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Old Friends


They had been friends for a long time, my wife Debbie and her best friend Denise. They grew up together in a little town in upstate New York and although Denise had moved to Las Vegas at age 15, they had managed to stay in touch, visiting each other as often as they could. We had made the trek west to stay with them a few times in the last 10 years, going to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam along the way. They would come east quite often since Denise still had a large family here and we spent as much time together as people that lived 2,500 miles apart could spend. Denise's husband Jeff and I had become pretty good friends, usually sneaking in a round of golf and a few beers whenever we got together.

They had come to western New York this year. The four of us and our children spent a day at Niagara Falls, saw the usual sights, rode The Maid of the Mist, saw the sights, battled the tourists, you know the drill. A couple of days later, was golf day. Jeff and I hit the country club while Debbie and Denise went to the spa for the day, our children spending the day with their respective grandparents. Their plan as usual was to get a facial followed by a pedicure, then top it all off with a deep massage. They tried out a new spa and found that with the exception of lunch, they spent the entire day separately, each being worked over by a specific massage therapist. They rejoined each other at the end of the day, got dressed, still 'oohing' and 'aahing' from the wonderful massage and walked to the car, Debbie with an unusually large grin on her face. As they drove, Debbie recounted her day, starting with the facial and ending with the massage, she said that she definitely wanted to return to this particular spa on her next visit. Denise had chimed in as Debbie spoke, adding commentary from her own experience to each piece of the story. When Deb had finished, she sat quietly for a couple of minutes until, noticing her silence and the unusual look on her face, Denise asked, "Are you all right?"

"I didn't tell you everything about the massage," she said.

"Okay....What didn't you tell me?" Denise asked, confused.

"I don't know if I should.... I mean..... I feel so Ashamed." Debbie stammered.

"What are you talking about? What the hell happened in there?" Denise pleaded, pulling into a nearby parking lot and stopping the car. "Come on, this is me you're talking to, what's going on?"

"Okay, remember I told you that my massage therapist was a woman?" Debbie asked.

"yeah, so?"

"Well, when they told me I was going to have a female therapist I was taken back a bit. I have never had a woman give me a massage before, and well, I thought about asking if there were any men available. Then she came out and there's this very friendly looking woman, who is quite beautiful, holding her hand out and saying, 'It's nice to meet you, Debbie, my name is Lynette, I'll be your Therapist today.' I figured what the heck, how bad could it be. She seemed so nice, you know, plus I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I just went with it."

"Okay...that doesn't sound so bad, then what?" Denise said.

"We get back to the room and she asks me to get on the table, so I did, face down. She started with my shoulders, and although I was a little tense at first, she was doing such a fantastic job, that I forgot all about being nervous. She told me that she really liked my hair, that she had thought about getting hers done the same way, blah, blah, blah, you know, the usual stuff. I asked if she had any kids and she said that she did and she told me about them. So, I told her about mine."

"Then I put my head back down and she got back to work. I'm telling you right now, it was the most incredible massage I've ever had. Just Incredible! So anyway, she's working on my back and I am just in heaven, my eyes are closed, I'm practically drooling it's so good. As she works her way down, she doesn't stop at my waist, she kept right on going and spent a few minutes kneading my ass! I'm telling you it felt so wonderful that I had no desire to stop her."

"Oh my god!" Denise replied, "Do you think we should complain to the management?"

"Hold on a second," Debbie stopped her, "There's more. As I was saying, she's working on my ass, and keeps right on going down my legs. At some point she told me that I looked pretty good for my age, I said thanks, and then she said 'Could you spread your legs a little so I can get at your thighs.' So I did, I didn't really even give it a thought, she just kept working away. After a few minutes on one leg she switched to my left leg and began the same process, but as she's doing it, I feel her brush up against my vagina."

"Oh my god! What did you do?" Denise exclaimed.

"Nothing just yet, I thought maybe she had slipped and that it was just an accident. So I kept my head down and kept enjoying the massage, until it happened again, and then a few seconds later, again. So I'm thinking, okay, three times is no accident, but all the while she just keeps going with this fantastic rubdown, and I'm having trouble getting up the nerve to ask her to stop because it just felt so damn good. Then, on top of it all, I started to get a little wet down there!"

