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I was sixty-five years old, when my wife, Mary, died. She'd been sick for some time so we hadn't had sex for a couple of years. And, it's funny, but I didn't even miss it. Maybe I'm getting old. And Mary hadn't been looking so great. I mean she wasn't attractive to me anymore, so I was just as happy that my sex life had come to a close. I tell this to people and they laugh at me, because I look much younger than my age. Everyone says I could pass for forty-five. My hair is still full and black. Yeah, there are a couple of grey hairs next to my ears, but otherwise not. I don't have a lot of wrinkles, and my body is still fairly firm. Hey, I'm not a twenty-year old kid, but for sixty-five, really not too bad

The only thing was that after the funeral, I started losing weight, and not shaving every-day, and all that. I guess I'm not that good at taking care of myself. I've always had a woman to cook for me, and tell me to spruce up and everything. First my mother, then my wife. I never had to do anything for myself. My son, Michael, was getting very concerned about me.

"Dad. This is no good. You're not taking care of yourself," he said. "I'm really worried about you."

"Don't be silly, Michael. I'll be just fine," I answered.

"No. You won't be. I can see what's happening here," he said. "Gloria and I have discussed it, and we think you should come and live with us."

"That's ridiculous" I said. "You two kids have your own lives. You don't need an old guy like me around the house all the time."

"Yes, we do," he insisted. "We've talked it over and we want you to come and live with us. We insist."

The two of them wouldn't leave me in peace until I agreed to move into their house. They had a large guest room with a big double bed, and they put me in there. They had no children, so when they both went to work after breakfast I was alone in the house all day. Just like I had been in my own house. But Gloria, at least, cooked all the meals, and left me lunch and made sure I was properly dressed and groomed every day. This went on for a few months, and everything was all right. But then I could see that Gloria was getting edgy. She would snap at me for no reason. I didn't know what was going on. Then one night, I overheard a loudly whispered conversation coming from their bedroom.

Gloria: This is not a hotel, and we're not made of money. Everybody has to pull their own weight around here.

Michael: But, Gloria. He's an old man. He's retired. You knew all this before. Why didn't you say something then?

Gloria: I thought I could put up with it, but I can't. This is no good. He's got to contribute.

Michael: But what can he do at his age?

Gloria: I'll tell you what he can do.....

And then the voices got very low and I couldn't hear anything else. I wondered what they had in mind for me. I knew when they asked me that I shouldn't have come. I should have stuck to my guns. I was so upset that I had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night.

They never said anything to me at all, but a couple of nights later Gloria made some coffee after dinner. I saw something funny. "What kind of powder did you put into my coffee, Gloria?"

"No powder, dad. That was sugar." she answered.

"I usually put in my own sugar," I said

"Well tonight I did it for you. Am I such a terrible daughter-in-law?"

We both laughed as I drank my coffee. About a half hour later I started feeling very sleepy. I started to yawn.

"What's wrong, dad?" Michael asked.

"I don't know. I'm just so sleepy," I answered.

"Maybe you should go up to bed and get a good night's sleep," Gloria suggested. I didn't want to go to bed yet. It was way too early, but I was soooo sleepy. I shook my head trying to shake that drowsy feeling away, but it wouldn't go. I tried to stand up and I started wobbling on my feet. I almost fell.

"Hey, dad. Be careful," Michael said. "Come on. We're going to take you up to bed. Just lean on me." They got on each side of me, and with a little difficulty they got me up the stairs and into my bedroom.

"I'll take his clothes off and put him in bed," Michael said. Gloria nodded and left the room. Michael sat me on the bed and began stripping my garments off me. Every few seconds I started to slide over onto the bed and he'd have to straighten me up to get my undershirt over my head. Finally he was finished, and I drooped down again. This time Michael laid me out carefully in the middle of the bed. I was lying on my stomach and my rear end was in the air. I was practically asleep. I think I was even snoring a little. I think Michael thought I was asleep, but in this deep stupor, I could still hear, and I had a vague idea what was happening. I was waiting for Michael to throw a blanket over my body. But it never happened.

"Is he ready?" she asked.

"There are some things I want to do first," he answered.

"But company is coming in a half hour," she complained.

