Old Folks Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Old Folk 1. It occurs about eleven months from Mark arriving at Frank's house.


It had been eleven months since that day when I arrived at Honey and Frank's house. It was about 1am at night as I stood in a quiet street waiting for Frank to pick me up. I had just finished with my last client for the night a good blowjob with him ending up cumming on my face. I was touching up my makeup, applying a little foundation where it had worn off after wiping the cum from my face followed by the usual extra coat of bright red lipstick on my lips, most of it had come off on the blokes cock as I sucked him off. A lot of the guys liked that, seeing a bright red lipstick smudge up their cock. I was all in pink tonight, except my usual color of red lipstick and nail polish. I had a small g-string which had a bow at the front and at the back, a matching corset, a small and tight pencil style skirt which come up to my thighs which just about covered my tan colored stockings which had a lace trim at the top. A tight boob tube style top covered my body, this one was longer than usual and covered my corset too. On my feet was a pair of wooden style platform strappy high heels the straps were pink like everything else I wore. Finally a small handbag with my cash earned tonight and a few condoms and a small denim style jacket covered me as the wind blew past and over my stocking covered legs. As I finished my makeup I heard a car sounded it's horn, I looked over and Frank had pulled up to collect me. I walked over to the car with my heels clacking on the concrete path and jumped in the car.

"How's it going Maria?" he asked as I fastened my seat belt.

"Fine, Uncle Frank. I've got nearly four hundred tonight." I replied. Frank and Honey had insisted I called them Uncle and Auntie.

"Good good slut. Get your head down on the way home will you." he finished off as he undone his zip on his trousers and flopped out his semi erect 6 inch cock. Like a obedient puppy and not wanting to feel pain in my own cock from the electric device fastened around my cock I lent down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off until cummed in my mouth. As usual once Frank had cummed in my mouth I learnt back up and opened my mouth to show him.

"Good slut, don't swallow it. Keep it in your mouth until I say so. Swill it around your mouth a few times get the good taste of cum in your mouth whore." he ordered.

I kept his gooey salty load in my mouth occasionally swilling it around my mouth and showing Frank it was still there until we arrived back home and I was allowed to swallow it. I went into my pink theme bedroom and sitting down and waiting on the four poster bed was Honey with her legs crossed. I got my purse out my handbag and gave her the money I earned for the night. She took it and counted it as I hung my denim jacket up, put my handbag away and took off my shoes.

"You've done well tonight Maria babe. You've got just over four hundred. I told you was going to be a hot little slut!"

"Yes I've got some good money tonight Auntie Honey. Can we go shopping tomorrow as I would like some more clothes?" I asked.

"Sure Maria, we can go out. What did you get up to tonight sugar?"

"Well I sucked about two or three cocks tonight plus Uncle Frank's on the way home. I swallowed all of them, except for one he cummed on my face. The rest fucked my ass, two of them came inside me as well."

"Good Maria babe I knew from the first time I saw you'd be a good whore. Are you starting to like cock more sugar? You like sucking it and having it in your ass, fucking you hard?"

Every night after I had been out Honey would always ask me how I earned the money and as always asked if I liked cock, checking see if the hormones were making more attracted to men and cock. I didn't lie to her.

"Yes Auntie Honey I did like sucking cock tonight more than usual, though I don't like swallowing cum. I did like been fucked in my ass I loved it, it felt really good and I got hard a little bit."

Suddenly Honey slapped me hard across the face. I had no idea what I had done wrong.

"She-male sluts like you do not get hard unless they take Viagra. We'll soon stop that and you'll like swallowing cum too you dirty bitch. Now get dressed for bed and take your tablets as we've got a big day ahead. I'II be back in a minute with something."

Honey left the bedroom as I undressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a young woman looking back with a curvy figure, long smooth legs, tanned soft skin, small B cup breasts with large nipples. The only thing that looked out of place was my small cock, which hung between my legs and was just over an inch long, my balls hung below totally hairless - they had shrunk more than my cock, they were about the size of two medium conkers. It was a rare occasion when I would get hard. Tonight was the first time in a long time I had, the hormones were seeing to that didn't get hard and couldn't cum. As I was on a lot of hormones, more than I should be, my body was changing very rapidly. I was wanting to go out dressed instead of been forced by Honey. I wanted a cock and I didn't really want my cock to get hard or cum. Why would a girl like me want to get hard, I wanted my cock to be as small as possible and not cum. I it's easier to hide in my sexy g-strings. I rubbed on my usual hormone creams onto my ass, thighs, breasts and nipples as well as taking the usual half dozen of pills.

