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Old Friend and New


Her mind seems to tumble from reality to what has happened not once but three times. First a mystery man and then his woman ravish her and make her feel wild and free. She may go insane from this, but she will skip happily into insanity.

That night her husband comes home as scheduled, but minus the kids. He has a gleam in his eye. He has brought a sack of finger foods and kisses her long and passionately as he greets her.

"Where are the kids?"

"Moms. I didn't want to be disturbed, besides after lunch I was starved for Dinner."

They both laugh, if he only knew. They pick at dinner and make out like two teenagers. He slips his hand under her t-shirt and massages her breast. Her hard nipples trace over his palms. Finally his fingers give attention to the nipples themselves. She sighs at his touch.

Her hands roam over his jeans. She can feel the hardness of his cock. Her fingers trace the outline and tease the head. He skin is salty for his days work. She inhales deeply as his scent turns her on. Their kisses diminish as he nibbles on her neck and shoulders. Soon, her t-shirt is pulled off and he kisses around the lacey edges of her bra. Teasing the nipples barley covered by the material.

He Stands and takes her by the hand. They head to the bathroom. MMM they will shower together. She loves this and often drags him into the shower in the mornings. Nothing better than an orgasm to start the day, sure beats coffee. They undress each other slowly and kiss and nibble each other as they do.

The water is hot and he washes her first. His hands slide the soapy cloth over her. She loves the feel of his hands on her body. He is tender and loving and yet can be rough when the time calls for it. When his hand hits her sex she moans and her body tenses. All the sex has left her tender and hyper sensitive. He pulls her close and kisses her as his hands work her tender pussy.

She can't believe how good this feels. Her body reacts quickly and her pussy grows wetter and wetter with each stroke. She holds him for strength as her legs grow rubbery. Her eyes dilate as her body reacts and she orgasms. It is not mind bending, but still powerful. He holds her close and tenderly kisses her as she recovers.

She washes his body and pay special attention to his cock. She loves how it makes her feel and how it fills her pussy. She loves watching his reaction as she flicks the very tip with her tongue and then slowly circles it. Mmmm he tastes good. She sucks him in and begins working his cock with abandon.

Now his legs grow week and he braces himself against the shower wall for support. He looks into her eyes and sees the need and hunger that turn him on even more. The water splashes over their skin as she works him to the point of no return.

Pulling back she lets his hot cum slash over her face and breast. The water washes is away. Kissing her way back up to him she kisses him deeply again. The turn the water off and dry each other. His cock is semi-erect but her skilled drying has gotten it turgid again.

He pushes her on the bed and kneels before her. His tongue slides into her pussy and he nibbles and sucks his way to her clit. There be begins writing her a love letter in cursive with his tongue. This is something he learned from the book she gave him for Valentines Day.

The sensations are amazing and fill her with pleasure. She can feel the tingling in her belly and spreading across her body. She massages her breasts and teases her nipples as he works her pussy. This is so wonderful she never wants it to stop. He has learned some new tricks and her body and mind appreciate the effort.

He pulls her toy from her hiding place and begins slowly working her pussy with it. He has not turned it on, but it feels great none the less. The rhythm of the toy and his tongue make her grind her hips and moan with increasing volume. He is getting her so close and then he slows, making her wait and allowing it to build.

She grabs his head and pulls him down hard on her clit. He flicks the switch on the toy and sucks her clit hard while lashing it with his tongue. Reality scurries away and her body only feels now. She is cumming and all sound and sight darken. Her pussy squirts is salty load into his eager mouth.

She screams and convulses as her body is wracked by pleasure. He keeps the tempo matching her body's rhythm until she climaxes again. Finally he gives her relief and begins kissing up her pelvis and slowly up her stomach. Each kiss sends little shivers up and down her body.

Reaching her breast he starts with the right breast and kisses and nibbles the under and outer edge crease. Slowly spiraling until he reaches her swollen nipples. He swirls his tongue around it and then begins giving it the same treatment he did her clit. Her body responds and she moans softly again. He moves to the left side and repeats the treatment.

