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Old Friends


Bobby and Helen were neighbors throughout all their years growing up. They were best friends, did everything together. Bobby wasn't popular and was teased a lot growing up. He wore glasses and seemed a little nerdy. Helen seen the other side of Bobby that people didn't give a chance to know. There was times Helen would even tease Bobby just to look good to other people but he always forgave her. He thought a lot of her and wished in his heart that someday she would be his girlfriend.

As they became teenagers Bobby grew out of the awkward boyish figure into a more masculine but still somewhat nerdy guy. He still wore his black ugly glasses and dressed weird but Helen just knew under those clothes had to be something good. Helen would try her hardest to get him to dress a different way and to wear his hair a certain way but he was stubborn.

She grew into a beautiful girl. She knew Bobby could be just as handsome if he would just change his style some. They graduated high school and both went on their ways but still called each other. They both moved out of state to go to college. They kept in touch at least once a week.

A couple years went by and Helen called Bobby to let him know she was going home to visit and asked if he could make it there also. She wanted to see him so bad. He told her he would make the time to be there. He didn't want to miss the chance. Bobby had only had one girlfriend while away, she was a wild one and broke him in good.

The day Helen and Bobby met up she was amazed how he transformed from when she seen him last. His hair was completely different, he got contacts and his clothes were very stylish. He even seemed to have a whole new attitude about himself. Going away did him wonders.

They hung out just about everyday. Bobby was staying in a hotel and told her to come over and they would have some alone time to catch up on time. That sent her mind wondering if he had more on his mind. She knew she would love to fuck him but wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Helen went to his room that night. She knocked on his door. It took him a while to answer but when he did to her surprise he was dripping wet and in a towel.

He went into the bathroom to change leaving the door open a crack so they could still talk. She had moved to a chair just where she could see his reflection in the mirror across from the bathroom, She thought back at the day when she kissed him and noticed the bulge in his pants but she never thought it was that big. She could was shocked by the bulge that was sticking out from under the towel.

She couldn't take her eyes off of him. His towel then came off and dropped to the floor. She gasped hoping he didn't hear her. Bobby turned to pick up his shirt when he caught Helen in the mirror. She was staring at him then their eyes met. It was as if they were in a trance or something they didn't speak or move for what seemed forever but was only seconds really.

Bobby walked out to her. She was amazed how well endowed he was and how handsome of a man he had become. She was not only shocked at the size of his penis as it grew larger but even more shocked at the fact that he was totally shaved, but yet is was also a turn on to her for she had never seen a man that was shaved before. He sat down beside her in his nakedness. She wasn't sure what to say but he spoke first.

He told her that he always thought about her. He would watch her come home from her dates and see her kiss them and it would turn him on. His dick would get hard and he even went in and jacked off a few times. He told her he had wanted her when they were growing up, but he didn't want to ruin what they had.

She wasn't surprised at what he told her because secretly she felt the same way. She wanted to fuck him bad and right now she wanted him. Wanted to reach out and touch him. She didn't have to make the first move because he leaned in and kissed her and it wasn't the peck on the cheek kiss this was a deep passionate erotic kiss.

Helen melted, her heart began to race, the room felt as if it was spinning. She hadn't felt this way before. Why now when she was much older and not a little girl anymore. She placed her hands on his chest. He had a great chest. You could tell he worked out. He wasn't that geek friend she once knew. Her hand slid down his chest, down his stomach. Dare she go any further? She wanted to but wasn't sure if she should.

Bobby began to undress her. He decided if she wanted him to stop she would tell him no and he would stop but as long as he let her he wasn't stopping. He had wanted her for a long time. He wanted to taste her, devour her.

He unbuttoned her blouse exposing her perky breasts. Slid it off her shoulders. He undid her bra and took it off her. Her nipples were so hard. He immediately started sucking them. Helen could feel her juices flowing and Bobby's cock was getting harder.

He stood her up in front of him looking into her eyes as he finished undressing her. He slid her skirt off her and was surprised to see she wasn't wearing panties. She had a shaven pussy that drove him nuts. He couldn't take his eyes off her as he touched her gently all over.

