place when we were away and, although I was certain he used those opportunities to rifle through my underwear, I'd grown quite fond of him. Like the grandfather I never had – except, of course, that I wouldn't repay a grandfather quite like this.

What can I say? It had been a long, hot day. I was feeling and looking hot. I had already begun to run a bath to have a nice, slow play on my own when the doorbell went. Along with the basic urge to cum, I seemed to develop an urge to say thank you to Bill as well.

"Coming ready or not," I called through to the living room and wandered through to find Bill sat politely with his trousers round his ankles, now totally limp. I stood naked in the doorway, hands on hips like some sort of dominatrix. "Looks like you could do with a lift." I took a few steps towards him then switched down to all fours, prowling the last couple of yards so that I was positioned between his legs. I tugged his trousers, underwear, shoes and socks away and knelt beneath him. "Shall we just play it by ear then?"

"Sure...erm... whatever you're most comfortable with really... I'm happy with..."

My hands stroked up each leg and, when they reached his waist, pushed his shirt and vest up over his stomach. I shuffled forward, my right hand sliding back down to embrace his cock while my left held the clothes out of the way. I squeezed gently, before adding a little vertical movement, increasing it bit by bit until I was wanking his hardening dick right in front of my face. "I'm usually a good girl you know," I smiled up at him. "You caught me in a naughty mood."

He smiled back, his pronounced breathing audible as he watched me stroking his cock. I couldn't decide whether fucking him would be a step too far. If he could only cum once maybe he'd prefer not to anyway. I tightened my grip as he reached something like a full stiffy, a decent 7 inches. "If we've only got one shot, where would you like it to land?" I asked, leaning forward to provocatively lick his thigh, just stopping short of his balls.


That's all I got.

I stopped stroking, and pulled his dick so that it was pointing towards my mouth. I shook the hair from my face and licked my lips. One final look into his eyes and my mouth met the swollen end of his cock, kissing lightly, repeatedly, and ending with one long kiss that incorporated the tip of my tongue teasing his tiny hole inside my mouth. I could hear him breathing faster, through his nose, a few muffled moans as my hand began squeezing the base of his cock once more. I licked slowly up the underside of his cock, using the full, wet flatness of my tongue – no teasing tip this time – and watched him gasp as I slobbered over the top of his tool.

My mouth enveloped the head of his cock, sucking gently as I took more of him in. He muttered an "oh god" or two as my mouth slowly worked up and down on him. My hand was still squeezing as my head began to bob up and down in his lap, fucking his cock, coating it with more of my saliva with each withdrawal. He instinctively opened his legs wider as I worked him and after every five or six 'fucks' I would pause over the end of his dick and suck hard, moaning from the back of my throat, getting turned on again myself. I could feel the wetness returning between my legs as his body grew more and more tense, edging closer to an explosion.

"Come on my face Bill, just like you imagined, just like your fantasy," I thought to myself as his squirming became more pronounced, his gasps and pants evolving into groans and whines. I began to jack him while my mouth sucked on the end, wasting no time in building up the speed of my right fist to a frantic blur.

"Ahhhhh," he began to cry out. I released my mouth's grip and swiftly redirected his cock towards my face, still yanking him vigorously. He cried out again, and I quickly looked up to check that his eyes were open to see his moment of truth. I opened my mouth and lay my tongue, ready and waiting, under the end of his dick.

Three seconds later he jerked and shot across my face. His cum streaked across my cheek into my hair, a wad fired onto my left nostril and over my top lip, the tail end of that missile getting into my mouth, the rest tamely, unenergetically slopping out on to my waiting tongue as my hand slowed down to a gentle squeeze as he panted and gasped in a heap above me.

He thanked me as I reached across to grab a tissue from the table, spitting his cum into it and cleaning up my face.

"You're very welcome," I replied, standing. "No danger that you won't remember me now is there?"

"I doubt I would have forgotten you," he replied, pulling his underpants and trousers back on. "I always thought you were stunning."

I fetched a bath robe and wrapped it around me before sitting next to him on the sofa. "Well I hope I've also managed to do a good deed today," I laughed. "You have been great to me. Thank you very much."

His socks and shoes were back on and he stood. "Can I really keep those?" he half-stammered, blushing a little, pointing at the crumpled lace thong beside me.

"Sure," I said, tossing them to him. "You only have white ones so far don't you?" I laughed and rose to let him out of the door before he could respond. I gave him a peck on the cheek and shooed him out. Ten minutes later I was settling down for a lazy, soapy strum in a re-filled bath – then a thought occurred. Where did he leave the key? It was five days until our big move, and I had a feeling I would be seeing Bill again...

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