"I cant' believe this!" Denise said. "All I ever get is your basic massage!"

"So you're not grossed out?" Debbie asked. "I thought You'd be totally disgusted."

"I'm not disgusted, I'm just in shock." Denise answered, "These things have crossed my mind now and then, although I've never acted on it. But who cares, is that all that happened?"

"No, it's not all. After she touched me there the third time, she said to me, 'Can you spread them just a little farther? I want to make sure you get your money's worth.' And I did! I still can't believe that I did, but I did."

Denise was reduced to shaking her head in disbelief, but motioned with her hands to continue.

"So she starts rubbing me again, but this time, as she reaches the top of my thigh she gives me a firm rub right up my slit! I was so wet I couldn't believe it! I don't know what came over me, It just felt so damn good, I actually spread my legs a little further! By now she takes the hint and starts rubbing me only there. As she did she slipped her middle finger into me just a little and starts rubbing my clit. She started to work more and more right on the good spot, but she would stop every so often to slip a finger into me all the way, then back out and play with my clit some more. The whole time I'm moaning like a madwoman, I can't believe you didn't hear me!

"I didn't hear a thing, the rooms must be soundproofed."

"Anyway, so I'm groaning away, I've got my hands up on the headrest, hanging on for dear life and the whole time she keeps going faster and faster. I was so caught up in it, it took a few minutes for me to realize that my butt was up off the table so she could get into me further. Then I realize that I'm moving my hips to keep rhythm with her, and my god it felt good! After about 30 more seconds with my ass in the air, I let go with an incredible orgasm, you know, the dig your nails into whatever's handy kind. It must have lasted for at least a minute. When I finally calmed down, she said, 'Okay let's finish you up now' like this was just part of the standard service. In fact, when she was through she even shook my hand and said 'It was very nice to meet you Debbie, I hope you'll come back and see us again someday'."

Denise sat there incredulous, staring through the windshield into space. After a few moments of silence, she said, "Holy Shit!" To no one in particular.

"You probably think I'm a total slut." Debbie said, lowering her eyes.

"No I don't! I think anyone in the same situation would have done the same thing!"

"Really?" Debbie said, perking up a bit.

"No one can be held accountable for anything they say or do when they're feeling that good. After all, it's not like you went there looking for it, right?"

"Right, that's true."

"I'm pretty sure I would have done it, and besides, most guys have a fantasy about two chicks getting it on. I'll bet if you tell Dan about it, he'll just get a giant boner and want to do you." Denise replied matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, you're probably right, he talks about it all the time!" Debbie said.

"Those two are so alike," Denise said putting the car in gear and pulling back out into traffic. "What time are they supposed to be back at the hotel anyway?"

"Within the hour I would say, why? Debbie answered, noticing a strange smirk on Denise's face.

"Maybe we could put on a little show for them when they get back, just to mess with'em, what do you think?" Denise said, glancing at Debbie, an eyebrow raised.

"I think that would be pretty funny." Debbie chuckled. "The looks on their faces would be priceless."

"So what should we do?" Denise asked.

"We could just be under the covers making out when they walk in!"

"Oh my god! That'll be so funny. We'll have to call an ambulance, 'cause they're both gonna have a heart attack!" Denise added. "We've got to do this!"

"Okay, I'm in." Debbie said, settling things.

They made small talk on the ride back to the hotel, pausing every so often to look at each other and giggle uncontrollably. They parked the car and walked into the hotel, through the lobby to the elevators, each trying to suppress a grin as if they were the only ones to know a great secret. Arriving at the room, they found it empty, as they had suspected it would be, and began to put the plan into effect. They each stripped to their underwear, dimmed the lights and sat on the bed to watch a little TV and wait. A half-hour passed when Denise suggested they call us to try and get an idea of when we would be back. Debbie made the call. "Are you guys finished playing? We're waiting to go out for supper with you guys."

I replied, "We're done playing, we just stopped off for a beer on the way back. We should be there in 15 minutes or so. Will that work for you?"

"That's fine, we'll see you then," She said and hung up the phone, turning to Denise and grinning. "They'll be here in 15 minutes."

