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Old Fashioned Love


This is a story of a man who has lost his love and now finds that the women of this day don't light his fire anymore. He wants an old-fashioned girl, so he decides to make one of his own. This is more then a fuck story so brace yourself for a bit of background. Enjoy.

The old man had been sitting in the cemetery for over an hour in the misting rain. The weather seemed to match his mood as James sat and thought about the things that were stealing the happiness from his life. He found himself doing that a lot lately. Ever since Mary left, not when she died but when the cancer took 'her' away and left that poor sick woman who died several weeks later. A car driving by on the road blew its horn, somebody who recognized him and wanted to say hello. In a small town people are like that. He was aware that some of his friends were beginning to worry about him a bit. He knew all this sitting around pondering the whys and how comes of his life, made him seem slightly neurotic, crazy in a harmless way.

Over the last few months James had been thinking of his life and what value it held without Mary. How much she had brought with her to their relationship. What a gaping hole she had left behind her in his heart. But now she was gone and he had accepted that as fact. What if he could replace Mary, find another person with her fiery passion, somebody who he could love as he had Mary. What kind of risk would he take if he could get Mary back? Not her, he knew that was never to be, but a young and exciting girl like the one that he had fallen in love with. Could life become good again?

Was it his old and outdated way of looking at things that was making the world seem out of sync somehow? Watching the younger people he knew, he doubted that they were any happier then he was. It didn't seem to James that anybody was going to be very happy in the world the way is now. Nobody had the time for happiness these days. Women didn't have time to be mothers, men didn't have time to be fathers and the kids had no time at all, not to be kids. In this brave new world where women worked and used the money they earned to pay somebody else to raise their children. Where children only saw their mothers for a few minutes each night.

Families became a new kind of group with nobody really in charge. The parents tried to make up for time lost by relaxing rules letting kids make decisions they were not old enough to make. Things like sex, drugs, and gangs became the norm for kids after school. No wonder they are becoming a 'drop out' generation.

With all the damage that women's liberation has caused, it seemed that at least the women should be happy. But as James looked at the women he knew, they didn't seem happy at all.

The only people helped by women's liberation were big business. The fact that women would work harder and for less money was only the beginning. They made millions selling her the 'second car' so she could get to work. They made millions selling her the clothes that she would need to dress up five days a week. They made millions selling the machines that they made to take her place, washing machines and driers, microwaves and frozen dinners. James began to think that anything you might do to reverse this way of thought would be a noble deed, a deed worthy enough to shed some innocent tears and maybe even blood for. The rich corporations could steal every mother from every family in America and it would be fine and legal. James was going to steal one woman to make him and her happy, and he would be classed as the worst type of criminal for doing it if he was caught. Right and wrong were not fixed points anymore; they wavered and moved about, different for a poor man then a rich one.

James felt that he had made a slight shift in the way his mind viewed everything. With this new viewpoint, he was re-evaluating everything. All his value judgments were themselves being judged. The rights and the wrongs of life had gotten hazy and unfocused in his mind. James was amazed at how many of the things people took for granted were in fact, lies and distortions. He began to believe that women were predestined to be submissive. It was this feature in their personality that allowed them to always make the sacrifices that their families sometimes needed. A mother would gladly go without food to feed her child. It was part of what made a mother a mother. A true lover will always be willing to serve her love. A woman is at her best when she willingly gives herself to another who loves her. The more James tested his theory, the more he began to believe it could work. More then that, it needed to work to prove that he had it right. James trained animals for a living, could he train a woman? Could he help her to regain the essence of her existence, to revert back into a creature that gave pleasure and took pride in how well she did it? He would want to help her to become an old fashioned girl, submissive and obedient, yet still let her keep her pride and spirit. He did it with dogs every day.

James was the kind of guy who couldn't let go. Once an ideal took shape in his head he would wrestle with it until he either worked out how it would work or he came to the conclusion that it wouldn't work. He had to be able to put everything into one of those two boxes in his mind. It worked and was good; it didn't work and was bad. This thing with training a woman was one of the most interesting ideals to happen to him in a long time. The more he thought of it the more convinced he became that he could do this. James actually thought that he could take an adult female and make her want to be a good submissive woman. He could build the perfect wife. He needed to write it all down and take the whole concept through one step at a time, see if he had missed anything. If, and that was a big if he did do something, he couldn't bring himself to use the words kidnap, he would be betting his life on the outcome.

It was two weeks later that he thought maybe his friends were right to worry about him. He felt just crazy enough to do something. He thought that he had worked it out to the point that it was time to fish or cut bait. He was ready, he was sure that his plan would work at least sure enough to be willing to throw the dice and see if he won or lost. He was ready to do something.

The thought made him shiver with delightful anticipation. He started to tap out words on his keyboard. To his ears they sounded like the furtive tapping of Andy Defames rock hammer and just as surely as the hammer led Andy from shawshank, his tapping tonight could free him. He loved that movie "The Shawshank Redemption". Just as a clear mind and a good plan had helped Andy to raise above all his unhappiness, it would do the same for him. It sounded almost like a prayer, 'help me rise above, Lord.' James smiled as he typed and he typed for the next three hours. Later he was in the kitchen drawing detailed plans for different devices that he would have to build, adapt, and invent in his shop. He figured that he had four weeks of steady work before he could be ready to make his first move.

