tagGay MaleOld Friend, New World

Old Friend, New World


"Fuck, what am I going to say, what am I going to talk to him about?"

Stuart thought to himself as he drove along the nearly empty street in his hometown. The whole "childhood friends reuniting" thing seemed so strange to him- was he, the college student, really the same person as the grade schooler? So much had changed since then. How long had it been? Nine, maybe ten years...

John had been his best friend growing up, but in the summer between fourth and fifth grade, his parents had gotten divorced, and he and his Mother had gone to Louisiana to live with her family. Stuart had heard sometime later that she had died of cancer of some sort, but by then it had been so long since he had talked to her that it didn't affect him anyway. Like so many people, they had become only names in his memory. It was more than slightly surprising, then, that he received a telephone call from John last week. He had gotten the number from Stuart's parents, and wanted to let Stuart know that he was in town for two weeks house-sitting for a cousin and, if Stuart had the time, they should get together and catch up.

And now Stuart found himself parking his car in the driveway of the house that John said he was watching.

"It must be the right place," Stuart thought as he looked at the Enterprise bumper sticker on the car that was already there. He rang the doorbell, heard a "coming!" from inside, and then the door opened. The man opening the door was obviously John, but if Stuart had thought that he was a different person now than the kid, John would have been an entirely different species.

They had both been the "brains" of the class. They weren't old enough yet to have become full-blown nerds, but that seemed to be their futures. Stuart had gotten involved in football in high school, and, while never one of the superstars, had done well enough to exist on the periphery of the "cool" kids. John, it appeared, had done better. Growing up, John had been almost frail in his thinness, but now, although he was still thin, it appeared much more healthy, like that of a swimmer or a diver. His fashion sense had also noticeably improved- John was that kid in every school with the poorly done home haircut and the slightly out of date clothes. Now, he looked like he was ready to hit a club, with one of the trendy button-down club shirts over a pair of jeans that looked suspiciously new, even though they appeared to be well-worn.

"Hey Stu, it's damn good to see you again. I wondered whatever the hell happened to you! Come on in and grab a beer." Not waiting for an answer, John shoved a bottle into Stu's hand, and then moved aside to let him in.

The awkwardness that he had expected never came, but there was a lot to catch up on. Stu filled John in on what happened to all their classmates, including the latest gossip about Alex Hedges, the troublemaker of the class, who was now in jail awaiting trial for three counts of statutory rape. He heard about how all the stories about the terrible state of Louisiana's schools were true, and about the strange backwoods family that would come visit John and his mother every few months. John had wound up going to Columbia, but dropped out after a year to pursue a modeling career. How he had gotten into that involved an entertaining and convoluted story involving a drag queen roommate, a college theater production, and a failed bid to appear on a reality show. That explained the fashion transformation, Stu thought.

Stu wasn't prepared for what happened next. "I have to tell you something, man. I'm gay. Sorry, I know it's weird to be telling you about being in the Sears catalog one second, and then telling you about who I like to sleep with. It's just that I haven't told anyone who knew me outside of New York, and I really wanted to."

Stu wasn't sure what to say, and stumbled getting the words out. "That's cool... I mean, who really cares, right? I'm happy for you, that you're doing what you want, I mean..."

John laughed. "It's ok, man. I'm long past needing validation." That last part put Stu at much more ease, and he asked John when he knew, and if he had told his family, and what it was like coming out to himself. "And so, I just sort of always knew, but didn't really want to admit it to myself," John finished.

His openness about all the difficulties he had really impressed Stu, who found himself telling John, "you know, I've never told anyone this, but I've always wondered what it would be like. I mean, how does anyone ever really know what they want without seeing what's all out there?"

"So why haven't you?"

"I don't know, I'm not really interested enough to really do anything."

"So why even worry about it?"

"It's something to think about. I watched a gay porn once and liked it enough. I guess I don't feel anonymous or safe enough with anyone."

"But you just admitted all that to me."

"Well, that's different, we go back a long way. Plus, you've been out of touch for so long, you don't know anyone I know anymore."