Sliding forward, she can feel his cock between her legs. Slowly it slides inside her. He begins grinding. His cock moves in and out but in a figure eight pattern as he works his hips to hit every inch of her velvety insides. Its slow and sensuous as he works her looking deep into her eyes.

"Mmmm baby, you feel so good. I love how hot and tight you are. You squirted tonight and that was Ohhh so nice." He moves and pulls you on top of a pillow moving your ass into the air. Your legs go over his shoulders and he begins slowly but very firmly thrusting deep inside you. You legs move ever forward as he leans on them. You pelvis rotates and his cock gains ever deeper access.

His thrusts grow harder and harder as he pounds your sweet pussy. It feels amazing and you can feel your body beginning the climb towards ecstasy again. Harder and harder he thrusts and soon your cumming. He pounds you all the way through it and past. Your orgasms fade into one another.

Pulling out he rolls you over and pulls your ass into the air. Grabbing your hips he slides inside again. Mmmm you love doggy and how it makes you feel. He slaps your ass as he again uses his hips to slowly, but firmly fuck you. The tempo increases as your body grows more charged and ready again for release. He alternates hands until both cheeks are red and tingling.

You grow ever closer and soon you feel his body tense and soon his cock throbs like a jackhammer deep inside your sex. His cum shoots deep and this touches off your orgasm. You both cum hard and collapse in a pile. Breathing hard and covered in sweat.

After a brief nap you awake and find him sleeping softly. You uncover him and start licking his sleeping cock. It slowly wakes up as you lick and nibble up the shaft. His sleep grows steadily shallower and soft moans escape his lips. You can taste both of your sexes on his cock as you clean it up.

On a whim you slowly tie his arms and legs. He awakens to find himself completely at your mercy. You kiss him deeply and then put a pillowcase over his head so that he cannot see any of the things you have in store for him.

"Wait here baby; I want to get some things to help me enjoy your body."

You leave the room and go to the kitchen to get some ice and a bit of chocolate syrup. Upon returning you get the shock of your life. She is there and slowly rubbing an ice cube up and down his shaft. She smiles at you and puts her finger to her lips once again.

You cannot believe your eyes or her audacity. She begins sucking his cock with great enthusiasm. He is moaning and groaning as she sucks him. You sit down on the dresser and begin massaging your clit. She smiles as you and motions you to come closer. You love watching your man get his cock sucked by a complete stranger.

It's so very hot and your pussy drips with excitement. She gets him to the edge and then applies pressure so that he can't cum. Again and again she works him like this until he is begging for release. You can see his balls are swollen and filled with cum. She stops and to your surprise mounts his cock and slides it deep in her pussy. She is squatting on his cock and barely making contact with his body except for her pussy. Slowly she works up and down on his shaft as her muscles ripple with exertion. You watch closely as his cock is buried deeper and deeper into her pussy. She licks her lips and bears down to really milk his cock. She brings him to the edge and with great agility pulls off and sucks him dry. His voice echoes off the walls as his orgasm overtakes him.

Working diligently she sucks every last drop from his cock before moving off the bed. She kisses you deeply sharing his sweet seed, winks and turns the radio up a bit to cover her escape.

You jump on his cock and ride with abandon. Uncovering his head you look deep into his eyes. Leaning forward you bite and suck his nipples and then work up his chin. Kissing and nibbling until you reach his lip. You deep passionate kiss lingers.

"Baby, I don't know what's gotten into you, but damn. You are like two different women. I hope you know how much I love you."

Releasing him from his bonds you turn and face away. He loves watching his cock slide into your pussy and smacks your ass. You grab onto his thighs and you tighten down and begin to grind and twist as you move up and down on his shaft. He teases your back door as you ride which only intensifies the effects.

Soon your body shivers with pleasure and you begin to ride him faster and faster. He sits up and nibbles your neck and back as he tweaks your nipples and strokes your clit. You bounce on his cock with abandon until your body shatters in a long, pulsating orgasm. You fall back on him and both slide down in bed and drift back into blissful slumber.

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