"There are some things. I have to do first. I want to make sure he doesn't get hurt. He's my father, for Christ's sake. Do you mind?"

"Do whatever you have to do," she said in a resigned but annoyed tone.

"He looks pretty good for his age, don't you think?"

"I suppose so," she answered.

"His ass is still pretty round and firm, not all saggy like most guys his age."

"You want to try it?" she asked.

"Don't get funny, bitch," he snapped.

"I'll be in the bedroom," she said and I heard her walking down the hall. I heard Michael go out of the room and then come back in with a crinkly paper bag. I felt the mattress sag a little as he sat on the edge of the bed, and began to take things out of that bag. I didn't know what was happening, really. I was practically asleep. My eyes were closed and I was breathing evenly and deeply. I felt his hand go down to my rear end, and it felt like he was slipping a finger inside, except the finger felt very cool and slippery. He kept working his finger in and out, and it was like all the time there was more and more slippery goo going into me. But that was ridiculous. Why would my son be doing that? I must be dreaming this, I thought. It could have been a dream, it was starting to feel sooo good. It had to be a dream. Then the finger felt like it was bigger, or maybe it was two fingers in my butt. But that's crazy. Why would my son be putting his fingers into his father's ass? That just wouldn't be right. I must be asleep. But, oh, it was feeling nice. Then it felt like there were three and after that even four fingers in there, working in and out, bending, twisting, kind of stretching my little asshole. I heard him rummage around in the bag for something, and a few seconds later I felt this big hard thing---it felt like plastic. First it played along my cheeks, then my ass lips, and little by little it was feeding inside my body. Wow. What a crazy dream. In my sleep I was getting turned on and wanted to hunch my ass around the intruding instrument and pull it deeper into my body. This was going on and on, and I was just lying there, semi-asleep, just enjoying it for all I was worth. I heard the doorbell ring downstairs, and then Gloria was going down. This must be the company she had mentioned a while ago.

A couple of minutes later I heard two sets of feet climbing the stairs, and then Gloria and a man were at the door of the room.

"There he is," Gloria said. "All yours."

"Not so fast," Michael said. I felt him get up from the side of the bed. "You have the money?" He asked.

"I got it," the man answered.

"Give it to me," Michael said. I heard the crinkle of paper money. Michael must be counting it, I thought.

"I wouldn't be doing this, you know, except my wife is visiting her grandmother in Florida for two months, and I'm really hard up. I just gotta get off." The man said.

"I understand perfectly," Michael answered. "And we're delighted that we could be of help to you in your current situation. In fact, any time you want to come back would be fine."

"I'm going to my room," Gloria said.

"I'm staying here," Michael said to her.

I heard the guy sputter a little. He was flustered. "You mean you're gonna watch me?" the guy asked Michael. "I don't want that."

"Tough," Michael answered. "That's my father over there and I'm staying right here to make sure he doesn't get hurt or anything. Now, get going. You don't have all night. I heard the sound of clothing coming off, and then the naked man climbed on the bed and sat on my legs. I felt a motion, and heard a slappy sound, and I think the guy was working on his equipment, trying to get it hard, It still hadn't occurred to me why he would want to get it hard. I heard Michael approach the bed.

"Here. Put some of this on it. Make it real slippery." The man seemed to be following Michael's instructions, and in a few minutes I felt a large fleshy stick moving around the edges of my rectum. And then it went inside. It went in pretty easily, I guess, after all the playing around Michael had done in that location. I felt a long, long thing easing into my behind. And then I felt the man's chest lying on top of my back. I could feel movements he was making in his pelvic area, which seemed to have the effect of massaging my whole insides. It felt really, really good. How come in all these years I had never tried anything like this? What a fool I was. I could have lived and died never knowing this glorious wonderful feeling inside me. Even though I was pretty passed out I tried to scrunch my ass cheeks a little to grasp that marvelous cock as tightly as I could.