"Would you like to see me?"


"I said, 'would you like to see me.' I do modeling, you know, I'm not shy."

"Ok, but don't do anything weird, I'm already not totally comfortable."

"Don't worry, I'll stay over here, promise."

John stood up from the couch he was sitting on. It seemed as if it took minutes for him to undo his belt, open up his jeans, and pull them off, leaving only his boxers on. Stu noticed two things about John- first, that he appeared completely shorn of body hair, like most swimmers would be, and, more importantly, that he was starting to get the tell-tale bulge in his pants. And then John was sliding down and kicking away even his boxers, and standing there uncovered from the waist down. He hadn't shaved entirely after all- there was a neat collection of dark blonde curls atop his now almost fully hard dick. John didn't have any tan lines, Stu noted, but was one single color from the legs up- not entirely tan, but not pale either. Stu was surprised at how different his dick looked from his own, since he had always assumed that they were fairly similar. John's head was a pinkish-orange, and was noticeably wider around than his shaft, which was wider than it was tall, making it have a flattened appearance. Stu's, on the other hand, had a nearly round shaft, and his head was more pointed and purple. John's stiffened a little as Stu gazed at it. This was different than Stu, who had gotten hard as soon as John had stood up. Stu also felt a damp feeling inside his shorts, and realized that he had been leaking precum. He hoped that it wasn't enough to create a wet spot on the outside of his pants.

John walked closer to where Stu was, running his hand slightly over his dick a couple of times. "You can touch it, if you want, you know," he said. Stu was extremely scared, but also very turned on. He had that nervous excitement that he always felt when something he was anticipating, but concerned about, was about to happen.

Stu reached out and grabbed John's dick. As he did, John started to move his hips back and forth against Stu's hand, very lightly, probably not even aware he was doing it. Stu, however, was fixated upon where the shaft disappeared into John's scrotum, and how the skin slipped up and down as he moved his hand. He started to move his hand further, not faster, and watched the changes that this caused in John's sack. Then he put his thumb firmly against the bottom as he ran his hand upwards, causing a droplet of precum to form on the tip. It dribbled down slightly, but didn't go too far, simply pooling at the end of a small, wet track on the head. Stu hadn't realized that he had done it until he heard John suck in his breath, but he licked it up with a quick swipe of his tongue over the tip. It tasted very faintly of salt, in a way that was almost more imagined than real.

John reached down and gently ran his hand across Stu's cheek and through his hair, causing him to look up. Their eyes met, and Stu felt that rush of carnal energy that comes with the first meeting. He had only been vaguely curious about another man before, but he realized that he was utterly into John. And, he realized, it was for John as John, regardless of the fact he had a dick. Something inside of him had changed, and he felt the hesitation leaving him as he lowered his head back to John's cock and, very gently, kissed the tip of it, lightly sticking his tongue out from between his lips. He was going faster now, tracing broad circles around the head, still not taking him into his mouth. Then, finally, Stu stuck his tongue out and drew it from top to bottom on John's shaft twice. On the third time, Stu tilted his head forward over the entire dick and closed his lips around it while inhaling deeply. He had just the head inside of his mouth and was sucking firmly while running his tongue over the underside where the two halves joined.

Then Stu felt John's hand leave his cheek, felt it running over his ear to the back of his head, and then pushing down. He didn't resist, and began to move his head up and down, while trying to keep his tongue in motion all over John's dick. Stu found himself totally lost in the moment, unable to keep his mind on what he was doing, simply keeping up with where his body was already taking him, sucking harder and softer, running a hand up John's chest under his shirt, gently gripping his balls. It was a while later now, and John's hands had left the back of Stu's head, and were now on his cheeks again, pushing him up and off. Stu looked down as he reluctantly withdrew John's cock from his mouth. It looked different now, he realized, wet and utterly beautiful from his mouth.

"Would you like to go to the bedroom?" John's voice cut in. This jolted Stu back into reality, and he hesitated. It's true he had just been sucking John off, but "the bedroom" meant that things were going to get much more serious. Before he could answer, John had grabbed Stu's hand and begun leading him away.