I put on a fresh pair of black underwear for bed. Honey stated my panties could only be a thong or g-string and that I could wear a matching black lacey corset like the thong/g-string rule I was only allowed to wear basques or corsets. I stood at the edge of bed and waited for Honey to come in as usual and tie my corset up for bed. I heard the door open I turned around and Honey came in holding a shot glass with some brown color liquid in, it looked a bit like a very dark Whiskey.

"Drink this." she said as she handed me the glass. Without question I took the glass from her and put it to my glossy red lips and swallowed it, it had a bit of a funny taste.

"Good girl Maria. That will stop you getting hard until those hormones kick in."

"What was it?" I asked.

"It's Bromine love. Frank said they used to give it in the Army to stop the young un's getting hard. We thought we'd give you some until those hormones do the job. Taking this, you'll want more cum and more cock."

Honey handed me a box, which said Spanish fly on it. I knew it was an aphrodisiac to increase sex drive. I opened the box and inside was a big bottle I pulled off the top, which actually had an eyedropper in it.

"Take five drops four times a day. When you get up, mid morning, mid-afternoon and at night. Do not forget and always do it or they'll be some serious shit bitch. Take some now!" ordered Honey.

I opened my mouth and dropped five drops in and swallowed. I just managed to read the side of the box, which said, take no more than two drops. Frank popped his head around my bedroom door handed Honey a big bottle of Bromine about a liter. I would say, and left. Honey, in turn, passed it to me.

"Take this the same time you take the Spanish fly. I do not want you getting hard ever again! Now bend over and let me put your plug in."

I bent over the bed Honey slid my string out the way and slipped in my butt plug. I had to have one of these in my ass all the time, except for when I was out. Honey said I had to always have something in my ass. It would either be a butt plug, dildo or cock. Honey left the room and I slipped over me my long black silky nightie and got into bed and nodded off.

I don't know what time it was but I woke up and it was dark. I could feel the butt plug seating comfortably in my ass and my g-string resting between my cheeks. I was extremely horny, I guess the Spanish fly had kicked in. I turned round on my back feeling the silky nightie over my body. I was so horny and I couldn't control myself I put both hands on my breasts and squeezed them gently and rubbed them through my nightie, feeling the soft silky material on my breasts and nipples, which were getting hard. Since taking the hormones not only had I grown breasts, my nipples had got bigger and puffy, and the area around my nipples, I could never remember what it's called, but it too had got a lot bigger and I thought it looked very sexy. My hands soon moved from my breasts sliding down my slim body, which was now a good size twelve, towards my flaccid cock. I pulled my long nightie up and got my small flaccid cock out my underwear and started to wank myself hard. I wanked myself harder and harder but I guess the Bromine was doing its job because I couldn't get hard and I was getting hornier and hornier.

I wanted a cock inside me. I wanted a cock to fuck my ass hard, so I jumped out of bed and went in the top drawer and jumbled around the selection of dildo's and vibrators until I found a 8" inch vibrator. It had a light blue shaft, which changed to see-through, and you could see all the funny ball bearing things inside, it was about 1" 1/2 inch wide and I wanted it badly. I pushed the bed covers back and pulled my long nightie up from around my ankles up to my waist I pushed my thong aside and pulled out the crystal clear butt plug and put it aside and I finally slid the 8" inch vibrator up my ass. I felt it slide in with ease, slightly stretching my ass. I loved every minute of it and I pushed it in deeper until I was satisfied and turned it on. I felt the vibrator come alive. I arched my legs and opened them as I fucked myself with the 8-inch vibrator with my left hand and with my right played with my small 1" inch un-erect cock. I rammed the vibrator in and out of me as it buzzed away feeling the vibrations through out my ass and the rest of my body sending me crazy my cock even though I had been rubbing and wanking still hadn't got hard. I could feel the vibrator getting me going, hitting the spot I pushed it in a little deeper and pulled it out of my ass not as far but harder and I could feel myself building up to orgasm. I fucked myself harder hearing the humming from inside me from the vibrator as I rubbed my flaccid small cock harder and harder but to no avail. Suddenly I could feel myself ready to go, the point of no return. I sat up and leaned back on the pillows and I rammed the vibrator in harder as I was tiring and suddenly I had the biggest orgasm ever I could feel as if I wanted to cum but nothing happened or come out, it felt if my tiny balls had gone into orbit. I slumped myself on my pillows completely tired from my ball blowing orgasm.