Over the next few weeks James worked on his dream. He was lucky that his father had built a fallout shelter and taken great pains to hide it. He had hidden a large room under a storm shelter. It was impossible to tell it was there. He had even built a small elevator to get in and out with. There was no door only the elevator. His task was to convert that shelter into a cell, a place to train a woman as though she were an animal. It took a combination of both inventiveness and craftsmanship, neither of which could be rushed.

When he was tired from making his arrangements he would take rides looking for the best spots to make the pick-ups. Again he couldn't bring the word kidnap from his mind preferring to use pick up. He had cruised by the spots where the hookers were found, but he had decided that they wouldn't do for him. He drove by the colleges, there were three in his city alone, and lots of pretty girls there and some of them had the look in their eye that he thought that he might need to have. But in the end they were too full of the promises of life and James didn't want to blemish those bright hopes. In the end James had decided that he wanted an older woman twenty-seven or eight up to thirty-one or so. So he began to look in super markets and shopping malls.

The days passed and as they did he accumulated all the equipment he thought he might need. He still had trouble sometimes believing that he was doing it, really doing it. Sometimes as he worked on a piece of equipment, as he would admire his work he would also consider how it was going to feel to all those women he would use it on. he would get to thinking about what he was really doing and have to stop and sit down. If God forbid, he was wrong, if for whatever reason the woman didn't come around. His entire plan depended on his being able to make them come to terms with and accept their new role. A man had to consider the complete damnation of the thing if he was wrong. In reality he was betting everything that he could correct the social imprints of a lifetime in just four weeks. If he didn't succeed; well in that sad case then he would be just one more of a large number of sex criminals with an innocent young person held against her will. An outlaw and a pervert, with the innocent victim downstairs to prove it. This had to be done correctly he didn't want him or the girl to get hurt and he didn't want to be sitting in a cell somewhere thinking about what he had done wrong. This had to be well thought and well executed or he would be caught and jailed for life. What if somehow they shot and killed him, what would become of the girl in training?

On this day the thought was too heavy to bear, he decided to call it quits for the day. James locked the shop behind him and walked the hundred yards behind his house to the mound of earth. It stood only four feet higher than the ground around it but it was where the key to his happiness would be buried. He walked to the backside where the door was located; from here you could not be seen from the road or from any of the neighbors houses, opening the door he stepped inside.

James found himself standing in a room 18 ft by 30 ft. It was empty, there were shelves but they only empathized the room's emptiness by being empty themselves. He was still unsure what he should put on the shelves, but he wanted this room to look used. Checking with a quick glance behind him that the door was shut, James walked to the far corner where there was a sump pump set into the floor. Reaching down he found the concealed latch in the drainpipe and pulled the lever. A motor whirred to life somewhere and the entire thing, sump pit, grate, and 4 square foot of the floor rose up, revealing it to be a small elevator. The sump pump was connected to rubber lines that coiled and uncoiled as it went up or down. James stepped inside and put his key in the control and the car started to go back down. When it stopped James stepped into another world.

He was standing in a room larger then the one above; it was the size of a small apartment. It contained everything that a well set up apartment might have in it. There was a sleeping area with a nice queen size bed. There was a kitchen and dinning area, a living area with a wide screen TV and a computer, and a bathroom with a shower and a tub. The most striking thing though was the cage in the corner next to the bed. It was like an oversized dog crate but the bars were much thicker and one side butted against the wall. James inspected the floor closely, he had really put in some time on that but he thought that it was the most important step in the training. He flipped a switch on the panel above the cage and watched as little sliver studs came sliding up through the rubber floor. It was one sliver stud every inch in every direction. The entire floor was covered with the studs, anything bigger then a postage stamp would have to touch at least one of the studs. One was all it took. The whole floor was really just a bigger version of a dog collar with the same charge running through the studs as the poor old dog got when he crosses the fence line. It wasn't enough electricity to hurt you but it was enough to make you think it was hurting you. James smiled as he flipped the switch back to off and the studs sunk beneath the rubber surface. He examined the dildo that hung from the wall in the cage, bending closer he checked on the rocker switches located at its base. He checked the two pressure switches built into the wall two foot to each side of the rubber cock. Again, he found everything to be ready. He was like a man who had built the world's best fish tank. Now he needed to get a fish to put inside it. If he had the nerve to go through with it, he thought to himself as he rode the elevator back up to the storm shelter room.

