tagGay MaleOld Dogs, New Tricks Ch. 01

Old Dogs, New Tricks Ch. 01


This story is entirely 100% fiction. I have never been there.


The agreed time was between noon and 12:15. I checked in around 11:30 without any complications, using a credit card that came directly to my office. Very nervous would accurately describe my state of mind.

We had been exchanging emails several times a week for the past months. Our exchanges were very direct and, I hoped, totally honest. We were both happily married, with adult children, and enjoying successful careers. Discretion was important. He had experienced MM sex 3 times before, but nothing in the last 10 years. I had only read about it and watched videos on my computer. We were both in our early 60's with a few extra pounds. We both had to drive hours to meet at a Hilton Hotel where we both had stayed before on business trips. In our e-mail exchanges, we had "chain-storied" our needs and desires. We seemed to be completely compatible.

Room 704 afforded a beautiful view downtown Cincinnati across the river. I undressed and put on the hotel-supplied robe and looked for a sports channel on the cable. I never drink at this hour but on this occasion the mini-bar looked awfully inviting. I passed on the free coffee and designer water and went straight for a vodka and tonic. Vodka and grapefruit juice is my poison of choice but that was not available. I had forgotten to get ice so I quickly put on my pants, loafers, pulled my shirt on and went to the end of the hall and quickly filled the bucket. I turned the heat in the room up to 75, undressed again and walked around the room with my bath robe opened awaiting Jeff's arrival.

I had written the room number on a legal pad and left it on the driver's seat of the loaned vehicle I was driving. The white Lexus with Georgia license plates made it easy to identify.

As the digital clock on the bed side table flipped to 12:10, I heard three quick knocks on the door. I gulped hard knowing my moment of truth had come. After a quick look through the peephole I closed my bathrobe and opened the door. m As expected he was dressed in business casual attire carrying a brief case which I knew, was filled with personal, not business, items that might be used later. I had already brought a few of my favorite toys as well.

"George?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied and said, "Jeff, I'm glad you're here and on time because I fell like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for his parents to wake up."

"Well, I hope you like your presents. I know opening them up for the first time is exciting," he said with a grin entering the room.

Jeff had said previously that it was important to get undressed immediately giving less time, for either man to change their minds. He declined a drink but said that he had brought some refreshments including grapefruit juice and vodka that we could enjoy later. He started to undress and neatly place is clothes in the closet. I said, "Please leave your underwear on... and I bet you know why."

Jeff said, "I'm ready to have some fun. Why don't you get into position and get ready to have your first taste."

With my robe still closed I got down on my knees. Jeff walked over and stood about 12 inches from my face. In an understanding tone, Jeff said, "I sure remember my first time and I hope you enjoy this just as much." "Take off your robe," he said firmly. "I like to have all of my cocksuckers naked."

I quickly shed the robe and got back in position. As I reached for the top of his boxers he told me to give his nipples some attention first. I reached up and took both nipples between my thumb and first finger and gently rolled them. He said that they wanted to be squeezed, pinched and pulled and he would tell me if it passed the "feel good" stage. I asked him if he wanted me to suck them. I love that feeling. Jeff said there would be a lot of time for that later and I could expect mine to get all the attention they could stand.

When my wife and I are screwing she uses them like a faucet to control the speed of my stroke. The harder she pinched the harder I plowed into her beautiful strawberry patch.

By this time I felt completely at ease and was turned on by the events. When Jeff moaned, "Enough." I brought my hands back to his shorts and slowly started to pull them down. I had never been this close to another man's cock and I was excited but also a little scared. My face was less that a foot from his body as the thin patch of his public hair appeared. When I saw the base of his dick I just slid them all the way down to his ankles and helped him step out of them. There it was.

At our ages there is no chance that an erection would point to 11 o'clock. In fact, straight out at 9 o'clock would rarely occur, even with the use of "blue gold" or some other wonder drug. At best, his 5 ½ inches were making it to 7:30, but I could not have cared less. A large drop of pre-cum was seeping out of his slit. He said go ahead and I put my right hand around his cock. It was warm and fleshy and a shudder ran through his body as I closed my hand around it. Using my thumb I started to rub his clear juice all over his helmet. I could feel his meat hardening as I continued. I love that feeling and he apparently did also. As his dick lengthened I started to slowly pump it.

He spread his feet apart and I took that as a signal to play with his balls. It seemed strange massaging someone else balls but I enjoyed every second of it. My hands were evoking some involuntary jerks and that made me want to accelerate what I was doing. I love having my ball bag patted and I started gently smacking his with my left hand.

His cock was as hard as it was going to get as I continued to jack him off. His right hand touched the back of my head and without further hesitation I opened my lips and covered his meat with my mouth. I closed down on it started to run my tongue sideways across the bottom of his cock.

Well, if any one ever calls me a cocksucker again they will be right. I enjoyed his reactions to my efforts. He asked, "Are you sure that you have not done this before. Damn you're good." I alternated between taking long deep sucks using my hands on his butt cheeks and then holding only his helmet and painting its sensitive head with my tongue. Then I'd used one hand to jack him off while the other one firmly patted his nuts.

I was really getting into this and knew he would not last much longer. He asked if I wanted to know before he came and I nodded my head yes. Within a minute he said, "Look at me. Here it comes." I locked my lips down on his dick head because I wanted his juice it hit all the taste buds in my mouth before swallowing it. The expression on his face was almost one of pain as he closed his eyes and his dick started to jerk and squirt his come into this virgin cocksucker's mouth. I counted and felt four solid squirts before he started to relax and, breathe again.

I rolled his juice around in my mouth and swallowed while still keeping his dick locked in my mouth. What now I thought. Well I had just sucked off my first cock and I loved it. What did Jeff have in mind for an encore? Even as my mind raced with the possibilities, I ran my tongue around his cum slit and tried to literally suck more man juice but he was finally dry.

"That was the best blow job I've ever had," Jeff said. His knees were weak and he proceeded to sit on the queen-size bed closest to the window overlooking the Queen City skyline.

I had enjoyed this experience even more than I expected. I was surprised that his man juice had almost no taste. I never came close to gagging and my knees weren't even sore after being in that submissive position for 15 minutes.

Round 1 was over and I eagerly awaited the beginning of round 2.

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