I left the vibrator inside of me buzzing away as I layed there and got my breath back. The vibrator was sending tingles through out my body humming heavily in my ass and I could feel myself building up for another orgasm and it soon came quicker than I thought it, just as hard, satisfying and pleasurable as the first one. I pulled the vibrator out my ass as I couldn't stand no more, gave it a quick clean and put it away for another time. I quickly gave the butt plug a wipe over slipped it back up my ass pulled my nightie back down pulled the covers over and feel asleep very quickly tired my two mind, small ball blowing orgasms.

I woke up the next morning with the events of the night coming straight to me. I took my usual assortment of pills and creams and got dressed in a white g-string and matching basque with a yellow and light green pattern. Next I put on some fishnet hold-up stockings, a knee high dark tight denim skirt, a high cut sleeveless top which had a little cut which showed my cleavage, the cut was surrounded by little stars. I did my usual foundation, eye liner, mascara, light blue eye shadow, a light pink lipstick with some gloss and finally a matching gold ankle bracelet, bracelet and necklace complimented with some big gold hoop earrings and some gold rings on every but one finger. I went into the kitchen where Honey and Frank sat eating their breakfast, both of them stared at me and smiled as I sorted myself some breakfast and sat down.

"Cross your legs, young lady." commented Honey.

I had a tendency to sit with my legs open like a bloke would, however it was been driven out of me and with a small cock and balls it was easier to cross me legs.

"Hurry up sugar we've got to get you somewhere on time today." Ordered Honey.

"Chop, chop, Maria or we're going to be late." joined in Frank.

I quickly got my breakfast down and went back into my room and put on some black knee high boots and a nice black coat with a fur collar. I picked up my handbag and quickly hurried to the car with Honey and Frank hurrying me along. We had been driving about an hour with Frank & Honey chatting between themselves mostly. They made some small chat with me a few times until we arrived at our destination - a nice country house. We parked the car among all the others and walked up the large gravel driveway to the old big house. The house was a typical old style Georgian mansion with big windows and pillars before the huge main doors, as we got closer I saw it said "Dr. Phillips Practice".

"Right, Maria, whatever is said you go along with it and sound convincing or else!" said Honey as she linked arms with me. She pulled me close as we went through the main doors. Inside was a big hall, which was busy with people, Honey and I sat down while Frank went to the reception desk.

"What are we here for Honey?" I asked however I got no answer. I looked around the room and noticed at least two men looking at me. Frank came back down and said that the Doctor wouldn't be long. Soon a chap came down the big flight of stairs in a suit he was medium build and Asian. He came over to us and asked for me by name. We then followed him through a small door in the waiting room, which was like some consultation room.

"So Maria. Your Auntie and Uncle have informed me your going through gender re-assignment and you'd like to have breast implants, botox injection in your lips and imparts in your buttocks. Is that correct?"

All was now revealed what we were doing here and what I was going to receive. "Yes Doctor" I replied.

"How long have you been under going gender re-assignment? Did a Doctor prescribe you the hormones?"

"I've been under going hormone treatment for about four to five months doctor. No, my hormones were brought from a transgender store."

"Ok Maria, what size are your breasts now? Are the hormones working? Have you noticed any changes?"

"My breasts are B cup, but I wear fake breasts to make them bigger. Yes the hormones are working, my skin is softer I don't need to shave any more, my figure has become more curvy and my penis is unable to get a erection."

"Ok Maria that's fine, the hormones are working fine then. Before we start the operation your Auntie has informed me you want double D breast cup size, is that correct?"

I looked at Honey who glared at me and I then looked at Frank who slightly nodded in approval. I had no choice but to confirm double D breast implants is what I wanted.

"Yes Doctor, I would like double D breasts."