John pushed Stu down onto the bed, and then sat down next to him. Stu couldn't help but notice that John's cock was still wet from being in his mouth, and reached down to stroke him again. John sighed, and Stu felt his hand on his thigh, then on his crotch. He looked down and saw that there was, in fact, a wet spot on the front of his pants, but John didn't seem to notice, and instead gave a light squeeze through the fabric. And then John was running his hand up under Stu's shirt, bringing the clothing with him. Stu obliged and took it the rest of the way off and then looked toward John, who smiled at him and said, "watch this," before leaning down to begin licking on Stu's nipple. This was the first real touching that Stu had received all evening, and it sent electricity down his spine, and he twisted towards John to give him more access to his chest. While John was gently nibbling and sucking on his nipple, Stu undid his belt and reached into his pants to finally touch himself.

"No, let me," John said, pulling away from Stu's chest and reaching down, pulling his pants and underwear down and off in a single motion. Stu laid there, bare before John's gaze, needing desperately to be touched. His nipples were cold from Stu's saliva, and felt as if they had been teased without the needed release. Likewise, John hadn't touched Stu's cock yet, making waiting for sensation sheer agony. Stu was humping up at the hair- he needed to feel something, and right then, but John had other ideas. He was straddling Stu's legs and holding his wrists down, preventing him from both escape and release.

And then, in one motion, he took Stu entirely into his mouth. Stu was surprised at himself. For some reason, he expected John's mouth to feel different than those of girls he had slept with. But it didn't, other than how it provided the extreme relief that he needed. John, however, clearly knew his way around more than they did, as he gripped and kneaded on Stu's sack. After some time that couldn't have been more than a few minutes, he felt John hooking his arms under his legs, and pushing them forward, all without taking his mouth off of his dick, until it loudly popped out of his mouth. Even so, John didn't slow down his work, and kept licking around the head of Stu's dick, giving him a wet and soft and warm feeling. John moved his tongue downward, and began licking and kissing Stu's balls, sucking one into his mouth and then the other. He didn't stop, either, but continued down. Stu felt his hands on the back of his thighs and on his ass pulling him apart and opening him up to John's probing tongue.

John had finally reached Stu's hole. The first lash of his tongue over it caused Stu to suck in his breath. The feeling was like a cross between what he had felt when John was licking his nipples and when he was getting head. It was a combination of shock and excitement and a deeper, more sexual arousal. Stu gripped the sheets on either side of him as he felt John begin to lap away at the soft flesh. Stu could only remember impressions of the next several minutes, of his hands clutching the sheets ever harder, John's tongue probing deeper inside of him with little thrusts, his own fingers rubbing across his chest, and, finally, John's mouth surrounding his dick, licking and sucking hard as he squealed and began coming into John's throat.

Still in his post-orgasm daze, Stu was running his hands over John's chest- at some point, he had taken his shirt off, and revealed that he did, in fact, shave his body hair. It revealed a smooth chest and abs, with the muscles underneath just barely defined in his form. This line of thought was interrupted by John moving. Stu opened his eyes in time to see John moving his face towards his. "Oh god, he's going to kiss me!" thought Stu, feeling panic well up in him. For some reason, the thought of kissing John upset him far more than the reality of just having sucked his cock. He tried to turn his head away, or at least keep his mouth closed, but John was insistent, and had pried it open after a few seconds. As he felt John's tongue sliding over his lips, he felt his resistance melting away, being replaced by a feeling of excitement as he finally gave himself fully to the kiss.

There was something else there as Stu let his tongue explore John's mouth- a slippery salty flavor. He hadn't swallowed! Stu regarded this with excitement and curiosity, rather than shock. Having given himself over fully to John's body, he felt no resistance left in him to anything that the two of them could do. He kissed back, deeply, sucking on John's tongue as if it were his dick.

"John feels so good pressed up against me," Stu thought- his body was so firm and strong. They kissed again.

