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Old Friends


The night before last, after work, I went to the Museum Of Modern Art. I do that every now & then just to put a little culture in my life. While I was there, who do I run into but Larry. I worked with Larry many years ago at my first full time job in Manhattan. Larry was gay and just beginning to get into dressing like a woman. For some reason we hit it off real well and became good friends. We would go shopping together, share make-up tips, sometimes, when needed; I'd be his "date" at a family wedding or party. He introduced me to the whole gay bar seen. I would take him out with me to singles bars. He made a better-looking woman than me and would get hit on more by drunken Italian guys than I did. Sadly, over the years we lost touch.

It was terrific to see him again. He introduced me to his new lover Byron. Byron was drop dead gorgeous. Tall, blond, built and the sweetest personality I've ever seen. (It's true what they say--All the good ones are either married or gay). We decided the three of us would go out to dinner and after dinner we hit this bar. We talked and laughed for hours, and got very drunk. After a while the conversation turned to sex. I told Larry & Byron about my fascination with guy on guy sex, how I would rent gay videos, bring them home and masturbate, hell; I even told them about fucking my old boyfriend's ass with my strap-on.

I could see Byron's eyes light up when I told the story. Larry whispers to me that Byron is a bit of an exhibitionist and, to make a long story short; we wound up back at my place for some fun & games.

The boys wasted no time in getting down to business. No sooner were we through the door than they started kissing and undressing each other. Watching Byron sucking on Larry's tongue was incredibly erotic. Soon they were both entirely naked. Both these guys had such beautiful cocks. Byron had the longer one. It was about 8 inches, cut and curved slightly to the left. Larry's was uncircumcised, a bit shorter, but about a thick as my wrist. Both were shaved completely; and all over, chest, pubs, legs etc. Larry gently pushed Byron backward on to the couch. He started kissing his way down Bryon's body, first nibbling at the nape of his neck, then sucking a nipple in his mouth, then tracing a line with his tongue across Byron's tight stomach and finally reaching the base of his cock. Larry caressed his lover's cock in his hand while he sucked one of Byron's balls into his mouth. I could see a clear drop of liquid form at the top of Bryon's cock. Larry ever so slowly licked his way up the shaft until he reached the crown. He licked around the crown with the flat of his tongue the way one would lick around the sides of a melting ice cream cone to keep it dripping onto one's hand. Byron's eyes were closed and he moaned softly as Larry finally covered the head of his cock with his mouth.

At this point I was still clothed, but I had my hand up my skirt and was stroking my sopping wet pussy. I wanted to join them so bad, but they had made me promise I would only watch.

As I watched Larry's head bob up and down on Byron's cock, I could tell he was close to orgasm. I was about to pop one myself when Larry asked Byron if he wanted me to suck his nipples while he sucked his dick. Byron answered yes and I jumped right in. Knelling beside Byron, I licked at his right nipple with the tip of my tongue while I rolled the left one between by thumb and forefinger. Byron was moaning loudly as I suck his nipple between my teeth and bit softly. I felt Byron tense up then convulse wildly as he shot his load into Larry's mouth. Larry tried to swallow as fast as he could but could see some of the milky white liquid leek from the side of his mouth, down Byron's cock and on to his fingers. Which he held up to Byron's mouth so that he could suck them clean. The two boys then shared a passoiate kiss.

I watched as their tongues probed each other's mouth and I envied each of them for have so passoiate a lover. After they broke the kiss, Byron put his arm around my waist and pulled be toward him. He kissed my cheek, and whispered in my ear "Do you want to watch Larry fuck my ass". I nodded yes and he whispered again "will it make your cunt wet to watch us?" As an answer I took his had and guided it to my pussy (my panties were around by ankles at this point). He penetrated me with his finger and said to his lover "She's wet already, Larry. Here taste." and held his wet finger to Larry's lips. Larry licked Byron's finger and said not bad for a pussy.

"Maybe," Byron said to Larry "you should lube your cock with her pussy juice before your fuck me." "Would you like that, Stacy?"

I was too hot to answer. Instead I stood up, spread my feet apart and bent over the back of the coach. Larry stood behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Byron take his lover's cock in hand and guide it to my aching pussy. He rubbed the head up and down my slit, teasing me with it. I begged him to put it in and trust my ass back hoping to impale myself on his pole. But Byron would have none of it. He wasn't through teasing me yet.

"Oh, she's a horny little bitch, isn't she, Larry, and such a skinny little ass, just like a boy. It's a shame there's no little dickey to go with it."

" I do have a strap on" I replied. "Well go get it, honey" ordered Byron, "If you want to fuck with the boys, you might as well look like one." I ran to the other room and quickly removed what was left of my clothes and put on the harness that held my 6" rubber cock. Grabbing a tube of KY (I was hoping one of them would let me fuck their ass) I went back to the living room.

"That's much better," said Byron as he started, ever so gently, stroking my dildo, "Such a fine little dickey we have on this little boy." "Now lean over the couch and we'll let Larry make a real man out of you" said Byron playing into the fantasy that I was a male.