"Perfect." Denise answered, "Hopefully we can stop giggling by then." They climbed under the covers and checked the clock, each noting the estimated time of arrival to be 5:05pm, current time, 4:50pm. They lay there and watched the end of Oprah, something about prostitutes getting help with their inner demons.

As the commercials came on at the top of the hour, Debbie turned to her friend and said, " I'm a little nervous about this, I've never kissed another woman, look at me I'm shaking!"

"Deb!" she cried, "It's me! You never have to be nervous about anything with me!" She took my wife in her arms and pulled her in for a big hug. Hugs are different somehow when you're under the covers, half-naked and it felt a little different to both of them. When they pulled apart they each took a little tingle with them.

They lay there just looking at each other for a minute or so. Denise spoke first, "When you were telling me about what happened earlier, I.... I was getting pretty horny."

"You too?! I was all worked up just telling you the story!" Debbie said, feeling relieved.

At that moment Deb leaned in to her best friend and kissed her, firmly and passionately on the lips. Their arms wrapped more tightly around each other as their lips met again and again, their heads moving from side to side, but locked in a powerful embrace. When they finally parted, Debbie breathed, "Well that ought to be convincing enough!" She barely got out the words before Denise pulled her close for another kiss, this one more passionate than the last. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as if there were an unspoken passion between them that had simply never been acted upon and they needed to make up for lost time.

I hung up the phone and returned to watching the ball game above the bar in front of me and nursing my beer. A few minutes later, Jeff returned from the rest room and sat back down on the stool next to me. "I just got a call from Deb," I said "They're waiting for us at the hotel so we can go to dinner. I told them we'd be there in 15 minutes."

"They're done already?!" Jeff said. "Usually the spa is an all day affair for them, I thought they'd be at least another hour."

"I suppose there's no real hurry, we can give them a little extra time, all I need to do is change clothes." I said, and ordered another beer for each of us.

Debbie and Denise were locked in embrace. Their arms wrapped completely around one another, hands rubbing up and down mostly naked backs and asses, exploring each other's bodies. Each had a leg brought up in between the legs of the other, applying a little pressure. Their breathing had increased dramatically and the sounds coming from them were of two starving souls finally finding nourishment as they devoured the other's mouth, neck and ears. My wife found Denise's bra closure and unhooked it, the two of them separating just long enough to pull it out from between them. Denise then returned the favor. Their naked breasts rubbing together offered an indescribable feeling that only increased as they rubbed them back and forth across each other, hardening their nipples and making them moan even louder. Before long, each of them had a noticeable wet spot on the front of their panties.

Debbie pulled away from her long enough to look at the clock and say, "Oh my god! The guys will be here any minute!"

"I don't care." Denise breathed back, "I'm too horny to stop."

Their mouths returned to the exploration of the other. Deb ran a hand down her friends leg and pulled it from between her own legs, then pushed her over a bit to allow her access to Denise's very wet front side. Sliding a hand beneath Denise's panties near her hip, Debbie began to inch them down over her friends behind. Denise Lifted herself a little off the bed and reached down to help with removal, then threw her panties aside. Grabbing Debbie's hand, she guided it toward her vagina, placing it directly on her slit and moving it gently up and down until Debbie took over. As Debbie rubbed, she parted the lips with her middle finger, exposing her wetness and moved up and down finding her clit and lingered around it with each upward stroke. Denise had buried her face in Debbie's neck, moaning out the words, "Oh Deb, that feels so good!" Denise reached down, again covering Debbie's hand with her own and pushed two of Debbie's fingers deep into her, arching her back and moaning loudly as they went. Denise was in another world, nearing an orgasm of epic proportion, her best friend's fingers thrusting deep inside her. She reached under Deb's hand and found her own clitoris, which she circled vigorously with two fingers. With her head thrown back she began to yell, "That's it baby! That's it Debbie! I'm coming! Oh god I'm Coming!" Her body locked and quivered as the waves passed through her. Her hand had come down over Debbie's again and held it hard against her as she came down from the ecstasy. When she caught her breath, she brought her hands up to either side of Debbie's head and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

"Oh Deb, that was the best, thank you so much!" Denise gasped, between kisses. "I hope you'll let me return the favor. I never thought I'd hear myself say this to a woman, but..... I really want to make you come."