James walked into his otherwise empty house. It seemed his whole life was empty these days; the thought was one more in a long line of depressing thoughts that he was going through. He wife of some thirty years had passed, his children had found other lives in other places. His son was in the army and was now in Asia somewhere, he moved around a lot. His daughter was married and lived with an airline pilot in London. James only got a chance to see them maybe once every couple of years. Truth be told he had been lonely even before Mary had passed on. For the last few months of her life she had turned more and more to the church for everything that she needed. It had made him jealous at the time; he had drawn her away from her strict religionist upbringing and let her taste the joy of sin. But before she died she had left him and went back to the church like it was an old lover. The woman did know that she was dying, so why wouldn't she want to get right with God? If it had remained between God and Mary, James could have accepted it with good grace but he couldn't accept the church and all those self-righteous assholes sticking their noses into what should have been, their time. He put up with it until the end but after Mary had left him and went back to her God, James had quit the church and asked the holy-rollers and bible thumpers to stay away from him and his home. Since everybody belonged to one of the four churches that dotted the highway passing through town, he was pretty much a hermit. Just an old fart that was content to live out his life by him self. This solution to the social problem of the church worked out well for everybody.

Until lately, but here in the last few months he had found himself changing. James had gotten to the point that he wanted the comfort that only a woman could give to him. That's how the whole thing got started, he wanted a woman but he didn't want the sort of woman that was out there today. James wanted an old fashioned woman. This is where the daydream used to stop, because they didn't make women like that anymore. That was not the case anymore because now he really thought he could make them again.

James poured himself a cup of coffee and carried it to the bathroom with him. Once inside he stripped off his clothes and adjusted the shower water temperature, sipping on his coffee while he waited for the cold water in the pipes to warm up. As he waited he looked at himself in the mirror. He saw an average man of medium build, with gray hair and a bald spot that was growing. All his life people had made remarks about how sparkly blue his eyes were, but the man he was looking at in the mirror had blue eyes that seemed to hold sadness rather then a sparkle to them. James missed his wife, not the old and sick woman who had just died but the young, hot, eager, and willing girl he had fell in love with. If people had seen a sparkle in his eyes, it was Mary who put it there. She had been his sparkle, toward the end; she lost that sparkle inspiring spirit. The cancer took her sparkle as well as his before it took what was left of her. He had lost that bright and twinkling happiness, it was gone forever. She was gone. Forever, leaving only sadness and emptiness in his soul.

James mentally jerked his mind from the downward spiral he had been on. She was gone but he and her had enjoyed so much together. "Better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all." He took another drink of his coffee before it got too cold to drink, as he sat the cup back on the sink he scanned down his body in the mirror. His body was in good shape for his age; all that working out with the dogs had kept him fit. The only unusual thing about him was his shaved pubic area, he had shaved his privates for the last twenty years. He had wanted her to do something that would put her in a submissive posture as she did a chore for him. The only thing he could come up with was shaving his privates. The guy in the mirror smiled as he remembered that first time. Mary had knelt before him and lathered hic pubic area and then so carefully shaved him with a bic razor. Her fingers covered in shaving cream, she had lifted each of his balls as she shaved around them and behind them. It had been very sexy and it was something that they both enjoyed. James had to do it himself now since she had went to the hospital, Somehow he felt that it would be similar to letting her grave go unattended, to allow a wild growth of hair growing between his legs. He checked the water and then stepped inside the shower. He lathered himself up with the last of his wife's designer soap. She had found a good deal on the stuff and had bought a case, it had lasted him fourteen months longer then she had lasted. He wanted so bad to be able to talk to Mary about what he was planning. He considered his plan again, and wondered if she would've approved. After all he was using money from her life insurance to do all this stuff. Somehow he felt that she would've been very supportive about the scheme. Mary had found a good and happy life when she had found her submissive nature. Best of all it would be fair for everybody, even the girl. James decided that he should at least go out scouting for a woman. If he found one he could take, then he would take her, if not then some other day he would find the right girl in the right place. He was going fishing for pussy, he smiled at the thought. He rinsed the soap from his body and dried himself with a large fluffy towel. Tonight was the night. He dressed and started out to his truck.

James shook his head as he thought of all the money and time he had wasted on the secret room and all the equipment inside. At least it would be wasted if he didn't carry through on the plan. As he walked through his kennels the barking of his dogs drowned out his thoughts. James trained dogs for service work and sold them to various state and government agencies. He took the time as he walked through the kennels to stroke each dog's head and pat his back; every dog got a kind word and a friendly pat on the back. By the time he reached his truck his body had already re-acquired the smell of a dog again.

James drove by all the spots that he had scouted in the past. He knew where it would be safe to take a woman. He knew where the cameras would see and he knew where the blind spots were. He drove through three super markets and a strip mall without seeing anything promising. He had time, he could wait until he found the snatch with no risk to himself, he just had to keep looking until he found it. It was nearly nine now, the mall would be closing and everybody would be coming out. When he got there he was surprised to see that the lot was fairly full. That's when it hit him that today was Friday and the stores stayed opened late on Fridays. But since he was here, he thought that he would take a look-see. He had been on his first lap when he found a Volvo parked in one of the blind spots that were safe from the cameras. A closer examination on his second lap on the lot revealed a school-parking permit from the university of Tennessee. This could be the one; he found a parking spot that was concealed from the cameras yet close to the Volvo. He settled in to wait and see what they looked like.

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