"Oh, this is great," he uttered. "So warm, so smooth, and it's holding me tighter than my wife's pussy. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Take it, baby. Take it." He started raising his hips higher and plunging into me harder and deeper, and if I had only been awake I would have screamed out with pleasure. But asleep, as I was, I had to enjoy it silently. I felt that long thick cock in my ass actually start to swell as his movements became jerky and erratic, and then I felt a flood of hot liquid gushing up my ass spurt after spurt after spurt. The guy was actually yelling "Yes. Take it cunt. Take my hot load up your tight sweet ass." He was lying on my chest again and I could feel his heart pounding. Then as his heart started slowing I could feel the flesh tube in my rectum ease out. He got off the bed, and he and Michael were talking but I don't know what they were saying, and then I think I went out totally. Because the next thing I knew it was the next morning, and I knew something had happened, but I wasn't sure exactly what. I didn't have my pajamas on. That was strange. I found my pajama bottoms and pulled them on before walking down the hall to the bathroom. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I felt I had to go, so I sat down on the toilet. There was this strange wet noise and I felt a gallon of liquid pour out of my ass. It was clear colored. I wondered what that could be. Did I eat something that didn't agree with me last night? I shrugged my shoulders and went back to brushing my teeth. We had breakfast and the two of them left for work the same as usual. I knocked around all day, the same as usual. Nothing different, except my ass felt a little itchy. Maybe it had something to do with that liquid I had expelled.

The kids came home and we had dinner and coffee just like always. And damn it, if I didn't start getting really sleepy again. They helped me up the stairs like they had the night before, and little bits and pieces of memory were starting to come back to me, when Michael stripped me naked, positioned me face down in the center of the bed, and began to feed slippery stuff inside my hole. Yeah, this is what happened last night, I thought. But I couldn't remember what came after the slippery stuff.

A while later the doorbell rang, and Gloria brought someone to my room.

I could feel someone towering over my bed, saying to Michael "Herman, my friend, who was here last night said it was just great. He said it was something I shouldn't miss." If I had been more awake I would have felt flattered.

Again, I heard money changing hands and knew that the fellow was denuding himself before climbing on top of me. "Man, oh man" he said. "What a nice little ass. And he's asleep. He won't disturb me in any way while I'm getting my rocks off in him. I should put my wife to sleep. 'Do this. Do that.' Fuck her. I wanna do what I fucking wanna do."

I heard Michael making sure the guy was well lubricated, and then the guy stretched out, grabbed it with his hand and slowly started feeding it into me. Oh, yeah. This guy was a lot bigger than Herman the one who had fucked me last night, but it was great. It didn't bounce around in my ass at all. It didn't stab into the walls. It just totally and completely filled my whole cavity. Oh, yes. Do it man. Do it.

When it was over, when the big guy had emptied his balls into my tight end, and while he was getting dressed I went out completely again, but the next morning when I woke up I had a little bit more of an idea what was happening in that house. I sat on the toilet and expelled another gigantic load of cum into the bowl, wiped myself and then showered and brushed my teeth.

Even though I was now aware of what was going on every single night, I couldn't bring myself to say anything to Michael or Gloria. It was just too embarrassing. And besides I wasn't unhappy with it or anything. Gloria started cheering up too. She was buying all kinds of new things for the house, and new clothes which she modeled for me. It was nice to see her so happy, and also to know deep inside that I really wasn't such a burden any more. I was paying my own way now, just like she had wanted.

The only thing is I would like to have been awake during all this. To really enjoy it. To work my ass around every guy's dick. That's what I wanted. Finally one night, when they handed me my cup of coffee, I sat it down on the table.

"Look, Michael," I said. "I know what's been going on. No more."

"Dad," he protested.

"No more."

"But dad. We have company coming over later."

"That's okay, Michael. That part is okay. But no more pills and no more powders. I want to be awake not passed out."

"Are you sure, dad?" he asked, not really believing me.

"Yes. I'm sure," I said. "I'll do what you want upstairs but I want to be conscious."

"Okay, dad. If that's what you want." He didn't sound so sure, but I hugged him and told him it was all right.

That night I walked up the stairs myself, got undressed myself and after getting some slippery goo inside me, I lay down right in the center of the bed with my arms and legs outstretched, and my eyes closed, resting, as I waited for my gentleman caller.