"Do you want to go further?" John broke the kiss to ask. Stu didn't respond directly, just twisted around in his arms, offering himself to John who, instead of continuing, got up and went into the bathroom. He came back a few seconds later holding what looked like a small shampoo bottle. "Roll over," he said. Stu obliged, and got up on his hands and knees. He felt John's hands running over his back, and then something cold and wet on his ass. John was lubing him up! The cold feeling of the lube reminded Stu that there was more yet to come, and how real this all was, even though it felt like it was happening in a haze.

Stu was enjoying the feeling of John's hand as it applied the lube, especially when he slipped a finger into his ass to coat the inside. And then he felt something different- it was larger and smoother. Stu realized John was running his dick up and down Stu's entire crack, getting it really coated with lube. Every time he would feel John's tip running over his hole, he would push pack, trying to finally get it inside him, but never succeeding.

"You ready?"

"Be gentle," Stu said, since he had no idea what to expect. He felt John's hands on the small of his back, pushing downward more firmly than he had before. Stu felt John pressing against his hole, and then slowly but firmly and inescapably sliding into him. With that, he was being penetrated by another man. He could feel John's whole body pressed up against him from behind now, and knew that he was fully in. John ran his hands forward and back along Stu's back, from his shoulders down to his ass several times, giving him a chance to get used to being filled.

Stu moved first, and began squirming up and down on John's dick. He felt filled by it, consumed by its presence within him. He had been worried that it would hurt, but there had been no pain, only a relaxingly large feeling inside of him. John began to thrust with short and shallow strokes, moving only an inch or two in and out. He began to go faster and further. It felt strange to Stu. The pleasure itself wasn't sexual excitement- it was more like deep physical relaxation. Mentally, it was extremely erotic. Thoughts flashed through his mind: repeating over and over that he was being fucked by another man, how good John's hands felt on his hips, pulling him back onto his dick, the sense of fullness and relaxation he had. Stu laid his head down on the pillow, and lost himself in the sensations of John's fucking.

After a while, John pushed Stu over, causing him to pull off of his cock with a wet slipping sound. "Lie back," he said, and moved around between his legs. John then pushed them up, bringing Stu's knees to his chest, before slipping inside him again. This position felt strange. With each thrust into him, Stu felt a sharp tingle of pleasure, more so than the general enjoyment he had been feeling. He moaned each time John's body slapped against his.

John looked down at him and said "you like that, huh? I bet that I'm hitting your prostate. Feels good, doesn't it?" Stu responded by grinding his ass back up into John.

John continued to pump away at Stu's ass, making a slapping sound as their bodies collided. Stu started to feel a warmth building up in his ass, and spreading across his lower body as John continued his thrusts. The warmth suddenly exploded in waves of ecstasy as his second orgasm tore through his body. It was unlike every one he had up to this point- it was fuller, and less centered on his dick than previous ones were. He found himself thrashing up against John's body and grunting loudly. John continued his pumping, maintaining a steady rhythm of sex throughout Stu's orgasm, while reaching one hand down to play in the cum that coated Stu's stomach. As his orgasm subsided, Stu reached up and pulled John's face down to his and began to kiss him deeply, as he ran his hands down John's back, now damp with sweat, to clutch at his ass as he continued to fuck him.

John began to push harder against Stu's body now, and grind against him. His breath was coming in shallow stutters, and Stu knew that he was getting close too. "Cum in my ass," he whispered while sticking his tongue into John's ear. This was all that John needed to go over the edge. He pushed in one last time, very firmly, and with a grunt, held himself against Stu, who had begun flexing his anal muscles to try to give John as much pleasure as possible.

After a few seconds, John pulled out, and Stu felt suddenly empty. "Why don't we go take a shower and get cleaned up?" John said, looking into Stu's eyes.

"I'd like that," Stu agreed, and he went off to the bathroom with his arm around John's waist, and his ass leaking John's cum.

They had said their goodbyes and given each other a final kiss. Stuart found himself driving home down the same street he had gone to John's on. He never did see John again, and he eventually faded back again into simply another name.

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