Helen pushed him back on the bed and told him that she often wondered what it would be like to fuck him. Secretly she wanted him as much as he had wanted her in high school. She told him the waiting was over she was finding out now.

She climbed on top of him straddling him with her pussy slightly brushing up against his cock. She always thought he would be shy in bed because of how he was when they were younger. Little did she know he was totally different now?

He rolled her over onto her back. He took her hands above her head and told her to keep them there. Not to move just let him do his thing. She wasn't going to argue with him. She was to excited. He kissed her deeply then moved down to her breast sucking and nibbling on each one. Her nipples were hard and perky. She loved having her nipples played with.

His tongue slid down her stomach. He parted her legs and began kissing the inside of her thighs. Little moans escaped her as he licked and kissed her. His tongue slid between her pussy lips licking up all her juices. She tasted so good; he could eat her pussy for hours if she let him.

He licked her clit then down to her hole; she was getting so worked up. She was about to cum soon. He would fuck her with his tongue a while then go back to her clit. She couldn't hold out any longer and told him she was going to cum. He began fucking her with his tongue deeper and deeper licking up all her juices and making her body quiver all over as she came in his mouth.

He moved up onto her straddling her chest. His dick slid in between her breast. She got a pillow to put behind her head to help prop it up. She reached down and squeezed her tits tightly around his long hard cock. He slid his dick back and forth. As he titty fucked her she sucked his cock. She could taste the precum in her mouth. His dick was throbbing wanting to explode. Just as he was about to he took her hands and placed them on his cock. She stroked him still he shot his load all over her tits, face and mouth.

She licked her lips clean and he moved off of her. She went down and started sucking his cock. The taste of cum still on his dick She would move from his balls to his cock. He loved his balls sucked. She even fingered his ass a little but wasn't sure he would like it but he didn't object so she kept it up.

Finally he couldn't take anymore and told her he wanted to fuck her. He wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around his dick and make her cum over and over. He rolled her over onto her back. He wanted to watch her as he fucked her.

He took her legs and put them over his shoulders. His dick slid in easily because of her wet juices that were flowing from her pussy. He fucked her harder and deeper. His balls slapped against her ass with each thrust. Her hands were on her tits pinching her nipples and squeezing her breast. She told him to go deeper and harder.

He wanted to shoot his load soon but held back. She came several times then told him to fuck her ass. Her tight little hole was nice and wet from her juices dripping down on it. He rolled her to her tummy and lifted her ass. He slid his cock in her tight little hole nice and slow. He could tell that she loved it.

With his hand he reached for her clit rubbing it with his finger as he fucked her ass. He slid them around her clit until she came again. He kept it up even though she was shaking and quivering. He was about to cum and wanted her to cum again with him. He fucker ass a little harder and deeper till they both came.

They both collapse lying side by side. Helen gets up first and heads for the shower not far behind is Bobby. They get into bed and cuddle and talk till they both fall asleep.

She wakes first, rolls over and looks at Bobby sleeping. She slides under the covers his dick is already hard. She starts licking his cock. He stirs awake but lets her go about her business. He thinks to himself that he could wake this way every morning.

She licks and sucks his head. Her other hand slides down to his balls and a finger slides down to his ass. Her other hand strokes his hard shaft. She can tell he is about to cum. His dick hardens as he shoots his load into her mouth. She licks up every drop.

Now that they are both wide-awake they need to get their busy day started. They both get into the shower. The water trickling down their naked bodies. He can't take his eyes off her. He reaches for her breasts circling each nipple. He pulls her close and kisses her, turns her around as he presses her body against the shower wall.

His dick is so hard again. He had never been able to get turned on that much by any other girl. . Its like he's starving for this girl. He kisses her neck and slips his dick between her legs into her hole. He pinches and squeezes her nipples as he fucks her. His balls slap against her clit with each deep thrust. He fucks her faster and harder till he shoots his load deep inside her.

She turns towards him tells him how wonderful it was. They made a promise it wouldn't be their last time together. Who knows maybe someday they might be together forever.

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