"Well, I'll never be more ready than I am right now!"

With that, Denise wriggled out of the bed, throwing the covers on the floor and then kneeling on the floor between my wife's legs, which were shaking. Denise tried to calm her down with a little rub up and down each leg. She moved into position, putting one of her fingers in her mouth for a little lubrication then used it to rub slowly up and down Debbie's very wet slit. It went in easily and found her clit swollen and ready for action. Debbie jumped at the first touch of her clit, but soon closed her eyes, lay her head back and enjoyed the feeling. After a minute or two, Denise removed her finger propped herself on her elbows and slid her tongue up Debbie's crack for her first taste of a woman. "Oh Deb," She said, "You're delicious." Debbie reached down with both hands and tugged her lips apart, exposing her clit for Denise's tongue. She immediately went to work on it, circling it, flicking it, sucking on it lightly. It didn't seem to matter what she did, Deb loved it all, moaning loudly and occasionally caressing the back of Denise's head as she worked on her burning vagina.

I slurped down the last gulp of my beer and followed Jeff to the door, checking my watch as I walked, it was already 5:15 and we had about a 10 minute drive to the hotel. Oh well, I thought, we'll think up some excuse on the way to explain our tardiness. On the way we discussed various possibilities for supper, and talked a little trash about our favorite football teams. Arriving at the hotel, we wandered in, found an empty elevator and took it up 11 the floors to their room. The hallway floors were covered with a very thick carpet which masked our footfalls and brought us silently up to the door. We could hear some noises through the door, but were unsure of what they were at first. As he searched his pockets for the card key, we began to decipher the noise, it sounded like moaning, it sounded like our wives were having sex! I looked at Jeff and whispered, "Is that what I think it is?"

"Yeah, I think it is," he whispered back. Our doubts almost immediately wiped away by the sound of Denise's orgasm.

"That's it baby! That's it Debbie! I'm coming! Oh god I'm Coming!" We heard faintly but clearly through the door. Not sure what we should do, I walked quietly back toward the elevator motioning for Jeff to follow.

When I thought we were out of earshot I said, "Holy Shit! They're getting it on in there! What do you think we should do?"

"I don't know about you," He said. "But I want in on the action!"

I thought about it for a moment and said, "Okay I'm in, but whatever happens in there, I want to make sure there'll be no hard feelings."

"You've got a deal," he said , offering his hand , which I shook.

"Let's go." I said.

We walked quietly back to the door, Jeff with card key in hand. This time we heard the muffled moaning of my wife obviously in the throes of passion. As he inserted the card in the door, we heard Denise say very clearly, "Oh Deb, you're delicious." We looked wide eyed at each other and I gave him the nod, "Let's go," I whispered. He withdrew the card and it made a small click. He turned the knob quietly, opened the door and we both walked through. They had a suite for the week and the master bedroom was across a small living area. The bedroom door was slightly ajar and we could hear the moaning coming from there. Tiptoeing across the floor, we reached the door and Jeff reached out and pushed it in slowly, not making a sound. I couldn't believe my eyes, My wife was lying on her back near one side of the king-sized bed, her legs spread wide and her knees in the air. Kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed was Denise, her face buried between my wife's legs, both as yet unaware of our presence.

Jeff and I looked at each other, then looked back at the scene in the next room and immediately started to disrobe. The clank of my belt buckle startled my wife, and she picked her head up. She looked right at me and smiled, knowing that I had always had a fantasy about her with another woman. Then closing her eyes, she laid back to enjoy the tongue-lashing that Denise was giving her. Jeff entered the room first , his pecker standing at attention, and after pausing briefly to make a choice, made his way along side the bed toward my wife! He stood next to the bed facing Debbie with his cock pointed right at her face. He looked at me, obviously waiting for my approval and I gave a shoulder shrug that said 'what the hell'. He reached out and pushed the hair away from my wife's face. Startled, she looked over at him, glanced down at his stiff cock, wide-eyed, then looked over at me as if asking for permission. I waved her toward Jeff, giving her a smile then motioned toward Denise and they both nodded as if to say, 'Have at it!' By now, Denise must have known we were in the room, but gave no indication that she did, she just kept licking, faster and faster.

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