As before I bent over the couch with my feet apart. Larry stood behind me and Byron took hold of his cock and placed it between the lips of my pussy. There was no teasing this time as a felt Larry's monster push pass my lips and fill me completely. I was so hot by this time that I almost came the moment Larry's dick touched my pussy. Once he was all the way in me, he started to pump me slowly, but I would have none of this slow and easy shit. "Fuck me hard" I screamed as I shoved by ass back on him. Larry started pumping me for all he was worth. Byron, in the meantime, had lain down on the couch under me and was sucking on my dildo. Between watching him give me a "blow job" and Larry pounding my cunt, I lost it. My orgasm was quick and intense with wave after wave washing over me as I screamed out my pleasure.

Now it was Byron's turn. He stood up next to me and bent over the couch. I took Larry's cock in my hand and was about to place it against Byron's rosebud, but first, I thought I'd lube him up a bit with my tongue. Without letting go of Larry's dick, I stuck my face between Bryon's cheeks and penetrated his anus with my tongue. Byron, yelped in surprise at my intrusion, but Larry encouraged me to eat his ass out While I reamed Byron's ass I reached between his legs with my free had and started stroking his cock.

With a cock in each hand and my tongue up a guy's ass, I was in heaven, (I'm such a slut) but soon Byron was begging me to let Larry fuck his ass. So, reluctantly, I pulled away from Bryon in order to concentrate on Larry. I swallowed Larry's cock making sure it very wet with my saliva and pussy juice. I placed the tip of his cock against Byron's asshole and watched it slowly disappear inside of him. I was amazed that Byron could take such a fat cock with no trouble at all. I took a step back and watched as Larry held onto Byron hips and hump his ass. It was an incredibly hot picture. More so than any of the gay videos I've ever rented.

Even though I just came, watching the boys fuck had me horny all over again. I just had to get back in on the action. Just as Byron did with me, I got on the couch and wiggled my way under Byron so that I could play with his cock. He was rock-hard and dripping pre-com. I took him into my mouth and held still while he matched Larry's rhythm. It wasn't long before the boys came. Larry was the first to pop, then Byron a few seconds latter. I swallowed every delicious drop.

The three of us would up sitting on the couch. The boys were totally spent and Larry was bemoaning the fact the Byron couldn't get it up (thanks to my fabulous BJ), and now he wasn't going to get his ass fucked. Well, far be it for me to deprive an old friend of his jollies so I volunteered. Larry looked at Byron, who just shrugged his shoulders, looked at the dildo between my legs, looked at Byron's flaccid penis, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Why not"? He stood up and bent over the couch, I stood behind him but I was too short and couldn't reach his ass with the dildo. So instead Larry laid face down on the floor and brought his knees under him so his ass was high in the air. I positioned myself behind him, lubed up my rubber cock with the KY, placed it against his asshole and started to push. Slowly it slid in to him. Once I was in all the way I started to pull back until just the head of the dildo was left buried in his ass and then I pushed in again building up a slow but steady rhythm. "Come on, Stacy," yelled Byron, "fuck him like a real man." I picked up the pace. The faster I fucked the more Larry moaned and the hotter I got. Let me tell you girls, fucking a guy's ass is a real power trip, and the hottest thing I've ever done.

Byron came over, reached under Larry, grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off. By this point I was incredibly hot. My pussy was dripping wet and I got very greedy. I saw Bryon had a raging hard-on again and I wanted it bad. I pull out of Larry's ass, whipped off my strap-on, pushed Byron on his back and mounted his monster. In less time that it takes to write about it I was riding him like a cowboy in a rodeo and working my way to one hell of an orgasm when Larry pushed me forward so that I was lying flat on top of Byron wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. All of a sudden I felt Larry playing with my ass. I realized what he was trying to do and screamed "NO" but it was too late, the head of his cock was against my rosebud and he started to push. It took awhile and, at first it hurt like hell but finally my sphincter started to relax and stretch allowing him to enter just a little. The two boys lifted me off of Byron's cock until only the head remained in me. This allowed Larry to fill my ass with his meat. I have never been so full of cock in my life. Sandwiched between them I couldn't move. They boys started a slow rocking rhythm back and forth. As one would thrust out the other would trust in.

Byron kept whispering in my ear how he could feel Larry's cock rubbing against his own inside of me and how good it fleet and didn't I love being filled with two cocks and wasn't Larry fucking my ass better than any of my straight boyfriends. "Yes, Yes Yes" I screamed deliriously. I don't know how long they kept this up. I just kept cumming & cumming & cumming as the boys continued to pound both my holes. I wanted to feel them cum inside me. I wanted them to pump me so full of their sperm it would spill out of every orifice.

Byron came first with Larry only a second later. When I felt their jizz fill me I thought I would die from pleasure. We lay there for a while until both cocks softened and fell out from me. I tried to get up, but my legs were too weak to stand. The boys picked me up and carried me to the bathtub and ran a bath for me. They cleaned me, dried me off and put me to bed and then crawled in with me. I slept between the two of them happy and content.

The next morning we decided—I'd give up my apartment and move in with them. Kind of like that old TV show "Three's Company" in reverse.

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