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Old Friends


They had known each other for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing was hidden or left unsaid between them. This lead to a strong, albeit rocky friendship at times. They both had their own lives and families, but they always managed to stay in touch. Years would sometimes pass before they could see or even call, but time never weakened the bond. Now as luck would have it, they once again are united, as she was coming to town for a business convention. She is everything he wants in a woman and lover, but at the same time, they both know that it would never work out as a long-term relationship. Neither gives in and their competitiveness tears at the fabric that defines the friendship.

A call to the cell phone and idle chat soon develop into a dinner invitation. They agree to meet at a local place that serves quality food and offers a place to relax and chat. As usual, he is early and finds her pulling into the parking lot as he is walking to the door. He waits for her, as his eyes widen to take in her form. She still takes his breath even after all these years.

"You going to just stare or are we going inside?"

They laugh and find a table near the back. The food is, as usual, very well prepared. Their conversation drifts form topic to topic. He cannot help but think about the past. He knows that what was can never be, but like a man dying of thirst he still wants to drink of her passion.

His gaze slowly inches over each inch of her body not covered by the table. Her soft gently lines and skin intoxicate him. He wants her, no needs her. Of all the lovers he has had, she stands out among them. Something about her beckons him like a moth to a flame. No one makes his blood burn with desire like she does.

Reaching for the last breadstick their hands meet briefly. It is as if a bolt of lightning shoots through him. Instantly he is taken back. That last kiss weighs heavily on his mind. Trying to follow the conversation is hard now.

All he wants is to take her, damn the consequences and morale dilemmas his hunger grows with each word from her delicate mouth. He can smell the sweetness of her skin. Want turns to need and need turns to unbridled lust. Her leg brushes against his and he jumps as if mule kicked.

"What is up with you, are you all right, you look like you are on trial for your life."

"S-sorry, I was just startled."

"Is something wrong you seem elsewhere tonight."

If he tells her she will leave and that will be the end of it, but it he lies she will probably see through his façade and leave too.

"I umm well it is my problem. I am sorry forgive me."

The finish dinner and stroll outside. The night air is warm and hints of rain.

"Would you like to walk along the river to burn off some of dinner she asks?"

He needs no prodding. The walk and talk and his hand brushes hers again. This time she takes it. The light is fast fading and a subtle glow illuminates the two against the water. His heart is hammering and he feels like he is floating. Does she know how her simple touch affects him? Does she care?

The path turns to into a wooded area. The sit on a bench and enjoy the cicada's nightly serenade. She is so close now, he wonders if she can sense his longing. A cool breeze spurred by the coming rain chills the air. She shivers only slightly.

"Here take my jacket, he offers."

She instead moves closer too him. Her hair fragrant with the smell of flowers and warm skin now ever so close to him. He looks into her eyes and becomes intoxicated with lust.

"Your eyes speak of naughty things she giggles."

"What are you talking about?"

"You think I did not notice your swollen cock pressing against your trousers."

Now he was caught. Like a treed bear, he had nowhere to hide. I am sorry I just can't help it, was all he could reply. She smiled and moved her hand over his cock. Her grip was firm as she gently stroked his cock. "You like this don't you."

"Yes, I do, you feel so good and know just what drives me mad."

With that, she gently nibbled on his neck, he shivered and melted into her kisses. He cupped her breast and traced circles around her swollen nipples. Kissing her way up to his lips and finally lightly kissing them.

He was consumed by need now. His hand moved downward and soon found the furnace that burns between her thighs. Her legs opened to admit his errant hand. He massaged her mound and the heat between them grew. She moved to straddle him and tore open her blouse sending buttons flying everywhere.

Burying his head into her bosom, kissing, and nibbling. Thankfully, her bra unhooked from the front and soon it was open freeing her sweet orbs. Her swollen nibble tasted like honey in his mouth. Her hand had undone his belt and pants freeing his cock. She now had her grip firmly on his bare shaft. She rubbed it against her groin as she moved to the various pleasures he presented.

"I need you, I want you so badly."

"Shhh, she hissed all in good time."

Precum now made his cock slick as she stroked it slow and hard. Suddenly she moved down and took his cock in her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around it as her teeth raked his shaft. Nibbling at the opening on his cock head nearly made him cum right there.

Her head began to bob up and down as she sucked him faster and faster. He was quickly reaching the edge as she broke off and finished him with her hand. His load covering her fingers and his shirttail as they enjoyed a long deep kiss.

"You're still hard and I want some loving now she purred."

Pulling her pants down, she with cat like grace leapt upon the bench and straddled his face. Her musk filled his nostrils and set his body on fire. He moves in sucking her clit to his anxious tongue.

Long hard strokes against the swollen bud were met with her hips grinding into his face. Her sweet juices flow into his hungry mouth as he nibbles and sucks, sending his tongue deeper inside. She grabs his hair and pulls him closer to her as she fucks his face. He fears she may break his nose but would never give up.

She cums hard as he matches her every wave with a stroke from his tongue. He grips her ass and pulls her to him. Her legs start to buckle and slowly she slides from his face. Landing in his lap, she recovers enough to slide his shaft into her slick pussy.

Nibbling at his lips, she begins to rock and grind his pole. Her hips are magic as she rolls them and then sways from side to side. Her walls bear down and grip his shaft like a vise.

Offering her tender breast to him, he suckles her as she moves. Her breath is ragged and her pace quickens. Her fingers dig into his back as she moves ever closer. Pulling his head back, she kisses him deeply and sucks his tongue hard. Her body trembles as she cums in violent shudders.

"Yes, that feels so good, I have missed your hot cock, she purrs."

Collapsing on him, she continues to shake while slowly grinding. He can't believe how hard his cock is and how bad he still wants her. She must sense it too. She moves off and leans over the back of the bench.

"Come and get it".

He stands and moves behind her. Her ass is so sweet and her pussy so wet. He grabs her hips and slowly starts to move inside of her. Her breath catches and her hips swivel to meet him. Slowly he starts to pump her sweet hole as she meets each thrust with a thrust of her own.

"Harder baby, harder, she purrs."

There bodies slam into each other. Her hand moves down and teases her clit as he moves inside of her. He kisses the back of her neck and nibbles on her shoulder and spine. "Faster baby, fuck me hard and fast."

He is loosing control now and a more primal need surfaces. Grabbing her hips, he begins to slam into her ass and his balls slap it hard with each thrust. She moves her legs further apart and raises her ass higher to match his vigor.

Nothing seems to exist around them. Rain is now falling but neither can feel it. Steam rises from the lovers as the writhe in passions grip. His hands now grip her shoulders as the move. Deeper and deeper inside.

Pushing him away she turns and stands he pulls her close and bracing against a light pole impales her once again on his cock. Her leg wraps around him using the other for balance. The kiss and bite, grope and claw, like two animals driven only by carnal need.

His cock tenses and his ball tighten. She is trembling as he explodes deeply inside of her. Slowly the machinery winds down and they hold each other in the pouring rain. The heat of their bodies in stark contrast to the cool rain that runs over their bodies.

Gathering their clothing, they walk back to their cars. A longing kiss and they part. Who knows if they will ever meet again. For now all there is, are sweet passionate memories.

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