A little while later he came. His name was Frank and he was about forty-five years old. Big and stocky with jet black hair, blue eyes and a handsome face. I knew that when he climbed on top of me, he would be bigger than me in every direction, plus heavier too. But I was getting to like weight on top of me. Michael was hanging around near the doorway of my room. "That's okay, Michael. You can go now. And shut the door, please."

"Are you sure, dad? You sure you're gonna be all right."

"I'll be just fine. Frank here is going to take good care of me. Aren't you, Frank?"

"I sure am," he answered. Michael gave a little shrug and left Frank and me alone in the room.

"Get undressed, Frank," I said. He started disrobing and I turned around and lay on my belly again, watching him over my shoulder.

"This is so great to find you," he said. "I love ass. I just love ass, and that bitchy wife of mine won't take it. She keeps making me shove it in her floppy cunt. We've had three kids. You can't even feel anything in there any more. It's like fucking a life preserver,"

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Hell. It's not your fault. You're the guy who's gonna make it up to me. I'm going drop my load inside your hot little ass. Right?"

"Right. Just put on some of that slippery stuff in that tube on the dresser and climb aboard" He put on the goo and got on the bed, planting his large thighs on either side of my own. Then he just flopped down on top of me, Almost knocking the breath out of me as he squeezed my body in his powerful arms. He was moving his lower torso around, letting his cock rub all over my ass. Then he put one hand down and grabbed it, to get it through the little opening. Just like threading a needle. Finally he had the whole sweet thing inside me and he started moving his ass around, just enjoying the feel of the whole thing. Then he would fuck a little. In, Out. In, Out. Then he would grind around a little more. Then he pressed my ass cheeks together around his cock as he hammered up and down. All of a sudden he took it out and I couldn't imagine what I had done wrong. But then he flipped me over on my back and pulled my legs up over his shoulders and crouched over me like a tiger. He stuck it back inside me and I looked into his handsome face, into his handsome eyes as he worked it back and forth. This was a whole new thing for me. Facing my fucker. His dick was going even deeper this way. It was wonderful. Wonderful. He pulled my hips up into his as he plowed me, and his big balls clacked against my own more modest ones. Then He leaned his head down, and we kissed while he was fucking me. We actually kissed. I could feel his whole tongue work its way into my mouth and slurp around, as I sucked on it. And all the time his hips were banging against mine as his cock went deep into my asshole, rubbing my sensitive passages into a frenzy of delight. Wonderful. Wonderful. If only this could last forever, but already I knew it couldn't as I felt his giant dick swell inside me and pour shot after shot of burning glop way, way into me.

"Oh, baby," he breathed. "That was just great. I wish I could come over here every night, but it's so fucking expensive." I was dying to ask how much it was but I couldn't get up the nerve. I also was wishing Frank could come over and fuck me every night. I was going to have try to speak to Michael about making a special deal for Frank or making him an annual club member or something.

"I'll talk to my son," I said. "Maybe I can get him to give you a special deal."

"That would be terrific," he said as he was getting dressed. "My schlong feels right at home in that sweet little ass pussy of yours. It's so fucking comfortable. Tailor made. Made to fit."

The next morning I spoke to Michael about a special arrangement for Frank, but he wouldn't go along. I was really disappointed. But there was always fresh meat for me. Every night. Some of it okay, and some of it magnificent. I meandered around the empty house, all day every day, waiting for the evening to come with my special cylindrical shaped treat of one size or another, always hot, pulsing and alive. And I was alive now, alive as I had never been before in all of my sixty-five years. Life was really great.

One night after my guy had gone home, I heard a shouting match in Michael and Gloria's bedroom. Screaming and yelling, like I had never heard before. A few minutes later Michael opens the door of my room and comes in. "Are you awake, dad?" he asks.

"I'm awake. I heard quite a commotion in there."

"Yeah. We had a little fight. Do you mind if I bunk in here with you tonight, Dad?"

"No, son, that's fine. I don't mind. You take that side," I said patting the left side of the bed.

"Thanks, dad. You're a sport." He climbed into the bed, and we settled down. I was trying to drift off to sleep but he was heaving this way and heaving that way. It was really annoying.

"What's wrong, son. Can't you sleep?" I asked.

"Sorry dad, but I can never fall asleep until I get my nut."

"Your nut?" I asked naively

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