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Like most people nowadays, I met my wife in the internet. A friend of a friend of a friend, she'd responded to a comment I made online. I replied to her comment, she replied back, and the next thing you know, we're chatting away. This went on for about 6 months before we actually met. Once we did, however, the date ended up in her bed. She loved to fuck, and especially liked 69ing. She sucked my dick with a passion when my tongue was going to town on her pussy.

After a few months, we moved in together. I should have taken the hint then, since the amount of sex halved immediately. Still, there was more than enough of it. After a year or two, we decided to get married. After marriage, the sex halved again. I made some comments, but she brushed them off. She said that we were getting older (she was 42 and I was 44) and sex always slows down with age. I disagreed, but there wasn't much I could do when all she did at night was climb in bed and fall asleep.

Eventually, it was a week or two between fucks, then a month. I complained, but she said that sex just wasn't important to her. She swore she loved me, but the physical stuff wasn't as interesting to her as it used to be. Our sex life died a little more, with sex only on "important days"....our anniversary, valentine's day, birthdays, and the odd vacations where I could ply her with enough alcohol. To add insult to injury, she didn't even really participate. She just laid there, spread her legs, and let me pound away. Jerking off was more interesting.

So, I was completely frustrated when I ran into an old friend, Cherie, at a local store. I'd met her at a part-time job I had when I was a junior in high school and actually introduced her to her future husband, Scott, who was one of my closest friends at the time. After graduation, they moved out of state and we intermittantly kept in touch, but miles and years had a way of making it more difficult to stay connected. I hadn't talked to them in probably 10 years.

Cherie was hot back in my high school days. Back then, she had a huge chest, slim waist, well rounded ass, long blonde hair. Age had mellowed her out a bit. The chest was still as big and tantalizing as I remembered, but the waist wasn't anywhere near as slim, and the curve of her butt was more downward than "well rounded". Still, she was still hot in my eyes, especially since I hadn't been laid in a couple of months.

It turned out that they had moved back to town, and actually lived a mile or two from me. She invited me and my wife over for dinner the following night. We exchanged numbers and went on our seperate ways.

I told my wife about running into Cherie, and she was totally blase about it. Dinner at Scott and Cherie's house was almost a disaster. While Scott and I traded stories about old times and caught up with each other's lives, there was frost between my wife and Cherie. Not that Cherie didn't try, but my wife would give the simplest answer to any of her questions. Eventually, Cherie gave up and joined in Scott and my conversations. My wife just sat there.

On the way home, I asked my wife what the hell was up with her. She just shrugged, saying that there was something about Cherie that didn't seem right. We argued, half-heartedly on my wife's part, but it was to no avail. She'd made up her mind that she didn't like Cherie and didn't like Scott all that much either.

A few days later, Scott called and said that he was having a barbeque for some friends that weekend, and asked if we'd come over. My wife gave me a sour face when I told her, and told me to go by myself. I relayed the news to Scott, who actually sounded a bit relieved when I said it was just going to be me.

The barbeque was a success without the chilling effect of my wife. I had a great time, but drank a lot more than I should have. At some point early in the evening, my wife called to tell me that she wasn't feeling well and was going to bed. I told her that I'd been drinking pretty heavily (not something I normally do) and might spend the night on Scott's couch. She made some half-hearted protest, then agreed it would be better than driving home drunk.

Eventually all of Scott's other guests left, and it ended up just me, him and Cherie in the living room, drinking, talking and laughing. I'd slowed down my drinking, and was actually starting to feel almost sober by the time that Cherie went and got a pillow and some blankets. They retired to their bedroom, and I got as comfortable as I could on the couch. As I dozed off, I could hear them talking, but couldn't make out what they were saying.

I don't know how long I slept before Cherie woke me up. There was light coming from their open bedroom door, and Cherie shook my shoulder as she sat on the edge of the couch in a sheer nightgown. Her lush tits were inches from my face. I sat up, startled and momentarily disoriented. She apologized for waking me up, but her and Scott had been talking and they wanted to know if I would join them in bed. She acted shy and nervous.

I was still groggy and a bit confused, but my dick got the message. It started stiffening in my pants (I had gone to sleep fully clothed), but I still wasn't quite sure what was going on. Cherie talked for a few more minutes, reassuring me. I sat and thought for a bit, then decided "Why not?" My hard dick had a lot to say about the matter, I'm sure.

We got up and she led my by my hand to their bedroom. I was a bit nervous. After all, Scott was one of my best friends in high school.

When I walked in the bedroom, Scott was sitting up in bed, a smile on his face. He said he was glad that I agreed, and that Cherie had mentioned a threesome between us the day we had ran into each other in the store. Cherie helped me undress, then pulled her nightgown off. She had some middle-aged flab, but still hot as hell.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and she dropped to her knees in front of me. She slowly licked my cockhead, then slid her mouth over my dick. It was incredible, and I almost shot in her mouth right away. I tried to remember the last time my dick had been sucked, and couldn't.