"Ok Maria. I'd like you to go up to the second floor and into room twenty-two. I think that you'll find it to your liking while you are waiting. A nurse will be along shortly and we can start the procedures."

We left the consultation room and took the lift up to the second floor and found room twenty-two. The room was nothing special, cream carpet, a single bed, large window over viewing the gardens, a small cupboard and television. Suddenly Honey slapped me hard across the face.

"That's for delaying in your answers to the doctor. We're going to take off your cock ring. Do or say the wrong hing and we'll know. Now lift up your skirt and drop your thong."

I did as Honey commanded, I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my thong as she reached for my small flaccid and undone the metal cock ring. Her had then reached around and pulled the butt plug out my ass.

"We'll see you in a few hours slut." said Frank as he winked at me and both he and Honey left the room.

I had been sitting in my room watching tv for about twenty minutes, it actually felt a bit funny not having anything inside my ass as I was so used to the butt plug been up there the entire time. The door opened and in come a very nice looking nurse probably late twenties.

"Hi Maria. My name is Gabbie and I'II be looking after you while you stay with us. Can you get undressed and put this gown on, I'II be back shortly and I'II take you up to surgery."

Gabbie left the room just before she hung a normal hospital backless gown on the coat hanger. I undressed and took a good look at my small B cup breasts, as they would soon be transformed into double D monsters. I put the gown on, feeling the cool air on my back and waited for Gabbie to come back. Gabbie soon arrived and took me in a wheelchair into the lift and up to the surgery room. I sat in my wheelchair with the gas mask around my face and I slowly drifted asleep.

When I awoke, who knows how many hours later, it was dark and I was in bed – I could instantly feel the pressure my new double D breasts on my chest. I got up and felt a bit of pain also in my ass, I turned the light on and looked in the big full-length mirror. Straight away I noticed my breasts were huge, and full standing pert to attention. They were big, firm and round, like two big melons sitting on my chest. I rubbed my hands over them, feeling the tenderness and firmness of my new boobs. Next what I noticed was my enlarged botox filled lips, they too were like by boobs full and kissable, but they weren't over done. I turned to my side and saw my new ass for the first time. The cheeks had been lifted and stuck out more giving me a curvier figure. I was getting horny and rubbed my huge tits and rubbed my unerect cock, I had no vibrator or anything here to stick up my ass and my cock was never going to get hard so I jumped back into bed and fell asleep.

I awoke the next day and Honey was in my room waiting.

"Your looking good now baby, like a proper girl." she said as she smiled.

"You've got to have this back now." she said holding the metal cock ring in one hand and a clear butt plug in the other.

I lifted my gown and Honey attached the cock ring, I bent over the bed eagerly awaiting the butt plug that slid inside my ass with no problems. It felt good to have something in my ass again. I got dressed then Honey and I made our way down to Frank who greeted us at the car.

I was sitting in the back of the car while Honey and Frank chatted between themselves how I looked like a real girl now when Honey turned around.

"Lift your skirt and wank yourself off" she ordered.

I lifted my skirt, pulled my underwear to one side and stroked my small unerect cock.

"Do it harder!" she commanded.

My hand went up and down my cock, my colorful nails becoming a blur. I could feel myself wanting to cum badly but my cock refused to get hard. It stayed as limp and as small as ever.

"Good good. About time that cock has stopped getting hard, we haven't been giving you the Bromine either for a few days" she commented.

"Frank I need you to drop us off at the shopping center. I want to get Maria a treat, and she can flaunt her new boobs too. She's a proper she-male now, a girl with a dick and I want to show my feminine cock sucking whore off."

We soon arrived at the shopping center and me and Honey left the car. As we walked I could feel my big boobs bouncing around in my corset as my heels clacking on the pavement, my big ear rings swung from my ears and the air brushed against my stocking covered legs. Feeling my big double d breasts bounce on my chest was a incredible feeling, along with my implanted ass cheeks swinging from side to side. With everything I could feel on my body, I was becoming really horny and I did actually feel happy. I wanted to look like a woman and be a woman, but also, be a little whore for Frank and Honey. We went around the shops, Honey buying me various dresses, skirts and underwear she was also asking total strangers again if they thought I was woman, and to my delight they all said I did.

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