Scott got out of bed and walked over to stand next to Cherie, his hard dick bobbing next to her face. She pushed him away, expertly stroking my dick with her mouth, but he just grabbed her hand and moved back next to her.

Cherie pulled her mouth off of my dick, and took Scott's. She evidently loved sucking dick, alternated between sucking me and sucking him and probably probably would have kept going all night. Five or ten minutes into it, however, I couldn't stand it and came hard into her mouth.

Cherie gagged at the flood of cum, but swallowed like a trooper. Scott was stroking her hair while my balls drained, then pulled Cherie off of me and shoved his dick into her mouth. A few pumps later, his cum joined mine in her stomach.

I laid back on the bed, my dick still hard and throbbing. Cherie stood up, then got into bed next to me. I scooted up and rolled on my side to face her. Scott got in bed behind Cherie.

Scott took one of Cherie's tits in his hand, and then lifted it up to present me with the nipple. I attacked it, my lips capturing it and my tongue dancing across it. I felt movement on the bed while I did so...Scott had slid his dick into Cherie from behind and was fucking her.

Cherie was moaning, her hand grabbing the back of my head and pulling me into her tit. I lathered one nipple, then the other, my hands squeezing and kneading her full breasts. Scott started pumping into her hard, shaking the bed and making it difficult to keep my mouth on her tits.

I heard Cherie's "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as the orgasm hit her. She pumped her pussy back at Scott while pushing her tits harder into my face. Scott slammed into her, pushing her orgasm higher.

Eventually, Cherie came down from the orgasm's high. She laid on her side between us, quivering slightly, when Scott asked her if she wanted both of us. I looked up and gave Scott an inquisitive look, and he just winked at me.

Cherie said yes and Scott asked her who she wanted in what hole. She told him that she wanted him in her ass and me in her pussy. She leaned closer to me and told me that she didn't do anal very much, and Scott's dick was a little bit smaller than mine. I didn't have a problem with that, I wanted her pussy anyway.

Scott got out of bed, got a bottle of lubricant from the dresser, then got back in bed. Lathering his cock and her ass up liberally, he lined his cock up with her ass as she threw a leg over my hip and my dick slid into her wet, dripping pussy.

I actually hissed in pleasure. I hadn't gotten any pussy in months, and Cherie was actually tighter than my wife. Wetter, too, since my wife tended to be a bit dry from disinterest when we fucked. Cherie was wet and hot and tight and my dick pushed deep inside her.

Cherie went still as Scott pushed his length into her ass. I was watching her face, and saw her grimace in pain. At one point she stopped Scott for a minute, then told him to keep going.

Scott and I alternated sliding our dicks into Cherie. As one of us pulled out, the other was going in. Cherie had gotten over the pain of Scott's dick in her ass and her eyes were almost glazing over in pleasure. We had gotten pretty intense, fucking her hard, when her second orgasm hit. I felt her pussy grab my dick like a velvet covered fist and squeeze. She was moaning loudly, and trying to fuck back at us but couldn't because of the see-saw way we were fucking her.

I head Scott grunt and knew he was pumping his come into Cherie's ass. The thought of it pushed me over the edge, and for the second time that night I shot my cum into Cherie. We all lay there in a sweaty, sodden mass, savoring the afterglow of intense orgasms. Finally, Scott pulled his dick out of her ass, got on his knees and leaned over Cherie. Pulling her face towards him, he gave her a long deep kiss. She twisted her body to face him better, and my dick fell out of her pussy, leaving a trail of pussy juice and cum on her thigh.

Cherie broke her kiss with Scott, then kissed me as passionately. She snuggled against me and very quickly was asleep. Scott, spooning against her back, soon started snoring. I laid there for a long time, wondering what the hell just happened. Eventually, I also fell asleep.

When I woke up, Scott was gone and Cherie was between my legs, sucking my hardening dick. It was wonderful, but I had to piss so bad that I couldn't cum. Cherie gave up when Scott came back into the bedroom. I got up and went to the bathroom, and when I returned Cherie had left the bedroom and Scott was waiting on me.

He told me he appreciated my help the last night. Cherie had wanted a threesome for years, but he didn't know anyone he trusted enough for it. I laughed and thanked him for trusting me, telling him that I had gotten more sex last night than I had in the last year. I also told him that I'd be happy to help any time he needed it.

I took a shower and dressed in yesterday's clothes. Cherie cooked breakfast, and the three of us sat around the kitchen table, eating and talking like we just didn't fuck like rabbits. There was no sexual connotations at all until I headed back home. Scott and Cherie walked me to the door, and Scott grinned as Cherie gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and a firm squeeze of my dick.

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